"Wood" is Scottish and/or English in origin. Spelling variations include: Wood, Woods, Wode, Would, Woid, Voud, Vould and others. It's mainly a topographic name for someone who lived in or by a wood, or an occupational name for a woodcutter or forester, from Middle English term wode (‘wood’—Old English wudu). But it was also a nickname for a mad, eccentric, or violent person, from the Middle English term wod (‘mad’, ‘frenzied’—from the Old English term wad), as in Adam le Wode, of Worcestershire, in 1221.
   The Wood family traces their ancestral roots back to a Norman origin, before the year 1100. The family name was first recorded in Dumfriesshire, England, where they held a family seat from about 1150, after losing their previously held lands in Thorpe Arnold in Leicestershire under the Earl of Leicester. From here they branched and migrated, gaining prosperity as a notable family of England and, later, other countries. The coat of arms at left features an Oak tree, fructed on a silver shield. The tree is a symbol of antiquity and strength. Trees symbolize home or property in heraldry, and they are also generally considered a symbol of life and strength.The Family Motto is "Defend"
which sounds a lot better than "mad and frenzied."
   Our modern line of the Hause family descends from two lines of Wood families. They converged and eventually gave us MARTHA WOOD, wife of WILLIAM HAUSE, on May 4, 1753, in Rockland County, New York. Martha's Genealogy can be traced back to EDMUND WOOD, on her father's side (and possibly her mother's too). He was from the parish of Halifax, Yorkshire, England, born sometime around 1554. He may have been the son of RICHARD WOOD, baptized there on March 6, 1546.

Halifax Parish Church. Alternatively called St. John the Baptist, this building was erected in Norman times about 1120, the present building dates from the mid 1400's.

   The parish of Halifax is the largest in Yorkshire. There were only thirteen houses there in 1453. But 120 years later, when Edmund lived there, the number had increased to 520. Halifax was the center of England's woollen manufacture from the 15th century onward, originally dealing through the Halifax Piece Hall. The oldest written mentions of the parish have the spelling as Haliflax, apparently meaning "holy flax" (hair), the second "l" having been subsequently lost by dissimilation. Local legend has it that the head of John the Baptist was buried here after his execution. The legend is almost certainly medieval rather than ancient, though the town's coat of arms still carries an image of the saint. Halifax was notorious for the Halifax Gibbet, an early form of guillotine used to execute criminals by decapitation, last used in 1650. Punishment in Halifax was notoriously harsh, as remembered in the Beggar's Litany by John Taylor (1580 - 1654), a prayer whose text included "From Hull, from Halifax, from Hell, 'tis thus, From all these three, Good Lord deliver us." This was because of the "Gibbet Law," by which all criminals found guilty of theft, to the value of thirteen pence half penny, were to suffer death.

Marriage Record
Churchbook Image
Name: Edmonde Woode
Place: Halifax, Yorkshire, England
Date: 04 May 1573


Janet Hurst


St John The Baptist, Yorkshire, England
Marriage Record
Burial Information
Churchbook Image
Name: Edmond Woode
Place: Halifax, Yorkshire, England
Date: 21 Jul 1615


St John The Baptist, Yorkshire, England
Burial Record
SOURCE INFORMATION: Yorkshire: Halifax - Registers of Marriages and Burials, 1538-1593; Yorkshire Parish Records. Leeds, England: West Yorkshire Archive Service.

   Edmund resided for a time in North Owran, in Halifax parish. Then on September 15, 1572, he married ALYCE EDWARDS (1550 - 15 Sep 1572). Alyce died at age 22, but then on May 4, 1573, he married JANET HURST of Northorem, Yorkshire, on 04 May 1573 (Source: Yorkshire: Halifax - Registers of Marriages and Burials, 1538-1593. Text: "Edmonde Woode et Jenet Hurst 04 May 1573"). Edmund had several children with Janet, but then Janet died in 1586.
   Being married to Edmund Wood was apparently a death-defying endeavor. But Edmund didn't give up easily, though, and obviously liked being married, which he did at least one more time, to Margret Heard (b. 1561) on 13 Oct 1583 in Halifax at St. John the Baptist. He had more children with Margret, but we are descended from his namesake, who was the child of Janet:


