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"Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet—unless the sleet knocks the Internet out in the house... then forget it. Stupid sleet..."
I get emails at least once or twice a week with questions, queries, and outright insults about this website. Many ask for assistance in their own family histories. Let me say, first, that I am not a professional genealogist (which I think most people know, since nobody's offering to pay me to work for them), and it took an unbelievable amount of time and effort to present just what I have here. So while I understand that your family history is just as important to you as mine was/is to me, I just don't have time to help out beyond whatever you can use from this site. (I'm too busy creating family history—I just had my second kid!) But in an effort to assist, I'm posting these emails here from other cousins and researchers looking for help, so that you might be able to connect with them if you have a similar problem.
—Jeff Hause, great, great, great-grandson of the Emmett Postmaster.


   GENEALOGY—WHAT ELSE? (12/05/2013)

   Hello jhause,
   I love your website. Well done. I found it searching for any new info on my mystery ancestor Israel Joslyn, husband of Sarah Baily. You linked his parents as Henry Joslyn and Mary Lambert yet so many have and the New England Genealogical and Historical society (the uppity bastards) regulary run articles that it is not so. But others missed the boat on my ggg+grandmother Judith Tue, the Wife of William Knopp. I eventually proved that one. But I also went to the Joslyn Society in England seeking the truth of Israel Joslyn's origins which seem quite mysterious. Like he just appeared from nowhere in New Foundland on a fishing trip and then likely met his future father-in-law there on one of his also fishing trips that being my ancestor Joseph Bailey.
   Still I am hoping you are correct, I gave up trying to find more on the origins of Israel Joslyn.
   I suppose that somewhere along the intertwining of early New England families we are likely distant cousins and to that I say greetings to you.
   Best regards,
   Barbara Finney (

   WENK FAMILY HISTORY (11/24/2013)

   Hello Jeff,
   I stumbled across your Hause family website when searching for a Wenk family obituary. My husband and I purchased our home at 2681 S. Fletcher Road in Chelsea, MI from Norm and Lorena Wenk in 1997. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the various recollections of the family and even the description of our house as provided by your Grandmother Dorothy (although I'm not sure if she was describing our house or its former "twin" down the road, currently owned by another family).
   I would love it if you could share any old pictures of our home or of Lorena, Norm, Martin, etc.—the families who lived in our house. We absolutely love the history of our house and would love to know more.
   Thanks in advance,
   Anne Fischer (


   What a great site ! After reading the history, I feel like almost all the characters in "Drums Along the Mohawk" are really Houses. We are a microcosm of the whole situation. My husband and I will be in the Mohawk Valley area next summer for a few days. A visit to Oriskany is on the top of the list—we would be interested in suggestions for more places to visit.
   Harmanus House is my 5th great-grandfather. His son David is buried in the Jerseyville Cemetery (Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada) along with his son Daniel and many of their descendants. Please contact me if you are interested in information regarding this line.
   Judy Vaughan (

   LOUNSBURY / HAUSE (11/03/2013)

   I'm trying to reach someone who is connected to the children of Nathan Munn Lounsbury & Elizabeth Pelton. My ancestor is their son John (b. 1806 in Pawlet, VT) who appears to be the siblings of "your" Sarah(?) Lounsbury Hause.
   I'm looking forward to hearing from you if in fact I am contacting the correct person.
   Thank you,
   Kathi White (

   HOUSE FAMILY (11/03/2013)

   Hi Jeffrey,
   Wondering if you can put me in touch with Jim Abohbot, I have been researching the Ontarian House families for several years now and have a lot of information on James House & Catherine Windecker and their children. I would love to touch base with him to see if he can fill in any blanks for me. I recently went to Ontario and visited many cemeteries and historical societies and collected some new information and lots of photos of graves. I will be updating my website sometime soon, I have also been able to pinpoint Catherine Windecker House’s death to January 1820 in Buffalo, NY and I believe James House died there between 1817-1819. Anyway, if you can put me in touch with him I would appreciate it. Thanks!
   Christina Jones (
   Historic Houseparts, Inc.

   BAILEY GENEALOGY (11/02/2013)

   Hello Found your blog when researching Bailey family. I have a blog sharing stories and a column in Newburyport news would love to post/share a story and will fully credit. Here is my blog:
   Hope to hear from you!
   Melissa Berry (

   HAUSE / HOUSE FAMILY (10/28/2013)

   Mr. Hause,
   WOW! really impressive research. It would appear that we are related.
   my name is jonathan house, born in Minnesota. parents Harold and Eleanor house. his father was hugh earl house, born in Missouri valley, Harrison county iowa 3/27/1907. his parents were hugh alexander house and maude deal, born 7/2/1876 in Harrison county iowa and 11/26/1877 Madison county iowa, respectively. his father was allen s. house born 5/15/1837 London, Ontario Canada. father james hazard house born, 2/6/1804, near Deerfield NY. moved to Middlesex county Canada, then to Harrison county iowa, son of Conrad house and Elizabeth (betsy) hazard (james was born in Mohawk valley, NY). Conrad, james' father, was born 6/6/1786 in Oswego county, buried in bidwell cemetery. born 19 april 1775 to George house III, son to johann George house II, baptized 11/8/1737.
   that is all I researched this week. there is a lot more to go.
   I am looking forward to more research and hopefully emails from you as you continue yours.
   jonathan house
   Fort Worth, TX (

