Sanderson Family Genealogy

   The Shattuck surname was first found in Lancashire, where they were seated from very ancient times, some say well before the Norman Conquest and the arrival of Duke William at Hastings in 1066 A.D. It's an English variant of 'Chadwick', a habitational name from any of various places called Chadwick, in Merseyside (formerly in Lancashire), Warwickshire, and two in Worcestershire. One of the places in Worcestershire and the one in Warwickshire are named as ‘the dairy farm (Old English wic) of Ceadel’. The other in Worcestershire and the one in Merseyside are named as ‘Ceadda’s dairy farm’. Ceadda was the name of a famous Anglo-Saxon bishop, St. Chad. The Family Coat of Arms is a red shield with a silver inescutcheon charged with a cross, within a border of silver birds. The Crest is a silver bird.
   Our lineage to this family can be traced back to WILLIAM SHATTUCK, supposedly the son of JOHN and DEMARIS SHATTUCK, of England, although his exact origin and early history have never been proven. There is no doubt, however, that his immediate ancestors and connections were residents of England; and it has been conjectured that his father might have died on his passage or soon after his arrival, making him the son of widow Damaris Shattuck, who was admitted to the church in Salem, in 1641. He may also have been a brother of Samuel Shattuck, but there's no conclusive proof. According to court documents when he appeared as a witness, William was born in 1621/22 in Somerset, and settled in Watertown, Massachusetts as early as 1642 or '3, when he was not more than 21 years of age.

Sanderson Family Genealogy

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Name: Historic Homes and Places of Middlesex County, Massachusetts, Vol. III
Author: William Richard Cutter
Publisher: Lewis historical publishing company
Year: 1908
Pages: 1130-1132
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A Study of the William Shattuck family.
   The book PLANTERS OF THE COMMONWEALTH; by Charles Edward Banks (Gen. Pub. Co.; Baltimore, 1979) lists Samuel and William Shattuck as passengers to New England, origin Somersetshire. William became a shoemaker. In the first Inventory of land in Watertown, he had a homestall of one acre, bounded by John Clough and William Perry. He also had 3 acres of swamp land bounded by the same and by Joseph Morse. He was chosen hog reeve and fence viewer in 1653 and 1659 and served in other posts as well. His tax assessment in 1652 was 1 schilling, the smallest in Watertown. On 1654 Jul 4, he bought a house and 55 acres of John and Susan Clough, including a parcel bounded by William Paine and Edward Goffe (E) and Joseph Morse (N), plus a parcel bounded by Edmund Lewis (Sdied on the 14th of August, 1672, in Watertown. He married SUSANNA HAYDEN on 1642/43 in Watertown. As its record has not been found at Watertown, it is thought that William Shattuck's marriage took place prior to his coming to Massachusetts, and probably not long before, as his eldest know child was born in 1643. Susanna survived William, and re-married, on November 18, 1673, as the second wife of Richard NORCROSS (b. 1621; d. about 1709). Richard was schoolmaster at Watertown. She died December 11, 1686.¹
   The children of William and Susanna were:


  • SUSANNA SHATTUCK b: 1643 in Watertown, Massachusetts, Massachusetts. Married first Apr. 12, 1661 Joseph MORSE (b. Apr. 30, 1637; d. 1677), son of Joseph MORSE and Hester PIERCE; and second Jul. 5, 1678, Watertown, MA John FAY. Children: Susanna; Hester married Nathaniel JOSSELYN; Joseph married Grace WARREN; Samuel married Grace; Mary married John BARNARD, Jr.; Hannah married John NEWTON; and Jonathan married first Mary HOW, and second Mary CHURCH.
  • MARY SHATTUCK b: 25 Aug 1645 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts. d. Oct. 23, 1732, Watertown, MA. Married Jonathan BROWNE. Jonathan's will dated Feb. 19, 1690/1, proved Apr. 7, 1691, and inventory dated Apr. 1, 1691, including 211 acres of land. His sons dropped the final 'e' on the surname. Married Feb. 11, 1661/2, Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.
  • JOHN SHATTUCK b: 11 Feb 1646/47 in Watertown, Massachusetts. drowned Sep. 14, 1675, crossing Charlestown ferry. Sergeant in King Philip's War. Estate inventoried Oct. 5, 1675 at $42.2.0. Married Jun. 20, 1664 Ruth WHITNEY (b. Apr. 15, 1645, Watertown, MA), daughter of John WHITNEY and Ruth REYNOLDS. Ruth married second Enosh LAWRENCE. With her second husband and her children, Ruth moved to Groton, MA in 1678. Children: John married Mary BLOOD; Ruth married Jonathan FARNSWORTH; William married Hannah UNDERWOOD; and Samuel married Elizabeth BLOOD (ancestors of genealogist John FARMER).
  • PHILLIP SHATTUCK b: ABT. 1648 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts. MA; d. Jun. 26, 1722, Watertown, MA. Held positions of selectman, treasurer, and assossor at Watertown, MA. Married first Nov. 9, 1670 Deborah BARSTOW (d. Nov. 24, 1679), daughter of William and Anna; and second Feb. 11, 1679/80 Rebecca CHAMBERLAIN (b. 1665; d. 1728), daughter of Richard CHAMBERLAIN and Sarah BUGBY. Children of first marriage: Deborah died in infancy; Philip died young; Susanna; and Anne married William SANDERSON. Children of second marriage: Joseph died in infancy; Rebecca married John UNDERWOOD (ancestors of Clara BARTON); Rev. Benjamin married Martha SHERMAN; Dr. Joseph married Mary LADD; Nathaniel married Hepzibah HASTINGS; Amos; Sarah married Samuel PARKHURST; Theophilus; and Philip, Jr. He died on 26 June 1722 in Waltham, Massachusetts. Image at right: Town and City Clerks of Massachusetts. Massachusetts Vital and Town Records. Provo, UT: Holbrook Research Institute (Jay and Delene Holbrook). "Here lyes Buried ye Body of Doct' PHILIP SHATTUCK, who deced June ye 20th, 1722, in ye 74th year of his Age. Blessed ar the Dead that Die in the Lord."
  • JOANNA SHATTUCK. b. Watertown, MA; d. Apr. 4, 1673, Watertown, MA. Did not marry. No further information.
  • REBECCA SHATTUCK. b. about 1656, Watertown, MA. Married Feb. 7, 1671/2 Samuel CHURCH (b. Jun. 10, 1640), son of Garret and Sarah CHURCH. Children: Rebecca. No further information.
  • WILLIAM SHATTUCK. b. 1653, Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA. d. Oct. 19, 1732, Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA. A weaver, the will of his father left him a "loom and its appurtenances." Married Susanna RANDALL (d. May 8, 1723), daughter of Stephen RANDALL and Susanna BARRON. Children: Elizabeth married first Robert GODDARD, second Ephraim ANGIER, and third John HOLLAND; William married Hepzibah HAMMOND; Benjamin married first Deliverance HAYS, and second Rachel CLARK; Samuel; Mary married William GREENLEAF; Abigail married Joseph HOLDEN (son of Justinian HOLDEN and Mary RUTTER); Joseph died in infancy; Jonathan married Elizabeth STEARNS; Susanna married Samuel HOLDEN (son of Justinian HOLDEN and Mary RUTTER); Robert married Mary PRATT; and Moses died young.
  • ABIGAIL SHATTUCK. b. about 1658, Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA; d. 1694, Groton, MA. Married first on Oct. 17, 1678 at Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA to Jonathan MORSE (b. Oct. 7, 1643; d. Jul. 31, 1686, Groton, MA), son of John MORSE and Abigail STEARNS. Abigail was married second on Sep. 22, 1690 to Joshua PARKER (b. Mar. 13, 1658; d. May 5, 1691, Groton, MA). Children: Abigail married James MORSE; Hannah married John WELLINGTON; Ruth married Jonathan ROBINSON; and Jonathan. No further information.
  • BENJAMIN SHATTUCK. Died at age 20. Mentioned in father's will. No further information.
  • SAMUEL SHATTUCK. b. Feb. 28, 1665/6, Watertown, MA. Married Abigail. Children: Abigail perhaps married cousin William SHATTUCK (son of William and Hannah (UNDERWOOD) SHATTUCK); Samuel; and Martha. No further information.

  • To perpetuate the memory of
    who died in Watertown,
    Aug. 14, 1672, aged 50;
    The progenitor of
    the families that have borne his name
    in America.
    * * *
    This simple memorial
    was erected in 1853, by
    Lemuel Shattuck,
    who holds in greatful veneration
    the character of
    the Puritan Fathers of
    New England.

    Arlington Street Cemetery, Watertown, MA.

