Hause Family Tree

  • Name: Laban Augustus HAUSE
  • Surname: Hause, House
  • Given Name: Laban Augustus
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 10 Mar 1831 in Seneca County, New York.
  • Death: 14 Mar 1906 in Memphis, Saint Clair County, Michigan.
    Burial: Memphis Cemetery, Memphis Ridge Road in Richmond Township, MI.

  • Father: Augustus HAUSE b: 14 Jan 1804 in Orange County, New York
    Mother: Jane JONES b: 4 Nov 1802 in New Jersey

    Marriage 1 Sarah DYSINGER b. 24 Oct 1832 in Royalton, New York.

    Marriage Date: 30 Sep 1854 in Royalton, Niagara Co., New York.

    Marriage 2 Melissa L. SANDERSON b: 9 Oct 1839

    Marriage Date: 25 Oct 1859 in MI

    Has ChildrenLaban Augustus Hause was born on 10 March 1831. He moved to St. Clair Co., Michigan in the mid-1850's after marrying Sarah Deissinger on 20 Sep 1854. and his brother John J. Hause (b. 18 Oct 1829), their wives (the Dysinger sisters) had each been willed about a hundred acres of prime farmland in Lockport by their late father—enough for a small private farm.
       But Laban and John had the bright idea of selling that expensive New York land, and using the money to buy more property in an area where the land was cheaper. The plan was to move west and carve out their own place from the wilderness... and the new frontier of Michigan was beckoning.
       So in the mid-1850s, John, Laban, and Basheba Hause, along with cousins-in-law Daniel and Nicholas Dysinger, headed to the new state with their families—either taking a steamship up the Erie Canal, or by land using teams of oxen or mules, towards the untamed wilderness (read: cheap land).
       The group moved to Riley Center, St. Clair County, Michigan, and started over. Laban and Sarah settled a large section of wilderness on the border of St. Clair and Macomb counties, and local "Otchipwes" (Ojibwe Indians) helped them survive until Spring, when Laban could clear the trees and brush to build a farm, on what is now 13185 Belle River Road in Memphis, Michigan.
       He and Sarah then sold the 100 acres of property that she had inherited from her late father in Lockport, for $500. The document was signed by Sarah's mother, Catharine, and accepted by Laban "House" and Sarah in St. Clair county, Michigan. (On the next page in the book of deeds, Catherine sold more of the Lockport land willed to her other children, including Eve Dysinger-Hause.)
       The various Hause and Dysinger families then settled in, and even began to expand: County records show that on the 13th of May, 1857, 21 year-old Basheba married Charles H. Oaks, 23, of Riley. The witnesses were "Loban" Hause & John J. Hause, also of Riley; the wedding was performed by Minister William P. Russell.
       Living on the edge of the Michigan wilderness left the Hause family far away from doctors, hospitals, and the superior medical attention available back in New York (which in truth wasn't all that great, anyway). There were only ten licensed physicians in all of St. Clair County. They charged from five dollars for minor surgeries, up to a hundred dollars for major ones. There was also a fee of five to twenty-five dollars for midwifery, which Sarah needed in 1857 for the birth of a child:


    1. Elma Hause Jackson (1857-1942)
      Elma Jane Hause was born on 16 Mar 1857. After the death of her mother, Sarah was raised by Laban and his second wife, Melissa Sanderson-Hause. Elma married William Jackson (b. 8 Feb 1852 in England), a Freight Agent for the Owensboro and Nashville Railroad, on 14 Nov 1874 (wedding announcement). Elma died on 3 Mar 1942 in Montclair, Essex County, New Jersey (Elma in her old age). They're buried together at Rosehill Elmwood Cemetery, Owensboro, Daviess County, Kentucky. Their children:

        i. Charles Hause Jackson was born on 25 Sep 1875. Charles lived in Upper Mountclair, New Jersey, and worked for an engineering firm in Manhattan. He married Mildred Weiland and chronicled the 19th and early 20th Centuries of the Hause family in his scrapbooks. Many of the photographs, obituaries and ceremonial announcements on the following pages are from those scrapbooks. Charles died in Aug 1962.

        ii. William Carlisle Jackson was born on 7 May 1884. He died on 16 Oct 1888 in Owensboro, Daviess County, Kentucky and is buried beside his mother.