  • EDMUND WOOD II was born in Halifax, Yorkshire, Eng. He married MARTHA LUM or LOME on 21 May 1611 in Halifax, York Co. Eng. (Click on image, at right). Their children were William (1605-1705), Mary (b. 1608), Jonas (1609-1689), Martha (1612-1667), Edmund (b. 1618), Jeremiah (1619-1686), Timothy (1622-1659), Susan (1624-1688), and Mary Wood (b. 1629). See his signature here, taken from the Springfield, MA, Articles of Agreement on May 14, 1636 (co-signed by brother-in-law Matthew Mitchell). They traveled to the New World in 1635, and Edmund II passed away on 7 Jul 1663 in Huntington, Queens, New Netherlands.
  • GRACE WOOD was baptised on 9 Dec 1581 in Halifax, at St John The Baptist, Yorkshire, England (Source: West Yorkshire, England, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1512-1812).
  • JOHN WOOD was baptised on 22 Mar 1583 at St John The Baptist, Yorkshire, England (Source: West Yorkshire, England, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1512-1812); He married Dorothy Moakson on 30 Dec 1609 at St John The Baptist; John d. 27 May 1618 in Halifax.
  • THOMAS WOOD was baptised on 29 Jan 1586 at St John The Baptist, Yorkshire, England (Source: West Yorkshire, England, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1512-1812).

  • SUSAN WOOD, b. 1590 in West Riding, Yorkshire, England; m. 8 Mar 1612 to Thomas Butterfield in Halifax, Yorkshire, England. In 1616, she then married Matthew Mitchell (1589 - 1645), and they traveled to the New World with her half-brother, Edmund. Susan d. 1646 in Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut, United States.
  • JONAS WOOD, b: 1599 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England. He married JOANNA STRICKLAND and died in 1660.
  • Book Information
    Book Image
    Name: The Wood family of Shelf, Halifax Parish, Yorkshire, England, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Long Island, N.Y., and Canada.
    Author: Wood, Casey A.
    Publisher: Unknown; Chicago, IL
    Year: 1920
    Pages: 36
    View book (.PDF)
    A book tracing a line of descendants from Edmund Wood (b. 1574) to Samuel Casey Wood III (b. 7 Oct 1911), a period of 346 years.

       EDMUND WOOD, JR., was born between 1578-80 (nobody has found any record of his baptism). He became a resident of Shelff in Yorkshire, Church Warden for Halifax in 1604-5. He was a Puritan.
       Who were Puritans? They were English Reformers of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, frustrated by the slow progress of the Reformation in the Anglican Church.
       When the 16th Century Reformation took place, three distinct sectors developed: the German, the Swiss (including France) and the English. Of these three, the weakest was the English. At first opposition was fierce. 277 Christian leaders were burned at the stake during the reign of Queen Mary. She only ruled for five years, but earned the title 'Bloody Mary' from 1553 to 1558.
       It was during the reign of Queen Elizabeth (1558-1603) that the Puritan movement was born. Puritans stripped away the traditional trappings and formalities of Christianity which had been slowly building throughout the previous 1500 years. At first they were called Puritans because they sought to purify the National Church of England. In later times they were called Puritans because of the purity of life that they sought. They believed that the Bible was God's true law, and set out to conform the Church of England to the Word of God in government, worship and practice. The Puritans had no objection to the connection of the Church with the State, or to some control of it by the civil authorities. They submitted to those regulations which they approved, but, whether consistently or inconsistently, they resisted those which appeared to be contrary to the interests of Protestant truth, which caused problems with the English government.
       Queen Elizabeth was head of the national Church, and she opposed and blocked any and all reformation. When James I (who reigned from 1603 to 1625) came to the throne there was hope that reform would progress. Instead the struggle intensified.

       During this time, Edmund Jr. married MARTHA LUM in Halifax, York County, England, on the 21st of May in 1611 (see the church record here). He struggled to make a home for his family, just as the Puritan Church struggled to hold on in England. But the Puritan Church and its people were both running out of options, and out of room to grow.
       Edmond, the former church-warden of the State Church, and his family were attracted by and probably became adherents of the Independents through the preaching of a non-conformist minister, the Reverend Denton. When the latter was forced to leave Halifax, give up his church (chapel) and flee the country, the more outspoken, adventurous and liberty-loving of his flock followed him into the wilderness of the New World. The Wood family was among these, and decided that there was no future under the repressive government in England, and that the Church of England was beyond reform. Besides, there was no sense in risking the return of Halifax Gibbet. In order to escape persecution from church leadership and the King, the Wood family became part of the Puritan emigration to the American Colonies.


