If you drive down from the private cemetery on Hause Hill towards Tyrone, along Pulver Road to Talbort Hill Road, you finally reach level ground and the city's Tyrone Union Cemetery as you draw close to the shore of beautiful Lamoka Lake. In this cemetery lie the graves of Joseph Hause (9th child of William and Martha Wood-Hause), born on 8 Aug 1787 in Orange County, New York, and his wife Eunice Rogers-Hause, along with the family of their son, Alvin Chase. Alvin was a member of the New York state assembly from Schuyler County, in 1862. They are located in Plot 64 of the cemetery, surrounding an imposing monument.
   The family of Jonathan Wood, Jr., Martha Wood-Hause's brother, are also prominent in the cemetery, and there are over fifty Wood graves, overall. The earliest are in an older portion of the cemetery, called "the old burying ground."


HAUSE Joseph "JOSEPH HAUSE died Dec. 3, 1838. Aged 51 years 5 Mo. & 21 Da." (Plot 64)
HAUSE Eunice (Rogers) "EUNICE, wife of Joseph Hause, died May 24, 1846, aged 58 years, 3 M's & 28 D" (Plot 64)
HAUSE Alvin Chase "BORN DEC. 15, 1814. DIED NOV. 18, 1866. ae 51 Y's 11 MO. & 3D" (Plot 64)
HAUSE Persis Fidelia (Noble) "PERSIS F. WIFE OF ALVIN C. HAUSE 1817-1905" (Plot 64)
HAUSE Joseph F "JOSEPH F. HAUSE 1850-1934 ELLA V. HIS WIFE 1851-1923" Son of Alvin & Persis Fidelia (Plot 64)
HAUSE Mary Ella (Van Liew) "JOSEPH F. HAUSE 1850-1934 ELLA V. HIS WIFE 1851-1923" (Plot 64)
HAUSE Lyman N 1858-1882; Son of Alvin & Persis Fidelia (Plot 64)
HAUSE Mabel "Our darling Mabel" (Plot 64)
WOOD Jane (Wilson) 1763-1834; Martha Wood-Hause's sister-in-law, through brother Jonathan Wood, Jr (1752-1795); Unconfirmed.¹
WOOD Israel Ricky 1791-1869; Martha Wood-Hause's nephew, through brother Jonathan Wood, Jr.
WOOD Anna (Fleet) 1788-1864; Wife of Israel; Mother of Israel, Emily and Mary Ann.
WOOD Abraham Fleet 1810-1848; Oldest child of Israel R. and Anna Fleet (Van Vliet) Wood. Husband of Lucy Amelia.
WOOD Andrew Thorpe 1819-1894; "At rest"; s/o Israel R. and Anna Fleet (Van Vliet) Wood; Husband of Catherine.
WOOD Joel P 1823-1897; s/o Israel R. and Anna Fleet (Van Vliet) Wood; Husband of Elizabeth King (1821-1905).
WOOD Jane 1827-1868; d/o Israel R. and Anna Wood; Age 40 years, 9 months, 9 days.
WOOD Israel 1831-1908; s/o Israel R. and Anna Wood; m. Orrilla A Cronkrite (1832-1918).
WOOD Henry Switzer 1833-1863; Veteran Civil War; Pvt Co. B 141st NY Inf Reg; Age, 29 years; mustered in as private, Co. B, August 21, 1862; promoted sergeant, September 11, 1862; first sergeant, July 22, 1863; died of typhoid fever, August 16, 1863, at Weaverville, VA.
WOOD Drusilla 1837-1838; d/o Israel R. and Anna Wood. Died at age 11 month, 5 days.
WOOD John 1838-1844; s/o Israel R. and Anna Wood. Age 5 years, 8 months, 23 days.
WOOD Ann Fleet 1843-1854; d/o Abraham F. & Lucia Amelia Wood; Row 4, Old Burying Ground.
WOOD Ebenezer d. 1848; s/o Andrew Thorpe Wood & Catherine Margeson Holley (1820-1885); Row 4, Old Burying Ground.
WOOD Israel d. 1848; s/o Andrew Thorpe Wood & Catherine Margeson Holley (1820-1885); Row 4, Old Burying Ground.
FLEET Elizabeth (Wood) 1789-1863; Wife of Abram Fleet; Niece of Martha Wood-Hause; Daughter of Jonathan Wood, Jr.; Sister of Israel Wood.²
COMSTOCK Ida (Wood) 1821-1876; Wife of Nathaniel Comstock (1805-1877); Daughter of Israel Ricky Wood and Anna Fleet Wood; Buried in the Comstock family plots.
MARGESON Deborah (Wood) 1794-1876; Daughter of Jonathan Wood, Jr. Niece of Martha Wood Hause; Wife of Thomas Margeson (1790-1864); "Margeson Deborah","1876 Jan 18","died age 80/11/3 wife of Thomas Margeson."

The Hause monument in Plot 64.

The Wood family plots in "the old burying ground," all relatives of Martha Wood-Hause.


¹—It is assumed that Jane is in this cemetery with the other Wood family members because after the death of her husband she traveled west with sister-in-law Martha Wood Hause and family, and lived with son Israel Ricky. Evidence includes this letter from Israel to brother John in Ohio:

"Doct John Wood
Highland Co Ohio
Hillsboro P O

Wayne May 11th 1834

Dear Brother
   A few days agoe I recieved a letter from you before that I had not recieved but one and that just after the death of yours wife but I had writen several times I was threw several counties in Stankky[?] in the fall of 1831 and I made diligent inquirey for you but I could not hear anything of you but since that time I slightly heared that you was dead and I heared nothing to the contrary till very lately by Ashtons letter [Ashton Wilcox their half-brother]. We are all well at preasant we have a large family seven boys & three girls Our Dear Mother is living yet She grows old and feble and much of the time so out of health that she is confined to her room and Bead and by hearing from you raises anew anxity to see you again before she departs this life She laments the long absence of you with us vary much Elizabeth and Deborah [their sisters Elizabeth Fleet and Deborah Margeson] is living in joining Towns to me their and their familys health and prospects are favorable Isaac Wilcox [their half-brother] lives one mile from me he follows Blacksmithing at present he antisipates on going to the west but his wife is confined with the Consumption and they have two little Boys John and David
   the times are hard Produce low and money scarse the wether is Cold the ground is wet and the season is very backward
   Dear Brother our patience is exausted in waiting and looking for your appearance in to our Country wait no longer sooth the affected Mother Releve anxious looking and Impatient waiting for by the Brothers and Sisters and the inquiring nephew and nieces whi dont Uncle John come to this country to see us is theair language I can not see why you should not come we and our children amount to about 30
   Come Soone Come next fall if you cannot come before Mother sends her love to you and to your wife and children
   We all send our love to you and would wish to be remembered to your family write on the receipt of this letter and let us know when you can visit us fetch along Martha and the children no more at Present I Remain youre affectionate Brother until death
   I R Wood"

²—In a reading of the cemetery performed from 1999 to 2001 by Susan Rockwell Austin, it was noted that there were "three (probably Fleet) stones weathered and unreadable". These stones may represent the burial locations of the 3 known(?) children of Abraham and Elizabeth: Isaac Fleet (1820-1821), Lafayette Fleet (1824-BEF 1830), and Andrew Jackson Fleet (1832-1832). Elizabeth was Abram's third wife, and he had 17 children altogether.