      Sarah died on 16 Mar 1859 after complications from giving birth to their daughter, Elma. Laban then remarried, to a woman named Melissa Sanderson (1839-1921). Laban died on 14 Mar 1906 in Memphis, MI (see his Death Certificate here). He and Melissa had the following children:

    2. Alice Hause Young (1861-1939)
      Alice Hause was born on 16 Aug 1861 in Emmett, St. Clair County, Michigan. She married Seneca Young (1857-1898) on on 13 Aug 1879 in Millington, just days before her 18th birthday. Seneca died on 9 Aug 1898 in Saginaw City, Saginaw, Michigan, and Alice raised Frank as a single mother. A letter by Melissa Hause from 1920 says Alice was living in a tent in California with her sister-in-law, Rebecca. In 1930, Alice lived alone in Memphis, next to Ida Dysinger, then moved in with her son. She died on 24 Mar 1939 at Highland Park General Hopsital. She was buried at Millington Cemetery in Millington, Tuscola County, Michigan. They had one son:

        i. Frank Arthur Young was born on 5 Jul 1880. He died on 26 Feb 1963 in Detroit and was buried in Saginaw, Michigan. He married (1) Sylvia Hardy (16 Nov 1884 - 28 Feb 1910), with whom he had two children:

          1. Violet E Young was born on 11 Feb 1905 in Saginaw, Saginaw, Michigan. In Nov 1927 She married John S. Cosgrove but then died on 31 Aug 1929 in Washington DC, District of Columbia.

          2. James Eldon Young was born on 29 Aug 1908 in Michigan. On 18 Oct 1935 he married Ann Marguerite Ide Foster (1913-2000). He died on 1 Jan 1973 in Tarpon Springs, Pinellas, Florida. His children:

            a. Karen Ann Young was born on Oct 13 1945 and married Allen Andrew Phillips (b. 1945).

            b. Barbara Jean Young was born on 1 Nov 1949. On 1974 6 Jun 1974 she married Philip Roy House (b. 1953).

        After Sylvia died, Frank married (2) Blanche Elizabeth Chatfield (10 Jan 1880 - 13 Mar 1961). They had a son:

          3. Chatfield Young was born on 16 Mar 1915 in Michigan. On 10 Feb 1934 he married Irene Ellen Headford (1916-2001). He died on 6 Dec 1996 in Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan. Their children:

            a. Margaret Jean Young was born on 29 Feb 1936 in Michigan. On 18 Aug 1956 she married Harry James Barker (b. 1935). They had two children:

              i. Pamela Jean Barker was born on 29 Aug 1957. She married Ronald Maurice Thompson (b. 1950)

              ii. Sherrie Lynn Barker was born on 28 Mar 1960. On 31 Jul 1982 she married Jonathan James Krieger (b. 1958).

            b. Robert Edward Young was born on 9 Jul 1940. On 26 Oct 1963 he married Catherine Elizabeth Snider (b. 1943). They had the following children:

              i. Colleen Marie Young was born on 29 Apr 1964. On 3 Dec 1989 she married Phillip Charles Hurd (b. 1958).

              ii. Brian Edward Young was born on 24 Jun 1965. On 31 Jul 1990 he married Cheryl Lynn Gillette (b. 1965).

    3. Sarah Hause Baker (1863-1880)
      Sarah L. Hause was born on 16 April 1863. She died from food poisoning that she contracted from canned beans at the reception of her own wedding to Arthur Baker on 11 Nov 1880. She was named after her father's first wife, Sarah Dysinger, and they all rest together in the Memphis Cemetery in Memphis, Macomb, Michigan.

