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Compiled by: N. Dean

Date completed: June 1980

EAD encoding: Ann Hubert, March 2004

Originally transcribed by Jim House, Ontario, Canada (March, 1998): Additional material supplied by Jeff Hause, Napa, CA, USA (February, 2012).

© 2002 Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library

   Here's a list of church records compiled from the Grace Stubbs-Rice collection at Cornell. The list was a part of her "History of the House Family of the Mohawk Valley Region of New York State." according to family historian Jim House, who copied the list in March of 1998. I've added records that were missed, as well as photos. Unfortunately, there is little those remaining churchbooks that can be used as documented proof of Hauß family lineage—meaning there is next to nothing about Elias, Johannes or Peter. We have the most information on Rheinhardt, Elizabeth, Jurrian (George).


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Bap. Nov. 5-1715 Johan Heinrich. Son of Rheinhard Haus and Anna Elizabeth. Sp. John H. Gussinger and wife Ana Elizabeth

Married July 11-1736, Johan Heinrich (Son of Rheinhard and Anna Eliz. Haus) and Anna Catherine (Dau. Joh.Eberhard and Elizabeth Jong)

Bap. Apr. 9-1720, Susana. Dau. of, Reinhard Haus and Wife Elizabeth.

B. Aug. 2-1721, Christian. Son of, Reinhard Haus and Anna Elizabeth Sp. Philip Zerba and Christina Velden (Bap. Aug. 5-1722?)

(Unfortunately the Church Book was not cited. ~ Jim House, 1998)

1. Married June 14-1762, Dewald Jung and Margaretha Haus

1. Married Sep. 10-1765, Christian Haus and Christina Rechtmajer

6. Married Feb.11-1752, Reinhard Haus and Anna Mercki

6. Bap. Oct.30-1734, Maria Eliz. Dau. of Georg Haus and Maria Catherine. Sp. Hermanus Haus and Maria Elizabeth.

6. Bap. Jan. 7-1736, Maria Dorothae. Dau. of Jurrian Haus and Catherine Ehrhard Sp. Henry Kneskern and Maria Dorth. Warner

6. Bap. Nov. 18-1737, Johan Georg. Son of Jurrian Haus and Catherine Ehrhard. Sp. John Juria Ecker and Eliz. Marg. Warner

6. B. Oct. 9-1749 (A Boy ) Jurgen House

6. Bap. Jan. 1-1769, Maria Catherine. Dau. of, Georg Has ad Margarethq. Sp Christopher Merckel and Wife

6. Bap. Oct. 15-1770, Margaretha. Dau. of, Georg Has and Margareth. Sp Michael Merkle and wife

6. Married Jan. 2-1787, Jacob Hillsinger and Margaretha Haus.

6. Bap. July 17-1772, Anna Maria. Dau. of, Georg Haas and Margareth. Sp. Cornelius Laux and wife.

6. Bap. Feb. 7-1774, Mathes. Son of, George Haus and Margrat. Sp. Mathes Bauman and wife.

1. Married Jan. 20-1761, Georg (Son of Geo. House ) and Maria ( Dau. Of James Gamel)

2. B. Dec. 14-1788, Conrad. Son of, George Haus And Maria Mabie. Sp. Barth. Mebie and Marg. Freymaurer

3. B. Mar. 6-1791 Wilhelm. Son of, John Nich. Forbes and wife Sarah. Sp. Georg Haus and Maria. Bap. Mar. 13-1791

1. Married, Oct. 26-1794, Georg Hauss and Katherine Kills

1. B. Jan. 6-1795. (Bap. Jan.11-1795) John. Son of, George Hauss and Catherine Kills. Sp. Philip Kills and Wife Elizabeth.

7. Died Apr. 13-1813, Elizabeth wife of Joseph House, aged 66 years.

7. B. Apr. 15-1818, Nancy. Dau. of, Peter House and wife Nancy. Sp. The Grand Parents.

7. B. Apr. 15-1812, John. Son of, John Adam House and Wife Catherine. Sp. John Young and Maria Grems

6. Bap. Aug. 9-1805, John. Son of, David Hus and Elizabeth. Sp. John Zile Jr. and Eliz. Ziele.

12. Married, Apr. 3-1805, Gerrit House and Maria Vrooman (widow ).

7. B. Mar. 23-1813, Margaret. Dau. of, Jocob House and Wife Lea. Sp. Henry House and Anna Shall

7. B. Aug. 22-1819. Nancy. Dau. Of Nicholas House and Wife Maria. Sp. George Snyder and Wife Elizabeth.

7. Married Dec. 27-1807, Johannes Crems and Elizabeth (Dau. Conrad Haus.

7. Married Oct 17-1809, Abraham Scouten and Maria ( Dau. Conrad A. House.

William House (b. 1801) and Elizabeth Robinson (b. 1798)
7. Married June 25-1820, William House (unlisted son of Nicholas House and Catherine Spohn, above ~ JH, 2012) and Elizabeth Robinson.

