WILLIAM HAUSE, JR., was born on 22 November 1781 in Warwick, Orange County, New York to Revolutionary War veteran WILLIAM HAUSE, SR. (24 Feb 1750/51 - 20 May 1818), and his wife, MARTHA WOOD HAUSE (4 May 1753 - 8 Sep 1822). Family historian Charles R. Hause³ wrote in a 1963 character sketch: "William Hause, Jr. was born in Orange county, New York, possibly on the family farm near Tuxedo Lake on the old Orange Turnpike, that ran from New York to Albany. It would have been maybe five miles up from the present New Jersey line and near to highway #17. The family were members of the Old School Baptist Church in Warwick, which was about six miles to the west. When his parents moved out near Ovid, in Seneca county, he found he couldn't do without his girl friend back east. He married her there in 1804."
   William married ESTHER SANFORD on 7 Apr 1804. She born to EZRA SANFORD (1747-1822) and ANNATJE HOPPER (1753-1841), on 22 Sep 1785, in Warwick, Orange County, New York. The Sanfords were a prominent local family who had been active in the revolution. Her family had lived in Warwick since 1764.¹ The origin of the Sanford family is English, and the surname was first found in Shropshire, where they were seated from very early times and were granted lands by Duke William of Normandy, their liege Lord, for their distinguished assistance at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 A.D. The family Coat of Arms is Quarterly Blue and Ermine, and family motto translates as: "Neither rashly nor timidly."
   Ezra Sanford served in the Revolutionary War, along with his four brothers, and was a corporal in 4th Regiment out of Orange County. He lived in Warwick for the rest of his life, and had nine children with Ann, including Esther.

Personal Information
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Name: Hawes, William Jr.
Township: Wayne
County: Steuben
State: New York
Roll: M252_37
Page: 391

M, 0-10:


M, 26-44:


M, 45--:


F, 0-10:


F, 10-15:


F, 16-25:

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Personal Information
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Name: Hause, William
Township: Wayne
County: Steuben
State: New York
Year: 1820
Roll: M33_74
Page: 252

M, 0-10:


M, 10-16:


M, 26-45:


F, 0-10:


F, 10-16:


F, 26-45:

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SOURCE INFORMATION: 1810 United States Federal Census. M252, 71 rolls. National Archives and Records Administration, Washington DC; 1820 United States Federal Census. M33, 142 rolls. National Archives and Records Administration, Washington D.C.

The grave of Esther Sanford Hause, in Michigan.
   Soon after marrying, William and Esther moved with his parents to Wayne, Steuben County, New York. Esther's uncle, Rev. Ephraim Sanford, who had moved to Wayne in 1793, lived near them, as well. He was the leading Baptist Minister in Steuben and Allegany Counties. On April 16, 1822, William Jr. helped found the town of Tyrone, along with brothers Joseph and Morris Fant, and lived next door to his sister, Sarah, and brother-in-law, William Harris.
   William Hause, Jr., died on the 2nd of January in 1825 in Tyrone Township, Steuben County, New York (Bath County Surrogates Office, Book 2, Page 16), and was buried on Hause Hill (his stone is gone, having crumbled away with time, along with his mother's and father's).
   After William died, Esther followed some of her children to Michigan and died on 16 August 1850 in Reading Township, aged 64 years, 11 months. Interestingly, Esther's last name on the stone is spelled "Hawes," not Hause. She's buried in the North Reading Cemetery, Reading, Hillsdale County, Michigan (Plot: Row 1).
   William and Esther had ten children and dozens of grandchildren, 17 of whom served the Union cause in the Civil War (four were wounded, one died).² The names of those children were:


  • SANFORD HAUSE was born on 7 May 1805 in Tyrone, Ovid Township, Seneca County, New York. He died on 15 February 1885 in Ridgeway Township, Lenawee County, Michigan. Sanford married Lydia Swarthout on November 20, 1824 in Steuben County, New York. She was born May 31, 1808 in Tyrone, Steuben County, New York or Seneca County, New York and died July 12, 1890 in Ridgeway Township Lenawee County, Michigan. According to census records Sanford was living in Macon Township, Lenawee County, Michigan in 1840, and Ridgeway Township, Lenawee County, Michigan in 1850 and 1854. According to Michigan land records: bought 78.92 acres in Township 5S & Range 5E at Detroit, Michigan Land Office. Sanford moved to Michigan about 1835. He owned a Tavern where people could lodge for the night. He was also a charter member of the First Christian Church of Ridgeway and a Township Supervisor for many years.
  • ELIZABETH HAUSE was born on 12 February 1807 in Ovid Township, Seneca County, New York. She married Manley Swarthout on September 12, 1824 in Wayne, Schuyler County, New York. Elizabeth also married W. Wright Redding, and were living in Lenawee County, Michigan in 1835 (probably Ridgeway Township). She died on 18 January 1848 in Reading Township, Hillsdale County, Michigan and was buried in North Reading Cemetery, Hillsdale County, Michigan. For a history of their family, click here.
  • JESSE J. HAUSE was born on 23 June 1808 in Wayne or Ovid Township, Seneca County, New York. He died on 14 November 1888 in Williamston, Ingham County, Michigan. Jesse married Sally Ann Swarthout on February 2, 1827 in Steuben County, New York. Jesse was one of the first settlers in Livingston County, Michigan, arriving there in 1837 with brother Sanford. Census records: Jesse was living in Putnam Township, Livingston County, Michigan in 1870.
  • ANNA HAUSE was born on 4 August 1811 in Wayne Township, Steuben County, New York. She died on 22 February 1812 in Wayne Township, Steuben County, New York.
  • HERMAN C. HAUSE was born on 13 May 1813 in Wayne Township, Steuben County, New York. Herman married Elvira Bacon on November 26, 1832.
  • HANNAH HAUSE was born on 23 January 1815 in Wayne Township, Steuben County, New York. She died on 2 February 1815 in Wayne Township, Steuben County, New York.
  • HARRIS ELISHA HAUSE was born on 15 January 1816 in Wayne Township, Steuben County, New York. He died on 11 February 1879 in Six Mile, Jennings County, Indiana. Harris married LUCINDA E. MAYNARD (b. 20 Sep 1820 in Tyrone, Steuben County, NY) on March 25, 1837 in Wayne Township, Steuben County, New York, and they had ten children, listed below. Occupation: 1850, blacksmith, Justice of the Peace in Hayden, Jennings County, Indiana. Lucinda died on 11 Feb 1879, and is buried in Six Mile Cemetery.
  • MARY ANN HAUSE was born on 3 August 1819 in Wayne, Schuyler County, New York. She died in April 1858. Mary married Horace B. Avery on November 6, 1834.
  • ELMER C. HAUSE was born on 21 Mar 1823 in Wayne Township, Steuben County, New York. Elmer married Mary Polly Thompson on July 1, 1849. He arrived in Ridgeway, Lenawee County, Michigan in June 1836. They had two children: A daughter, Alzara (or Alziare, b. 1842) and Aaron T. (b. 1855). Polly Hause died on 12 Jul 1862 and Elmer then married Esther Stone (b: 1834) on 26 Dec 1864 in Flushing, Michigan. They had three kids: Alida or Lydia (b. 19 Nov 1865), William J. (b. 1868), Mary May (b. 1871). Elmer died on 29 July 1883 in St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri. For a family history, click here.
  • DORCAS HAUSE was born on 27 July 1825 in Wayne Township, Steuben County, New York. Dorcas died on 11 September 1825 in Wayne Township, Steuben County, New York.