    4. Has Children Frank Augustus Hause was born in 1867. He married Fladella Raymond (6 Sept. 1869 - 19 July 1961) and had five children, all boys, listed below. Frank died in Memphis, Michigan, on 3 May 1951. See his signature here (from the autograph book of William Pincombe, courtesy of his granddaughter, Judy Ingles). Frank and Fladella are buried at the Memphis Cemetery in Memphis, Macomb, Michigan.

      Port Huron Times-Herald (Port Huron, St. Clair, MI), 15 Feb 1951.

      The children of Frank and Fladella Hause were:

        i. Raymond "Dick" Laban Hause was born on 23 Nov 1888. He married a nurse, Ethel Maud Yale (1 Feb 1886 - 19 Jan 1988), in Michigan in 1911. They had one child, Lois Yale Hause, born on 7 Oct 1913. "Uncle Dick" moved his family to California and worked in land speculation. He died on 12 Nov 1970 in San Diego, California. Many of the photos and keepsakes that he handed down to his daughter, such as the anniversary notice of Frank and Fladella, above, are used in this family history. Their children:

          1. Lois Yale Hause (Oct. 7, 1913 to April 2, 2005) Born in Deerfield, Michigan on October 7, 1913 to Ethyl Yale and Ray Hause. Moved to San Diego in 1918. Married to William (Bill) Martin Baumbaugh—four children (Adrienne, Lynn, Bill and Joel), eight grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren. Lived in Kensington for over 62 years. Lois was an accomplished wife, mother, cook, gardener and artist, and a friend to all she met. She will be sorely missed by all who knew and loved her. Her fondest wish was to be reunited in heaven with her husband when she died so that they could be together once again and travel the universe together, and forevermore. A Graveside service will be held at Alpine Cemetery 2495 Victoria Dr., Alpine on Saturday, April 9, 2005 at 11 a.m. (Published in the San Diego Union-Tribune on 4/6/2005.) Lois and William had the following children:

            a. Adrienne Ray Baumbaugh was born on 10 Oct 1935 in San Diego, California. On 21 Jun 1957 she married (1) Franklin D Hunt (b. 1936). They had the following children: Kimberly Ray Hunt (b. 1960), and Shelby Lynn Hunt (b. 1962). She also married (2) Edward C Flowers (b. 1943) on 4 Aug 1984 in Sonoma, California.

            b. Jaquelynne Yale Baumbaugh was born on 16 Dec 1937 in San Diego, California. On 7 Jan 1961 she married Ralph Ferguson Lowe (1931-1988). They had the following children: Mark Taylor Thomas Lowe (b. 21 Nov 1961), and Stephen Lee Lowe (22 Nov 1963 - Oct 2013).

            c. William Martin Baumbaugh (4 Aug 1940 - 8 Mar 2012) was born in San Diego, California. On 14 May 1960 he married Rebecca Patricia Espinosa (b. 1940) and they had the following children: Rebecca Tripenny Baumbaugh (m. Troxell) (b. 14 Jun 1962), Monique Patricia Baumbaugh (m. Maceachern), (22 Mar 1965 - 21 Jun 2009), and William Martin Broeder (b. 6 Aug 1966).

            d. Joel Taylor Baumbaugh was born on 9 Jul 1950 in San Diego, California. He married Marsha Lee Dodds (b. 25 Jul 1950) and they had Ariel Dodds Baumbaugh (b. 31 Mar 1991).

        Carlisle Hause (1891-1972)
        Has Children ii. Carlisle Hause was born on 5 April 1891. He became a schoolteacher and fell in love with Marjorie E. Marchant. She was a maid's daughter, who moved to Minnesota to be with her sister when her mother was killed by a car. But Carlisle tracked her down and brought her to Michigan as his bride. Marjorie died in 1938, and he remarried, to a fellow schoolteacher named Emily Meister and moved to Bloomfield, Oakland, Michigan. Carlisle died on 23 Mar 1972 in Pontiac, Oakland, Michigan and is buried at the Memphis Cemetery in Memphis, Macomb, Michigan.