7. B. Nov.27-1823 Twins. (William ) ( Alexander) Sons of, William House and Wife Elizabth. SP. Abraham Vrooman and Jane Jansen.

7. Married Dec. 25-1814, Christian House and Lena Gress.

7. Married July 5-1818, Daniel Wallrad and Maria (Dau. Peter A. House).

7. Married June 29-1816, Nicholas Gerloch and Betsy House.

7 B. June 2-1820. Rudilla. Dau. of, George J. House and Betsy.

7. B. May 14-1822 Alexander. Son of, George J. House and Betsy.

7. B. Feb. 25-1817 Eliza. Dau. of, Joseph House and Elmira. Sp. Peter Keller and Jinney Hallenbach.

7. B. Dec. 26-1814 Maria. Dau. of, Henry House and Wife Cornelia. Sp. Peter Moses and Nancy House.

7. B. Apr. 16-1815 Abraham. Son of, Abraham House and Wife Maria. Sp. John Staring and Maria Kern.

B Oct. 2-1738, Hermanus House, at Tappan (N.Y. Historian Report, Vol. 2, p. 694).

Grave of Abraham House (1786-1865)

3. B. Apr.25-1786 Abraham. Son of, Johannes Hauss and Wife Lana. Sp. Abraham Herkimer Cath. Rosencranz.

3. B. June 6-1784 Engelga. Dau. of, Johannes Haus and Wife Lana. Sp. Conrad House and Wife Engelga.

3. B. Jan. 24-1782 Garrett. Son of, Jahannes Haus and Wife Lana. Sp. Henrich Uhly and Engelga Van Slykebr.

6. Bap. May 19-1728 Johannes. Son of, George Rickert and Elizabeth House ( Dau. Christian); Sp. Johannes Schaffer and Wife Anna Maria.

6. B. July 7-1729 Twins, (Johan Georg) (Conrad). Sons of, Conrad Rickert and Elizabeth House. Sp Georg Zimer, Johannes Lawer, Maria Eliz. Zimer, Elizabeth Lawer.