       In William's will, dated Aug. 3, 1672, then 'aged 50 years,' he gave to son Samuel Church œ6; to son Philip, one-half of farm and 2 acres in pond meadow; to son William, the other half of the farm, and 2 acres in pond meadow; to four small children, my mare with all her increase; the remainder of goods to wife
    Susanna, until the younger chil., Benjamin and Samuel, are twenty-one years of
    age; to said Samuel and Benjamin, the house and land I dwell on, bought of
    Edward Sanderson, and my half dividend; to elder son John, œ20; and œ40, to be
    divided among his grandchildren. In his Inventory, the house and land, and
    half dividend, appraised at œ180. The farm at Stoney Brook (given to sons
    Philip and Wm.), appraised at œ20, and the 4 acres of pond meadow at œ4. He d.
    Aug. 14, 1672." [Bond (1855). Watertown, p. 427]. William's gravestone is barely legible, being marble and highly corroded. There are traces of what might have been paint on some of the letterings, but only on William's (the upper) half of the stone.
       Their son, PHILLIP SHATTUCK, was born in 1647/48, in Watertown, Middsex, Massachusetts. He became a doctor and married DEBORAH BARSTOW on November 9, 1670. "Mar. 29 1671, for love and affection, he gave or secured to his wife Deborah, 6 acres of land." [Watertown, p. 427-428]. His place of residence was in the vicinity of the Waverly Station on the Fitchburg Railroad, easterly of Beaver Brook; and his estate extended northerly into Cambridge. He was a physician of emminence and for a long period a leading man in the public affairs of the town. He was chosen moderator of town meetings, held the office of assessor, town treasurer, chairman of the selectmen, and many other important stations of public trust.

       Deborah was born in 1650 in Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts, to WILIAM BARSTOW (d. 1st of January, 1667/68, in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts) and ANNA HUBBARD (b. 1616 "of Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts". Given Name also found as "Hannah (Anna) Hubbard"), married on 8 May 1638 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts. The origin of the Barstow surname is English, dating back to the Anglo-Saxon culture, in which they supposedly took their name from Bairstow in West Yorkshire, derived from the old English terms beger (berries) and stow (grow), and referred to "the pl;ace where berries are grown." The Family Coat of Arms is Ermine, on a black fesse cotised black, three silver crescents. The Family Crest is a demi eagle emerging from a crescent. Deborah died on the 24th of November, 1679, in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, and is buried at the Old Burying Place.
       Philip remarried to Rebecca Chamberlain (d. 1728) on 11 Feb 1680. He died on 26 Jun 1732 in Waltham, Massachusetts, and is buried at the Waltham burying-ground. The gravestone erected to his memory was standing in the Waltham burying ground in 1852 (Waltham Burying, Ground, Watertown, MA): "Here lyes buried ye body of Doctor Philip Shattuck who deceased June 26, 1722 in ye 74th year of his age. Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord". A new marble tablet has recently been erected to which the above inscription was transferred from a moss grown crumbling head stone of slate to one of more enduring marble by a descendent of the 5th generation, A.D. 1853. (SOURCE: "Shattuck Memorials" by Lemuel Shattuck in 1855).
       Phillip and Deborah had the following children:


  • DEBORAH SHATTUCK b: 11 Oct 1671 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Death: 19 Oct 1671 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
  • PHILLIP SHATTUCK b: in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Died young.
  • SUSANNA SHATTUCK b: 6 Aug 1675 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Marriage 1 Nathaniel (Nathan) Norcross b: 18 Dec 1655 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Married: ABT. 1693 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Children: Nathaniel Norcross b: 20 DEC 1695 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts; Phillip Norcross b: 5 Mar 1697/98 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts; Susanna Norcross.
  • ANNA SHATTUCK was born on 8 Dec 1677 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts. She married WILLIAM SANDERSON (SOURCE INFORMATION: Town and City Clerks of Massachusetts. Massachusetts Vital and Town Records. Provo, UT: Holbrook Research Institute: Jay and Delene Holbrook; image at right). They had the following children: Lydia (1704-1754), William III (1706-1750), Amos (1708-1763), Anna (1709-1745), Deborah (1711-1800) and Isaac Sanderson (1714-1777). She died in 1740 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Family listed below.
  •    Clara Barton, founder of the Red Cross, is a descendant. More importantly to us, their daughter ANNA SHATTUCK was born on 08 Dec 1677 in Watertown. She married WILLIAM SANDERSON, JR., and died after 1740.²


