The Lynch surname is Irish: a reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Loingsigh (‘descendant of Loingseach’), a personal name meaning ‘mariner’ (from long ‘ship’). This is now a common surname in Ireland but of different local origins, for example, chieftain families in counties Antrim and Tipperary, while in Ulster and Connacht there were families called Ó Loingseacháin who later shortened their name to Ó Loingsigh, and also Anglicized it as Lynch. Another Irish (Anglo-Norman) version is an Anglicized form of the Gaelic word Linseach, itself a Gaelicized form of Anglo-Norman French de Lench, the version found in old records. This seems to be a local name, but its origin is unknown. One family of bearers of this name was of Norman origin, but became one of the most important tribes of Galway. An English strain is a topographic name for someone who lived on a slope or hillside, from the Old English term hlinc, or perhaps a habitational name from Lynch in Dorset, or Somerset, or Linch in Sussex, all named with this word.   The Coat of Arms is blue with a gold chevron between three gold three leafed clovers. The Chevron design represents the roof of a house — which signifies protection, and faithful service. The three trefoils (clovers or shamrocks) represent perpetuity, or longevity. (In Ireland the Shamrock was used by Saint Patrick to explain the Holy Trinity and had Christian significance.) The Crest features a blue Lynx.
   The Lynch surname was first found in county Galway where the family was granted lands by Strongbow after the English Norman invasion of Ireland in 1172. Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Francis Lynch, who settled in Georgia in 1733; Jeremiah Lynch settled in Virginia in 1638; Patrick Lynch settled at Prescot Ontario in 1825 with his wife and seven children.
   Our line can be traced back to WILLIAM J. LYNCH, born in July of 1852 in New York. We are unsure of his ancestry, although we know he had two sisters, both born in New York: Elma Lynch (b. 1848) and Catherine Eleanor "Kate" Lynch (Loomis, 13 Feb 1853 - 19 Feb 1927). William was part of a wave of Irish workers who migrated to Cleveland during the 1800s, starting with the construction of the Ohio-Erie Canal during the late 1820's, and a community grew around the Cuyahoga River, called "Irishtown." The Irish community shaped Cleveland through the development of businesses, social groups, religious organizations, and even crime, with the notorious McCart Street Gang that ruled the area just west of the intersection of West 65th Street and Detroit Avenue. In turn, the Irish faced prejudice in Cleveland. The Cleveland Leader consistently reported all barroom scuffles involving Irishmen, and once claimed that 60% of all criminal activity had Irishmen at its roots.
   William worked as a butcher in Irishtown. He married his first wife, Emma Wilson of Canada, before 1876, and they raised three children in the area of Cuyahoga County, Ohio: Anna May Lynch (Beaumont, b. 20 May 1876), John Daly Lynch (15 Jun 1878 - Jun 1949), and Helen Madeline "Nellie" Lynch (Kilcoyne, 8 Nov 1880 - 24 Oct 1965).
   William then married MARTHA BURNS (b. Jul 1867) before 1888. The history of the Burns Surname goes back to medieval Scotland. The ancestors of the Burns family lived among the Strathclyde-Briton people of the Scottish/English Borderlands. They derived from the Boernicians, a race of early Scots that ruled the north East coast of England as far north as Edinburgh. Around 1296, during the reign of King Edward I, the Burns Clan began to migrate to the parish of Glenbervie from Burneshead, Cumberland, where the original name was Burness. They were described as an unruly Clan; unruly and hard to pronounce in Galeic, so the name was shortened to Burns.
   The Burns Family Coat of Arms is a silver shield with three silver fleur-de-lis on a blue chevron between two black spur rowels in chief, and a black hunting-horn in base. The Family Crest: A hand holding a hunting-horn, proper. The Family Motto is "Ever ready."
   William and Martha had two children:


  • WILLIAM "BILLY" JAMES LYNCH was born on 31 Aug 1886 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio (FHL Film Number: 1893711). On 25 Jun 1906 he married Stella Emily Marquardt (11 Jan 1887 - 2 Jul 1949) in Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Ohio (Film Number: 000890270). William died around 1936 and Emily remarried to a German/Polish immigrant named August Kirschner (17 Aug 1893 - 2 Sep 1951) on 14 Mar 1939.
  • EMMA WILSON LYNCH (named after William's first wife) was born on 8 Aug 1891 in Lorain, Lorain, Ohio. After the death of her mother before 1910, she lived with various family members. She married ALBERT GODFREY BRUNNER (16 Oct 1892 - 12 Jan 1972) on 16 Apr 1912 at at St Coleman's church in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, and they had three daughters, listed below. She died on 5 Mar 1951 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan.
  •    EMMA WILSON LYNCH (named after William's first wife) and brother William "Billy" Lynch (b. 1888) in Cleveland. (Family legend has it that Martha was related to poet Robert Burns, but there is no proof of this.) They lived on Franklin Steet in Irishtown, but by 1900, most Irish residents had left the area, and it had become an Eastern European immigrant enclave. This would prove to be very fortuitous for Emma Wilson Lynch, and our family.

    Personal Information
    Census Image
    Name:W J Lynch
    Birth Date:Jul 1852
    Birthplace:New York
    Home in 1900:Cleveland Ward 33, Cuyahoga, Ohio
    Birthplace of Father:Ohio
    Birthplace of MotherOhio
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    Roll: T623; Page: 290 A; Enumeration District: 0161.
    Personal Information
    Census Image
    Name: Emma Lynch
    Age in 1910: 21
    Birthplace: Ohio
    Home in 1910: Cleveland Ward 3, Cuyahoga, Ohio
    Occupation: Telephone Operator
    Father's POB: Ohio
    Mother's POB: Ohio
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    Series: T624 Roll: 1168; Page 5B.
    SOURCE INFORMATION: 1900 and 1910 US Census data imaged from National Archives and Records Administration. Washington, DC.

    Emma Lynch (right) on the Grand River

       Martha Burns Lynch died some time before 1910, and Emma was raised by relatives around Painesville, Ohio. While attending school she stayed with her aunt, Catherine Eleanor "Kate" Lynch Loomis (13 Feb 1853 - 19 Feb 1927) and her husband Lucius G. Loomis (1850 - 14 Dec 1918). Emma had a sister-like relationship with cousin Dorothy Elizabeth Loomis (18 Dec 1885 - 26 Sep 1941), when they were children. Dorothy then married Carl Joseph Giblin (14 Sep 1886 - 01 Nov 1942) and remained in Painesville, Ohio. They had three children, Josephine (Moodey, 1 Mar 1912 - 17 Jun 1977), Dorothy "Dottie" (Carrig 25 Feb 1914 - 7 Jul 2010) and Carl Joseph Gibblin, Jr. (b. 1918), who was a priest.
       In the 1910 Census, Emma was working as a telephone operator, and was living at 5902 Bridge Avenue with her half-sister Helen Madeline "Nellie" Lynch (8 Nov 1880 - 24 Oct 1965), eleven years her senior, and brother-in-law, Thomas Francis Kilcoyne (15 Apr 1877 - 17 Aug 1940), listed as "Kilegore," in Ohio. (They moved to Southern California in the mid-1920's.)

       Then Emma met ALBERT GODFREY BRUNNER (16 Oct 1892 - 12 Jan 1972), who lived 3/4 of a mile away at 7103 Colgate. Albert grew up in a poor but hardworking family (his father was a varnisher and his grandfather was a leather-worker) thatt had already lived in the Cleveland area for about sixty years. Albert hadn't attended school past the eighth grade, but was extremely industrious, and good with numbers. In the 1910 census, Albert is 18 years old, living at home with his folks and working full-time as a balance clerk in an automobile factory.
       On April 16, 1912, Emma married Albert at St. Colman Catholic Church, located on on Gordon Street in Cleveland. The happy event was covered in the local paper:

    Miss Emma Lynch, formerly of Painesville, was married at St Coleman's church, Cleveland, Tuesday morning, April 16 to Albert Brunner of the firm of Brunner & Sons. After a wedding breakfast at the Hollenden, they came to Painesville and spent the day with Mrs Brunner's aunt, Mrs L. G. Loomis, with whom she lived while attending school here. They were accompanied by her brother, J. D. Lynch of Grand Rapids, Mich, Mrs P. T. Ferrie and Mrs S. E. Burns of Cleveland. A bridal dinner was served at _______. After an informal reception during the evening, the party returned to Cleveland where, after May 1, Mr & Mrs Brunner will receive their friends at their pretty new home on 83rd Street.

