"A prominent old family, the founder in America being a native of Ireland, and a pioneer settler in Dutchess County, New York, in which county he located many years before the Revolutionary war. Jacob Manning, the grandfather of our subject, was born in New York State, and was a farmer by occupation, and during the American Revolution was a Loyalist, emigrating a few years after that struggle to Canada, where he and his three sons were each given 200 acres of land for the assistance they rendered the British Government during that war."
—Profile of Jacob J. Manning in "History of the County of Middlesex, Canada: From the Earliest Time to the Present, and Including a Department Devoted to the Preservation of Personal and Private Records, Etc," published by W.A. & C.L. Goodspeed, 1889, Middlesex; Page 917.

   "Manning" is one of the oldest family names to come from the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. It is derived from the Old English personal name Manning. According to some experts, this name is derived from the Old Norse word manningi, which means a valiant man. The family name was first recorded in Cheshire, where they held a family seat from very ancient times, some say well before the Norman Conquest and the arrival of Duke William at Hastings in 1066 A.D. Some of the family moved into Ireland, and then into the New World. The British Coat of Arms is a red shield with a gold cross patonce between four gold cinquefoils. The Crest is a black eagle's head between two feathers proper. The Family Motto: "Esse quam videri," means "To be, rather than to seem."
   The Mannings have a storied history in Canada and the United States. The patriarch of our line, JACOB B. MANNING, was born in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York, in 1745, when King George's War wreaked havoc on the area. Manning families were numerous in that region—also very large, very inter-related, and very hard to research because they all used the same first names for their children—so tracing which particular Jacob Manning served in the military or which particular Sarah Manning married whoever can be tricky. However, our own line is clearer than most, because they became isolated from the others when they moved to Canada after the American Revolutionary War—so we can start at the ends of the branch in Québec and work our way back to the roots of the tree in New York, so to speak. (Although the above sketch of Jacob's namesake grandson declares the family was originally from Ireland, there's no true record tracing them back there; there's even speculation that the original surname wasn't actually Manning!)

   In tracing the family backwards from Québec, we find that in 1766, Jacob was married to a woman named Sarah, possibly SARAH LAWRENCE (b 1748 in Nine Partners, Dutchess County, New York). The Lawrence Family Coat of Arms features a silver shield with a red cross raguly. The Family Crest is a silver demi turbot tail upwards. The Family Motto is "Be ready." The surname "Lawrence" was first found in Lancashire where they were seated from very ancient times, some say well before the Norman Conquest and the arrival of Duke William at Hastings in 1066 A.D.
   It is presumed that Sarah was one of nine children born to JACOB (1700-1790) and MARY SCRIPTURE LAWRENCE (1680-1761), but no one knows for sure.
   Jacob Manning became a farmer, and he and Sarah raised at least nine children to adulthood in the British colony of New York. Their children were:


  • THOMAS MANNING was born circa 1765 in Dutchess County, New York; he married Mary Wiltsie or Willsie (12 Aug 1770 - 12 Aug 1812) and they had the following children: James A. (b. 1788); and John A. Manning (b. 1804).
  • JOSEPH MANNING was born circa 1768 in Dutchess County, New York; he died on 7 Apr 1843 in Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada.
  • JOHN MANNING was born on 18 Oct 1770 in Clinton, Dutchess, New York. He married Caroline Lester (1777-1843) and they had Mary Polly (1800-1838); Sarah (b. 1802); Hannah (1804-1852); Elizabeth (1805-1876); Benjamin (1808-1871); Lucinda (1810-1888), Phoebe Manning (1813-1872); Lucretia(1816-1835) and David (b. circa 1818). "John Manning, Farmer, of the Seigniory of La-Colle in the County of Huntingdon departed this life the Twenty Second day of February aged Seventy Seven years and was buried the Twenty Fourth day of February in the year of Our Lord One Thousand and Eight Hundred and Forty Eight in the presence of the Satsentry witnesses. By Me, Matthew Lang, Cornelius Vanvliet, Benjamin S. Manning" (Registres paroissiaux et Actes d'état civil du Québec (Collection Drouin), 1621 à 1967). He is buried at Jackson Cemetery in Hemmingford, Monteregie Region, Quebec, Canada.
  • JACOB MANNING, JR., was born on 16 Dec 1771 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York. He married (1) Polly Palen (1781-1812), and had Henry (b. 1797); Joseph (b. 1802); James (b. 1803); Gabriel (b. 1805); Hannah (1805-1863); Joseph (1806-1852); and Philip Manning (1812-1881); Jacob then married (2) Hannah Odell (1798-1870) and had John (1818-1885); Ferguson (1819-1899); Polly (1824-1875); Charles W (1826-1889); Enor Regina (1829-1886); Jacob (1831-1889); Loop (1834-1882); Sarah Ann (1836-1874) and Roszel Manning (1837-1843). He died in 1846.
  • ISAAC MANNING was born on 12 Nov 1772 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York. He married Sarah (Sally) Wiltsie (1775-1865) and they had Jacob Isaac (1795-1889); William Holmes (1797-1863); John J (1799-1827); Mary Polly (1800-1838); Sabrina (1801-1867); Eleanor (1802-1843); Harry (1804-1882); Alpha (b. 1805); Matilda (1806-1887); Elvis (1810-1848); Alpha (1812-1891); Wiltsie (1813-1867); Isaac (b. 1817), and Sabrina (1819). He died on 16 Mar 1849 in Westminster, Middlesex Co., Ontario, Canada.
  • SARAH (SALLY) MANNING was born on 29 Jun 1775 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York. She married Isaac Wiltsie (1773-1860) and they had Sarah; Eleanor (1794-1874); John (1800-1879); Thomas (1802-1859) and Jacob Manning Wiltsie. She died on 21 Nov 1841 in Quebec, and is buried at Jackson Cemetery in Hemmingford, Monteregie Region, Quebec, Canada.
  • HANNAH MANNING was born on 17 Oct 1779 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York. She married Thomas Willsie (1773-1815) and they had the following children: Jacob (1798-1875); Rebecca (1803-1858); Susanna (1805-1879); Isaac (1805-1889); Gabriel (1806-1865); Mercy (1808-1858) and John Willsie (1815-1899). She died on 11 Aug 1846 in Westminster Twp, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada and is buried at the 5th Concession Cemetery in London, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada.
  • JOSHUA MANNING was born in 8 Dec 1782 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York. He married MARY STOTT (b. 1783). They had the following children: Elizabeth Louise (1806-1872); Emanuel (1808-1883); Sarah Agathe (1810-1855); Permilia (1815-1873); Diana (1824-1905) and Belmira Maria Manning (1825-1891). He died on 26 Aug 1848 in Westminster Township, Middlesex, Ontario, and is buried at Fifth Concession Cemetery in Derwent, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada.
  • GABRIEL MANNING was born on 10 Jun 1787 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York, USA. He married Polly (1790-1870). Gabriel died on 8 Sep 1865 in Westminster, Ontario, Canada and he and Polly are buried at Fifth Concession Cemetery in Derwent, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada.

  • Jacob Manning's headstone at Jackson Cemetery in Hemmingford, Monteregie Region, Québec, Canada.
       During the Revolution, Jacob was a Tory, sympathizing with the British, and therefore hired out substitutes to serve for him in the American army rather than fight (totally legal at the time). Eventually as the mood in the area turned more anti-British, Jacob was arrested and fined 10 pounds for failure to contribute to the Revolutionary cause. He then enrolled in the Dutchess Co. Militia and served as a private in Captain Hagamen's New York Line.
       After the war, Jacob's family relocated to Lake Champlain, New York, then in 1791 to Alburgh, Vermont. Despite his Loyalist past, Jacob took Vermont's Freeman's Oath in 1792 during voter registration (according to a list compiled in Allen L. Stratton's History of Alburgh, Vermont). However, the borders between Canada, Vermont and New York changed, and the family moved to Odelltown, Huntingdon County, Province of Québec, on the NY-VT border, in 1792.¹ (Odelltown in no longer a township in Canada, but the current town of LaColle is just 4.7 km or 2.9 miles north.²) Jacob and three of his sons were each given 200 acres of land for their assistance to the British Empire during the Revolution, and became United Empire Loyalists on 2 May 1795. Odelltown saw two skirmishes between the United States and the British during the War of 1812, with the Americans driven back on both occassions. Sarah Manning died on 13 Feb 1813, and Jacob remarried in 1815 to Eveah Schryver (17 Feb 1761 - 31 Mar 1844), the widow of John O'Dell, who was a son of Joseph and Martha Manning-O'Dell (who herself was probably Jacob's sister). Jacob passed away on 18 Feb 1819. He is buried with Sarah at the Jackson Cemetery, Odelltown, LaColle, Québec.

