The Hause Hill Cemetery is on the west side of Pulver Road (less than one-tenth of a mile south of Kendall Road). Look for a plank leading over the drainage ditch on the right of the road, and head up the hill into the trees. The graveyard is in a clearing there. William and Martha Hause are in the front on the right, near the trees, facing the road.

   My parents actually found their graves while on the way to visit my brother, Eric (who now lives in Ithaca). It took quite a while to find the tiny pathway leading off the roadway—even with a map. The area is still mostly wilderness. The graveyard is maintained by the Daughters of the American Revolution, and the memorial near their tiny gravestones, adorned with the US Flag.
   Wilma Teed-Perry, who grew up on the property in the mid-twentieth century, remembers: "Many times I wandered the fields and explored the old Hause farm. There was an old brick oven out back that Mrs. Hause used for cooking." She picked wild blackberries, huckleberries and wild strawberries. "I walked to the cemetery where my grandmother and her infant son was buried. It was an old, old cemetery. My mother had told me not to eat the apples that were from the apple trees on the graveyard. Those apples were white and very sweet. She never knew I ate them. I wasn't about to tell her I had done that."

The graves of William and Martha Hause.

GRAVES wf/ = wife of
dau/ = daughter of
son/ or s/ = son of
ae = age at death

ARWINE                  son of Arthur & Esther  2 Jan 1845

CHASE                      Fannie Gannon    wife of Caleb    d. 25 Nov 1843, ae 55-6-23

GANNON                 Benj.    10-29-1839, ae 73-5-21
                                    Asa    son    3-12-1827, ae 24y-3m

HARRIS                    Monroe (son of William and Sarah)
                                    Ana S.    his wife  14 Nov 1846, ae 23-10-27

HARRIS                   Wm. E.    Rev. War  24 Feb 1836, ae 77-11-9
                                    Sarah  (Hause) his wife

HARRIS                   Wm D.    son of Wm. & Sarah    15 Nov 1847, ae 27-8-25

HAUSE                      Anna:  dau/ William Jr. and Esther Hause, 1811-1813

HAUSE                      Dorcas:  dau/ William Jr. and Esther Hause, 1825-1825

HAUSE                      Hannah:  dau/ William Jr. and Esther Hause, 1815-1815

HAUSE                      Wm.:  Rev War Vet  d. 20 May 1818  Continental Line
                                     Martha, his wife:  d.  8 Sep 1822

HEDGE                     Barabas    8 Aug 1871
                                     Phebe  his wife    1 Feb 1846, ae 44 yrs

JOHNSON                Aaron "Andrew" Sr.:  Rev War Vet  1st LIEUT NJ 1747-1821
                                     Kezia, his wife

JOHNSON               Mary Susan  dau of Aaron and Kezia     Jan 1816

SPEARS                    Abraham    Rev. War Vet  1750-1818  Continental Line
                                     Sarah his wife

SPEARS                     Ethel BAKER    1-29-1929   wife of Fred

SPEARS                     Harry Fred    23 Aug 1923, age 2y-8m

SPEARS                     Lawrence M    1925-1990

SWARTHOUT         Aaron:    Rev. War Vet  1762-1845; Continental Line

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The view of the area as seen from the graves of William and Martha Hause.

Carleton Marchant Hause, Jr., Eric Donald Hause and Jeffrey Carleton Hause behind William's grave during the summer of 2005.