6. B. Sep. 15-1731 Anna Eva. Dau. of, Conrad Rickert and Elizabeth House. Sp. William Fox and Wife. Bap. Oct. 5-1732.

6. B. Mar. 19-1733 Elizabeth. Dau. Of, Conrad Rickert and Elizabeth House. Sp.Johannes Schaffer and Barbara Warner.

6. B. Jan.12-1791 Eva. Dau. of, Henrich Haus and Catherine. Sp. Nicholas Rickert and Bap. Feb. 20-1791 LeaRickert.

6. Married Oct. 28-1746, Jacob House and Anna ( Dau. Ludwig Rickert ).

1. Married Jan. 6-1789, Samuel Merkel and Maria ( Dau. Elias House ).

1. B. July. 14-1793 Rachel. Dau. of, Samuel Merkel and Maria Haus. Sp. Abraham Merkel; Bap. Aug. 11-1793.

7. Married Jan. 29-1793, Robert Winne and Catherine Hauss.

6. Married Feb. 15-1787 Jacob Haberman and Anna Eva Hauss.

1. Married Nov. 9-1794, Jacob Van de Werkan and Catherine Hauss.

6. Bap. Oct.18-1732 Christina. Dau. of, Lambert Sternberg and Catherine Feller. Sp.Coonrad Haus and Christina Walrad.

1. B. May 11-1755 Peter. Son of, Conrad Haus and Wife Marharetha. Sp. Peter Siz and Wife Julianna.

1. B. Dec. 6-1764 Anna Maria. Dau. of, Conrad Haus and Wife Anna Maria. Bap. Feb. 15-1765.

7. Married Feb. 15-1789, Henrich (Son of Adam ) Haus and Anna ( Dau. Conrad Haus ).

3. Married June 20-1791, Saul Abbott and Dorothea ( Dau, Conrad House ).

7. Married May 16-1790, Isaac Wagner and Margreth ( Dau. Adam Haus ).

3. Married Mar. 2-1784, Jacob Conr. Hauss and Catherine Corn. Windekker.

6. B Oct. 1-1749 ( A Girl ) Herman House.

6. Married Mar. 8-1748, Henrich House and Elizabeth Rickert.

6. Married Feb. 26-1763 Henrich Haus and Eva Becker.

3. Married Feb. 3-1787, Johannes Hen. House and Lena Jac. Starring.

2. B. Dec. 14-1788 Maria. Dau. of, Johannes Haus and Magdalena Ataring. Sp. Martin VanSchleyk and Maria VanSchleyk.

3. B Sep. -- 1780 Johannes. Son of, John Varrbus and Anna. Sp. Johanne Haus and Lena Haus. Bap. Sep. 26-1780.

1. B. May. 19-1768 Catherine. Dau. of, Henrich Haus and Wife Maria Cath. Sp. Catherine and Peter Wohleben. Bap. July 12-1768.

6. B. Aug. 21-1784, Hermanus. Son of, Henry Haus and Catherine Rickert. Sp. David Bauch and Margaretha Rickert. Bap. Sep. 19-1784.

6. B. Aug. 8-1788, Maria. Dau. of, Henrich Haus and Catherine. Sp. Johannes Becker and Maria Becker. Bap.Sep. 14-1788.

2. B Jan. 11-1789 Conrad. Son of, Jacob Gower Haus and Cath. Wendecker. Sp. Conrad Pikard and Cath. Petrie.

1. B. July 19-1764 Maria. Dau. of, Elias Haus and Wife Catherine. Sp. Ana Eva Haus and Albert VandeWerken. Bap. July 23-1764.

Married May 21-1765, Friedrich Haus and Margaretha Hanson (Church not given. ~ J.H., 1998).

1. B. Feb. 3-1771 Maria. Dau. of, Jo. Jost. House and Wife Maria. Sp. Jacob Reith and Marie Belling.

7. Married Nov. 1-1791, Wm. Cunningham and Mary (Dau. John Jost House.

2. Bap. Apr. 8-1792 Jacob. Son of, Nicholas House and Catherine House. Sp. Jacob Farbus and Maria Killisz.

2. Nov. 9-1788. Twins. ( Conrad ), (Nicholas). Sons of, Nicholas House and. Catherine Spon. Did not note if birth or baptism.

12. B. Mar. 27-1795 Christian. Son of, Cornelius House and Margrit Lotridge. Sp. Cornelius Smith and Mary Wilkye. Bap. July 11-1795.

12. B. May 3-1790 Jane. Dau. of, Cornelius House and Margrit Lotridge. Sp. Aaron Smith and Mary Smith. Bap. July 11-1795 (?? 5 year span.)

12, B. Aug. 24-1792 Hannah. Dau. of Cornelius House and Margrit Lotridge. Bap. July 11-1795 (?? 3 year span)

1. B. Oct. 8-1769 Catherine. Dau. of, Peter Haus and Wife Maria. Sp.Philip Emig and Catherine Laux.

1. B. Feb. 28-1772 Maria. Dau. of, Peter Haus and Wife Maria. Sp. Frederich Emge and Wife.

1. B. Feb. 26-1778 Maria. Dau. of, Peter Haus. Sp. Johannes Empie and Anna Maria. Bap. Mar. 8-1778.

7. Married Dec. 11-1810, Conrad Haus (Son of George) and Cath. Dussler.

2. B. Feb. 7-1789 Maria. Dau. of, Peter Haus and Anna Doreschad. Sp. Adam Schaffer and Susanna Schaffer.

1. B Nov. 20-1793 Christoph. Son of, George Gettman and Eliz. Haus (Dau. Peter). Sp. Georg; Bap. Nov. 27-1793 Gettman and Maria Haus. both single.

3. B. Aug. 9-1779 John. Son of, Johannes Haus and Wife Magdalena. Sp. John Van Slyke and Wife Magdalena.

3. B. May 14-1788. Twins. (George and Peter), Sons of Johannes Haus. Sp. Johannes Smith and Georg Haus.

1. B. Dec. 28-1763 Daniel. Son of, Hermanus Haus and ux.Margaretha. Sp. Jacob Majer; Bap. Jan. 17-1764. And Margaretha Weels.