  • LYDIA SANDERSON was born on 17 Dec 1704, in Watertown, Middlesex, MA (click on the birth record, at right), according to Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988 (Holbrook Research Institute). She married (1) Moses McIntosh (b. 1708), then on 28 Apr 1742 she married (2) James Maverick (1705-1750) in Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Lydia died in 1754 in Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
  • WILLIAM SANDERSON III was born on 10 Apr 1706, in Watertown, Middlesex MA. William married REBECCA MORGAN on 20 May 1723 in Springfield Hampden MA. Children listed below. Rebecca died on 22 Feb 1775, in Springfield. She outlived William, who passed away on 5 Jul 1750 in Springfield (click on the death record, at right), according to Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988 (Holbrook Research Institute).
  • AMOS SANDERSON was born on 07 Aug 1708, in Sudbury/Wayland, Middlesex, MA. He married Ruth Hoar (b. 1713) in Sudbury on 20 Apr 1732 and they had the following children: Abigail (1731-1821), William (b. 1735), Ruth (b. 1739) and Amos Sanderson II (1741-1767). Amos was a member of Member of First Foot Company of Sudbury, 25 Apr 1757. Amos died on 26 Jan 1763 in Sudbury, Massachusetts (click on the death record, at right), according to Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988 (Holbrook Research Institute).
  • ANNA SANDERSON was born on 22 May 1709, in Sudbury/Wayland, Middlesex, Massachusetts (click on the birth record, at right), according to Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988 (Holbrook Research Institute). On 04 Nov 1741, she married John Rice (23 Apr 1704 - 7 Dec 1771) in Sudbury, the son of Ephraim Rice and Hannah Livermore. They had the following children: Ann (b. 1743), Lydia (1744-1814), John (b. 1745), Jonas (1746-1778), Abraham (b. 1747), Amos (1749-1751), Lydia (1750-1835), Eunice (1751-1834), Lucy (1753-1782), Peter (1755-1813), Joel (1758-1838) and Nathan Rice (1760-1838)
  • DEBORAH SANDERSON was born on 14 Jan 1711, in Sudbury/Wayland, Middlesex, MA (click on the birth record, at right; this record also shows Amos and Anna), according to Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988 (Holbrook Research Institute). She died in 1800.
  • ISAAC SANDERSON was born on 08 Oct 1714, in Sudbury/Wayland, Massachusetts (click on the birth record, at right), according to Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988 (Holbrook Research Institute). On 24 Dec 1740, he married Keziah Bright (b. 27 Jul 1717), daughter of Henry Bright and Margaret Jackson, in Watertown, Middlesex, MA. Isaac died in 1777 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts.

    WILLIAM SHATTUCK (1621/22 - 1672) married SUSANNA HAYDEN and begat...

    PHILLIP SHATTUCK (1647/48 - 1722), who married DEBORAH BARSTOW (1650 - 1679) and begat...

    ANNA SHATTUCK (1677 - 1740), who married WILLIAM SANDERSON, JR. (b. 1670) and begat...

    WILLIAM SANDERSON (b. 10 APR 1706), who married REBECCA MORGAN (1695 - 1775) and begat...

    ROBERT SANDERSON (b. 13 Jul 1734), who married RHODA STEELE and begat...

    ELNATHAN SANDERSON (1776 - 1854) married BETSY WALTERS and begat...

    DAVID SANDERSON (1804 - 1884) who married POLLY BRIGGS (1811 - 1867) and begat...

    MELISSA SANDERSON (1839 - 1921) who married LABAN HAUSE (1831 - 1906) and begat...

    FRANK HAUSE (1867 - 1951) who married FLADELLA RAYMOND (1869 - 1961) and begat...

    CARLISLE HAUSE (1891 - 1972) who married MARJORIE MARCHANT (1892 - 1939) who begat...

    CARLETON MARCHANT HAUSE, SR. (1917 - 1983) who married JEANNE BRUNNER (1918 - 2000) and begat...

    CARLETON MARCHANT HAUSE, JR. (b. 1939) who married MARTHA WENK (b. 1940) and begat...

    JEFF (who married LORI ANN DOTSON), KATHY (who married HAL LARSEN), ERIC (who married MARY MOONSAMMY), and MICHELE HAUSE (who married JOHN SCOTT HOUSTON).


    ¹—"A Shattuck Lineage", The Jounal of American Genealogy, 1938, p.148
    ²—Watertown records: comprising the first and second books of town proceedings with the lands grants and possessions, also the proprietors' book and the first book and supplement of births and deaths and marriages; Author: Historical Society of Watertown (Mass); Publication: Watertown, MA: Fred G. Baker, 1894. Note: Republished on as "Watertown, Massachusetts Records of Births, Deaths, and Marriages, 1630-1693 [database on- line] Provo, UT:, 2002" and "Watertown, Massachusetts Records of Births, Deaths, and Marriages, 1693-1822 [database on- line] Provo, UT:, 2002, Page: 42

    TOP IMAGE: Founder's Monument in Watertown, Massachusetts; names of William Shattuck and Robert Sanderson, shown below.

    Sanderson Family Genealogy