   HAUSE GENEALOGY (10/20/2013)

   First I would like to thank you and everyone involved for this wonderful website. I have spent hours devouring all the information about our family. Recently, I started to gather as much info as could be gleamed from the internet to try to officially tie my Hause family line to William Sr. with the end result of joining the DAR along with my daughter and granddaughters. We have had a wonderful time together, trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. We descend from William Sr. 5th child..Simon. We are having trouble finding any kind of source, that connects Simon, his son Samuel and his son Daniel, that DAR would recognize. This line predates 1840 when only Head of a Households names were listed. Could you possibly offer any suggestions as to our next move???    We would appreciate any help that might be given.
   Thank you so much for your time and consideration,
   Your Hause cousin,
   June Hause Elmore (

   CORRECTIONS (09/25/2013)

   Re: Matthew born Oct. 23, 1848 married Nancy Casler, died March 9, 1880

   In you have:

   "Matthew born Oct. 23, 1848 married Nancy Casler, died March 9, 1880."

   ... which is what Shaver records. All census records, however, have him married to Mary D. Casler. "Nancy" seems not to have existed.

Asahel Bronson House

   In you have:

   H. Abram Bronson House was born in 1836. He married Sarah Aldridge. He died on 16 Apr 1900 in South Ilion, Herkimer, New York. Utica Dispatch, 17 Apr 1900: "Abram Bronson House, a well known citizen residing in South Ilion, died after a short illness at his home at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon, neuralgia of the heart being the cause of death. Deceased was about 60 years of age. For many years he had been a familiar figure on our streets in passing to and from the Type Writer Works, where he had been employed. He was a member of the M. E. Church and also of Ilion Council, O. U. A. M., and enjoyed the confidence and respect of a large circle of acquaintances throughout this county, where he had always lived. Besides his wife he is survived by two daughters, Mrs. William Vickerman, Otsego street, and Mrs. George Moore, who lives at the old homestead. He also leaves two sisters, Mrs. George Williamson and Mrs. Benton Slade of Utica. The funeral will occur from his late residence Thursday at 1 p. m." His daughters:

   i. Alice Mina House was born in July 1861 in Moravia, Cayuga, New York. She married William Vickerman in about 1878, and they had the following children:

      1. Claude H Vickerman was born in 1882 in German Flatts, Herkimer, New York.

      2. Hazel Vickerman was born in Nov 1891 in German Flatts, Herkimer, New York.

   ii. Nora House was born about 1872 and married George Moore.

   It turns out the in spite of an obituary for Abram Bronson House, actually Abraham House died fairly young (probably as a teenager) and this person is Asahel Bronson House, named after his grandfather Asahel Bronson.

George Alburt Burton Wilkinson

   You have:

   2. George Albert "Burton" Wilkinson was born about 1876 in Utica. With children:
       a. Nina L Wilkinson was born on 16 Jun 1896 in Utica, Oneida, New York; She died on 30 Jun 1896 in Utica, Oneida, New York.
       b. Helen Nina Wilkinson was born on April 9, 1899 in Utica, Oneida, New York. She married (1) Robert J Carlson on 10 Apr 1915 at Henry J. Emden's residence, Utica, Oneida, New York. She married (2) Robert E. Deforge in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio. Helen died on 6 Mar 1972 in Fremont, California.
       c. Sabin J. Wilkinson was born in Jan 1900 in Utica, Oneida, New York; He died on 13 Sep 1900 in Utica, Oneida, New York.
       He also had a son George (1897-1969) who took his step-father's last name of Emden (as did his sister Nina, who later changed back to Wilkinson). George Emden gave rise to a couple more generations of George Emdens.
   Burton's father was George M. Wilkinson (not Wilkerson as Shaver says).

On woodpile: J. Benton Slade with dog, unknown, Earl James Wilkinson Jr, unknown; Standing: Earl James Wilkinson/Wilder (with chicken and holding bulb on tube that controlled the shutter of the 3 x 5 camera), Margaret Hess, George M. Wilkinson; Seated: Mary (Hess) Wilkinson, Clara (House) Wilkinson holding Clara Wilkinson, Francene (House) Slade holding Jesse Wilkinson, Mrs. Kimble (neighbor).

   This picture, taken about 1910, is the only one I know of the shows Cordelia House Slade. She is holding on her lap Jesse Wilkinson, who was one of the best baseball players Utica produced. He was offered a contract by the Brooklyn Dodgers, but decided not to play professionally. To Cordelia's right is Clara House Wilkinson, holding my aunt Clara who lived to be 104. My grandfather Earl Wilkinson is holding the chicken and simultaneously squeezing the bulb that set off the camera shutter. He would carry that chicken around with him, and sometimes go into bars and sing.


   You have:
       1. Seward D Slade was born in about February 1867. He married Alice E in 1896, and they had a son (name unknown). He died in 1935.

       2. Sabin G Slade was born in 1869 in Syracuse, New York. He married Louise Zinert in about 1894 in Denver, Colorado. He died in 1898 in Denver, Colorado.
   Seward and Saben Slade, their wives and their cousin Clemuel Claude Morris went to Denver in 1898. Seward's wife and Sabin soon died. What happened to Claude Morris is not known. The Morris family later tried but could not locate him.
   Seward returned to New York with his son Stanley Blake Slade (1898-1969) and they lived in Rochester. Stanley married Margurite and had a son Roger E. Slade, born 1929 who may still be living.