  • JEREMIAH WOOD was baptized on 6 Jan 1619 at Halifax, St John the Baptist parish in Yorkshire, England. (SOURCE: Yorkshire Parish Records. Leeds, England: West Yorkshire Archive Service.) He married ELIZABETH GILDERSLEEVE (1620-1664) in Hempstead, Nassau, New York, between 1642-1644 and had the following children: Jeremiah (1641-1710), Mary (1644-1684), Joseph (1645-1684), Phebe (1646-1692), Jonas (1648-1725) and Elizabeth Wood (1654-1684). His Will was written on 3 Jun 1686 in Huntington, Suffolk, New York, and proved March 15, 1687. (SOURCE: Suffolk County Court Records, 1670-87, p.247) He died on 1686 28 Dec 1686 in Huntington, Long Island, New York.
  • MARTHA WOOD was christened on 8 Apr 1612 Yorkshire, England. She married a man named THURSTON ROYRN @ 1636-7.
  • JONAS WOOD was christened on 18 Sep 1614 Yorkshire, England. He married ELIZABETH STRICKLAND @ 1640. He died in 1689.
  • SUSAN WOOD was christened on 23 Mar 1616 Yorkshire, England. She married SAMUEL CLARK @ 1640 and died @ 1687.
  • TIMOTHY WOOD was christened on 14 Jul 1622. He married a woman named STRICKLAND and died @ 1659.
  • Gildersleeve
       JEREMIAH WOOD had been born into this political and religious landscape in Yorkshire, on the 6th of January, 1620, in Hamlet Of Shelf, Halifax Parish, Yorkshire, England. (He was christened at St. John the Baptist on the 6th of June, 1620.)
       There was little or no improvement in religious government under Charles I (1625-1649), and in 1629 most of the members of the Edmond Wood family decided to emigrate to America. Edmond Wood of Shelf, his 10-year-old son Jerimiah, his brother Jonas Wood of Halifax and several others of the family sailed from Yarmouth on March 23rd 1630 in one or more ships of Governor Winthrop's fleet (the "Arabella Jewel", the "Talbot" and the "Ambrose"). They arrived at Salem, Massachusetts, on June 12th 1630. Records show that Edmond and Jeremiah then moved to and lived in Stamford, Connecticut, and, indeed, in other villages of Hew England, but finally joined a band of farmers who bought land in the newly settled (Dutch) colony of Long Island (village of Hempstead) in 1644. It would become the family base for the next Century, although parish and other Long Island (at first a part of Connecticut) records show them to have acquired land and perhaps to have lived not only at Hempstead, Long Island, but at Southampton, Smithtovm and Huntingdon.
       Meanwhile, Jeremiah had married a woman named ELIZABETH GILDERSLEEVE (b. @1620). Jeremiah's father was a close associate of the Gildersleeves in many activities.
       Jeremiah and Elizabeth Wood settled in in Hempstead, Nassau County, New York, and was listed as a property holder in 1647. Jeremiah was elected townsman at Hempstead on February 3, 1662, in company with brother-in-laws John Smith and Richard Gildersleeve, Jr.
       Once settled in Hempstead, Jeremiah and Elizabeth remained there for forty years.
       Edmund Wood died in Huntingdon, New York, probably about 1660. The records speak of him as having purchased lands in Smithtown (1650) and at Huntingdon in 1555. Then Jeremiah died on December 28, 1686 in Huntington, New York. He left a will, dated June 3rd, 1686, and proved March 15, 1687.¹ It names the following children:


  • JEREMIAH WOOD, JR. married a woman named SUSANAH. He was given some land by his grandfather Gildersleeve, to be his after Mr. Gildersleeve's decease. Jeremiah Jr. died in October of 1710.
  • JOSEPH WOOD was born in 1645 in Huntington, Suffolk, New York. He married EUNICE JARVIS (b: about 1662/1663) on 15 Dec 1681: "Joseph Wood, husbandman, was married to Eunice Jarves the 15th day of December 1681." (SOURCE: Huntington Town Records: Including Babylon, Long Island, New York; Court Records, p. 350.) They had the following children: Joseph (b. 1680), Caleb (1681-1736), Amos (b. 1687), Hannah (b. 1692) and John Wood (1700-1764). Joseph died in 1684 in Huntington, Suffolk, New York. (SOURCE: Huntington Town Records, Including Babylon, Long Island, NY: 1653-1688; Huntington (N.Y.) "Long Islander", 1887. Pages 63, 204, 205, 232, 233, 236, 249, 250, 296, 297, 328, 361, 391, 501, 502, 506, 520, 521.)
  • ELIZABETH WOOD married a man who was possibly named Thurstone (a grandchild is named in Jeremiah's will by that surname). She died before 1684, leaving children.
  • JONAS WOOD was born about 1657 and lived in Huntington, NY. He married LYDIA SMITH or ELIZABETH DURHAM in @ 1680. In 1693 he moved to Elizabethtown, NJ and was elected to the General Assembly there, then reelected the next year.
  • PHEBE WOOD. No further information.
  • MARY WOOD. No further information.
  • Jarvis
       JOSEPH WOOD, the first American-born Wood in our line, married EUNICE JARVIS of Huntington, Long Island County, New York, on the 15th of December in 1681. Joseph teamed with brothers Jeremiah and Jonas on March 7, 1687, to divide their father's lands that weren't bequeathed in the will. Jeremiah and Jonas signed their names to the document—Joseph only left his mark.
       Joseph and Eunice had a son named JOSEPH WOOD, JR., in Hempstead in the early 1680's. As Joseph and Eunice's family grew, their need for land grew with it. So on the 4th of April in 1688, Joseph and his father-in-law STEPHEN JARVIS bought "about twelve acers more or less," on the East Neck, Long Island, from Edward Higby and his wife, Abigail.
       And now here's where our Wood lineage REALLY gets confusing:
       Joseph Jr. married MARGRIET (MARGARET) WOOD, from Jamaica, Long Island, Queens County, New York, at the close of the 1600's. She was the daughter of JONATHAN WOOD, who was born about 1658 to WILLIAM WOOD (b. 1638 in Portsmouth, Newport County, Rhode Island). William's relation to our aforementioned line of Woods is unknown, but they don't seem to be closely related. And on the plus side, Margriet didn't have to change her name on any of the stationary or towels that she owned.
       Joseph Jr. was a blacksmith by trade, and in high demand, so he was granted 100 acres of prime farmland the Kakiat grant, in present-day Rockland County, in exchange for his services: "Know all men by these present, that we whose names are hereunto written, for and in consideration that Joseph Wood, of Hempstead, in Queens County, shall settle upon a certain tract of land hereinafter described, and then and there uphold the trade of a blacksmith, as long as he shall be able and capable of working at the said trade, and to work for the persons underwritten according to the custom of a Smith * * We do hereby grant and release unto him a certain tract of land at a place called Kakiat, bounded west by the rear of the first eastern division of lots, east by a creek or brook called Wood creek, containing lOO acres. July 15th, 1720. (Signed) John Allison, "Caleb Halstead, James Searing, William Hutchins, Charles Mott, Abm. Denton, William Osborn, Jonathan Rose, Jonathan Seaman." (The History of Rockland County, by Frank Bertangue Green, M.D. Published by A.S. Barnes & Co., New York: 1886; Page 134.) The Woods settled in Kakiat and raised the following family:


  • JONATHAN WOOD was born on 29 Aug 1720 in Hempstead, Nassau Co., New York. In 1748, he married JOHANNA CROMPTON (b. 06 Oct 1725).² They had the following children: Joseph (1748-1835), Mary (b. 1749), Elizabeth (b. 1750), Jonathan (1752-1795), Martha (1753-1822), Susanna (1757-1833), Samuel (b. 1760), Eleanor (b. 1762), Jonas (b. 1764), John (b. 1766) and Sarah Wood (b. 1769). The SAR has declared him a veteran of the Revolution (Membership #28935), but it may have been his son, Jonathan. They're listed in Haverstraw, Orange, New York, in the 1790 Federal Census.
  • REBECCA WOOD, b: 10 Jul 1710, in New York.
  • JOSEPH WOOD III, b: 26 Mar 1712, in Tappan, Rockland Co., New York. He married JACOMYNTJE VAN SYLEN.
  • JONAS WOOD, b: 12 Jan 1713, married twice, to NELTJE ERROLS and the LENA ERROLS.
  • MARGARET WOOD, b: 17 Nov 1716 in New York.
  • WILJAM (WILLIAM) WOOD, b: 18 Jun 1718 in New York.
  • MARTHA WOOD b: in Orange Co., New York. She married WILLIAM CONKLIN.
  • INNETJE (JANE) WOOD, b: 22 Jan 1723 in Tappan, Rockland Co., New York.
  • MARIE/MARY WOOD, b: 5 Jun 1726 in Tappan, Rockland Co., New York.
  • SARAH WOOD, b: 3 Sep 1727 in Tappan, Rockland Co., New York. On Feb 18, 1716, after her father, Joseph Sr., died, Sarah appeared before John Barclay, Surrogate, and chose his brother Jonas as her "guardin." (Granted on March 10.)
  • ELIZABETH WOOD, b: 20 Apr 1729 in Tappan, Rockland Co., New York.
  • JAN (JOHN) WOOD b: 10 May 1732 in Tappan, Rockland Co., New York.

