Descended from an ancient Austrian knighthood, the Mammel (German pronounciation: Mummel) family of farmers was quite wealthy in centuries past.
   We first read of the Mammel family as the Hapsburgs of Austria gained control of central Europe (then the center of the Holy Roman Empire). The Hapsburgs would rule almost continuously into the 1800's, and the Mammels were very active politically in the area.
   The first Mammel in our line who we have a record of, MARTIN MAMMEL, was born between 1470 and 1480 in Kuppingen (near Herrenberg), in Boblingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. The Mammels would make this village their home base for the next 400 years, and many can still be found there today.
   Martin Mammel was registered as a farmer in 1500, and was still known to be living in Kuppingen in the year 1525.
   His son, HANS MAMMEL (1500 - 1560), was born in Kuppingen. He became one of the richest residents of the town. In 1549, his estate was said to be worth 1200 gulden, which was about 4 times as much as the richest farmers. He was appointed to the town council (court) in 1525.
   Hans had at least two children:


  • JAKOB MAMMEL was born in 1525. No further information.
  • HANS MAMMEL II was born in Kuppingen. Family listed below.
  •    HANS MAMMEL II (Abt. 1525 - 19 Mar 1581/82) was born in Kuppingen. Not much is known about him, except that he married a woman named URSULA (d. 08 Apr 1613) and they had at least two children:


  • JAKOB MAMMEL was born in 1571 in Kuppingen. Family listed below.
  • HANS MAMMEL III was born on 17 Nov 1567 in Kuppingen. He died there on 31 Mar 1613.
  •    JAKOB MAMMEL (28 Jan 1571/72 - 01 Oct 1617) married AGATA WIDMAYER (b. 16 Nov 1571). They had a son, JAKOB MAMMEL II (23 Apr 1611 - 05 Dec 1689) who married KATHARINA SCHERER (b. 16 July in Kuppingen).
       Jakob and Katharina had a son, JAKOB MAMMEL III (09 Sep 1642 - 24 Jun 1706). This Jakob was a farmer, legal advisor and justiciary. He married MARIA WAYHING, who was born on the 12th of May, 1647, in Unteröchelsbrou.
       Jakob III and Maria had three children:


  • ANDREAS MAMMEL was born in 1690. He married ANNA BARBARA ZIPPERLIN and was listed as a baker in 1712, but he became a school master's helper in Hohenhaslach. In 1716, he became a school master in Malsmheim. From two marriages he had two sons, Bernhard and Johannes, and five stepchildren. He was a excellent teacher, and well respected and praised in the diocese. His son and grandson followed him as schoolmasters. Andreas died in 1749.
  • HANS MAMMEL (1671 - 1730) was born and died in Kuppingen. Child listed below.
  • JAKOB MAMMEL IV was born in 1674. No further information.
  •    HANS MAMMEL fathered his namesake, HANS MAMMEL II (1709 - 1783), a baker and a member of the Kuppingen law court. He married ANNA MARIA BINDER.
       They raised his namesake, HANS MAMMEL III (1730 - 1797), a burger, baker and member of the law court, who also was born and died in Kuppingen.
       He married a woman named JOHANNA, and they had JAKOB FRIEDRICH MAMMEL, who was born in 1759 in Kuppingen, and became a tax collector, and until 1820 the upper mayor.
       On the 20th of July in 1784, Jakob married JUSTINA ROSINA BINDER (26 Jan 1764 - 04 Aug 1819) -- relation to Anna Maria Binder unknown. They had four children:


  • EVA D. MAMMEL was born on 18 Dec 1787. She married JAKOB WIDMAJER on 14 May 1805 in Kuppingen. They had a son, Jakob Friedrich Widmajer, on 30 Dec 1819. Eva died on 22 Jan 1864 in Kuppingen.
  • PHILLIPP JAK MAMMEL was born in 1791. No further information.
  • JOHANNES MAMMEL was born in 1793. No further information.
  •    GOTTLIEB FREDERICK MAMMEL (14 Jun 1803 - 14 Mar 1877) was born in Kuppingen, Württemberg, Germany. He married EVA CATHARINA SCHMID on April 27, 1830 in Kuppingen. She was the daughter of JAKOB SCHMID and JOHANNA WOLPOLD. Eva was born December 06, 1806 in Affstätt, Württemberg, Germany, and died September 13, 1842 in Kuppingen. They had three children:


  • CAROLINE BARBARA MAMMEL was born on 23 May 1831 in Kuppingen, Wurtemberg, Germany. She married NORMAN BURGESS and they had four kids: Martha, Frederick, Nelson and Carrie. Caroline died on 20 Feb 1903 in Puttnam township, Livingston County, Michigan.
  • PHILLIP JACOB MAMMEL was born on 29 Aug 1832 in Kuppingen, Herrenberg, Wuerttemberg, Germany. He was in the 23rd Michigan Infantry, Company I, during the Civil War and discharged 6/28/65. He married MARIA PAULINE ZOBEL and they had eleven kids: Frederick, Marie, Minnie, Jacob, Louise, Gustave, Martha, Eleonore, Ernst, Olga and Hugo Mammel. Phillip died in 1914 in Sebewaing, Michigan. See his 50th wedding anniversary here.
  • JOHANNES MAMMEL was born on 20 Jun 1837 in Kuppingen, Herrenberg, Wuerttemberg, Germany. He enlisted in the Union Army, Company D, Michigan 12th Infantry Regiment on 08 Jan 1862, and mustered out on 15 May 1864.. He then transferred to Company 70th, U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps 70th Co 2nd Infantry Company on 15 May 1864, and mustered out on 07 Jan 1865 at Saint Louis, MO. He married FRANCIS C. FRENCH on 21 Mar 1870 and they had four kids: Norman, Viola, Clayton, and Josephene. Johannes died on 13 Jul 1917 in Lindsborg, Kansas.
  • Renz
       But Eva Katharine died in 1844, and Gottlieb remarried a year later in Wuerttemberg, to a woman fifteen years younger than him, named ANNA BARBARA RENZ on November 05, 1843 in Kuppingen. She was the daughter of JOHANNES RENZ, and ANNA BINDER. She was born March 23, 1821 in Oberjesingen, Württemberg, Germany. The surname of Renz was first found in Baden (then Swabia), where the family was anciently associated with the tribal conflicts of the area.
       Apparently Gottlieb's luck was bad enough that he decided to leave Kuppingen, the family's home town for 400 years. He came to Washtenaw County, Michigan. The Bethel Church in Freedom township has Gottlieb's signature on its constitution.
       From a Sebewaing Township article: "And so it was that, toward the middle of the last century, many immigrants from Germany settled in and around Ann Arbor in Washtenaw County. It was from among these that Sebewaing received its early settlers.
       "It was in the summer of 1851 that a group of 45 people from that area came to seek opportuity in a new frontier. They had moved in on the advice of the Rev. John J. F. Auch, first white settler, who in 1845 had been sent here by the Lutheran church at Ann Arbor as a missionary to the indians. In his movements about the neighborhood he had noted the superior type of clay loam soil and visioned the opening of a great farming area here. Frederick Ziegler, coming in 1849, was the first to follow. Mr. Auch, and his brother John followed three months later.
       "The 45 men, women and children, with their meager belongings consisting of clothing, bedding and some food supplies, came up from Detroit on the ship called Julia Smith the first Monday in April A.D. 1853. Following is a list of the men who participated in this first meeting; Christian Augh, Frederick Schilling, Gottfried Beck, John Muellerweiss, Frederick Luckhard, Frederick Ziegler, John G. Baur, Andrew Auch, Jacob Roller, Peter Schairer, Jacob F. Fuehle, Andrew Volz, Jacob F. Armbruster, John Strieter, Jacob R. Streiter, Martin Gremel, John Ziegler and Gottfried Mammel."
        The couple brought Gottlieb's three children to America
    and had four more:


  • MARIA MAGDELINA MAMMEL was born on 05 May 1846 in Kuppingen, Herrenberg, Wuerttemberg, Germany, and is in the Wuerttemberg index, and later in the 1850 U.S. census.
  • SALOME KATHARINA MAMMEL was born on 07 Apr 1848 in Freedom Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan. She married WILHELM GRIEB and they had twelve children. Salma Kate's obituary from the Chelsea Standard, on March 5, 1932, reads: "Mrs Selma (Mammel) Grieb, widow of the late William Grieb, died Friday evening, February 26, at the home in Lima township where she had resided for many years. She was born in Freedom, August 7, 1848 and was married March 14, 1872 to Mr . Grieb who died November 18, 1901. Their married life was spent in Sebewaing, and in Scio and Lima Townships. Surviving are four sons: Charles (Karl) of Freedom, Frank and Eugene of Lima and Reuben of Sylvan; three daughters Mrs George Zahn of Chelsea, Mrs Martin Wenk of Freedom and sister Mrs. Katherine Koch of St. Catherines, Ont; 14 grandchildren and one great grandchild. Funeral services were held Monday afternoon at 2:30 at Zion Lutheran Church, Rogers Corners, with Rev M.W.Brueckner officiating. Interment was in Zion cemetery."
  • CATHARINE BARBARA MAMMEL was born on 22 Nov 1854 in Huron County, Michigan. She married JOSEPH KOCH and had one child, Ina, in Canada. She and her family moved to Canada in 1868, and are listed in the 1901 St. Catherine's census, T-6480 Div 6, page 15, entry 21, Family 149: husband Joseph, b. 6 May 1850, and a son, Ina, b. 10 Jan 1880. She's mentioned in Solome's obituary as Katherine Koch of St. Catherine's, Ontario, Canada.
  • STEPHEN FREDERICK MAMMEL was born on 27 Jul 1860 in Sebewaing, Michigan. He's listed in the 1880 U.S. census in Manchester, Washtenaw Co., Michigan, and in the 1896 farm census, where he lives on a 10-acre farm in Section 23.
  • Personal Information
    Census Image
    Name: Godlep Mammel
    Age: 47
    Birthplace: Germany
    Home in 1860:

    Freedom, Washtenaw, MI

    Estimated Birth Year: 1803
    Family #: 14
    Roll: M653_364
    Page: 375B
    Value of Real Estate: 800
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    View blank 1850 census form
    Personal Information
    Census Image
    Name: Gotleib Mammel
    Age: 55
    Birthplace: Württemberg
    Home in 1860: Sebewaing, Huron Co., Michigan
    Estimated Birth Year: 1805
    Post Office: Sebewaing
    Roll: M653_545
    Page: 888
    Value of Real Estate: 500
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    View blank 1860 census form
    Personal Information
    Census Image
    Name:   Gottlieb Mammel
    Age in 1870:   75
    Birth Year:   1795
    Birthplace:   Württemberg
    Home in 1870:   Scio, Washtenaw, MI
    Value of real estate:   2500
    Post Office:   Dexter
    Roll:   M593_
    Page:   360A
    Image:   174
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    View blank 1870 census form
    Personal Information
    Census Image
    Name: Anna Mammel
    Age: 60
    Birthplace: Württemberg
    Home in 1860: Manchester, Washtenaw, Michigan
    Estimated Birth Year: 1820
    Status: Widowed
    Roll: T9_608
    Enumeration District: 233
    Profession, Occupation ot Trade: Keeping House
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    View blank 1880 census form
    SOURCE INFORMATION: Data imaged from National Archives and Records Administration. Washington, DC: National Archives and Records Administration.

    Gottlieb F. Mammel's grave, Oak Grove Cemetery, Manchester, Washtenaw County, Michigan. Plot: Potter's Field. (Courtesy of Karen Jenter)
       Gottlieb died at the age of 74, on the 16th of March, 1877, in Manchester, Michigan (Washtenaw County Death Record, File #2363665, Digital DS #4207945). He is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Manchester, according to Book 1, of the cemetery books, which shows Gottlieb buried at Oak Grove in Potter's Field, where the original pioneers of the area are buried (the book is in the possession of Karen Jenter of Manchester).
       His daughter SALMA KATE MAMMEL, (with WILLIAM GRIEB, shown below) was born in Freedom Township. Her parents moved to Sebewaing, Huron County, when she was four years old, where she
    "played with the Indians in the thumb area of Michigan when she was a child." The family remained there until she was 17, when they moved to Scio township.
       Carl (Charles) Grieb and Catherine Mammel were attendents at Wilhelm and Salome's wedding at Zion Lutheran on Rogers Corners. They had the following children:


  • CATHERINE EMMA GRIEB was born on 21 Mar 1873 in Lima Township, Washtenaw Co. Michigan. She married JOHANN GEORGE ZAHN on 20 Apr 1899 and they had two kids: Johann and Bertha. Catherine died on 18 Nov 1941 in Chelsea, Washtenaw Co., Michigan.
  • KARL CHARLES "CHARLIE" GRIEB was born on 29 Mar 1874 in Lima Township, Washtenaw County, Chelsea, Michigan. He married MARY MAGDALENA LOEFFLER and they had a son, Wilbur in 1897.
  • WILHELM GRIEB was born in July of 1875. He died on 31 Aug 1875.
  • JOHANNES G. GRIEB was born in October of 1876. He died in August of 1877.
  • FRANK FREDERICK GRIEB was born on 19 Mar 1878 in Lima Township, Washtenaw Co. Michigan. He married ELIZABETH ANNA GUENTHER on 11 Dec 1902, and had two daughters: Emma and Edna. Frank died on 08 Dec 1948 in Chelsea, Washtenaw Co., Michigan.
  • LUDWIG GRIEB was born and died in 1879.
  • MARTHA CAROLINA GRIEB was born on 08 Dec 1880 in Lima township, Washtenaw County Michigan. She married MARTIN WENK on 06 Jan 1909. Children listed below. She died on 27 Mar 1937 in Freedom Township, Washtenaw Co., Michigan.
  • EUGENE GRIEB was born on 23 Mar 1883 in Lima Township, Washtenaw Co. Michigan. Eugene died on 24 Oct 1962.
  • BERTHA FREDERICKA GRIEB was born on 05 Nov 1884 in Lima Township, Washtenaw Co. Michigan. She married GODFRIED ANDREAS EISELE on 28 Jan 1914 and they had two sons: Paul and Oskar Eisele. Bertha died on 02 July 1945 in Scio Twp, Washtenaw County, Michigan.
  • GUSTAV ADOLF GRIEB was born on 05 Oct 1886. He died on 29 Oct 1921.
  • REUBEN GRIEB was born on 02 May 1887. He married AMANDA TRINKLE on 15 Nov 1911 and they had two sons, Leroy and Earl. Reuben died on 23 Dec 1969.
  • OSCAR GRIEB was born on 24 May 1890. He died in October of 1902.


    by Marti Wenk Hause

    Personal Information
    Census Image
    Name: Sarah Grebe
    Age: 33
    Birthplace: Germany
    Home in 1860: Lima, Washtenaw, Michigan
    Estimated Birth Year: 1847
    Status: Married
    Roll: T9_608
    Enumeration District: 230
    Profession, Occupation ot Trade: Housekeeper
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    View blank 1880 census form
    SOURCE INFORMATION: Data imaged from National Archives and Records Administration.
       My father, ERWIN WENK (b 1910, d 1982), used to tell me that his grandmother, SALOME MAMMEL GRIEB, "played with the Indians in the thumb area of Michigan when she was a child." Salome had lived until 1932—well into her eighties—so Erwin remembered her very well. She was a devout Lutheran, and became the first leader of the Zion Lutheran Church Women's organization at Rogers Corners, in Chelsea, Michigan. She was also the first woman to be buried with her husband in the church's cemetery, which adjoined the old brick sanctuary.
       In the 1940's and 50's, my father and I drove by the old abandoned house on the corner of Scio Church and Fletcher Rd, beside the farm she and her husband, WILLIAM GRIEB, lived in after their marriage during the late 1800's.
       By the time that I started trying to research the Mammel family—over a Century later—all that anybody in my family could seem to remember of Salome was her name. So when my husband, Carl, and I visited Chelsea from our home in California, where we have resided since 1961, we took my mother Dorothy Pritchard Wenk to the Manchester Library, and found The History of Washtenaw County, which had the following biography of Salome's husband, William:
        "William Grieb, farmer, Lima tp., was born in Württemberg, Germany Jan 5, 1838. He is the son of Michael and Elizabeth Grieb. He came to America with his father and brother in 1855, and settled in Ann Arbor, where his brother John Michael, worked for about six years. About this time his mother came to this country and bought a farm in Freedom tp. March 14, 1873, he married Salome Mammel, born in Freedom tp in 1848. Her parents came into Scio tp when she was four years old, and remained until she was 17, when they removed to Freedom tp again. They have a family of 4 children—Catherine, Charles, Frank and an infant. Mr. Grieb is a member of the Lutheran Church, and a successful farmer. His parents were members of the same denomination. His father died in 1861 and his mother Feb 6, 1880." (This was taken from History of Washtenaw County)
       I finally found a record of the family in the 1850 Census of Freedom Township, Washtenaw County, listed as family number 14:

    Godlep Mammel age 47
    Margaret age 39
    Caroline 19
    Jacob 18
    John 12
    Margaret 4 (Margaret is not found again in any census)
    Salma 2

       Caroline is also listed in 1850 Lodi Census (Washtenaw County) as a servant on the Booth Farm with Norman Burgess Line 31 (they later married.