  • Maynard
    Harris Hause & Family
    Harris and Lucinda Maynard Hause
       Their son HARRIS ELISHA HAUSE was born on 15 Jan 1816, in Wayne, Steuben County, New York. He married LUCINDA ELNORA MAYNARD, daughter of CYRUS MAYNARD and POLLY KENDALL, on March 25, 1837.
       The surname Maynard was first found in Suffolk where they were seated from early times and their first records appeared on the early census rolls taken by the early Kings of Britain to determine the rate of taxation of their subjects. The family's oldest Coat of Arms is Silver with a chevron between three red hands, and the family motto Translates as: "A just hand is a precious ointment."
       Polly was descended from FRANCIS KENDALL, who was born in 1480 in Westmoreland, England. She and Cyrus traveled from Massachusetts to Steuben County with her parents in 1812, with everything they owned loaded into two lumber wagons. In 1813, William Hause Sr. sold the Maynards and Kendalls some parcels of land.

    "He was a Democrat and a leader in local party affairs and long held the offices of justice of the peace and township trustee and minor township offices. He was of magnetic temperament and made many warm friends, and his course in life was such as to win the respect of all who observed it."
    —Biography of Harris E. Hause²

    Harris' store today.
       Unlike the other Hause siblings who migrated to Michigan, Harris obtained a Land Patent in 1837 in Jennings County, Indiana. He and Lucinda settled on the east shore of Six Mile Creek, on the south side of the wagon road from North Vernon to Hardenburg, where Harris ran a general store and improved 80 acres of farmland. Charles R. Hause³ wrote in his 1963 letter: "Harris Elisha Hause and his wife both were born in the Tyrone-Altay area of Steuben county in New York. They both belonged to the Altay Baptist Church. When Cyrus Maynard decided to move to Jennings county, Indiana, Harris decided to go along. They settled in a little community known as Six Mile. They lived there until the railroad folded up. Most people moved over to a new place a few miles away called Hardinburg. The Six Mile Cemetery is located between them. Harris owned several farms in the Hardinburg and Scipio area and was a substantial citizen. He was a bblacksmith, ran an insurance agency, was at least part owner of the general store, was township supervisor for several terms, was Justice of the Peace for many years, had the first public library in the area in his home. He and his son Elmer were charter members of the local Masonic Lodge. He was a founder of the Universalist Church there."
       Nobody at that time and place could survive on one career, however. Harris' occupation according to the 1850 census was as a blacksmith. As a Democrat, he served as Township Trustee and a Justice of the Peace in Hayden, Jennings County. (Hardenburg's name was changed to Hayden in the late 1800's). Harris was "of magnetic temperament and made many warm friends, and his course in life was such as to win the respect of all who observed it. In early life he was a Baptist, but in later years a Universalist."²
       Together Harris and Lucinda had ten children. Those children were:


  • WILLIAM D HAUSE was born on 20 Dec 1837 in Hayden, Jennings Co., Indiana. He attended the Eclectic School of Medicine and became a doctor. He married ELIZABETH A STOREY (b. 2 Jul 1837) on 18 Apr 1858 in Jennings, Indiana. Elizabeth died on 22 Sep 1859. William then enlisted in the Union Army during the Civil War, joining up 1861 as a private in the 52nd Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry. He eventually was elected 2nd Lieutenant. On August 9, 1863, he was married at Fort Willow, Tennessee, to MARY A. BIDDINGER HUCKERY, a widow who had been visiting her brothers in the army. William and Mary then adopted the son of one of her brothers who had died (J.F. Huckery, b. 1861), who was thereafter known as WILLIAM THOMAS HAUSE (20 Apr 1861 - 16 Feb 1951). William's recipe for cough syrup: "1 pint of good whiskey, 1/2 ounce of Virgin Oil of Pine, 8 ounces of Pure Glycerine, and 1/2 pound of rock candy. Shake often till the candy dissolves. Take a teaspoon every two or four hours owing to the severity of the cough. Keep this receipt so you can get it again if you need it." Here's a newspaper article on the couple celebrating their golden anniversary. William died on 17 Mar 1917, at the age of 79.
  • MARY ELNORA HAUSE. She married ORMAN DUTTON ALLISON (b. 3 Feb 1831 in Wethersfield, Vermont) on 15 Apr 1857 in Six Mile, Jennings, Indiana, and had the following children: William (b. 1860), Emma (b. 1863), Oscar (b. 1868) and Cora (b. 1874 in Kansas). Mary died on 13 Oct 1917 in Centralia, Lewis County, Washington.
  • LOUISE E. HAUSE was born on 28 Dec 1843 in Six Mile, Jennings County, Indiana. She married MICHAEL WILDEY (b. 1838 in New York) and had two children: Alice B. (b. 1869) and James A. (b. 1872). She died on 9 Feb 1899 in Hayden, and is buried at Sixmile Cemetery in Hayden, Jennings County, Indiana.
  • ELI W. HAUSE was born on 7 Mar 1846. He married MYRA JAN MARCILLER (26 Mar 1849 - 15 Dec 1920) on 27 Aug 1867 and had the following children: John Harris (30 Aug 1869 - 27 Feb 1877), William E. (25 Jan 1872 - 4 Feb 1873), Alma Daisy (24 Aug 1873 - 3 Jul 1946), and Claude W (19 Jul 1876 - 3 Feb 1949 in Kearney, Buffalo, Nebraska). Eli died on 13 Feb 1877, leaving a widow and two children.
  • ELMER KENDALL HAUSE was born on 7 Apr 1848 in Hayden, Jennings County, Indiana. He married EMMA ELVIRA GROSS (1 Mar 1853 - 7 Dec 1937) and they had eight children, listed below. Elmer died on 7 Apr 1917 in Geary, Oklahoma. Emma died at the age of 84, in the home of their son, Frank Hause. "Mr. E. K. Hause departed this life April 7 1917, at the age of 69 years, after a long illness of patient suffering. It was remarkable to be in his sick room. Although at times he was in intense pain, which seemed almost unbearable, not a murmer or question of his prolonged illness came from his lips in the writer's presence. He was well known in and around Geary, having settled west of Geary in an early day and then living near Sunnyhill for a number of years. To know him was to know a beautiful character and to be his friend. He leaves to mourn his loss a wife and two daughters: Mrs. C.W. Brown of Calumet, Mrs, Sadie Knight of Shawnee and five sons, Frank of near Calument, Howard of near Geary, Homer of Tate, New Mexico and Harry and Herman of Ft, Wayne Indiana; two sisters 14 grand children and a host of friends. A short funeral service was held April 9 at 12 o'clock at the family home seven miles southwest of Calument, by Rev. Funk of Geary and on account of the sons from Indiana, who could not get there until Monday evening, another service was held in the Christian Church at Geary, Tuesday, April 10, after which interment was made in the Geary cemetery."—A friend
  • See Elmer in Mason garb here.
  • See Elmer posing with Emma.
  • ADA JANE HAUSE was born 23 Jun 1851 in Indiana, and married JOHN B. HAMMOND (b. May 1837 in Ohio). They had the following children: Nora (b. 1875), Sally (b. 1878), Frank (b. 1883), Lee (b. 1884), and Daisy Hammond (b. 1887). She died on 16 Jan 1905 in Missouri. "Again death silently creeps into our community and after a three week illness of la-grippe which terminated in congestion of the brain. Mrs. J.B.Hammond finished her earthly labor and at 1:35 P.M. Monday Jan. 16 1905, her soul took flight to a better world. Born in Hardenburg, Indiana June 23 1851. Her maiden name was Ada Jane Hause. Married June 27 1866 to J.B. Hammond. Ten children five preceded their mother to the land of rest. A resident of Clinton about 34 years and a member of the M.E. South Church for about 10. She will now receive a reward for her faithful work for her Master. She leaves a devoted husband and 5 children—Mrs. T.D. Hunt Kansas City Kansas; Mrs Florence Scudder Kansas City and Frank, Lee, and Daisy of this city. Burial in Englewood."
  • ESTHER ANN HAUSE was born on 25 Sep 1853 in Hayden, Jennings, Indiana. She married RICHARD WILDEY (1851-1921) in 1873, and they had the following children: Maud Fay (1873-1874), Edgar F (1876-1947), Walter Scott (1881-1888), John Willard (1884-1885), and Mary Edith Wildey (1890-1910). Esther Ann died on 10 Dec 1916 in Sunnyslope, Chelan, Washington.
  • ALFORD E. HAUSE was born on 1 Sep 1856 in Hayden, Indiana, and died on 30 Apr 1873, at the age of 17.
  • HARRY A. HAUSE was born on 15 Feb 1859 in Indiana, and passed away on 12 Apr 1861, dying at the age of three.
  • ALICE CORA HAUSE was born on 15 Sep 1861 in Hayden, Jennings County, Indiana. She married JAMES "JESSE" BIDDINGER (1840-1924), connected with the Marchant Police of Indianapolis, Indiana. "Cora" died on 26 Jul 1924 in Indianapolis, Marion County Indiana, and is buried at rown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, Plot: Sec: 60, Lot: 232.
  • Gross