   In you have:
       3. Earl James Wilkinson (aka Wilder) was born on 8 Feb 1883 in Cedarville, Herkimer, New York. He married (1) Marie M. Welty, then (2) Mary C. Hess in 1898 in Utica, Oneida, New York. He died on 4 Jan 1962 in Buffalo, Erie, New York. He had at least four children, among them:
         a. Earl James Wilkinson was born on 31 May 1901 in Utica, Oneida, New York. He married (1) Elizabeth Rothing and (2) Mildred Goyer and had a daughter, Elisabeth Wilkinson. He died on 5 Jan 1988 in Poughkeepsie, New York.
   Earl James Wilkinson married Mary C. Hess first in 1898 and Marie Margeret Welty some time after 1913 which was when they ran off and assumed the name Wilder.

   The children with Mary Hess were:

   Earl James Wilkinson (1901-1988)
   Jesse Wilkinson (1905-1975)
   Clara Margaret Wilkinson (1907-2011)
   Pearl Wilkinson (1910-1915)

   The children with Margaret Welty were:
   Earl James Wilder (1914- still living)
   Frank George Wilder (1917-2007)
   Margaret Clara Wilder (1920-2004)

   so seven children total.

   From Tim Wilder (

   ADAM HAUSE (09/15/2013)

   Seeing how I am asking for help, here is another request, Do you know who Adam Hause is? born in Penn. on Feb 11 1818, or Feb 13 1818. Married Mary Aley (or Mary Ailey) Had 5 children: John age 24 , Henmry age 18, Cyrus age 15, Jacob age 13, Christoper age 11, Martha age 9, and Sarah age 6. Who are the Parents, etc? I was going thru old papers that I have, and found these.
   Douglas Deal (


   Hi Jeffrey,
   I stumbled upon your page as I was trying to research the vessel that my distant grandfather William Cotton of the Laconia Company came to America on. So far nothing productive on the ship whose name may be the Warwick.
   I do know, however, that I am a lineal descendent of William through DNA analysis and this also fits the family story that has been passed down through the years.
   So, just a word to say that it is nice to run into yet another cousin of this enigmatic family.
   Best regards,
   Verne Cotton
   Murray, UT (

   KETCHUM QUESTION (09/02/2013)

   Hi Jeff -
   This afternoon, I thought I'd take another stab at filling in a few blanks in the Ketchum branch of my father's family. A link describing Nathaniel Ketchum looked promising, and turned out to be a link to the Ketchum family spot in your Hause Family Genealogy website. Wow! I would have spent hours reading stuff there even if there hadn't been anything about Nathaniel! My great-great grandmother was Louisa Ketchum, daughter of Nathaniel Ketchum (1787-1866), grand-daughter of Samuel Ketchum (1757-1843). I had a glorious time reading all about the Ketchum's—thank you for using your obvious gifts to put all this together!
   Now, my question has to do with a piece of family lore about the Anneke Jans Bogardus fabled connection to the piece of real estate that Trinity Church sits on in New York City. Did you run across any mention of that in your research on the three brothers, Nathaniel, Phillip and Samuel Ketchum? The only written information that I have about the supposed connection to the Trinity Church land is a photocopy of a hand-written transcript of a Bond agreement between Andrew H. Hopper and Robert Ketchum (possibly Samuel's son?), with Hopper described as "one of the lineal descendents of Anneke Jantz Bogardus". Again, did you run across any of this in your research?
   Thanks ever so much for your kind attention!
   Martha Morey (

   Were there TWO Conrad Hauses born to Christian Hauss? (09/29/2013)

   Jeff, I believe there were two Conrad Hauses, and that the one born in Germany returned to Germany with his mothers body after her death in London on the trip to America. I believe that Christian Haus named his son born to Mrs. Becker in West Camp, NY, Conrad as well. The conflation of Conrad Haus (there were SO many of them!) and Englehe with the earlier Conrads, has only further muddied the waters of the Hudson and Mohawk Valleys. The fact that Conrad House gave all of his children the middle name "Conrad" suggests there might be an issue here? I have read, but not recorded, that Conrad #1 might have eventually come to America and lived in the lower Hudson Valley or NJ?
   I was born and raised in the ancient lake-bed and outlet to the Hudson that was Lake Iroquois and the Mohawk River. It is literally, as the Iroquois say "where I came out of the ground." Spent my childhood wading the waters of West Canada Creek.I hope that ground and those waters may still reveal secrets!
   Best regards,
   Alan (Elwood-House-Waggoner-Countryman-Tubbs-Blasier-Schouten) Scouten (

   THE HAUSS MYSTERIES: (08/29/2013)

   Sawyer & Edick Genealogy

   The House and Mellor Families ...
   Both of these lines are still being researched and if anyone has any further information or clues we can use, please contact us.

   House, Haus, Hawes, Hauss, Hause

   Margaret House, born about 1804, of whom so little is known, her ancestry presents the proverbial brick wall. The church where she was probably baptized has a gap in records during that time frame. We only know for certain that she married Rudolph Edic.

   We can be fairly certain that she descends from one of the many House or Hauss Palatine immigrants.

