The Memphis Cemetery is on Section 11, Memphis Ridge Road in Richmond Township, near Memphis, MI. If you take M-19 (Van Dyke Rd.) and follow it through Richmond to Memphis, the cemetery is on the west side. It is a small cemetery, but there is a narrow dirt road that runs through.

The graves of Laban Hause and his two wives, Sarah Dysinger and Melissa Sanderson.

   Along the far right you will first come across the graves of the Frank Hause family. His father, Laban, his two wives and daughter Sarah are located farther back on the same side of the cemetery.

The graves of Frank Hause, his wife Faldella Raymond Hause, and son Carlisle Hause.

   Members of the Sanderson and Raymond family in our ancestry are also buried here:

David and Polly Sanderson's grave stone at the Memphis Cemetery. Their family history is here.

The graves of Albert and Matilda Raymond at the Memphis Cemetery. Their family history is here.

The grave of Daniel Dysinger, who came to Michigan with cousins-in-law Laban and John Hause.

   Here's a complete listing of those from our lineage, and where their graves are located, compiled in a locally-published book:

   At the very back center of the cemetery there is a huge black marble stone called the "witch's ball". If you get close enough you can see faces and shadows in the stone, just like a crystal ball. Voices have been heard and apparitions have been seen there, too. I'm just taking somebody's word for it, 'cause with witch's balls and mosquitoes flying all over the place in that graveyard, I ain't going back there...

Jerry Hause tending to the graves of Laban's family.