    Elmer Kendall Hause and Emma Gross-Hause
       Their son, ELMER KENDALL HAUSE, was born on 7 Apr 1848 in Hayden, Jennings County, Indiana, one of ten children. Elmer became a carpenter, plasterer and housebuilder. Elmer married EMMA ELVIRA GROSS (1 Mar 1853 - 7 Dec 1937), daughter of MARTIN GROSS and LOVINA RAUSON, in Hayden, Indiana. The Gross surname was first found in Norfolk where they were seated from very ancient times, some say well before the Norman Conquest and the arrival of Duke William at Hastings in 1066 A.D. The family's earliest Coat of Arms is Black with a fess on which there are three red crosses between three silver stars.
       Elmer and Emma were married by Elmer's father, Harris, the Justice of the Peace in that area. He tried farming with two of his brothers, which lasted a year. He then decided to move to Clyde, Kansas, where Emma's father Martin Gross lived. When Martin died, they headed back towards Hayden, but one of their sons became ill, and he turned his wagon to Clinton, Missouri, where a sister lived. (Uncle Lyman Maynard also served as a doctor in the area.)
       Charles R. Hause³ wrote in his 1963 character sketch: "A story about Elmer. It seems that Elmer was learning the tailoring trade back in 1871. Apparently he didn't like it, because he was at work building a mill in 1872; In 1874 he was very badly banged up in a saw-mill accident. It seems that a pile of logs got loose and some rolled over him. I know that it disfigured his face somewhat, he never shaved but once after that. As the story goes, Uncle Herman, was still a tiny boy still sleeping with his parents. He woke up that morning, his father was freshly shaven, and Herman didn't recognize him and woke up everybody shouting, "Mama, Mama wake up, there is a man in the bed."

    Elmer Kendall Hause and family. (Detail.)

       Elmer was elected Justice of the Peace in Westport, Indiana, and built a home there. But eventually he sold it and moved to Oklahoma, where he planted crops, but the venture failed. Altogether, Elmer followed his trade in five states before settling in Blaine Co., Oklahoma, in 1902. He lived in Blaine until his death: "It was remarkable to be in his sick room. Although at times he was in intense pain, which seemed almost unbearable, not a murmer or question of his prolonged illness came from his lips in the writers presence." (From an uncredited obituary.)
       The children of ELMER and EMMA were:


  • NORMAN HAUSE was born on 1 Oct 1876. He died on 11 Apr 1878 in Hayden, Jennings County, Indiana. He is buried at Sixmile Cemetery, Hayden, Jennings County, Indiana.
  • HARRIS MARTIN HAUSE was born on 1 Feb 1878 in Westport, Decatur, Indiana. He married Della May Stephenson (25 Mar 1877 - 30 May 1923). See their wedding photo here. "Harry" died on 13 Nov 1937 in Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana, and is buried at Lindenwood Cemetery in Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana. Della is buried at Sugar Ridge Cemetery, Townley, Allen County, Indiana.
  • HOWARD ALISON HAUSE was born on 30 May 1881 in Cloud County, Kansas. He married Flora May Babbs (12 Jun 1881 - 9 Sep 1952) and they had the following children: Lula Pearl (1908-2004), Charles Raymond³ (1913-2002) and Lee L Hause (1917-1991). See a photo of them here. Howard died on 24 Nov 1957.
  • MARY ALICE HAUSE was born on 7 Nov 1883 in Westport, Decatur County, Indiana. She had two sons, William and James Sandy, by her first marriage. She then married Charles Wesley Brown (1876-1957). She died on 9 Dec 1962 in El Reno, Canadian County, Oklahoma. They are buried at Geary Cemetery Geary, Blaine County, Oklahoma.
  • HERMAN CHARLES HAUSE was born on 28 Aug 1886 in Westport, Decatur, Indiana. He married Mae Ella (1885 - 1968). Herman died on 22 Nov 1966 and is buried at Scipio Cemetery in Scipio Township, Allen County, Indiana.
  • HASKELL FRANK HAUSE was born on 16 Feb 1889 in Westport, Decatur, Indiana, and married Eula Massey Hause (1893 - 1980). He died on 12 Aug 1971 in El Reno, Canadian, Oklahoma, and is buried at Red Rock Cemetery in El Reno, Canadian County, Oklahoma.
  • HOMER ELMER HAUSE was born on 14 Sep 1892 in Westport, Decatur, Indiana. He married MAMIE PAULK on 15 Sep 1912 in Sunnyhill Canadian, Oklahoma. They had ten children, listed below. Homer died on 26 Feb 1941 in Sunnyhill Canadian, Oklahoma. Mamie died omn 15 Mar 1977 at her home Hutchinson, Kansas.
  • SARAH ESTHER HAUSE was born on 22 Sep 1897 in Kansas City, Wyandotte, Kansas. She married Hope K Knight (1881-1956). She died on 23 Feb 1961 in Shawnee, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma. Her children: Ruby (b. 1915), Lela (b. 1918), Mirtie (b. 1921) and Mary Knight (b. 1925).