  • Crompton
       While Joseph Jr. and Margriet were still in Hempstead, they had a son named JONATHAN WOOD (b. 29 Aug 1720). Jonathan grew up on the Kakiat Patent, near the New York/New Jersey border, near Haverstraw and Ramapo, where the Hauses lived.
       This area was a melting pot unlike anywhere previously on Earth, filled with the English, French, German, Dutch, slaves from Africa, and Native American Indians. People were moving to the NEW WORLD from everywhere to escape political and religious persecution (or in the case of slavery, to be kidnapped into political persecution). They were intermingling and inter-marrying, creating a new culture with no allegiance to any unseen government from overseas. It truly was a New World, and a key spot in the American Revolution.
       Jonathan married JOHANNA CROMPTON (b. 06 Oct 1725) in 1746.² The Cromptons had moved to Warwick from Connecticut, with a group of Baptists, seeking religious tolerance.
       Jonathan and Johanna had (at least) eleven kids:


  • JOSEPH WOOD, b: 20 Jun 1748 in Tappan, Rockland, New York. He fought in the Revolutionary War under Col. Ann Hawkes Hay with Jonathan and brothers-in-law William Conklin and William Hause; He first married ESTHER CONKLIN (10 Nov 1758 - 1791) in 1776 and they had the following children: Mary (b. 1777), Joanna (b. 1778), Jonathan (b. 1778), Sarah (b. 1781), Nelly (b. 1783), Martha (1785-1857), and John (b. 1788). Esther died in 1791 and Joseph then married married SARAH SECOR (b. 6 Jun 1771) and they had two sons: Jonas S. (b: 20 Jan 1801) and Jacob (b: 16 Feb 1803). Joseph died in 1835 in Ladentown, Rockland, New York.
  • MARY WOOD was born in Rockland County in 1749. No further information.
  • ELIZABETH WOOD was born in Rockland County in 1750. No further information.
  • JONATHAN WOOD, JR. was born on 10 Aug 1752 in Orange, New York. He married Jane Wilson (1763-1834) and they had the following children: Elizabeth (1789-1863), Israel Rickey (1791-1868), John (1792-1838) and Deborah Wood (1795-1876). Johnathan died on 11 Jun 1795 in Goshen, Orange, New York.
  • MARTHA WOOD was born on 4 May 1753 in Tappan, Rockland Co., New York. She married WILLIAM HAUSE (1750-1818) and lived in the Ramapo area between Warwick and Haverstraw in Orange County, where William fought in the Revolutionary War. Their children are listed below. After 1800, William and Martha sold their land in Ramapo (now Tuxedo) to their daughter, Johanna, and moved across the state, to Wayne, Steuben County (now Dundee, Yates County), where they are buried today. Click on the image at right to see her grave on Hause Hill.
  • SUSANNA WOOD, b: 15 Jan 1757. She married WILLIAM CONKLIN, SR. (1752-1816), brother of Esther Conklin-Wood, and fought alongside Jonathan and brothers-in-law Joseph Wood and William Hause in the 2nd Regiment of the New York Militia, out of Haverstraw. They had the following children: Joshua (1776-1845), Mary (b. 1778), Johannah (b. 1780), William (1781-1843), Jonathan (1783-1815), Sarah (b. 1785), Susannah (1787-1834), Martha (b. 1788), Esther (1792-1872), Joseph (b. 1794), Edmond (b. 1797), and Smith Conklin (1799-1866). She died on 2 Feb 1833. See a Genetic Match from Ancestry.com here. t right is a page from the Family Bible of her grandson, Elias Conklin Pratt (1833-1898).³
  • SAMUEL WOOD was born on 29 Apr 1760 in Orange County, New York. On 15 May 1784 a Samuel Wood registered to marry in Kakkiat, and on 31 May 1784 he married Vrowitje De Morest in Schraalenburgh, Bergen, New Jersey. (SOURCE: New Jersey State Archives. New Jersey, Published Archives Series, First Series. Trenton, New Jersey: John L Murphy Publishing Company, and Dutch Reformed Church Records from New York and New Jersey. Holland Society of New York, New York)
  • JONAS WOOD b: 1 Jul 1764.
  • JOHN WOOD b: 11 Aug 1766.
  • SARAH WOOD b: 26 Jan 1769.
  • Personal Information
    Census Image
    Name:   Jonathan Wood
    Township:   Haverstraw
    County:   Orange
    State:   New York
    Year:   1790
    Roll:   M637_6
    Page:   404