       Their son, JOSHUA S. MANNING, was born on 8 Dec 1782 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York. When Joshua was eight he moved to Canada with his family (according to his death notice³), and eventually married MARY STOTT, born in 1783 in Lacolle, Le Haut-Richelieu, Québec, Canada. She was the daughter of ROBERT STOTT (20 Feb 1761 - 2 Apr 1836) and MARIE JOSEPHE DEMARAIS (b. 1766).
       Joshua and Mary had a large family, and in 1834, they moved to Westminster, where they lived the remainder of their lives. Joshua died on 26 Aug. 1848 in London, Ontario, Canada, and is buried at the Fifth Concession Cemetery, Derwent, Middlesex County, Ontario. Mary Stott-Manning is on the 1861 Census with her son, Emanuel Manning, and her death date is unknown. Their children are as follows:


  • ELIZABETH LOUISE MANNING was born in Nov 1806 in Odelltown, Huntingdon, Quebec, Canada. She married Horatio Wilson (1806-1890) and they had James (1834-1913); Lois (1836-1877); Amos (b. 1838); Mary Jane (1840-1910); Caroline (1842-1914); Amelia (1843-1922); George (b. 1846); Daniel (b. 1847) and Horatio Wilson, Jr. (1853-1929). She died on 27 Sep 1872 in Westminster Twp, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada.
  • EMANUEL MANNING was born in Oct 1808 in Prairie of Duchee, Huntingdon, Quebec, Canada. He died of heart disease on 19 Sep 1883 in Westminster Twp, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada.
  • SARAH AGATHE MANNING was born on 5 Aug 1810 in Huntingdon, Le Haut-Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada. She married JULIUS ALBERT RAYMOND (24 Jun 1818 - 21 Feb 1879) on 22 Jun 1835 in Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada. They had the following children: Charles W. (B. 1835 Or 1836); Margaret A.; Cynthia J.; George H. Raymond (B. 1841); Jason Raymond: Marietta A. (1845-1896); Henry (B. 1847); Albert Julius (1848-1924); Joshua (1848- Bef. 1930); Sarah E. (1851-1923); And David Raymond (1852-1902). She died on 19 Jul 1855 in Westminster Township, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada and is buried at the at the Fifth Concession Cemetery, in Derwent, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada.
  • PERMILIA MANNING was born on 07 Mar 1815 in Odelltown, Huntingdon Co., Quebec, Canada. On 19 Dec 1832, she married Leonard Lewis (1806-1890) and they had Clarissa Lewis (1834-1906). Permilia died on 25 Dec 1873 in Romney Twp, Kent County, Ontario, Canada.
  • MARY MANNING was born in 1822 in Lacolle, Quebec. In 1841, she married Leonard T. Tibbits (1820-1884) in 1841 in Ontario. They had five children in 16 years: Eliza A (b. 1842); Mary J (1844-1920); Chester Justa (b. 1845); Colista (b. 1849), Orenea C (1855-1855); and Elva L Tibbits (1858-1892). She died on August 15, 1858, in Ontario, Ontario, at the age of 36, and was buried at Fifth Concession Cemetery, in Derwent, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada.
  • DIANA MANNING was born on 1 Jun 1824 in Huntingdon, 1654500, Quebec, Canada. She married Lewis Tibbets (1817-1899) and they had Charlotte (b. 1842); Ezra (b. 1843); Hester Ann (1845-1915); Daniel (1848-1884); Betsy J. (b. 1850); Sarah L. (b. 1852); Mary Maranda (b. 1854); Priscilla (b. 1860); Martha (b. 1864); Lewis (b. 1866) and William Arthur Tibbets (b. 1869). She died on 27 Oct 1905 in Meade, Huron, Michigan, United States and is buried at Chandler Township Cemetery in Elkton, Huron County, Michigan, USA.
  • BELMIRA MARIA MANNING was born about 1825 in Quebec. She married Henry Yager (1827-1920) and they had Martha Jane (1852-1937); Mary Catherine (1854-1881); Leonard (b. 1855); Lyman Nelson (1857-1909); Esther Ann (1859-1939); Joshua (1860-1876); Horatio A. (1865-19350; Phydella Dulcina (1866-1950); Joseph Henry (1866-1958); and Ida Lucinda Yager (1870-1951). Bell died on 1 May 1891 in Warren, Midland, Michigan.
  • MARTHA F MANNING was born in October 1829 in Huntingdon, Quebec. In 1854, she married Leonard T. Tibbits (who was previously married to her sister, Mary) about 1854. (In the 1851 Census of Canada, Martha Manning is even resisiding with Leonard Tibbits and his wife Mary, her sister!) They had seven children in 19 years: Leamond A (b. 1855); Elva L (1858-1892); Martha P (1864-1930); Levi Leonard (1866-1928); Charles Franklin (b. 1867); Minnie B (b. 1871); and John Milton Tibbetts (b. 1874). In 1900 she was a widow living with her daughter's family in Junction City, Geary, Kansas, USA. She died on May 26, 1911, in Junction City, Kansas, having lived a long life of 81 years..
  • Personal Information
    Census Image
    Name: Julius Raymond
    Age: 42
    Birth Year: 1810
    Birthplace: Lower Canada
    Province: Canada West Ontario
    District: Middlesex
    Occupation: Blacksmith
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    Personal Information
    Census Image
    Name: Julius Raymond
    Age: 45
    Birth Year: 1816
    Birthplace: Lower Canada
    Home in 1861: Middlesex, Canada West
    District: Middlesex
    Religion: Wesleyan Methodist
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    SOURCE INFORMATION: 1851 & 1861 Census of Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa, Canada. (1851: Sub-District: Westminster. Sub-District Number 222; Roll C_11738; Page 73; Line 36; Schedule A; 1861: Roll: C-1051, Film Number: C-1051, Page Number: 23)