  • Paulk

    Homer and Mamie Hause
       Their son HOMER ELMER HAUSE was born on 14 Sep 1892 in Westport Decatur, Indiana. He married MAMIE PAULK (11 Aug 1894 - 15 Mar 1977), daughter of HENRY CEPHUS PAULK and IDA MAY CARSON, on 15 Sep 1912 in Sunnyhill Canadian, Oklahoma. The orgin of the surname Faulk is Scottish, and was first found found in Renfrewshire (Gaelic: Siorrachd Rinn Friù), a historic county of Scotland, today encompassing the Council Areas of Renfrew, East Renfrewshire, and Iverclyde, in the Strathclyde region of southwestern Scotland, where they were seated from early times. The family's earliest Coat of Arms is a green shield with a gold saltire between three hunting horns. The family motto translates as: "Boldly and earnestly."
       Charles R. Hause³ wrote in his 1963 character sketch: "Homer Hause and Mamie Paulk met in Oklahoma at a Sunday School reunion. She had moved to Oklahoma from Missouri in 1911. The meeting must have been something else because on Sept. the 15th of 1912 they were married at Sunnyhill after getting their license at El Reno. They lived Southwest of Calument, about 2½ miles from Sunnyhill." While living there, they started a family. Their children were:


  • EVELYN NANCY HAUSE was born on 14 Jul 1913 in Geary, Blaine, Oklahoma, She married Lloyd Amos Magby (1910 - 1997) and they had Pearl Jewel Magby (1933 - 1933). See them in old age here. She died on 10 Nov 1991 in Vinita, Craig, Oklahoma, and her ashes are buried with her parents at Geary Cemetery in Geary, Blaine County, Oklahoma.
  • HAZEL ELIZABETH HAUSE was born on 7 Nov 1914 and married Arthur Clyde Magby (1912 - 1970). Hazel died on 17 Apr 1998 Hutchinson, Reno, Kansas. Her ashes are buried with her mother and father, at Geary Cemetery in Geary, Blaine County, Oklahoma. (There is no marker.)
  • NORMAN HAUSE was born on 7 Mar 1916 in Clayton, Union, New Mexico, and married Mary Annabelle Osborn Hause (1915 - 2006). Norman and Annabelle ministered to the Indians at Wounded Knee South Dakota. He was also a tree trimmer. He was a minister in Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska. A tall man. He was 6'3". He loved all children. He could stand on his head, and the kids all loved that. Norman died on 22 Feb 1978 in Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas. They are buried at Mount Hope Cemetery in Topeka.
  • HENRY WILLIAM HAUSE was born on 8 Jul 1918 in Clayton, Union County, Kansas. Henry married Ethel Mae Farrar Hause (1922 - 2008), and was a minister in Kansas and California. He helped build one of his churches in California, and did house painting on the side to make extra money. He died on 12 Sep 2002 in California. He is buried at the Greenlawn Memorial Park in Bakersfield, Kern County, California, in the Garden of Devotion.
  • HARRY RAYMOND HAUSE was born on 7 Nov 1922 in Oklahoma. Later in life, here. He died on 9 Mar 2014 in Inman, McPherson County, Kansas. Hutchinson Daily News, Monday March 10, 2014: "INMAN—Harry R. Hause, 91,passed away March 9, 2014, at the Pleasantview Home in Inman, Kansas. He was born Nov. 7, 1922, in Shawnee, Okla., the son of Homer and Mamie Hause. A veteran of the United States Army, he served proudly his country during World War II in New Guinea. A general laborer by trade he loved the celebrations of parades, enjoyed listening to gospel music, and taking care of his family. He married Edith Phillips, Jan. 15, 1944 in Arizona. She passed away May 4, 1968. He married Anna Loewen June 22, 1969, in Hutchinson. She passed away Aug. 19, 2009. He is survived by a daughter, April Heckel, a stepdaughter Lou Welch; two brothers, Clarence Hause and Bob Hause; a sister Eula Holcomb; a grandchild Frederick Heckel; two step-grandchildren and five great step-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents; three brothers; Norman Hause, Henry Hause and Clyde Hause; three sisters; Evelyn Magby, Hazel Magby and Ida Julian; an a granddaughter, DeeAnna Heckel. Per his request, cremation has taken place and a private gathering will be held at a later date. Old Mission Heritage Funeral Home, Hutchinson, is in charge of local arrangements."
  • CLARENCE HAUSE was born in 1925. He married Alice on 16 Jan 1949 in Portland, Oregon. Another photo here.
  • IDA EMMA HAUSE-BELL was born on 18 Aug 1926 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. On May 26, 1944, she married Clyde Bell at Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas. Children: Wayne, Charles, Betty Moore, Peggy Osborn, Dorothy Jean Kipp, Barbara Scott and Beverly Reed. Clyde died Aug. 19, 1995, and Ida died on 30 Sep 2002 in Hutchinson, Reno, Kansas. They are buried at Hutchinson Eastside Cemetery in Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas, USA.
  • CLYDE MELVIN HAUSE was born May 9, 1929 in Geary, Oklahoma and departed this life on April 15, 2011 in Van Buren, Missouri. He had attained the age of eighty-one years, eleven months and six days. Mr. Hause had formerly owned and worked for Payday IGA Grocery in Great Bend, Kansas, as a butcher. He enjoyed playing Bingo, bird watching and being with his grandkids. He was united in marriage to Cora Hause. She preceded him in death. He was also preceded in death by one son, Randy Hause. Survivors include two sons, Kelly Hause and his wife Judy of Van Buren and Ronald Hause of Montana; three daughters, Stacy Franklin and husband Tracy of Cooter, Mo, Teresa Gibson of Spokane, Wash, and Gina Hardy; many grandchildren including, Jessica, Jamie, Corey and Jordan Hause and Austin and Dustin Franklin and many other relatives and friends who mourn his passing.
