The Carlin surname is Irish: it's an Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Ó Cairealláin, an Ulster family name, meaning ‘descendant of Caireallán’, a diminutive of the personal name Caireall.
   The surname was first found in county Limerick, where they had held a family seat from ancient times. Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants in the United States were: Daniel Carlin who settled in Philadelphia Pa. in 1828; followed by Frederick in 1830; John in 1834; Henry in 1849; Alice, Bridget, Ellen, Honor, John, and Mary Carlin, all settled in New York State between 1845 and 1847.
   The Carlin Coat of Arms is a proud one, displaying many symbols to display the accomplishments of this ancient line. It features a blue shield, with a red and silver stripe running through the center, a right hand coming out of a crescent, between a horse and a lion, and below, a salmon and a cross between three lizards and an oak tree.
   The Family Motto is "Felis demulcta mitis," which translates to "A stroked cat is gentle."

   JOHN BERNARD CARLIN, SR., called "Jack" by friends and family, was born on December 08, 1902, in Fairbury, Illinois (There is no recorded record of his birth made at the time. It was not until 1940 when John and his father filed the birth information with Livingston County, Illinois, and his father, Bernard, verified the birth information and signed he was present for the birth in Fairbury, Illinois on December 8, 1902).
   John lived on a farm in Fairbury until the family moved to Lowell, Indiana, which he later described as a small town near the Crown Point Jail from which John Dillinger escaped. John would later love to tell his children about his childhood on the farm, describing farm implements and raising different crops. He told them many times the corn had to be "knee high" by July 4 for it to be a good crop. His sister, Ann, said John attended the local catholic school and then went for a year to Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, taking pre-college courses. John always thought of himself as a Notre Dame man, and enjoyed telling his kids that he was taught Chemistry there by Knute Rockne. (Rockne did teach Chemistry at Notre Dame starting in 1914 so this is entirely possible.) He then went to St. Joseph's College in Rensselaer, Indiana, which was close to Lowell, and graduated in 1919.
   John then moved from Lowell to Detroit, Michigan, along with his father, brothers (Walter & Ed), as well as his sisters (Ann & Catherine), to obtain jobs with the auto companies. "Jack" also graduated from the University of Detroit College of Commerce & Finance in 1937, and was very proud of the fact he attended college at night while working during the day.
He was a Fellow of St Joseph College. (His son, John, would later graduate from college at "St. Jo.")
   John was working as an usher one day at St. Cecilia Church in Detroit when he met pretty MARJORIE ANNE BRUNNER (born on November 7, 1916, in Wheeling, West Virginia). John was 14 years older than Marjorie, and didn't think she would go out with him if she knew his real age, so he told her he was younger than he really was. It worked—and they married on June 26, 1937, in Detroit, Michigan at St. Cecilia, where Marge attended school (as would three of their children). Marge's sister, Helen, and John's brother, Ed Carlin, were the Maid of Honor and Best Man. Since John had to work the following Monday, they did not have a honeymoon—but did stay at the Dearborn Inn for the weekend.
   Marjorie and John had four children:


  • JOHN BERNARD CARLIN, JR. was born on 28 Jul 1939 in Detroit. He graduated from St. Joseph’s College in Indiana in 1962 and obtained his JD degree from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law in 1965. He was admitted to the State Bar of Michigan in 1966 and to the Florida Bar in 1972 and is now a partner at Carlin, Edwards, Brown & Howe PLLC. He married MARY JANE GAERTNER CARLIN (b. 4 March 1943) on 26 Nov 1971. They had the following children: JUDITH MARIE CARLIN PARKER (b. 3 Oct 1964) m. Robert Samuel Parker (b. 13 Apr 1961) and had Ryan Craig Parker (b. 3 Feb 1998), Megan Ann Parker (b. 16 Jun 2000); DEBRA MARIE CARLIN BUDD (b. 13 Dec 1965) married Kyle Robert Budd (b. 11 Apr 1966), and they had Kory Mitchell Budd (b. 6 Jan 1999), Abigail Jane Budd (b. 25 Feb 2002), and Robert Dennis Budd (b. 28 Jul 2004); JOHN BERNARD CARLIN III (b. 13 Sep 1972) m. Laura Wright (b. 21 Jun) and had Phinneas Carlin (b. Dec 2012) and Hadley Bea Carlin (b. 28 May in 2015); BRIAN EDWARD CARLIN (b. 23 Feb 1974), m. Laura Wright (b. 21 Jun) on 10 Jul 2012; KEVIN PATRICK CARLIN (b. 8 May 1978). Judy and Deb both married on Nov 26, 1993; John III is a commercial/video director who works with musical artists like Kid Rock; Kevin is an amazing artist who creates hand blown glass art, functional glass decor, and engraved sculptural glass objects like this.
  • SUSAN MARY CARLIN was born on 23 Nov 1941. She married WILLIAM JOSEPH TURNER (b. b 24 Apr 1938) on 18 Jun 1964 in Detroit, and had two children: JOHN WILLIAM (b. 13 Feb 1966) and REBECCA "BECKI" LYNNE (b. 01 June 1970). John works for Ford Motor Company as a network engineer in the Global Network Operations group, and has co-authored a couple of computer-oriented books. Susan died on 30 Apr 2003, at the age of 61. Susan rests in the mausoleum at the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.
  • JAMES ALBERT CARLIN, SR., born 10 April 1944 in Detroit, MI. He became an attorney Southfield, MI and married LORRAINE PASQUALE on the 29th of August, 1969 in Detroit. They had the following kids: DIANNA MARY CARLIN (b. 03 Dec 1973 in Detroit); JAMES ALBERT CARLIN JR. (b. 23 Dec 1975 in Royal Oak, MI) m. Erica Pugliuzza in Chicago; CHRISTINA CAROLE CARLIN (b. 31 Jan 1978 in Ft. Lauderdale, FLA); and CATHRYN ANN "KATY" CARLIN (b. 30 Aug 1979 in Royal Oak, MI). Dianna Mary is a fashion designer and creator of the famous Lola Staar clothing on Coney Island and the adjoining rollerskating rink), and despite the large number of descendants of Al Brunner who ended up working in the arts, she is the only one to ever hang out with Leonardo DiCaprio. If you click on the photo at right, you will see their entire amazingly attractive family, including: Adam Bergstrom, Adam Pasquale, Lauren Tucker Bergstrom, Bethany La Rue Pasquale, Lola Staar, Lisa Pasquale Merz, Lynne Pasquale Sforza, Katy Carlin. Read Jim's genealogy of the Brunner family here (.txt file).
  • MARY CATHERINE CARLIN was born on 31 March 1958 in Detroit. She married BRUCE McNEIL PRYDE (b. 26 Mar 1963 in Newfoundland) on 26 Apr 1996 in Lighthouse Point, Florida.
  •    Marjorie was employed at the J. L. Hudson store in downtown Detroit until she married John, who was then employed at the Ford Motor Company in the Purchasing Department. The family lived on the near West side of Detroit until 1960 when they moved to 14228 Artesian. John enjoyed telling his kids of the stories about Harry Bennet who was the enforcer for Henry Ford I, and whose Service Department security men assaulted the UAW organizers on the Miller Road overpass. He left Ford to work with his brother-in-law, Alfred S. Brennan, in insurance. Shortly thereafter, he left to form his own agency, named Carlin-Detroit Agency, which he operated for thirty years until 1969 when he retired to Florida.
       John died on November 07, 1981, at Lighthouse Point, Florida; Marge died on August 22, 1999, at Lighthouse Point, Florida. They rest with Marjorie's parents and sister, Helen, in the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Southfield, Michigan.


    L-R: Carleton Marchant Hause. Jr., poses with John Bernard Carlin, Jr., and James Albert Carlin, Sr.

    L-R: The hands of Michele Marie Hause, Christina Carole Carlin, William Joseph Turner, John Bernard Carlin III, Jeffrey Carleton Hause, John William Turner, Carleton Marchant Hause, Jr.