Published about 1885

Tyrone Township

(p.250—253)  "At the 45th annual session of the legislature of  NY, April 16, 1822, the town of  Tyrone was formed as a township in the county of Steuben—taken from Wayne township. By the act of the legislature in 1845 [1854?] it became a town in the county of Schuyler.  It is situated in the north west corner of the county of Schuyler, and is bounded on the north by the county of Yates, on the east by Yates and the town of Reading, on the south by Orange, on the west by Steuben county.  There are two small lakes in the town, known as Lake Lamoka and Lake Wanetta, otherwise, Mud Lake or Little Lake.  The streams are the big and little Tobyhanna. The surface is broken and uneven but well adapted to grazing.  The first election for town officers was held Feb. 4, 1823, at the house of Joseph Hause. Enoch DeCamp, president of the board of election, and John Arnold, clerk.  The officers elected were:  William Kernan, supervisor; John Arnold, town clerk; John Sebring, Abram Fleet, overseers of the poor; Benjamin Doughty, Peter Disbrow, Jesse Whitcomb, assessors; Stiles Beach, Michael Jordan, Daniel Childs, jr., commissioners of highways;  Abel Kendall, William Kernan, Joseph Jessup, commissioners of common schools; Runyon Compton, collector;  Runyon Compton, B.C. Kelley, constables;  Joel Fero, Enoch DeCamp, Sylvanus Arnold, inspectors of common schools;  Thomas Humphrey, pound master; John Sebring, Morris F. Hause, Enoch DeCamp, fence viewers; Runyon Compton, George Marrow, Robert Lang, Abel Kendall, Richard Beebe, Edward Jessup, Aaron Swartout, William Hause, Levi Price, Watson Prentiss, Ebenezer Russell, Benjamin Smith, James D. Davis, Hugh Jamison, Peter S. Lewis, James VanDuser, B.C. Kelley, Asa Hedge, Enoch DeCamp, William Kernan, Jonathan Compton, William Andrews, Solomon Smith, Abraham Hoover, Joel Meed, George McGowan, Asa Fern, John Smith, Abijah Vining, Solomon Gee, path masters;  John Arnold, Benjamin Sackett, Jesse Whitcomb, Henry S. Williams, justices of the peace by appointment.