          1. Gretchen Hause (15 Aug. 1912 - 16 Feb. 1985) married Alan Dane "John" Brundage in Aug 1939 in Detroit. They purchased a cabin next to her father's on Vaughn Lake, and Gretchen and the children spent summers there while John worked. She and her family then moved out west, but spent every summer on the lake. She died on 16 Feb 1985 in San Marcos, San Diego Co., California, and her ashes were spread over the Pacific Ocean. Gretchen as a young girl, Posing with her father in 1928; Posing with her mother; 1932 Michigan State Normal College "Aurora" yearbook; The Brundages with sister-in-law Jeanne Brunner-Hause at Torrey Pines in the 1970s. They had three children:

            a. Susan Elaine Brundage was born on 4 Jul 1940 in Detroit, Wayne, MI. On 10 Aug 1963 she married (1) Donald Clifton Emmerling (b. 1942) and they had a daughter, Debra Jane Emmerling (Stoddard, b. 1967). Susan and Donald divorced on 18 Dec 1973 in Richmond, Virginia, and on 28 Sep 1974 she married (2) Clay Garland Holt (b. 1939) in Powhatan, Virginia.

            b. Nancy J Brundage was born on 23 Sep 1941 and married Jack Karczewski (b. 1939).

            c. James Alan Brundage was born on 25 May 1946 in Grosse Pt., MI. He married Tanya Lee Steele (1954-1988) and passed away on 20 Apr 1999 in San Diego, CA.

          Has Children 2. Carleton Marchant Hause was born in 24 July 1917. He started out working in a Michigan factory for his father-in-law, but ended up teaching in Southern California with his wife, Jeanne May Brunner. "Bud" loved the water, whether in his youth at the cabin on Vaughn Lake, or raising his kids, Carl Jr. and Marjorie, on the shores of Lake Erie in Gibraltar, MI, or at his retirement home on a tributary to the Colorado River at 85344 Parker, LA Paz, Arizona... or finally the Pacific Ocean, where his ashes were spread in 1983 by his loving wife and children:

            Has Children a. Carleton Marchant Hause, Jr., was born November 25, 1939 in Detroit, Michigan to Carleton Sr. and Jeanne Brunner Hause. Having grown up on the shore of Lake Erie with his parents and sister, Marjorie, Carl had an adventurous spirit and enjoyed boating and fishing. He graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a degree in Education. While attending college, Carl met his future bride, Martha Ellen Wenk, and after five brief months of dating, they were married on June 13, 1959. In July of 1961, along with their newborn son Jeffrey, they followed his parents and sister out to San Diego, California where Carl began his teaching career. He continued in the line of educators that started with his great- great- grandmother when he began teaching math at Washington Junior High School in Vista, California. While at Washington, Carl began his legendary coaching career in both track and football. In his first nine years of coaching track, Coach Hause compiled a 63-1 dual meet record.
               In 1965, Carl and Marti added to their family by adopting Kathy. Two years later they adopted Eric and then moved to their current home where they would spend the rest of their lives together. In 1968, with the birth of Michele, their family was complete.
               In 1980, Carl began coaching at Vista High School and in 1984 he was named the head track coach. In addition, Carl also coached JV football and cross-country. In 1987, he left coaching track after 16 years with an overall win-loss record of 105-5 to take the position of Athletic Director at Vista High. He served as Athletic Director until 1997 when he retired after over 40 years of teaching in the district.
               In retirement Carl was as busy as ever, being able to devote more time to his fantasy sports leagues, his love of growing rare fruit, gardening, and reading James Lee Burke and Robert B. Parker novels. He was also an avid game player, loved to research genealogy, and enjoyed morning walks on the beach. Carl's retirement also afforded him time to more deeply pursue his faith journey and love for the Lord. The primary way he lived out his faith was through his membership at King of King's Lutheran Church. There he served as a church council member, financial secretary, Sunday School teacher, Men's Prayer Breakfast leader, and Intern Committee Chairman. During his teaching career, Carl was involved with Sunrise Kiwanis, and in retirement was heavily involved with the Vista Golden K Kiwanis, and their scholarship foundation, where he continued to show his care and concern for students. He also volunteered at Meals with Love.
               Carl was very proud of his grandchildren and loved to visit them in New York, Stockton, Napa, Denver and enjoyed being involved in all their activities. Carl loved teaching and coaching as it gave him the opportunity to impact the lives of students and athletes. He was known for his great sense of humor and it gave him a unique ability to break down walls and bring people together in classroom and life situations. Carl was a great man loved by so many.
               He is survived by his wife Marti, his sister Margy, son Jeff and his wife Lori Ann, daughter Kathy and her husband Hal Larsen, son Eric and his wife Mary, daughter Michele and her husband John Houston, and eight grandchildren: Sasha Larsen, Dylan Larsen, Camille Larsen, Madeline Hause, Atticus Hause, Phin Lee Hause, and Sara and Avery Houston. They and scores of students, athletes, and congregation members will miss him dearly.
               Carl died from a heart attack on 18 Aug 2014 in Tri-City Medical Center in Oceanside, CA. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you would donate to Vista Golden K-Kiwanis Foundation, which is a fund for student scholarships, at 14212 Pebble Beach Way, Valley Center, CA 92082 or the King of Kings Memorial Fund.
               He and Marti had the following children:

              Has Children i. Jeffrey Carleton Hause was born on 7 June 1961 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Jeff is a writer and social worker living in Napa, California. A true Renaissance man, and an inspiration to his family (all of whom adore him)! He is incredibly handsome, intelligent, witty and engaging, and wrote this bio. He married Lori Ann Dotson in Zion National Forest in Utah, and they have a son, Atticus Lee Hause (b. 2 Aug 2011, see below) in Napa, California, and a daughter, Phin Lee Hause (b. 1 Nov 2013) in Roseville, CA.


              ii. Kathleen Ellen Hause was born on 12 Aug 1965. After suffering through a childhood dealing with her brother, Jeff, she somehow survived and married Halden Larsen (b. 27 Oct 1964) on 29 June 1985 in Vista, Ca., and they have three children: Sasha Ellen-Marie Larsen (b. 14 Jul 1987), Dylan Jeffrey-Lee Larsen (b. 28 Apr 1990) and Camille Larsen (b. 4 June 1998).

              iii. Eric Donald Hause was born on 15 Sep 1967 in Oceanside, Ca. He attended Cal State Long Beach, then a seminary school in Colorado and is now a pastor in Ithaca, New York (near Cornell University. Eric married Mary Moonsammy (b. 29 Sep 1966) on 23 Mar 1996 in Bonsall, Ca. They have one child, Madeline Hause (b. 10 Aug 1997) and currently live in the Finger Lake region of New York state, near the last home of William Hause.

              iv. Michele Marie Hause was born on 14 Sep 1968 in Oceanside, Ca. After a childhood full of torture from Jeff, Kathy and Eric, she decided to make her life's work torturing other children. So she became a teacher, like Carleton Jr., Carleton Sr., and Carlisle before her, and currently lives in San Diego, Ca, with her husband, John Scott Houston, whom she married on 14 Feb 2009 at the House at Thibodo Park, located at 1150 Lupine Hills Road, Vista, CA. They have a daughter, Sarah Houston.

            b. Marjorie Jeanne Hause was born in 18 Dec 1942. From an early age she showed amazing artistic ability inherited from her maternal grandfather, Al Brunner. She had one daughter. Marjorie is an extremely talented painter who went on to become the artist "Tugboat Tillie" in Northern California. She had a daughter:

              i. Carolyn Jeanne Kibbe was born on 6 Jul 1962 in San Diego, California. On 09 Jul 1980 she married (1) David Wayne Redman in Contra Costa, California. They had Ashly Ann Redman (b. 1979), David Wayne Redman (b. 1980), Michael James Redman (b. 1983) and Samantha Rae Redman (b. 1988). On 29 Jun 1999 she married (2) Richard Todd Wallis (b. 1964) in Washoe, Nevada and they raised a daughter, Michelle Christine Wallace (b. 1994). Carolyn died on 24 Aug 2018 in Bethel Island, Contra Costa, California.