  • EULA FRANCIS HAUSE was born in 17 Feb 1931 in Oklahoma. She married (1) Raymond F. "Rocky" Ruckman (10 May 1925 - 8 Oct 2013) and (2) Holcomb. Raymond F. "Rocky" Ruckman, 88, died Oct. 8, 2013, at Hospice House, Hutchinson. He was born May 10, 1925, in Ashton, Kansas, the son of James E. and Elsie A. (Strasser) Ruckman. Rocky graduated from Buhler High School and then served as a Seabee in WWII and the Korean War. He married Eula F. Hause Dec. 1, 1948, in Hutchinson. Rocky worked for over 40 years as a carpenter and construction contractor, working for English Construction, Foy Construction, Farmland Industries and later established Ruckman Inc. He is survived by: his former wife, Eula F. Holcomb of Hutchinson; three children, Norma Exposito and husband Lynn of Partridge, Ronald Ruckman and wife Linda of Hutchinson, Nancy Hostetler and husband Rick of Chase; son-in-law, Aaron Allenbach of Clearwater; a brother, Walter Ruckman and wife Deanna of Holyrood; seven grandchildren, Karen Dorsett, Hollie Hostetler, Jeremy Ruckman, Jonathan Ruckman, Joseph Ruckman, David Allenbach and Matthew Allenbach; and 20 great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by: a daughter, Barbara Ann Allenbach; three sisters, Georgia Smith, Edith Oden, and Geneva Hurst; and a brother, Milton Ruckman. Cremation has taken place. A private family service will be held at a later date. Rocky greatly appreciated everyone that helped him in business and in life. Memorials may be made to Hospice of Reno County or the Ronald McDonald House, in care of Elliott Mortuary, 1219 N Main, Hutchinson, KS 67501. Please visit to leave a personal condolence for Rocky's family. (, Hutchinson, Kansas.)
  • BOBBY RAY HAUSE was born on 11 Aug 1936 in Geary, Blaine Co., Oklahoma. He married SHIRLEY JANE WHITE (b. 29 Jun 1932 in Hutchinson, Reno Co., Kansas) on 10 Jun 1956 in Hutchinson, Kansas. They've had three children, listed below. Bob is the family historian, haven taken over from his cousin, Charles Raymond Hause (Nov. 24, 1913 - Mar. 30, 2002), and he wrote this family history with Shirley.
  •    Charles R. Hause³ continues with his 1963 sketch: "While living there (at Sunnyhill), they had a daughter, Evelyn Nancy born July 14, 1913. On Nov. 7, 1914 another daughter Hazel Elizabeth also was born while living there. She was expecting Norman her first son, when they decided to homestead in New Mexico. They drove down in a covered wagon."
       According to their son, Bob, Homer homesteaded a 320 acre property in Tate, New Mexico, around 1915, then sent for Mamie, who followed with children Evelyn and Hazel. There on March 7, 1916 Norman Homer was born. On July 8, 1918 Henry William was born. Unfortunately, things did not go well in New Mexico, and the family had to move again.
       Charles continues in his character sketch: "When Henry was just a baby they moved to Amarillo, Texas. There they picked cotton and took care of a farm for awhile. They had stopped in Texas to rest and ended up resting for about a year. They went from New Mexico to Texas in a covered wagon. They lived in a tent at this time. Later they moved to a small house. Deciding they had rested long enough in Texas, they got back in their covered wagon and headed for Oklahoma. At this time Henry was just a small child. Arriving in Oklahoma, they visited her folks at Calument for awhile then moved to Shawnee, Oklahoma. There, they lived with Homer's brother Howard for about two weeks. They rented a place around Shawnee and stayed there awhile. Then they moved to Kickapoo Road close to Shawnee. At this place Harry Raymond was born on his sister Hazel's birthday on Nov. 7, 1922. Durung the stay here, they went to a tent meeting in someone's pasture. This was a church meeting. During the meeting some people tried to break up their gathering, so the Ku Klux Klan marched around them so the meeting would not be broken up. They moved to Earlsborough in Pottawatomie county where Clarence Everett was born on May 10, 1924. They left in a short while (about a year) and went back to old home around Geary (sic). Lived on her father's place for a few months then moved to the north side of the Canadian River. This was around Ice School house. Lived there for seven years in three different houses. Ida Emma was born in the house down by the river, on August 18, 1926. Then they moved on an Indian lease owned by a woman by the name of Yellow Painted Woman. Here Clyde Melvin was born on May 9, 1929. Francis Eula was also born here on Feb. 17, 1931. Also, the youngest, Bobby Ray was born here on August 11, 1936 on his mother's birthday. While here Homer became ill and went to Fort Sill Hospital. He was allowed to come home a few times. While Homer was in the hospital someone bought their lease out from under them, so they moved into a house belonging to a friend over by Center Grove and lived there awhile. Homer died while the family were living there. After he died the family moved to Geary."
       In 1943, Mamie moved to Hutchinson, Kansas, bringing children Bob, Eula and Clyde, to reunite the rest of the family there. Mamie lived until 1977. There is only one photo available of her with all of her children—in fact, it was the only time all of her children were ever together with her:

    Mamie poses with all of her children on the occassion of her eightieth birthday.

       BOBBY RAY HAUSE was born on 11 Aug 1936 in Geary, Blaine County, Oklahoma. He married SHIRLEY JANE WHITE (b. 29 Jul 1932), daughter of WILLIAM J. WHITE and EMMA J. CLIFTON on 10 Jun 1956 in Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas. The White surname is from the British Isles. A Scottish line can be traced to Coldingham, where "Uuiaett Hwite" witnessed King Eadgar's charter of Coldingham sometime between the years 1097 and 1107. Another line was traced to Ireland after the Anglo-Norman invasion of the 12th century, when Walter Whyte is known to have come to Ireland with 'Strongbow'. An early English line with the White surname was first found in Durham, where the white family held a seat from very early times (pictured at right). Another was found in Gloucestershire where they were anciently seated as Lords of the Manor. An early family Coat of Arms shows a red shield with a chevron vair between three gold lions rampant. The family motto is "Loyal unto death."

    LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob and Shirley on their wedding day; Visited by fellow family genealogist Charles Hause and family; On a cruise during the 1990's.

       Bob and Shirley retired a few years ago and began their pursuit of genealogy, teaming up with Bobby's first cousin named Charles³, who had begun researching William Hause Sr. and other ancestors in New York in the early 1960's. Their work has been invaluable to this site, and I'm proud to call Bob and Shirley my cousins (Charles passed away a few years ago). They found this genealogy site on the Internet, and out of the kindness of their hearts have sent in massive amounts of photos and information. Bob and Shirley have been married over fifty years, and these are their children:


  • ROBERT W. HAUSE died as a baby.
  • TERESA JANE HAUSE was born Sept.16 1959. She married PETER CHAMPAGNE (b. 2 Dec 1957) of Mulvane, Kansas, on 10 Jun 1978 and they live in Wichita, Kansas. She just received her masters degree and wants to become a teacher. Peter works at a plant that makes parts for aircraft and a lot of other things.
  • JEANNETTE S. HAUSE was born March 4 1963. She married DOUGLAS BRUCE on May 2 1981. She works in and eye doctor's office. He works at an aircraft plant in Wellington. Their child CHRISTOPHER CURTIS BRUCE was born March 26 1984. He attained a bachelors degree in college, then worked at the plant where his dad works. He tragically died from a heart attack on 23 Nov 2013, at the age of 29, in Wichita, Kansas (see his obituary here).
  • TOP PHOTO: The house across from the cemetery on Hause Hill. Was this the home of the Hause family? Somebody posted this photo of the house on Rootsweb and asked: "Do you know this house in Tyrone, Schuyler Co. NY? Raymond Peer is trying to find more information. He writes: 'This farm was once believed owned by Michael JORDAN or his son Isaiah & Ruth JORDAN. Not sure that this farm still exists and would to know the exact location if it is still there. My wife has JORDANs, CROSBYs, SWARTHOUTs, and SHULTs in her family tree. Thank you for you help.'" It was updated on Nov. 26, 1999: "Shirley Cleveland responded that this is probably the farmhouse on top of Hause Hill (aka Kendall Hill) in Tyrone. [AUTHOR'S NOTE: This would be 4455 Pulver Rd, Dundee, NY 14837, which burned down in 1948. Wilma Teed-Perry, who lived there, says that she was told it was the house of William Hause, Sr.] She mentions that a family bought it and was raising llamas there and the older people around there call it the "Old States Place". Across the road, you would walk right into the Jordan cem. [which was probably part of the original Jordan farm land]. It is fairly hidden in the old grass."


    ¹—Esther's father, Ezra, was christened on 5 Apr 1747 in No. Killingworth, Connecticutt, then moved with his father, DAVID SANFORD (1711/12 - 1767) to Warwick, and the family built a house on Cascade Road in 1765. The family lived at that home for four generations, before moving into the valley, according to: "Thomas Sanford, the Emigrant to New England; Ancestry, Life, and Descendants, 1632-4. Sketches of Four Other Pioneer Sanfords and some of their Descendants," Volume: 1, by Carlton Elisha Sanford and Charles A Hoppin. Publisher: Rutland, Vt., The Tuttle Company, 1911; p. 158, 222, 223 (William Hause, Jr., and Esther Sanford), 371-2 (Jessie J Hause).