Anna Margaret House-Smith (b. 1 Feb 1771, d. 1857; buried Smith Cem., Louth Tp., Lincoln Co). She was the daughter of Harmanus House UE (Butler's Rangers) and Maria "Margaret" Wallrad. She married Joseph Smith in 1790.
1. B Feb. 1-1771 Margaretha. Dau. of, Hermanus Haus and ux. Margaretha. Sp Adam Young and Wife.

3. B. Sep. 20-1777 Englge. Dau. of Hermanus Hauss and Margareth. Sp. Conrad Haus and Wife Englge.

(The balance of the recordings pertain to other families. ~ J.H., 1998)

Key Numbers on Mohawk Valley Church Data

1. Dutch Reformed Church of Stone Arabia

2. Dutch Reformed Church of St Johnsville

3. Dutch Reformed Church of German Flats

4. New York Marriages

5. Dutch Reformed Church of Herkimer

6. Dutch Reformed Church of Schoharie

7. Dutch Reformed Church of Fort Plain

8. Dutch Reformed Church of Columbia

9. Dutch Reformed Church of Tappan

10. Dutch Reformed Church of Albany

11. Dutch Reformed Church of Geisenberg (Hallville)

12. Dutch Reformed Church of Fonda (Caughnawaga)

13. Kocherthal Records

14. New York Trinity Church Record












Research Document
Name: Haus genealogy, 1600-1918
Collection of: Grace Stubbs Rice
Research by: Melvin Rhodes Shaver and Frank D. Duel
Year: 1933
View .pdf file
SOURCE INFORMATION: © 2002 Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library: Carl A. Kroch Library, Ithaca, NY 14853-5302
Title: Rice family genealogy, 1600-1918.

Collection Number: 1072

Quantity: 2.8 cubic ft.

Forms of Material: Notebooks of data containing detailed genealogies, family letters, notes, bibles, public records.

Repository: Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library.

Abstract: Genealogies for the Rice family and several other families, as well as correspondence and other writings.


Notebooks of data containing detailed genealogies for the Rice family of Rochester, New York, and also for the following families: Ammerman, Barr, Betsinger (Bezinger), Beidleman, Bloom, Bower (Bauer), Britton, Brown, Butts, Carr, Collins, Comfort, Conrad, Diltz, Dodderer, Ellis, Farnham (Farnum), Faulkner, Forbes, Forbush, House, Keller, Labar (Labarre), Lanterman, Long, McWilliams, Miller, Shurger, Sidney, Snyder, Stubbs, Teeter, Towne, Trench, Twist (Twiss, Twisse), Wells, and Weaver. Several of these were of German origin, and migrated from New Jersey, and Northampton, Pennsylvania, around 1800. Also included are family letters, notes taken from tombstones, Bibles, and public records, as well as notes from a roster of New Jersey troops in Sullivan's Expedition, 1779.


Names: Ammerman family; Barr family; Beidleman family; Betsinger family; Bezinger family; Bloom family; Bowers family; Britton family; Brown family; Carr family; Collins family; Comfort family; Conrad family; Diltz family; Dodderer family; Ellis family; Farnham family; Faulkner family; Forbes family; Forbush family; House family; Keller family; Labar family; Lanterman family; Long family; McWilliams family; Miller family; Rice family; Shurger family; Sidney family; Snyder family; Stubbs family (Stubbs, Grace); Teeter family; Towne family; Trench family; Twiss family; Twisse family; Twist family; Weaver family; Wells family.

Subjects: Family—New York (State)—Rochester; Sullivan's Indian Campaign, 1779; Germans—New York (State)—Rochester; Migration, Internal.

Places: Rochester (N.Y.)—Genealogy.


Cite As: Rice family genealogy, #1072. Dision of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library.




Notebook 1 - Stubbs, Ammerman. Add. Farnham, Star, Cox, Faulkner and Bush. Laurence Ammerman m. Joanna Farnham, lived in Newfield, d. Jan. 2, 1835

Box 1 Folder 1

Notebook 2 - Labar, Teeter, Stubbs, Twist, Towne, Long, McWilliams; Weaver (Weber) Family incl. Overbeck, Butz, and Raup Families; "Teeter Family History," 11p. (including 3 pp. key) presumably by Grace Stubbs Rice

Box 1 Folder 2

Notebook 3 - (actually all lose folders except for small black notebook); Barr, Beidleman, Carr, Ellis, Stubbs, Trench, Shurger, Sidney, Faulkner, Farnham, Diltz, Conrad, House, Collins