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    blank census form
    SOURCE INFORMATION: First Census of the United States in the Year 1790.
       Jonathan fought in the Revolution, in the 2nd Regiment, as written in his SAR membership here. Jonathan and Johanna's daughter, MARTHA WOOD, had married another soldier from that regiment, a young farmer named WILLIAM HAUSE. Wiliam and Martha lived on his father's land in Ramapo (now Tuxedo), between Haverstraw and Warwick. William was a yeoman farmer and a highwayman on the stae road during the revolution. They were poor, but that would all change with the Revolution, as old class distinctions, social structures, and governmental limits fell away.
       William and Martha apparently got over the money troubles and the language and cultural barriers and had a very successful marriage, birthing the following children:


  • JOHN HAUSE was born on 15 September 1773 in Rockland County, New York. On 6 Nov 1796, John married ESTHER KETCHAM (b. September 5, 1779) and they resided at Hause Point on the western shore of Cayuga Lake, Seneca County, New York. They had the following children: Delebar (1797-1868), Charles (1799-1885), Electa Ann (1801-1869), Augustus (1804-1875), Azubah (1806-1821), Belinda (1808-1873), Alanson (1810-1880), John II (1812-1881), Caroline (1814-1816), Loisa (1816-1816), Fannie Jane (1817-1838), Louisa M. (1819-1902) and Caroline Louise Hause (1821-1905). He died on 17 Jan 1844 and is buried at the Hause Point Cemetery (Canoga Cemetery) in Seneca Falls, Seneca County, New York (Section 5 Plot 72).
  • JOHNATHAN HAUSE was born on 8 April 1775 in Orange County, New York. He never married, and died in 1802 in Jamaica, Long Island, New York.
  • JOHANNA "HANNAH" HAUSE was born on 17 February 1776. She married Michael Weymer (b. 1771 in Ramapo) around 1800 (a Weymer family tree lists her as "Hannah House"), and they purchased her father's land in Ramapo (click on image at right to read the deed), as William and the rest of the Hause family moved to western New York. They may have had at least two sons (unidentified), then Michael probably died before 1810, as only his "heirs" are mentioned in his father's 1810 will, and Hannah is head of the household in that year's Federal Census, in Monroe, Orange, New York. She may then have married Samuel Clark on 8 Dec 1811 in Kakiat, Rockland, New York (SOURCE: Dutch Reformed Church Records from New York and New Jersey. Holland Society of New York, New York, New York).
  • SARAH J. HAUSE was born on 7 September 1777 in Orange County, New York. Sarah married (1) Samuel Johnson (b. 1774) then (2) William E. Harris (1758 - 1836). He was a private in the New Jersey Militia, and received an annual pension roll allowance of $80.00, starting 21 Sep 1833. They had: Isaac Monroe Harris (birthdate unknown), Nelson (b. 22 Dec 1817) and William Decatur Harris (20 Apr 1820 - 15 Nov 1847). William Sr.'s will also mentions children Sarah Runyon, Polly Boice, and son Elijah. William has a DAR plaque in the Hause Hill cemetery, beside Sarah, who died in 1847. (Research by Wilma Perry.)
  • SIMON HAUSE was born on 27 November 1779 in Orange County, New York. Simon married three times, to Mathia Demand, Zilpha Decker and Elizabeth West. He lived next to William Sr. & Jr. in the 1810 census. An Indenture dated 1818 names Simon and his wife Zilpha, as heirs to William Hause who died at Wayne Twp., Steuben County, NY. 1818—Wayne Twp., New York; 1840—Big Flats Twp., Chemung Couny—NY. His occupation was Tavern Keeper, and he had a stage coach stop and tavern on Fred Storch Rd., Big Flats; 1850—Clover Twp., Jefferson County, PA. In Simon's will of 1851 he names his wife and two of his children. One line is traced here. (PDF file). Died in Clover, Jefferson Co., PA., listed as "Simon Hayes."
  • WILLIAM HAUSE, JR., was born on 22 November 1781 in Warwick, Orange County, New York. He married Esther Sanford on 7 Apr 1804. Esther was born on 22 September 1785 in Warwick, Orange County, New York, to Ezra Sanford and Ann Hopper. William died on 2 Jan 1825 in Tyrone Township, Steuben County, New York and was buried in Hause Hill, Barrett Cemetery, Steuben County, New York. Esther followed her children west and died on 16 August 1850 Michigan, and is buried at North Reading Cemetery, Reading, Hillsdale County, Michigan (Plot: Row 1). For another family history of his descendants, click here; For another, click here. For another, click here.
  • JONAS HAUSE was born on 26 September 1783 in Orange County, New York. He died in November of 1869. Jonas married Rebecca Demand. Wills of Schuyler county: HAUSE Jonas ae 80 3 Apr 1862 - 2 Jan 1866 Hector Schuyler co. - s Aaron, s Dellaber, s Mahlon, my widow Rebecca (sounded like more children but none named) exec friend Henry D Barto, sons Mathias D Hause & Dellaber Hause - wit Sam Burlew & C C Pearce, Ulyses. Rebecca died several months before him, on 27 Mar 1869, and they are buried in Hector, at the Valois Cemetery, in Schuyler Co., New York (Seneca Union Cemetery, Valois, Schuyler County, New York; Plot: Center-019). His descendants spell their name "Hawes."
  • ALLEN HAUSE was born on 6 August 1785 in Orange County, New York. He died as a teenager in 1804 in Seneca County, New York.