   A Conrad House, born about 1712 in the West Camp was the son of a Christian and Maria Becker. The name of his wife is not known, but we beleive they were married near the year 1732, probably in Montgomer County. This couple had several sons, many of whom remained in the area of Montgomery and Herkimer Counties - Christian, Conrad, Adam, Henry, George, Johan Jost...

   (I am descended from Adam C. House through his son Conrad A. House) AS

   I suggest that much of the below is incorrect, and that the Conrad Haus who married Engelga was third generation Haus.
   View Tree for Johan Christian (Haus) HouseJohan Christian (Haus) House (b. Aft. 1670, d. 1720)
   Johan Christian (Haus) House1 was born Aft. 1670 in Alten-Staeden, Wetzler, Germany¹, and died 1720 in Germany¹. He married (1) UNKNOWN. He married (2) Anna Catherine Becker on September 27, 1710 in date unknown. (?????)*

   Includes Notes for Johan Christian (Haus) House:

   Information copied from John Garner, of Canada. John's wife Marilan House is the 9 decedent of a (8-George William, 7-George Colbourne, 6-James Henery, 5-James, 4-Joseph, 3-Harmanus, -2Conrad, 4-Johan Christian Haus)    Johan Cristian (Haus)
   Generation No 1

   House,was born Abt. 1670 in Alten-Staeden, Wetzler, Germany, and died Unknown in New Your, USA. He married (First) Unknow in Germany. She was born in Germany, and died Unknown. He married (Second) Anna Catharina ? September 27th, 1710. She died Unknown born in the Palintine, Germany. Rev. Kocherthal's Church records: "Married Sept 27, 1710, Christian Hauss, widower, a carpenter of Alten Staden, Near Wetzler in Douchy of Solms, to Anna Catherine, widow of the late Johann Becker of Durnberg, near Deitz in the sovereignty of Scomberg"
   Census of 1713-14 shows Cristian and wife Maria Catherina with eight children living in New-Heesbug on the Hudson River. A Christian Hous Naturalized October 11, 1715. August 26 1725, Harmonas Wendell transferred a parcel of land near the mouth of Little Canada Creek to Christian Hause, and Hendrick Klock (from: Albany County deeds, Bokok 7, record of transaction taken from the St. Johnsville Reformed Church Book). (From" The House Family of the Nohawk, as written by Melvin Rhodes Shaver)
   More About JOHAN HAUS and ANNA ?:

   Marriage: September 27, 1710
   Children of JOHAN HAUS and ? ? are:

      i. CONRAD² HAUS, b. Bef. 1710, Germany; d. 1777, Oriskany, New York, USA.
      ii. MARIA MARGARETHA HAUS, b. Bef. 1710, Germany; d. Unknown; m. PETER WAGONER; d. Unknown.
      iii. RHIENHARDT HAUS, b. Bef. 1710, Germany; d. Unknown.
      iv. JOHANNES HAUS, b. Bef. 1710, Germany; d. Unknown.
      v. ELIZABETH HAUS, b. Bef. 1710, Germany; d. Unknown.
      vi. HARMONUS HAUS, b. Bef. 1710, Germany; d. Unknown.
      vii. ELIAS HAUS, d. Unknown.

   Notes for ELIAS HAUS:
   Elias is considered a possible son of Johann Christian Haus. ["The House Family of the Mohawk" by Melvin Rhodes Shaver]

   Children of JOHAN HAUS and ANNA ? are:
      viii. GEORG2 HAUS, b. Abt. 1711, West Camp, Greene Co., NY, USA; d. Unknown.
      ix. PETER HAUS, b. Abt. 1714, NY, USA; d. Unknown.

   Notes for PETER HAUS:

   "Shaver considers Peter as a possible son of Christian's first wife"

Generation No. 2

   2. CONRAD² HAUS (JOHAN CHRISTIAN1) was born Bef. 1710 in Germany, and died 1777 in Oriskany, New York, USA. He married ENGELGA ?. She died Unknown.
   Children of CONRAD HAUS and ENGELGA ? are:
      i. JOHANNES3 HOUSE, b. Abt. 1730; d. Abt. 1784, Fort Plain, NY, USA.
      ii. NICHOLAS HOUSE, d. Unknown.
      iii. HARMANUS HOUSE, b. Abt. 1734, New York State, USA; d. 1822, Clinton Twp., Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada.
      iv. GEORGE HOUSE, b. 1735; d. Unknown.
      v. LEA HOUSE, d. Unknown.
      vi. CATHERINE HOUSE, d. Unknown.
      vii. CAPT. CHRISTIAN HOUSE, b. Abt. 1748; d. October 11, 1809.
      viii. CAPTAIN JONATHAN HOUSE, b. Abt. 1760; d. 1824, Near Richfield Springs, NY, USA.