    Personal Information
    Wedding Record
    Groom: Julius Raymond
    Bride: Sarah Manning
    District: Middlesex
    Township: Dorchester
    Date: 22 Jun 1835
    Marriage: Banns
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    SOURCE INFORMATION: Ontario, Canada. Registrations of Marriages, 1869-1928. MS932, Reels 1-833, 850-880. Archives of Ontario, Toronto. Series: MS248_03; Reel: 3.
       Their daughter SARAH AGATHE MANNING (05 Aug 1810 - 19 Jul 1855) married a Canadian blacksmith named JULIUS ALBERT RAYMOND (24 Jun 1818 - 21 Feb 1879) on 22 Jun 1835 in Dorchester, a few miles directly east of the city of London in Middlesex, in southwestern Ontario, Canada (London District Marriages, Part 8). The wedding was performed by Rev. William Fraser, of the Presbyterian Church: "1835 June 22 Julia RAMON to Sarah MANNING both of Dorchester (township) by banns. Wit: Edward Fitchel, Joshua Manning."
       Julius and Sarah raised a large family while Julius worked as a blacksmith, training his sons in the same craft. The names of their children were:


  • CHARLES W. RAYMOND was born in 1835 or 1836. No further information.
  • MARGARET A. RAYMOND married David Shook. They had a daughter, Eldena M., on 16 Mar 1871 in Riley Center, St. Clair Co., MI.
  • CYNTHIA J. RAYMOND married Burt Morehouse. She also had a second marriage, to a Mr. Stone.
  • GEORGE H. RAYMOND was born in 1841. In 1880, he's listed as George H. Raymond and was registered as a blacksmith in Mussey, St. Clair county, with a wife, Lavina J. Raymond, and two children.
  • JASON RAYMOND. No further information.
  • MARIETTA A RAYMOND was born 6 Sep 1845 in Ontario. She died 7 May 1896. She married Benjamin FELKER, who was born 19 Feb 1837 in Saltfleet Twp., Wentworth, Upper Canada. He died 23 Sep 1921 in Battle Creek, Calhoun, Michigan. This line is being researched by Wendy Thornburg Ranta, Genenutz@aol.com She has a large portrait of Benjamin and Marietta. In 1880 they were at Riley Twp., St. Clair Co., MI (ED 390, sheet 8) with children, Elnora Adelaide (21 Jul 1866 - 13 Feb 1956, who married into the Dysinger family), Ameretta (b. ca. 1868), Mary A. (b. ca. 1871), Sarah A. (b. ca. 1872) and Ruth (b. ca. 1879). In 1900, he is at St. Clair Co., Riley Twp., (ED109, Sheet 12) with dau. Ruth, b. Nov. 1878. Marietta died on 2 May 1896, and is buried at Memphis Cemetery in Macomb County, Michigan.
  • HENRY RAYMOND was born in 1847. He came to America in 1860. The 1870 US Census has him registered as a blacksmith in Mussey, St Clair Co., Michigan, living with his 18 year-old wife, Louisa Jane (b. 8 Apr 1840), also of Canada. Louisa Jane passed away on 25 May 1901 in Mussey, Capac Township, St. Clair Co., Michigan.
  • ALBERT JULIUS RAYMOND was born in 06 Sep 1848 in Ontario, Canada. He became a blacksmith, like his father, and then during the Civil War, he fought the Michigan Cavalry (lying that he was 18) in the 4th Regiment, Company B. He married LOIS MATILDA KILBOURNE (1851-1937). Children listed below. Albert died on 12 Nov 1924 in Barton City, Alcona, Michigan. He and Lois Matilda are buried in the Memphis Cemetery.
