Baby Raymond
   RAYMOND LABAN "DICK" HAUSE (23 Nov 1888 - 12 Nov 1970) was born in Adrian, Michigan, the first child of FRANK HAUSE and FLADELLA RAYMOND. He got the nickname "Dick" when he tried to give the nicknames of "Tom, Dick and Harry" to his brothers CARLISLE HAUSE, BASIL HAUSE and himself. But ironically, only his nickname stuck. Dick was a cultured man who enjoyed poetry, photography, and many other artistic pursuits. Many of the photographs in this family history of the Memphis, Michigan area are by Dick, who created photo albums filled with the people and places of his youth.
   Raymond was a stylish man. He only drove Cadillacs, and judged a man by whether he was a "Cadillac Man" or not (it didn't matter that the one he drove was 20 years old—it was still a Cadillac). He was also the only Hause to ever be photographed wearing jodhpurs. It takes a confident man to pull off that look—especially on a farm in the middle of Michigan. But Dick did it with aplomb. He was a born salesman who loved to talk, and loved the art of the sell. Over his life he speculated in California real estate, newspaper advertising, and even sold industrial soap—an early photographic album features "Dick and Tom" selling soap from town to town in a cart plastered with signs and bumper stickers for the product.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Young Ethel Yale (at right); Ray in polo pants; family portrait; Ethel's 100th birthday.

Carlisle Hause & Family
   On the 12th of June, 1911, He married ETHEL MAUD YALE (1 Feb 1886 - 19 Jan 1988). She was a nursing student. "Yale" is a Welsh surname: a habitational name for someone who lived in the commote of Iâl (near Wrexham in northeastern Wales), named with Welsh iâl ‘fertile or arable upland’. The family was first found in Denbighshire from very ancient times and were descended from Ellis, second son of Griffith Ap Einion, Lord of Yale. The Family Coat of Arms is Ermine with a red cross on which there is a trellis design.
   The Port Huron Times-Herald reported it this way: "MEMPHIS BOY MARRIED—Some weeks ago Mr. and Mrs. Ray L. Hause of Detroit and Mr. and Mrs. Carlisle Hause of Fraser visited their parents Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Hause for the week end. Carl's wedding was previously announced in this paper but Ray's has been withheld from the general public on account of Miss Yale's training in the hospital. Ray L. Hause and Miss Ethel M. Yale of Deerfield were married June 12, 1911. Rev. Harger, of Lansing, an old friend and former pastor of Ray's home town performed the ceremony. Mrs. Hause is a graduate of Benton Harbor College and is now completing a three years course in nurse's training school and will get her life certificate in January. Mr. Hause was a graduate of the Memphis high school in 1906 and with two years of college work, has a good business education. He has a position as estimator with the C. W. Kotcher Lumber Co., of Detroit."
   Raymond and Lois had a daughter:


  • BAUMBAUGH: LOIS YALE HAUSE (Oct. 7, 1913 to April 2, 2005) Born in Deerfield, Michigan on October 7, 1913 to Ethyl Yale and Ray Hause. Moved to San Diego in 1918. Married to William (Bill) Martin Baumbaugh—four children (Adrienne, Lynn, Bill and Joel), eight grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren. Lived in Kensington for over 62 years. Lois was an accomplished wife, mother, cook, gardener and artist, and a friend to all she met. She will be sorely missed by all who knew and loved her. Her fondest wish was to be reunited in heaven with her husband when she died so that they could be together once again and travel the universe together, and forevermore. A Graveside service will be held at Alpine Cemetery 2495 Victoria Dr., Alpine on Saturday, April 9, 2005 at 11 a.m. (Published in the San Diego Union-Tribune on 4/6/2005.)
  •    The family moved to Southern California in 1918, but did a lot of travelling. From 1919 to 1920, Ray, Ethel and Lois lived in Honduras while Ray worked for the Cuyamel Fruit Company. Raymond lived a long life, into his eighties, but Ethel (being a health-conscious nurse) lived to be over a hundred, finally passing on 19 Jan 1988.
       Lois attended Hoover High and graduated in 1933. She then married WILLIAM BAUMBAUGH and they had four children.
       Lois and William's house in the California desert was to be the meeting point of all the California Hauses in 1962, if the bombs had started falling during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Lois lived a long, happy life, and many of her keepsake photos are used in this family history.


  • ADRIENNE RAY BAUMBAUGH was born on 10 Oct 1935. She attended Hoover High, just like her mother, and graduated in 1953, exactly twenty years after Lois (click on the photo at right to see Adrienne and Lois comparing yearbooks.) Adrienne married FRANKLIN D HUNT (b. 1936) and they had two daughters: KIMBERLY RAY (b. 29 Jan 1960) and SHELBY LYNN HUNT (b. 11 Jul 1962). She then married (2) Edward C Flowers (b. 1943) on 4 Aug 1984 in Sonoma, California.
  • See her in the newspaper with her mother here.
  • JAQUELYNNE YALE BAUMBAUGH was born on 16 Dec 1937. She married RALPH F. LOWE on 7 Jan 1961 and they had two sons: MARK TAYLOR THOMAS LOWE (b. 21 Nov 1961) and STEPHEN LEE LOW (b. 22 Nov 1963).
  • WILLIAM MARTIN BAUMBAUGH II was born on 04 Aug 1940. He married REBECCA PATRICIA ESPINOSA (b. 18 Sep 1940) and had three kids: REBECCA TRIPENNY BAUMBAUGH (b. 14 Jun 1962), MONIQUE PATRICIA BAUMBAUGH (b. 22 Mar 1965) and WILLIAM MARTIN BAUMBAUGH III (b. 06 Aug 1966). William II lived at 4136 N Arabian Rd Maricopa, AZ 85139-6014 and died on 8 Mar 2012 in Casa Grande, AZ.
  • JOEL TAYLOR BAUMBAUGH was born on 09 Jul 1950. He married MARSHA LEE DODDS (b. 25 Jul 1950) and they had a daughter, ARIEL DODDS BAUMBAUGH (b. 31 Mar 1991).
  • See all the Baumbaugh children and there spouses posing in the 1970's here (Don, Lynn, Frank, Ady, Billy, Patsy, Joel).
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