   Alan Scouten (

   COUSIN ANDREW SECOR (07/14/2013 - 07/30/2013)

   I am thrilled to have found your very interesting and well done site on the Hause genealogy. I am researching all the early (Revolution and earlier) Secor families of the Haverstraw Precinct of Orange County, NY.
   Of special interest to me, is your comment from this page:
   "Uncle John Secor of Haverstraw (husband of William's aunt Catherine Hause), cousins Andrew, Benjamin, Daniel and Isaac Secor."
   Can you provide any more information on John Secor and Catherine House? Catherine is the daughter of? How do we know she married John Secor? When were they born, married, died? Do you have any primary references?
   This is likely to clear up a great mystery for me and I would appreciate anything you might be able to share.
   Thanks ever so much!
   Kirk Moulton (

   This is exciting to me because it is source of Secor info which is totally unbiased by Secor descendants who wish to prove their lineage to Revolutionary War soldiers and earlier. As you can well understand, Secor family tradition runs very strong and has flourished, unfettered by fact, for at least 100 years, highly complicated by the re-use of given names. During the Revolution and immediately before, there were three Johns, four James, and four Isaacs running around Haverstraw.
   I have printed out your pages and will give them a careful read. But, immediately I have a couple of questions:
   I gather that it says that Catherine Hause (born 1723) married an Andrew Secor in 1744. But your web pages say the John Secor was the husband of Catherine Hause. How do we get from "Andrew" Secor to "Uncle John" Secor?
   Is it possible that you could share the relevant correspondence from Douglas Deal? The precise wording will be very important to me as I try to unravel the Secor lineage.
   Meanwhile, it seems to me that I have found primary references (mostly deeds) for John Hause, and and especially Rinehart, in Haverstraw. Let me dig them out and get them to you.
   Kirk (

   Subject: Re: Cousin Andrew Secor? (07/16/2013)

   I have had chance to read through your web pages, especially regarding the bible info. All good stuff! I think the phrase "lighting cigars with V's" is the equivalent of today's "lighting cigars with 100-dollar bills". The V is likely a roman numeral 5, so he would have been lighting cigars with 5-dollar bills, which in those times must have been the equivalent of today's 100-dollar bills.
   I hope you will be able to share more regarding the precise wording of the Bible and Catherine Haus. How did you get from Andrew to Uncle John? This is of great interest to me regarding sorting out the early Secords of Haverstraw. As a working hypothesis, I suspect that John Secord Sr. of Haverstraw is not the son of Jacques² Sicard (Ambroise¹) as given by conventional internet wisdom, but rather he is the son of Daniel² Sicard (Ambroise¹). Circa 1742-43 his 1st wife Dorothea died, he moved across the Hudson River to Haverstraw, and he married 2nd Catherine Hause. This makes it all fit but the devil is in the details and I am hoping to learn more about the precise timing and connections.
   FYI, a very important early reference on the Secor family was written by Henry David Gray and published in 1937 in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record Volume 68. I have sent it as an attachment to this email. It is difficult to read, but the first few pages discuss the confusion of Andrew/John by the early record keeper who probably spoke no French. The 1710 record you refer to in your web pages for an Andrew Sicard is not from a ship record, but rather it comes from a 1710 census of New Rochelle.
   Kirk (

   I have many deeds and town records with Hause in Haverstraw. It will take some time to sort out for you if you are interested.
   The Precinct of Haverstraw was created 25 Jun 1719 from Orangetown by an Act of the General Assembly to include the northern 2/3 of present day Rockland County with its southern border fixed at roughly the present day Town of Orangetown. Pursuant to the Act, the Precinct of Haverstraw elected officers, held meetings, conducted business, etc. ... but unfortunately no permanent records were kept. Similarly, early land transactions were rarely recorded, explaining the paucity of deeds found in the Orange County Registry of Deeds. It was not until April of 1752, 33 years after the creation of the precinct, that a record book was purchased and records kept. The first volume of precinct records was used until 1789. The town clerks kept these records by subject rather than chronologically, that is, they jump around a lot. The second volume was used at first for records of Haverstraw, and then in 1791 (when Haverstraw was split into Ramapo, Clarkstown, and Haverstraw the second volume was converted to a register of the newly formed Clarkstown. Each Town Clerk of Clarkstown passed these two volumes on to his successor but ultimately the string was broken and the volumes lost. They were ultimately rediscovered, albeit in bad condition. In the first volume, about 105 out of 378 pages are missing.    Two references are critically important:
  • George H. Burke—Records of the Precinct of Haverstraw, New York, April 1752 to April 1791, 1922, BC-33 of the Budke Collection which is abstracted records from the first book of Records of the Precinct of Haverstraw referenced above. The originals have been digitized by the Town of Clarkstown Clerk and are available online.¹ These records include incorporation, town business, lay out of roads, election of officers, and many deeds. Available in the New City Library.
  • George H. Burke—Abstracts of early deeds, patents, mortgages and other instruments affecting the land titles of Rockland County, NY, 1918, 358 pages. This book is available in the Goshen Library, New City Library, and Tappan Library. This reference provides abstracts of relevant Rockland County Deeds (then Orange County) listed by folio number. One shortcoming of this book is that it requires the user to reference the actual Grantee and Grantor Index books to find the actual Volume & Page number of the deed.

  •    Both references are located in the New City Library in Rockland County. Last year I visited for a few hours and copied some of the important pages, but not all. I am desperate to get back ! Grin. Budke has an index to the page in his book, which in turn points to a specific page in the Haverstraw Record book. I have the index for House, but not all the Secor pages, and only by accident a few of the House pages. But I have some.
       I point your attention to the URL below, and then specifically to images 127 and 128 for a deed with Rinart Hause Senior and Johannis Hause.

       RINDERT HOUSE (07/30/2013)

       Here is a url I ran across with "Rindert House" as an abutter.