  • JOSEPH HAUSE was born on 8 August 1787 in Orange County, New York. "Joseph Hause ... was one of the pioneers of Seneca Country, and helped to clear up the virgin forests around Farmer. He and an Irishman (ex-Senator Francis Kernan's father) went across Seneca Lake and settled in Tyrone, to which point they presently removed their families." Joseph married Eunice Rogers on September 5, 1811, and the ran an inn on Hause Hill: "A resting place for man and beast." He was made the collector for the town of Wayne in 1818; The first election for town officers of Tyrone at his house, with brothers William Jr. and Morris taking positions in the early government. Joseph's son, Alvin Chase, was a member of the New York state assembly from Schuyler County, in 1862. Joseph died on 3 December 1838 and is buried with Eunice in the Tyrone Union Cemetery, as is Alvin.
  • MARY HAUSE was born on 6 July 1790 in Orange County, New York. Mary married Daniel Burr, and they are mentioned in the sale of her father's property after his death, to her brother Samuel. In the 1810 Federal Census, they live in Wayne, Steuben, New York with a son and daughter, both under 10 years of age; In 1840 their residence has changed to Tyrone, Steuben, New York and they live with a son and two daughters, all under five.
  • MATTHEW HAUSE (or HAWES, according to his will) was born on 23 Apr 1792 in Warwick, Orange County, New York. He moved to Verona, Dane County, Wisconsin, with his wife and three children on 7 Mar 1843 (click on image at right for a full account by his son, J.T., in Madison, Dane County and Surrounding Towns: Being a History and Guide to Places of Scenic Beauty and Historical Note, published by W. J. Park & Company, 1877). Matthew married (1) Anna Marie (last name unknown, date unknown) and (2) Johanna Wood on 2 Nov 1831 in Verona, Dane County, Wisconsin. He died on 4 May 1873.
  • SAMUEL HAUSE was born on 12 May 1794 in Warwick, Orange County, New York, and married Catherine Howard. They had a daughter, Lucy Ann (1826-1876), who married David Richardson. From Biographical Review of Dane County, WI. Chicago: Biographical Review Pub. Co. 1893, Vol II, pp 617-619: "Lucy A. Hawes... was born near Seneca lake, NY, Sept. 15, 1827, and died on the old farm in Wisconsin, May 10, 1876. She was a daughter of Samuel and Catherine Hawes, natives respectively of New York and New Jersey. They came West in about 1849 or 1850, and the mother died in 1850, and the father is still living." Catherine died on 13 Nov 1852 in Dane County, Wisconsin.
  • HANNA HAUSE was born on 23 Nov 1796 in Warwick, Orange County, New York. On 9 Nov 1818, Hannah married Lemuel Knowlen or Nolen (b. 1794 in Mass.), in Painted Post, Steuben, New York, and they are mentioned in the sale of her father's property after his death, to her brother Samuel. In the 1840 census they lived in Tyrone with three children, including Asenath C "Zenith" (27 Jul 1819 - 8 Jan 1901) and Martha (1827 - 11 Apr 1904). In 1850, they lived in Hornby, Steuben Co., New York, with Martha. By the 1870 census, Hannah is gone, and Lemuel has moved to Marion, Sanilac, Michigan, with daughter Asenath (a nurse in the Civil War) and her family.
  • MORRIS FANT HAWES "was born at Warwick, Orange Co., N. Y., Nov. 12, 1797, and in early childhood removed with his parents, William and Martha (Wood) Hawes, to Steuben Co., where he remained until about 21 years of age, and during which time he served as a volunteer (though but a boy) in the war of 1812. His father, also a native of New York, participated in the war of the Revolution... When chosen to serve as a member of the Constitutional Convention, on arriving at Madison, and before qualifying, he was called home by the serious and subsequently fatal illness of his wife... He died at Whitewater Jan. 13, 1868." He is buried at Hillside Cemetery Whitewater Walworth County Wisconsin; Plot: Blk 9 Lot 580 Gr. 6. Read full account of his life, followed by an account of his journey to Wisconsin, by clicking on the image at right.
  •    Martha and William had a long, prosperous marriage, and a lot of children. But children at that time died before they were 16 almost 50% of the time. Not only did Martha have to raise those children, she had to cook, clean, spin and make clothing, milk the cows, carry the water, make soap, butcher livestock, smoke and preserve meat, and act as the family doctor. She cooked over a large open fireplace, while the children had to keep the fire lit day and night. Large pots, up to forty pounds when full, were used to boil liquids, render fat, simmer stews, and cure meat. Frying was done in large, long-handled, three-legged, cast-iron frying pans placed directly over the coals. Maneuvering these heavy utensils with boiling liquids and hot foods was dangerous. Thousands of women were severely burned or even killed in cooking accidents, especially when long dresses, petticoats, or aprons caught fire. And if that wasn't dangerous enough, she had to protect the family from Indians, outlaws and British forces while William was away, fighting in the militia! What small comforts and luxuries that she enjoyed disappeared during the war. Because of taxation and the Boston Tea Party, she had to give up her beloved imported British tea and make her own from native plant substitutes, like sage, currant, strawberry, loosestrife, or plaintain leaves, which was called "Liberty Tea."
       Martha died on 08 Sep 1822 in Tyrone, Schuyler County, New York, and is buried next to her husband, a Revolutionary War hero, in the Hause Hill Cemetery.