    ²—A genealogical and biographical record of Decatur County, Indiana; compendium of national biography (Lewis publishing company, Chicago, 1900); Biography of William Hause, pages 351-353: "Dr. William Hause, of Westport, Indiana, is a son of Harris E. and Lucinda (Maynard) Hause and was born in Jennings county, Indiana. December 20, 1837. He is prominent as a physician and is honored as a public-spirited citizen who in our civil war achieved an enviable record as a soldier fighting for the Union cause. Some account of his parentage will be of interest in this connection.
       Harris E. Hause and Lucinda Maynard were both born in the state of New York. They were married there and in April, 1837, started west and located in Jennings county. Indiana, where Mr. Hause was a successful blacksmith and farmer and became the owner of eighty acres of land which he improved and put in cultivation. He was a Democrat and a leader in local party affairs and long held the offices of justice of the peace and township trustee and minor township offices. He was of magnetic temperament and made many warm friends, and his course in life was such as to win the respect of all who observed it. In early life he was a Baptist, but in later years a Universalist. He died in February, 1879. Lucinda Maynard. who became his wife, was a daughter of Cyrus L. Maynard of New York, who was of Welsh descent and was a farmer and a cabinet-maker and a general mechanic of much ability. He came to Indiana in 1837 and entered land in Jennings county, which he improved and made into a fine homestead, where he ended his days. His children were: Mary (Mrs. S. S Wilder). Cyrus (dead). Betsey (who married S. S. Wilder after the death of her sister Mary). Abel (dead). Lucinda (Mrs. Hause. and deceased). Dorcas (Mrs. C. Wilder, also deceased). John (who lives in Wisconsin). Lyman (of Missouri), and Jane (Mrs. Thornton, deceased). Sanford and Jesse Hause, brothers of Harris E. Hause, moved from the east to Michigan about 1837. Herman and Elmer came to Indiana and afterward they, too, went to Michigan.
       Harris E. and Lucinda (Maynard) Hause had children named as follows, in the order of their birth: William, the immediate subject of this notice; Mary, who married O. D. Allison: Louisa (Mrs. M. Wildey); Eli, who died leaving a widow and two children: Elmer, a carpenter and plasterer living in Oklahoma; Ada (Mrs. J. B. Hammond); Esther (Mrs. R. Wildey); Alfred, who died at the age of seventeen; Harry, who died at the age of three; and Cora (Mrs. Biddinger, whose husband is connected with the merchant police of Indianapolis, Indiana).
       Dr. William Hause was reared on the farm and gained his primary education in the public schools. He began reading medicine at the age of nineteen years under the preceptorship of Dr. Alfred Force, of Hayden, Indiana, and attended his first course of lectures in 1857-8 at the Eclectic Medical College, Cincinnati, Ohio. He devoted himself to other courses of lectures and to school-teaching until he began to practice his profession. In the fall of 1860 his health declined somewhat and he went to Minnesota for change of climate. Returning to Indiana in 1861, he later enlisted as a private in the Fifty-second Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry. He was mustered into the service at Indianapolis and elected second lieutenant of his company. His command was assigned to the Army of the Tennessee. The regiment fought at Fort Donelson and was in the siege of Corinth and minor engagements about Memphis, Fort Pillow and Vicksburg and participated in the chase after Price into Missouri in 1864. It later served under Thomas in his operations against Hood at Nashville, and he was mustered out of the service at Eastport, Mississippi, January 31, 1865, and he returned home by way of Indianapolis, having an honorable discharge.
       After his return to Hayden, Dr. Hause took another course of lectures at the Eclectic Medical College of Cincinnati, Ohio. He came, soon after, to Westport and practiced his profession there until 1867, when he removed to Lee Summit, Jackson county, Missouri, where he remained until 1873, when he returned to Westport, where he has built up a large and successful practice extending into all the surrounding country. He has developed into a model family physician and has the respect of the entire community in a remarkable degree. He is a Mason and a Knight of Pythias and a member of Fred Small Post, No. 531, Grand Army of the Republic, of Westport, Indiana. In politics he always espouses the Republican cause and is a man of influence in the councils of his party.
       Dr. Hause was married in April, 1858, to Miss Elizabeth A. Storey, daughter of Luther Storey, of Jennings county, and she died in September, 1859, leaving no children. August 9, 1863, he was married at Fort Pillow, Tennessee, to Mrs. Mary A. Hookery, of Dearborn county, Indiana, who visited the army to see her brothers. Mrs. Hookery was a daughter of Jacob Biddinger, of Dearborn county, Indiana, who served in the army. Mr. Biddinger was a farmer who, after living for a time at Aurora, Dearborn county, Indiana, moved to Missouri, whence he came back to Indianapolis, Indiana, where he died in November, 1873. After the death of her husband, Mrs. Biddinger lived for a time in the family of Dr. Hause, her son-in-law, but died at the residence of her son in Bartholomew county in 1884. The children of Mr. and Mrs. Biddinger were: Samuel H.: James H., who was a soldier in the Union army in the civil war; Aaron, a physician, who died in 1861; Jacob L., also a soldier in the civil war; Solomon W., a physician of Bartholomew county. Indiana; Ziza, who married W. Griffy, who died while doing soldier duty in the war of the states, and later became Mrs. Myers; Nancy C., Mrs. Flynn. later Mrs. Swift; Jesse C. a police officer at Indianapolis, who made an enviable record as a soldier in the civil war; and Mary A., who married Dr. Hause.
       Dr. and Mrs. Hause united with the Christian church in March, 1872, and have ever since taken an active part in church and Sunday-school work.
       Mrs. Hookery was a widow with one son two years old when married to Dr. Hause. This son died when twenty years old. An adopted son known as W. T. Hause is a son of one of Mrs. Hause's brothers. They took him on the death of his mother when he was ten months old, and later made him their legal son by due process of law, and educated him and started him in life. He is now twenty-eight, married, and lives at Indianapolis, Indiana, where he is doing well, in a business way. The influence of the life of Dr. and Mrs. Hause has been for good and they are regarded very highly by all who are so fortunate as to know them and most highly by those who know them best."

    ³—CHARLES RAYMOND HAUSE (John Hause, William, William Jr., Harris, Elmer, Howard Hause) is my 4th cousin, 3x removed; Charles was born on 24 Nov 1913 in Blaine County, Oklahoma, to Howard Alison Hause (1881-1957) and Flora May Babbs Hause (1881-1952). Charles became a chemist, but did extensive genealogical research on the Hause family in New York, attempting to connect William Hause (1750-1818) to Palatine immigrant Johann Christian Hauß (b. @ 1666), but that theory is still unproven. Charles died on 30 Mar 2002 in Arnold, Jefferson County, Missouri, and is buried at Waterloo Cemetery in Waterloo, De Kalb County, Indiana. Read a 1969 letter from Charles tracing the moves of the William Hause, Sr., family here. His obituary:

    St Louis Post-Dispatch: HAUSE, CHARLES R. 88, died in his sleep of congestive heart failure, at the Woodlands Nursing Home in Arnold, MO, on March 30, 2002; Charley is survived by his wife of 66 years, Almina K.'Kitty' Hause (nee Hine), of Arnold; by his son Dr. Steven C. Hause of St. Louis, and by his daughter-in-law, Dr. Kathryn A. Walterscheid of St. Louis; he was preceded in death by his other son, Sheldon K. Hause, of Washington D.C. Charley was born on a farm in Oklahoma and always remembered a childhood braiding the hair of an Indian Chief. Moving to the big city, he graduated as Salutatorian of his class at age 15, leading to the distinguished career as a chemist. He served as a chemical analyst for the Wayne Foods division of Allied Mills (today Continental Grain) for 49 years, in Fort Wayne, Indiana; Portsmouth, Virginia; and Libertyville, Illinois. He retired to Shawnee, Oklahoma in 1979. No local service. Burial in the Hine family plot in the old Waterloo Cemetery, Waterloo, Indiana. Memorials to the History Department Gift Fund at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. The family is being served by the Heiligtag Funeral Home of Arnold, Missouri. (Special Collections St. Louis Library.)