    Line 31
    Virgil Booth 47
    Rhoda 44
    Mary 19
    Phobe jame 16
    Nathaniel 14
    Covis 11
    Rachel 6
    Rhoda 4
    Norman Burgess 21
    Jacob Huber 26
    Caroline Mamell 19

       We were finally starting to put together a clearer family history. But I still had more questions than answers. I didn't know the names of Salome's parents—in fact, a search of the indexes for Washtenaw County did not show the Mammel name at all. And, most perplexingly, Washtenaw County was a German settlement... so where did the story that had so intrigued me as a child—about Salome "growing up with the Indians" fit in? Whatever records there had been seemed to have dissipated like smoke signals.
       However, there was still some hope: My uncle, Norman Wenk, said he knew of a man with the last name of Mammel living in Chelsea. With Norman's introduction, I met Fred Mammel, who revealed that he was descended from a man named P. Jakob Mammel—but to my disappointment, his family was actually from the Sebewaing area, not Washtenaw County, and he never even heard of anyone in the family named Salome. I had hit a brick wall...
       ... But afterwards, I talked to Norman and my other uncle, Ernie Wenk, and upon reflection they said that there actually might be a Sebewaing connection to our family, as they remembered driving to Sebewaing with the Cannehls once, when they were young. Unfortunately our vacation time was up, and we had to return home.
       Upon arriving back in California, I used the new information that I'd obtained to continued my research, and it led me to the Wuerttemberg Emigration Index, Volume Three (P 129), where I found:

    Mammel, Gotlieb Fredrich and F(amily):
    Birth place Kuppingen
    District; Herrenberg
    Application Date: Feb 1847
    Destination: North America
    Number 834626

       I compared this information with the papers that Fred Mammel had given me & and there were P. Jakob and Phillip Jakob with the same birthdates!!!!! Wow—a connection—and a new cousin named Fred, as well. Since Salome had been born after the family arrived in America, she was not listed in the Emigration Index. But now I knew I had the names of her parents. I phoned my "new relative" in Chelsea to let him know that his P. Jakob was actually half brother to my Great Grandmother Salome. It turned out that Fred's branch of Mammels was not aware that Gott was a part of their family.
       He is listed as one of the first families that owned land that had previously been Indian land in the 1850's. So then I found Gottlieb in 1860 in Sebewaing. Indian country! A connection!

    1860 Line 508 Dwelling 499, Huron County, Sebewaing Township:
    Gotllieb Mammel 55 Farmer Germany
    Barbara Mammel 42
    Soloman Mammel 12 (Salome)
    Catherine Mammel 4

       In Stollsteimers Washtenaw County Relatives I found in 1874 in Scio Township Mammel (no initial) in Section 29 with 40 acres. Back to the Census line by line I found:

    1870 Census Washtenaw County, Scio Township Line 418 Dwelling 426 Page 360 July 29, 1870

    Gottlieb Mammel 72 M W Farmer 2300 1000 Wuertemberg 1 1
    Barbara 52 F W Keeping House "" 1 1
    Sally 21 F W At home Michigan 1 1
    Kate 15 f W At home Michigan 1 1
    Frederick 9 m w attending school Michigan 1 1

       In 1870 Livingston County Michigan Putnam township line 102:

    Norman Burgess 61
    Caroline 58
    Martha E 11
    Frederick 8
    Nelson 6
    Catherine Mammel 15 (youngest sister of Caroline counted in census twice)