    EDMUND WOOD (1554 - ?) married JANET HURST (1556 - 1593) and begat...

    EDMUND WOOD, JR. (Bef. 1580 - 1669), who married MARTHA LUM on 21 May 1611 and begat...

    JEREMIAH WOOD (1620 - ) who married ELIZABETH GILDERSLEEVE (1620 - ?) and begat...

    JOSEPH WOOD who married EUNICE JARVIS in 1680 and begat...

    JOSEPH WOOD, JR. (1680 - ?) who married MARGRIET (MARGARET) WOOD and begat...

    JONATHAN WOOD (1720 - ?) who married JOHANNA CROMPTON (1725 - ?) and begat...

    MARTHA WOOD (1753 - 1822) who married WILLIAM HAUSE (1750 - 1818) and begat...

    JOHN HAUSE (1773 - 1844) who married ESTHER KETCHAM (1779 - 1853) and begat...

    AUGUSTUS HAUSE (1804 - 1875) who married JANE JONES (1802 - 1850) and begat...

    LABAN HAUSE (1831 - 1906) who married MELISSA SANDERSON (1839 - 1921) and begat...

    FRANK HAUSE (1867 - 1951) who married FLADELLA RAYMOND (1869 - 1961) and begat...

    CARLISLE HAUSE (1891 - 1972) who married MARJORIE MARCHANT (1892 - 1939) who begat...

    CARLETON MARCHANT HAUSE, SR. (1917 - 1983) who married JEANNE BRUNNER (1918 - 2000) and begat...

    CARLETON MARCHANT HAUSE, JR. (b. 1939) who married MARTHA WENK (b. 1940) and begat...

    JEFF (who married LORI ANN DOTSON), KATHY (who married HAL LARSEN), ERIC (who married MARY MOONSAMMY), and MICHELE HAUSE (who married JOHN SCOTT HOUSTON).


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    Elias Conklin Pratt
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