Box 1 Folder 3

Correspondence with Dr. James Goodwin re Teeter related to McCurdy, Goodwin, Moore families, 63 tss. pp. (Teeters mentioned on 41 pp. - good concise 7 pp. Teeter Family History); "Teeter Family History," 11p. (including 3 pp. key) presumably by Grace Stubbs Rice

Box 1 Folder 4

Notebook 5 - Betsinger, Forbes

Box 2 Folder 5

Notebook 6 - Betsinger

Box 2 Folder 6

Notebook 7 - Betsinger, Crim

Box 2 Folder 7

Notebook 8 - Le Barre, Bloom, Teeter, LaBarre, Long

Box 2 Folder 8

Notebook 9 - Wilkins, McWilliams, Comfort

Box 2 Folder 9

Notebook 10 - Ammerman, Bauer, Beidleman, Betsinger, Bloom, Conrad, Farnham, Forbes

Box 2 Folder 10

Notebook 21 - Evangelical United Congregation, Milton and Scipio, Lansing Township, Tompkins County: Communications, 1803; Pastors, 1800-1810; Births and Baptisms; Marriages

Box 3 Folder 21

Notebook 21 - Records of First Presbyterian Church, Ludlowville, Tompkins County: Membership, Baptisms, Deaths

Box 3 Folder 21

Notebook 21 - Records of First German and English Congregation, Knolton, Warren Co. N.J.: Baptisms, Marriages (very few), Names and some of those listed under Notebook 2

Box 3 Folder 21

Notebook 11 - Teeter

Box 3 Folder 11

Notebook 12 - Labar

Box 3 Folder 12

Notebook 13 - Teeter, Bower, Beidleman

Box 3 Folder 13

Notebook 14 - Bloom, Wells, Twist

Box 3 Folder 14

Notebook 15 - Snyder

Box 3 Folder 15

Notebook 16 - Bloom, Teeter, Labar

Box 3 Folder 16

Notebook 17 - Jennings

Box 3 Folder 17

Notebook 18 - Cemeteries (Copies of tombstones, many of the families listed on catalogue cards)

Box 3 Folder 18

Notebook 19 - Labar

Box 3 Folder 19

Notebook 20 - Notes (mainly from History of Dryden)

Box 3 Folder 20

Notebook 25 - Miscellaneous Correspondence

Box 4 Folder 25

Notebook 22 - Bibles (labeled)

Box 4 Folder 22

  • Dempster records, ca. 1778-1803
  • Teeter records, ca. 1782-1898
  • Simons records, ca. 1791-1882
  • Bauer records, ca. 1765-1897
  • Forbes records, ca. 1802-1919
  • Starr records, ca. 1788-1909
  • Ephraim-Bloom records, ca. 1740-1837
  • Brown records, ca. 1848-1931
  • Hamilton Church records, ca, 1766-1869

Notebook 22 - Roster of New Jersey Troops in Sullivan's Expedition, 1779: First New Jersey Regiment, Second New Jersey Regimen, Third New Jersey Regiment

Box 4 Folder 22

Notebook 22 - Spencer's Regiment - Colonel's Co.; Major's Co.; 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th Cos.

Box 4 Folder 22

Notebook 23 - Church Records: Rhinebeck Luthern Church, Goshenhopper Reformed Church, Wells family (fragments); also, typescript of Labar, Bloom, and Teeter records, found in Church Book of the Evangelical United Congregations in Milton and Scipio, Tompkins County, New York, commencing in 1803, 5 pp.

Box 4 Folder 23

Notebook 26 - Bauer, Teeter; Correspondence concerning various families

Box 5 Folder 26

Notebook 27- Ithaca Journal clippings concerning Robert McDowell (First settler and Proprietor of Ithaca); Ithaca and environs; Betsinger; Labar; Forbes; Church record of the Evangelical-Lutheran and Reformed Congregation of Mt. Bethel Township, Northampton Co., Pa. (Baptisms)

Box 5 Folder 27

Box labeled Notebook 28, but it is actually all loose folders: Symans, Yauger, Teeter, Betsinger; "Teeter Family History," by Col. Henry Dudley Teeter and Harold Clarence Teeter, 25 pp.; also, correspondence of Mrs. Rice

Box 6 Folder 28

Various books

Box 7

  • The Book of Names: Relating to the Early Palatines and first settlers in the Mohawk Valley, by L.D. MacWethy. Published 1933.
  • Census of Montgomery Co.
  • Bible with Stubbs family information on flyleaf
  • Account Book (general stores); Very scattered dates, ca. 1815-1850