  • JOSHUA RAYMOND was born in 1848 or 1849. He became a blacksmith in Casco, Allegan, Michigan, and married Catherine "Katy" Smith (b.1850 in Canada) and they had Claud Raymond (b. 1873), Maud Raymond (b. 1874), Clyde Raymond (b. 1876) and Ralph Raymond (b. 1878). They moved to Webb Ward 3, Jasper, Missouri, before 1900, then to Los Angeles, CA, where Joshua died before 1930.
  • SARAH E RAYMOND was born abt. 1851 in Canada. She married Andrew Lown (1843-1922). They had the following children: Martin Lown (1871-1939); Abbigail Lown (b. 1876); Almina Lown (b. 1879); Violia Lown (b. 1881) and Julia Lown (b. 1883). She died on 08 Jan 1923 in Webb City, Jasper Co, Missouri, and she and Andrew are buried at Mount Hope Cemetery in Webb City, Jasper County, Missouri.
  • DAVID RAYMOND was born in 15 Aug 1852 in Canada. He immigrated from Canada in 1863, and in 1870, he lived in Riley, St. Clair Co., Michigan, with his parents. He was disabled, and in 1900 he lived with his brother Albert's family in the same town. He died from "general paralysis" on 7 May 1902 in Riley township, St. Clair County, Michigan (click on image, at right).

  • Sarah Raymond's gravestone, in the Fifth Concession Cemetery, Derwent, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada.
       The 1851 Federal Census of Westminster shows 42 year-old Julius living with 43 year-old "Sarah" and working as a blacksmith (Microfilm #C11738, National Archives of Canada, Ottawa). They were raising a whopping eight children already, and more were to come! Julius was listed as a Roman Catholic, while Sarah and the children were listed as Wesleyan Methodists. Both Julius and Mary spoke French, according to their son, Albert (at least he said so in the 1920 United States Census).
       Then Sarah died on 19 Jul 1855, and is buried with her parents at the Fifth Concession Cemetery, in Derwent, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada. In the 1861 Canadian Census, Julius is listed living in a log cabin in Westminster with a new Wesleyan Methodist bride from New Brunswick, 9 years younger than him (Census Place: Westminster, Middlesex, Ontario; Roll: C-1051). His second wife, Louisa J. Hoyt, was born in 1828 (they were married in 1863, according to records in Willowgrove, New Brunswick, Canada—although the 1861 Census already shows them as man and wife).
       Then in about 1863, the family emigrated across Lake Erie to Riley, St. Clair County, Michigan, in the United States. Michigan had only been a state for about 25 years, so there was a lot of open land that an immigrant could stake a claim on and settle. Julius was a blacksmith by trade, whose sons apprenticed under him and then became blacksmiths themselves. His son Albert would even take the smithing craft into the army, where he served the Union with the Michigan Cavalry in the Civil War that was tearing their new country apart.


    JACOB B. MANNING (1745 - 1819) married SARAH (LAWRENCE?) and begat...

    JOSHUA S. MANNING (8 Dec 1782 - 26 Aug 1848) who married MARY STOTT (b. 1783) and begat...

    SARAH AGATHE MANNING (05 Aug 1810 - 19 Jul 1855), who married JULIUS ALBERT RAYMOND (24 Jun 1818 - 21 Feb 1879) and begat...

    ALBERT JULIUS RAYMOND (1848 - 1924), who married LOIS MATILDA KILBOURNE (1851 - 1937) and begat...

    FLADELLA RAYMOND (1869 - 1961) who married FRANK HAUSE (1867 - 1951) and begat...

    CARLISLE HAUSE (1891 - 1972) who married MARJORIE MARCHANT (1892 - 1939) who begat...