    Emma Lynch

       St. Colman Catholic Church was founded in 1880 as a response to the rapidly growing Irish immigrant population on Cleveland's West Side, of where the extended Lynch family was based. J. D. Lynch would have been Emma's step brother, John D. Lynch, and Mrs L. G. Loomis was Catherine Loomis, who was married to Lucas G. Loomis and lived at 139 Jackson Street in Painesville at the time of the 1900 Census. (Her sister, Elma Lynch, born May, 1848, was living there at the time of the Census.) Mrs P. T. Ferrie is believed to be Bertha Ferrie, wife of Patrick T. Ferrie who resided at 200 Woodbine in Painesville at the time of the 1900 Census. (There was an Anna Lynch residing with them.) Bertha Ferrie could be Emma's aunt, Bertha Burns, sister of Emma's mother, Martha Burns. Mrs S. E. Burns is probably a relationship through Emma's mother, as well.
       Emma stayed close with her family. Her uncle William Beaumont and her mother's half-sister, Anna Lynch-Beaumont (pictured above) were the godparents for her daughter, Marjorie. Her brother Billy was a "hobo," who would show up every so often at the house of Emma's daughter, Jeanne Brunner-Hause, for meals, then disappear again for a few years.
       Albert and Emma lived the American Dream, riding a wave of prosperity that began following the Great Depression. By the 1950's, he was a Vice President at Kelsey Hayes, a manufacturer of steel car wheels, making a lot of money, dining on hundred dollar meals at a fine country club in Dearborn, Michigan, and enjoying VIP box seats at Tiger games in Detroit. He was always the first to reach for the bill at a restaurant, and always tried to pay at least a hundred dollars for dinner, not counting the liquor bill (no easy task in the fifties, when prime rib only cost two bucks). Albert and Emma had three daughters, all cute, all popular, and all married off very quickly:


  • HELEN BRUNNER was born 26 February 1913 in Cleveland. Helen was married three times, to: (1) FRANK MESKILL, the Manager of the exclusive Chevy Chase Country Club in Chevy Chase, MD. (2) WILLIAM BASS, a successful builder in the Cleveland area. (3) LARRY RAGAN, who worked at the Pentagon. Helen attended the University of Detroit and inherited her father's artistic talent. Dianna Carlin has a painting done by Helen in 1926, when she was thirteen years old. Helen died on 3 May 1966 in Chevy Chase, Montgomery, Maryland, and is buried with her parents at the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, listed as "Helen B. Meskill."
  • MARJORIE ANNE BRUNNER was born on November 07, 1916, in Wheeling, West Virginia; Her god parents were William Lynch (her uncle) and Anna Lynch Beaumont, her mother's half-sister. She was baptized on December 10, 1916, at St Vincent de Paul Church in Elm Grove, West Virginia. Marjorie married auto worker JOHN BERNARD CARLIN, SR, on June 26, 1937, Detroit, Michigan. Marge died on August 22, 1999, at Lighthouse Point, FLA. She rests with her husband, parents and sister, Helen, in the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Southfield, MI.
  • JEANNE MAY BRUNNER, born 17 May 1918. Baptized May 23, 1918 at St Vincent de Paul 2244 Marshall Avenue, Wheeling WV 26003 by Rev J. B. Capesius, S.M. Sponsors were Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Brunner. She married CARLETON MARCHANT HAUSE, SR. Children are listed below. Jeanne died on 15 May 2000 in Oceanside, San Diego Co., California. Her ashes were spread at sea.

    WILLIAM LYNCH married SARAH BURNS and begat...

    EMMA LYNCH (1891 - 1951), who married ALBERT G. BRUNNER (1892 - 1972) and begat...

    JEANNE BRUNNER (1918 - 2000) who married CARLETON MARCHANT HAUSE, SR. (1917 - 1983) and begat...

    CARLETON MARCHANT HAUSE, JR. (1939-2014) who married MARTHA WENK (b. 1940) and begat...

    JEFF (who married LORI ANN DOTSON), KATHY (who married HAL LARSEN), ERIC (who married MARY MOONSAMMY), and MICHELE HAUSE (who married JOHN SCOTT HOUSTON).

    TOP PHOTO, left to right: L-R: Walt Beamont, Helen Brunner-Bass, Margie Brunner-Carlin, Anna Lynch-Beamont, Al Brunner, Emma Lynch Brunner.


  • The Loy (also Lynch) Family in America by Jennie E. Stewart
  • Scharnhorst, Lynch, Barnett, Thornton by Frances Carter.