       Subject: Re: Cousin Andrew Secor? (07/19/2013)

       I saw Christian on that deed as well (as an abutter). I am certain that I have more on the Hause family and now that I know you are interested, I can poke into the records and see if I can point you to the specific image. The index gets me to the page in Budke's book (which I may or may not have xeroxed. The page points to the image ... but I have enough of the book to make a guess as to index to image translation. Do not make the mistake of assuming the older images have older records. The record keeper bounced around. Many of the oldest records are in the 2nd half of the images. Not sure I will have time immediately to look at these records. We drive to Maine tomorrow AM from Pennsylvania. We will be back and forth over the next month.
       Just to be clear, I am interested in any info you might have on Catherine Hause, anything specific you might have to allow me to reference the bible record, why does the bible (apparently) say Andrew when Catherine is married to Uncle John. You of course see where I am headed. If I can substantiate an independent record of this marriage, that is to say from a source with no Secor family lore in the way, then I can be near 100% certain of the record because no one had a motive to embellish/alter/change. It would then stand alone as a factoid left for a motivated Secor researcher (me!) to piece the seemingly unrelated tidbits together.
       Get back to me when you can. First and fore most, take care of family and I wish you and your wife the best. Meanwhile I will try to feed you bits and pieces as I get the time.
       Kirk (

       Regarding the Haverstraw images, you will find the following images of interest to you:
       Christian: 1, 13, 127
       Johannes: 47, 60, 127
       Rynard: 1, 13, 67, 103, 108, 110, 127, 174, 190, 226, 229, 234

       Happy hunting
       Kirk (

       MAJOR ERROR (06/03/2013)

       "Valentine "River Wall" Hatfield, Selkirk McCoy and several other Hatfield sympathizers. They set the McCoy cabin on fire and waited outside with rifles."
       For a fact this was not "River Wall". He was related to me and I know the my family history.
       There were several "Wall" Hatfields. Even a "Creek Wall". The plain ole "Wall" was the one involved in the shootings and went to prison.
       If you wish further proof I suggest you review Jerry Hatfield very well research family tree data on the WV and KY Hatfields.

       Rod Hatfield (

       "To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child. For what is the worth of human life, unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history?"—Marcus Tullius Cicero

       WAGNER FAMILY (06/03/2013)

       I believe I am related to your line. My great grandfather was Casper Wagner who emigrated from Germany to New York and settled in Albany in about 1867 (this is off the top of my head). Given the German naming conventions of the sons, although he is not the Casper you mention in your line, Andreas may be a grandfather.
       Looking forward to your reply,
       Kate Wagner (
       Baltimore, MD

       HOUSE FAMILY IN CANADA (05/24/2013)

       I was so excited to discover your website with the rich and complete story of the Houses—Hauses, etc.
       My ancestor is the Nancy Ann House listed below, and I have not been able to find out one single thing about her other than right here on your site. What I wondered is, where this information came from, what are the sources for it and how can I get my hands on something to show where she was born, etc.? A lot of people seem to be using this information to build family trees on, and I could do the same, I guess, but I am a curious sort, and really want to know more.
       She seems to have gone by the name of Annie House, and she married John Morris who was killed by a tree he was cutting down, leaving a pregnant young wife. She had the baby a few months later and called him John. Not long afterwards she married John Ribble, an immigrant from New Jersey. She had more children and the youngest Rhoda Delia Ribble was my gggrandmother. They lived near Niagara Falls, Ontario as far as I can tell.
       Anything you can steer me toward will be greatly appreciated!
       Thanks again for your wonderful resource on this family.
       Elizabeth Lycar/Newstead/Gibson/Ribble/House (

    VI. George (Robert?) House was born on 28 Jun 1773 in Mohawk Valley, Tyron, New York. In 1795, he married Eliza Ann Thompson (1780-1813) in Clinton township, and had the following children: 1. Andrew House (1796-1874). 2. Harmon G House (1801-1882). 3. Nancy Ann House (1808-1885). 4. Cyrus B House (1811-1896). When Eliza Ann died in 1813, George married Mary Ann French (1793-1827) and had the following children: 5. Elizabeth House (1820-1901). 6. Nancy Matilda House (1822-1896). 7. Dinah M House (1823-1894). Mary Ann died in 1827, but George was still going strong. He married again, in 1828, to Fanny (d. 1852), and George had one more child with her, a son: 8. James House (1830-1881). These Canadian Houses were tough! And none were tougher than George, who died on 26 Aug 1871 in Clinton Twp, 1654315, Ontario, Canada, at the age of 98.