        iii. Basil Franklin Hause was born on 4 Nov 1895. While he was young, he worked in his grandpa Raymond's blacksmith shop. He married Hazel May Gilmartin in 1920. Basil and Hazel had two children: Gerald Franklin in 1926 (our family historian), and Barbara Joan in 1928. Many of Basil's family photos, and his recollections (recorded by his son, Jerry) form the basis for the Michigan chapters in this family history. Basil died on 7 Dec 1985 in Royal Oak, Oakland, Michigan. Their children:

          1. Ada Jean Hause was born on August 31, 1923, a healthy child for her first year. But she came down with a flu virus before her second Christmas. The family doctor gave instructions to Hazel and Basil over the phone because it was too icy to travel, but Ada Jean failed to rally and died from pneumonia on December 29, 1924. She was buried on New Year's Day.

          2. Gerald Franklin Hause was born in 1926 and grew up in Michigan. He became a designer at Chevrolet, where he helped create the classic 1955 "Chevy." He is the true hero of this work, having painstakingly collected and chronicled the Hause family in Michigan for many years. He married Shirley Mae Jacobson on July 25, 1950. They have three children:

            a. Roy Hause (b. 1954) married Alida Leigh DeGroat in 1977.

            b. Linda Kaye Hause (b. 1955). In 1981 she married John Joseph Lepri.

            c. Barbara Carol Hause was born on 16 Oct 1959. She married David Wayne Gallihugh. She passed away on 4 Dec 2006 in Mount Pleasant, Isabella, Michigan.

          Barbara Joan Hause (1928-2001)
          3. Barbara Joan Hause was born in 1928. She and Thomas Calvin Vandergrift had the following children: Thomas Casper Vandergrift (b. 1950), David Edwin Vandergrift (b. 1952), and Martha Joan Vandergrift (b. 1953). Barbara then married Rollin King Reynolds in 1986. She died in 2001. See her 1946 high school yearbook photo here.

        iv. Frederick Clinton Hause was born in 1900, but died from an undisclosed illness while still an infant, in 1901. There are no known photographs that were made of Frederick before his death.

        v. Maurice Calvert Hause (pronounced "Morris") was born on 5 April 1910. "This laughing baby is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Hause, Memphis, Mich . . . He was one year and four months when this picture was taken." Maurice died when he was 16 years old. "Funeral services, conducted by Rev. S.H. Townsend, were held at 2 p.m. Monday for Maurice Hause, 15, who died Friday night after a short illness. He was a junior at the high school, also a member of the Young Men's club and the high school orchestra, the village band, the football and basket ball teams."

    5. Edith Hause-Cottington (1871-1949)

      Edith E. Hause was born in 1871. She married George W. Cottington (1872-1956) in 1900. They ran a general store in Memphis, Michigan, with her brother Frank and his wife, Fladella (detailed in the next chapter). Edith and Joseph had four children: Frances Mary (1905-1985), William Hause (1911-1956), Josephine Pray (1916-1998), and John Fredrick Cottington (1919-1992). Edith died on 30 Sep 1949. From The Times Herald, Port Huron, MI, 01 Oct 1949, Sat, Page 10: "Memphis, Oct. 1 -- Mrs. Edith Hause Cottington, 78, wife of George Cottington and a lifelong resident of Memphis and vicinity, died Friday after a long illness. Mrs Cottington is survived by her husband, two sons, William and John Cottington, both of Memphis; two daughters, Mrs. Josephine Pray, Memphis, and Dr. Frances Cottington, New York City; a brother, Frank Hause, Memphis, and three granddaughters. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday in the Barnard funeral home, Rev. George Marshall, pastor of Memphis Methodist church, officiating. Burial will be in Memphis Cdemetery. Mrs. Cottington was born March 5, 1871, in Emmett and married Sept. 2, 1900. She was a lifelong member of the Methodist church." See the Edith Hause Cottington genealogy page here. See her signature here (from the autograph book of William Pincombe, courtesy of his granddaughter, Judy Ingles). Their children:

        Frances Mary Cottington (1905-1986)
        i. Frances Mary Cottington was born on 18 Oct 1905 in Memphis, Michigan. She graduated with a B.S. from the University of Michigan in 1928. On 28 Mar 1931 she married Leon David "Lee" Elman (1902-1955) in Detroit; they divorced in 1935. From the Detroit Free Press (Detroit, Michigan) 4 Jul 1936, Page 3: "For the first time in the history of Receiving Hospital, a woman has been named to the medical staff of the institution. Dr. Cottington, a member of this year's class at the Detroit College of Medicine, was chosen among 35 others from various medical schools throughout the country to serve an internship at the City-owned hospital. Dr. Cottington received her Bachelor of Science Degree at the University of Michigan in 1928. She also attended Michigan State College for two years. Born in Memphis, Mich., she received her early education there. For two years Dr. Cottington was employed at Parke Davis & Co., and through her work in bacteriology became interested in medicine. She was a technician in Receiving Hospital laboratory from 1928 to 1931. A member of Nu Sigma Phi, national medical sorority, she plans to specialize in psychiatry after she completes her internship. Dr Cottington said that she liked the study of medicine and is becoming reconciled to being called 'Doc.' Her first month at the hospital will be spent in surgery service." Frances became a Doctor of Psychiatry, practicing in New York and then beginning a private practice in Hawaii in 1956, eventually becoming program director of the Hawaii Integrated Psychiatric Training Program in 1964. She was active in the community, even hosting a Q&A for the "Unitarian Church Psychological Films Festival" in 1969 (The Honolulu Advertiser 21 Mar 1969, Page 13). According to her nephew, Fredrick Cottington, "She did not keep in contact with the family often, and I don't have a lot of information on her." She died in Dec 1985 in Honolulu, Hawaii. See her University of Michigan "Michiganensian Yearbook" photo here.

        ii. William Hause Cottington was born in 1911 in Michigan, and worked for Packard Motors. He married Hazel Strassburg and had two daughters, Edith Joy (Powshok, b. 1937) and Bonnie (Jaslove, b. 1942). Joy lives in Florida and Bonnie lives in Texas. William died from injuries suffered in a car accident in April of 1956.

        iii. Josephine Pray Cottington was born in 1916 in Michigan. She married Carl Davis and became a long-time school teacher in the Denver Colorado area. Fredrick Cottington recounts, "My Aunt Jo returned to Michigan in 1989 after her husband had passed. She died in March of 1998 at the age of 82."

        iv. John Frederick Cottington was born on 5 Jul 1919 in Michigan. He worked many different jobs while running Cottington Excavations. He married my Mother Juanita Jean Leaym (d. August 1981) in 1941, and they had six children. The oldest. born in February of 1945, is Georgia Lee Cottington. She married Willard Pacholke in 1965, and they have two children, a son Jeffery and a daughter Shawn. Fredrick Jay Cottington, was born in March 1950 (family listed below). Larry Joe Cottington born June 1953, married Denise Rhodos (deceased) and has two sons, Blake and Brant. Cheryl Ann Cottington Woolman (b. Feb 1958), married Dwight Woolman and has a daughter Heather and a son Aaron; Scott Alan Cottington (b. Mar 1959); Marla Sue Cottington (b. 1961), married Henry Wagooner and one daughter, Holly. John died on 19 Jun 1992 in Memphis, Michigan.

    Laban Augustus Hause's genealogy letter to cousin James Dwight Hause.
  • Melissa Sanderson Hause's letter to her son, Raymond Hause.

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