    CARLETON MARCHANT HAUSE, SR. (1917 - 1983) who married JEANNE BRUNNER (1918 - 2000) and begat...

    CARLETON MARCHANT HAUSE, JR. (b. 1939) who married MARTHA WENK (b. 1940) and begat...

    JEFF (who married LORI ANN DOTSON), KATHY (who married HAL LARSEN), ERIC (who married MARY MOONSAMMY), and MICHELE HAUSE (who married JOHN SCOTT HOUSTON).


    ¹—As outlined in The History of Delaware and Westminster Townships, Vol. II: "After the American Revolution, Loyalists Jacob B. Manning Sr (d 1819) and his first wife Sarah Lawrence (d 1813) emigrated from Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co., NY to Lower Canada with their nine children."

    ²—Odelltown was founded by Joseph Odell, b. 1735 Westchester Co NY; he married Martha Manning b. 1738 Dutchess Co NY. Martha Manning is the sister of all the Clinton, Dutchess Co NY Manning heads of families, such as: John Jr, Charles Sr; Jacob; Joshua; Gabriel, and Richard. Many families went there, and most were either Loyalist, or had leanings toward that, but there were even men who had fought on the American side who went as well, like Thomas Manning (b. 1754), who moved North to Odelltown in 1803. He lived in Canada from about 1803 to 1831, then moved to Willsboro, Essex Co, NY where he was living in 1832 when he filed for a military pension with the US. So the mix of settlers to Odelltown was not only because of politics, but it was also because they were all inter-related and relied on each other to live.

    ³—"Death Notices, The Christian Guardian 1836-1850" by Rev. Donald A. McKenzie, 1989. On page 198: "Manning, Joshua was born in the U.S. and came to Canada with his parents when he was 8, settling at Odelltown, C. D. In 1834, he moved to Westminster twp. He died in the Manning settlement, Town-Line, Westminster, Aug. 26, 1848, age 66 Feb. 1849, p. 71."


  • "History of the Town of Alburgh Vermont Vol. 1," by Allen L. Stratton. Barre VT: Northlight Studio Press 1986.
  • "Vanished Villages of Middlesex," by Jennifer Grainger. Publisher: Natural Heritage Books; 2002-01. Page 216:, "The community of Plymouth, at the edge of Dorchester, was founded by a United Empire Loyalist from New York named Jacob J. Manning on the North Dorchester/Westminster Townline (now Highway 74 or Westchester Bourne)." In 1830, Jacob's grandson, "Squire Manning," as he was called, established what came to be known as the Manning Settlement there with his family and a large group of other settlers. He became captain of the local militia and a magistrate. His home sat on the corner of the townline and Concession 6 North Dorchester (now Harriotsville Drive) and was the center of all activity for the area, eventually becoming the post office. (It's long gone, and all that remains is the Fifth Concession Burial Ground from the old settlement, on the Westminster side of West Bourne.) The church was called the Manning Chapel, or the Plymouth Episcopal Methodist Church (it closed in 1883 and was torn down in 1898).
  • "History of the County of Middlesex, Canada: From the Earliest Time to the Present, and Including a Department Devoted to the Preservation of Personal and Private Records, Etc," published by W.A. & C.L. Goodspeed, 1889 - Middlesex (Canada : County); 1076 pages.

  • CHERRI LYNN STOCKING is the wife of WILLIAM ALAN TIMMER, who is my 5th cousin 1x removed, by way of Sarah Agathe Manning's sister, Belmira Manning. "Bell" married Henry Yager and had a son, Lyman Nelson Yager who married Alice Amelia Vandeventer. Their daughter, Violet G Yager, married David John Finnerty and they had Olivette Marie Finnerty. Both of Olivette's parents died only one day apart, so she and her siblings (except for the eldest son) were all adopted by different families. Olivette then married John Wendel Timmer and had David John Timmer, who married Carol Ann Ross, they had William Alan Timmer. Cherri, who compiled much of this research, grew up in Lansing, Michigan and has been working on genealogy for 20 years. She discovered two seemingly forgotten daughters of Joshua Manning: Mary and Martha, who both married Leonard T. Tibbits! (Mary was first, then Martha.) I guess the similarity of the names (and obviously, the husband) just made people assume it was the same person. Cherri also recently disproved a beloved "Indian princess" myth in her own family genealogy, confirmed by overseas research and DNA testing, and of course angering her entire bloodline. I've been there Cherri—I feel your pain!