       ST. CLAIR COUNTY (MI) SURNAME (05/19/2013)

       Looking for information about my great great grandfather Albert Nicholas Dysinger who lived in St. Clair county around 1860.
       George Dysinger (

       HAUSE GENEALOGY (05/18/2013)

       My name is Lisa Patterson. I am 46 years old and live in Venice, Florida.
       My grandmother, Marjorie, wife of Nelson H. Hause 1911-1960 died last fall. My husband was poking around the internet and found your site.
       Would you be interested in adding in the daughter of Nelson & Marjorie (my mom) and any of the subsequent descendants? (My mom had two daughters, myself and my sister—we have also each had a daughter).
       If so, let me know and I will get you whatever information you would like.
       Thank you SOOOO much for your website… it brought tears to my eyes when I saw it. I have a copy of the picture of Nelson & Marjorie, Jacquie and Iva amongst the things that have passed down to me... how amazing to see it on your site!
       Lisa (

       WOOD FAMILY (05/15/2013)

       I just found your very interesting website and was reading the section on the Wood family, but when I scroll to the bottom of the page, it ends mid-graphic. I zoomed out in the hope that I would see what was off the bottom of the page, but no luck. I am especially interested because I was intrigued by the possibility that you might have some information on my ancestor John Smith (Rockland County) who was known to have lived in the vicinity of Woods families. Would you please share with me any information you have on any John Smith of Rockland County, Orange County, or Long Island NY?
       Thank you.
       Jennie Patterson (


       I was wondering about the source of this information. I’ve been researching this John Woodcock and this is the first time I’ve seen the reference of him being a British soldier at Fort Orange. Any help would be appreciated.

       ARIAANTJE GARDENIER, b. @ 1678 in Kinderhook. She married JOHN WOODCOCK of Yorkshire, Old England, a British soldier at Fort Orange, on 03 May 1702.* They had Johanna, John, Abraham, Isaac and Dirck Woodcock.

       Jacob Woodcock (

       HAUSE GENEALOGY (02/20/2013)

       Hi Jeff,
       I thoroughly enjoyed your family genealogy online and think it is one of the BEST I've ever seen. It parallels my gggggrandfather's own journey from the Schenectady/Herkimer area to St. Clair county MI, where he became the first trader to live on the St. Clair River near Marine City, MI.
       Your research was incredible also, but I was most taken with your sense of humor—until I read your section "about the author" and see that you are a natural wit!
       Very enjoyable and a real inspiration for continuing my own genealogy work. Thank you.
       Linda Cottrell-Sanders (
       Merrillan, WI

       HOUSE / RICKARDT (RICKERT) (02/09/2013)

       Thought I'd drop a line after I came across your site. I trace my line back to Conradt Rickert who emigrated from Niedergrundau. I've sent an Ahnentafel Report so you can see the lineage if interested. I grew up in Columbia County in the Town of Kinderhook, Village of Valatie (Va-LAY-sha).
       Paul R. Rickert, MS, MCJ, EdS, EdD (
       Assistant Dean (Interim), School of Graduate & Professional Studies
       Director, Criminal Justice & Human Services Programs
       Asst. Professor of Criminal Justice

       LEWIS GENEALOGY (02/06/2013)

       Hello Jeffrey:
       I am pleased to see you Haus family web site and discover your relation through my 10th Great Grandfather, Thomas Lewis.
       My name is Michael Alan Lewis. I am an 11th generation lineal male descendant of Edmond Lewes of Lynn, Massachusetts, who came to Massachusetts Bay Colony from Ipswich, Suffolk, England in 1634 on the ship Elizabeth, with his wife Mary and his two sons John and Thomas. I am descended through Thomas.
       I have been researching my ancestry for over 15 years. I've found no documentation whatsoever to support the claim that Edmond Lewes of Lynn was the son of George Lewis and Catherine Matthew of Lys Talybont, Glamorgan, Wales, as claimed, without documentation, by Edward Simmons Lewis in The Lewis Family in Wales and America, 1923. Nor is there any evidence that Edmond Lewes married Mary Carey. We have no record of the surname of Edmond's wife, nor any record of his parents or siblings.
       There were many Lewis and Lewes families in Suffolk in the vicinity of Ipswich in 1634, so there is no reason to think that Edmond Lewes was born in Wales. Though I have not as yet found a record of Edmond's birth, the similarities in spelling and children's names among the Suffolk Lewis/Leweses argues for the simple explanation that Edmond Lewes traveled to Watertown, Massachusetts in company with friends, relatives and neighbors aboard the Elizabeth.
       Furthermore, my DNA analysis reveals that I am not descended from the Lewises of Wales, but from a unique line originating in East Anglia. Our DNA signature is quite different from the Warner Hall Lewises and any other Lewis lineage in America.
       I hope this information can be useful in your genealogy research.

       Michael A. Lewis, Ph.D. (
       Santa Cruz, California

       PRITCHARD GENEALOGY (02/06/2013)

       I came across your web site at
       I won't say I fully understand all you've written...yet at least, but I can't help wondering if this information doesn't tie into my Welsh families that I'm trying to rediscover. I've done some extensive research and have even some books in Welsh I can't read.
       If the following looks to be of interest to you, I'd love to discuss it further:

       My Welsh Family: John R Thomas and Eleanor Pritchard Thomas, from book Hanes Cymry Minnesota:

       Thomas, John R. Born at Melin Bodowyr (??), Llanidan, Anglesea, March 27, 1798. Both parents were drowned when he was 21 years old. May, 1827, he married Miss Elenor Pritchard, of Gearwen (sic, misprint for Gaerwen), Anglesea, and in 1831 removed to Liverpool, where he stayed twelve years, and where in 1837 he joined the C.M. church. He was a machinist by trade, and in 1843, removed to Crew (sic: = Crewe; Welsh name: Cryw), England (Crewe is an important railway junction), to work in the shops of the London and N.W. Ry. Co. In 1850 he emigrated to near Cambria, Wis., and thence in 1866 to Mankato, Minn., where he died February 17, 1877. He was an honest, religious man and was very active in establishing the Welsh churches at Crew and Mankato. (In the list of portraits only one John R. Thomas is mentioned; the portrait may be the following John R. Thomas, rather than this one) (x274) This family set out for America:

       Arrival Date: 29 Jun 1850
       Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
       Port of Arrival: New York, New York
       Ship Name: Aberdeen [Thompson's Aberdeen (British)1881-1919]

       From Eleanor and John's death certificates, parents of these appear to be:

       1. ELENOR ELLEN² PRICHARD (MERCIL MAYNARD as best can be deciphered from her dealth certificate PRITCHARD) was born 24 May 1807 in Gaerwen, Anglesey, Wales, and died 01 Aug 1884 in Mankato, Blue Earth, Minnesota
       2. She married JOHN R. THOMAS 14 May 1828 in Llanddaniel Fab, Anglesey, Wales, son of ROBERT THOMAS and MARGARET PRITCHARD best we can tell from death certificate. He was born 27 Mar 1798 in Melin Bodowyr, Llanidan, Anglesey [Ynys Mon] Wales, and died 17 Feb 1877 in Mankato, Blue Earth, Minnesota
       Janice Clark Klein (
       Valley City, North Dakota

       DOTSON FAMILY (02/04/2013)

       I visited your very interesting Hause website. Great detail and interesting layout—easy to move around in.
       I have questions about Agnes Whitlock who married Reuben Dodson on the Dotson line. Several of children shown on the website are shown born before the couple married—was there a previous marriage before the marriage to Agnes?
       If any descendants of Agnes wish to know more about her family, we recently found the connection back to England from her immigrant ancestor. This now takes that family back to the 1400's.
        If you come across anyone researching the family of Agnes (Whitlock) Dodson, feel free to pass on my contact info to them. Would be interested to share research with anyone interested.

       Peter Whitlock (
       Whitlock Family Association
       47644 Forester Road
       RR#2 Sardis (Chilliwack) B.C.
       CANADA V2R 4M6
       Web site:

       WINTERS FAMILY (01/30/2013)

       I wanted to compliment you on your excellent website.
       I am related through the Abraham Cane Winters. He was my great-grandfather.
       My Father and my aunt often talked about "Aunt Nelle" as she was the last surviving member of that generation. My Aunt, Marie Winters Chris and her husband visited Aunt Nelle a couple of times in the 1960's I believe.
       One small error, you list my grandfather, as "Jessie Winters." He was Jesse Eugene Winters. He died in 1939. There were 11 children in Jesse's family, all have passed, my Father was the last in 1995.
       Thank you.
       Dennis Winters (


    Hi Jeffrey,
    I just wanted to say thanks for all of your hard work on I actually printed much of the material and assembled it into two nice binders for my mother, which she very much appreciates. She would not otherwise have known about the information or looked at it.
    I also wanted to say that I really like that you added more about each of the children of William E. Hause. You see, I am a descendent of his son Joseph Hause, Charles W. Hause, Lodowic Disbrow Hause, and finally, Anne Marie Disbrow Hause is my mother's grandmother. I am enclosing an obituary for L.D. Hause, a picture of LD and his wife Alice Holle, and a picture of LD and Alice with some of their children:

    Lodowic Disbrow Hause and Alice Holle Hause with some of their children. Back row: LD Hause, Anne Marie Disbrow, Oliver Miles (Ethel's husband), Ethel Olive, friend, Charles Waldo. Front row: Alice Holle Hause holding Charlotte, Lillian, most likely hired help named Martha, Alice Myrtle, and Lodowic Disbrow, Jr. (Courtesy of descendant Bethany Meyer)

    I'm sure that I have much more information stored somewhere on my computer if you are interested. Most of it is from my great-grandmother to more recent.
    Thanks again for your hard work.

    Your very-distant-almost-not-related-anymore cousin,
    Bethany Meyer (

       HOUSE FAMILY GENEALOGY (01/02/2013)

       Hi Jeff,
       I just wanted to thank you for all of the work you have put into finding out the additional information on our family. I have been working on our genealogy for years, along with my mother's side, so I understand what a labor of love it can be, and also an obsession. I am the daughter of John, son of Richard, son of Lewis David, son of Abe T., son of Andrew, son of Abraham, son of Capt. John. I am proud to say that I still own the property, along with my uncle that the family first settled on in Parish, Oswego County when they came from the Valley. We were always told that it was land given to them from serving, but I am still working on that for verification. Hoping that being in the DAR will also give me some other avenues to search, and my brother Garth, who now lives in Iowa, is working on his SAR. I see you are on the west coast (?). If there is ever anything that I can do for you back here, just give I shout, I will be happy to do so. I have been slowly getting pictures of the headstones and adding them to my ancestry account. I was also given a great family portrait of Abe T. and the family last year at our annual House Family Christmas party—which is coming up again in two weeks.

       Thanks again, Happy New Year!
       Heather House Warren (
       Main Office -
       Warren Ramie Surveying
       6437 Collamer Road
       East Syracuse, New York 13057

       Cato office-
       P.O. Box 61
       Meridian, New York 13113


    CHAPTER 2: JOHN HAUSE (HAWS) (1719-1794)

    CHAPTER 3: WILLIAM E. HAUSE (1750-1818)







    CHAPTER 10: CARLISLE HAUSE (1891-1972)