       Then at the Library in Ann Arbor, my mother found in an old cemetery index that listed a Gott Mammel with his birth date and death date, buried in Manchester. So I contacted the Manchester cemetery & but they had no record of the burial! So where did the dates in the index come from? They coincided with Census records and Württemberg records!!! Finally in 2008, Karen Jenner found his burial record in the Potter's field section of Manchester cemetery.
       I checked the Manchester census line by line & and—finally—there it was! 1880 US Census Washtenaw County, Manchester Township Anna Mammel (lines) 105, 107, 60 Frederick 20 Son Farm labor. I contacted the Emanuel Church in Manchester and they had funeral records for Gott in 1877. They also said that Bethel Church in Freedom Township had membership records for Gottlieb in the 1850's.
       But now that I had finally uncovered my great, great-grandfather, I wanted to know more about his intriguing pioneer family. I typed "Mammel" into every search engine on the Internet and finally came up with a book titled The Mammel Family that was listed in a Kansas library. I then contacted the library for more information and they gave me the email address of its author in Canada. Through him, I was then able to connect with Mammel descendents who emigrated 50 years later to Canada and Minnesota. They had a family tree from a retired professor with the last name of Mammel in Germany. He was curious about Mammel name and researched the male descendents back to into three family trees from 1470. Through his family tree outline I was finally able to find the name of Gottlieb's father—and his father, and so on—back over 500 years.
       The Mammel family continues to grow in my files: John Mammel, another half brother of Salome, was in the D 12 Michigan Infantry Company D and 70 Co., 2 Batt.'n Veteran Res Corps 12 Mich Inf. Civil War. Then in 1880 he lived near Gypsum Creek, McPherson, Kansas according to NA film number T9 0387 Page no. 444A. I applied for civil war papers and John's wife was the Frances French/Mammel who appears in the census with her mother, stepfather and siblings in Manchester, Washtenaw County. She later became a physician in Kansas. His widow applied for Pension from Kansas.
       In Salome's obituary in 1932, which I found in Chelsea Standard microfilm at the Chelsea Library, it lists a sister Catherine as a survivor living in St Catherine's, Ontario. I found a Joseph Koch with wife Catherine and son Ina in the St Catherine's Census. My husband Carl and I visited the St Catherine's Ontario library in October of 2008 and discovered that Joseph was a butcher, and his son Ina never married -- so that line disappeared.
       I have also talked with a descendent of Johannes Mammel in Denver, who is a physician that graduated from the University of Michigan, without ever knowing his family's Michigan connections!
       We have also visited with some of Phillip Jakob's descendents who still live in the Sebewaing area!
       I also connected with Caroline Mammel Burgess' great, great grandson, Daniel Hendee, but he could not provide any information on the Mammel family.
       There were two Gott Mammel's that migrated to Washtenaw County one in the 1830's. The other one is listed in Salem Lutheran Church marriage records and could have lived in Lima Township where Gottlieb and Anna Barbara Renz Mammel resided in after returning to Washtenaw after Sebewaing.
       Finally, I was contacted by a person in Germany who confirmed that Anna Barbara's last name was indeed Renz. I have not been able to connect any other Renz Washtenaw county relatives, although other Renz's are in the early and current Bethel Church records. My husband and I took a Rhine Cruise and were able to meet with distant Mammel relatives in Kuppingen, near Stuttgart. What a thrill. Some U.S. lines use the Mammel (as in mammal) pronunciation while others pronounce it Mummel—which is the German way.
       Although I should never say "finally" with this amazing family. Their jorney from the aristocracy in Germany across the ocean to Washtenaw County, to, yes, "playing with the Indians," has been a continuing history lesson.
    --Marti Wenk Hause, Vista, California



    MARTIN MAMMEL (Bet. 1470 and 1480) begat...

    HANS MAMMEL (1500 - 1560) who begat...

    HANS MAMMEL II (Abt. 1525 - 1581/82) who married URSULA (d. 08 Apr 1613) and they begat...

    JAKOB MAMMEL (1571/72 - 1617) who married AGATA WIDMAYER (b. 1571), and they begat...

    JAKOB MAMMEL II (1611 - 1689) who married KATHARINA SCHERER and they begat...

    JAKOB MAMMEL III (1642 - 1706) who married MARIA WAYHING (b. 1647) and they begat...

    HANS MAMMEL (1671 - 1730) fathered his namesake...

    HANS MAMMEL II (1709 - 1783), who married ANNA MARIA BINDER and begat...

    HANS MAMMEL III (1730 - 1797), who married a woman named JOHANNA, and they begat...

    JAKOB FRIEDR MAMMEL (b. 1759) who married JUSTINA ROSINA BINDER (1764 - 1819) and they begat...

    GOTTLIEB FREDERICK MAMMEL (14 Jun 1803 - 14 Mar 1877) married ANNA BARBARA (b. @ 1818) and they begat...

    SALMA KATE MAMMEL (1848 - 1932) who married WILHELM (WILLIAM) GRIEB (1838 - 1901) and begat...

    MARTHA CAROLINA GRIEB (1880 - 1937) who married MARTIN WENK (1876 - 1964) and begat...

    ERWIN WENK (1910 - 1982) who married DOROTHY PRITCHARD (b. 1918) and begat...

    MARTHA WENK (b. 1940) who married CARLETON MARCHANT HAUSE, JR. (b. 1939) and begat...

    JEFF (who married LORI ANN DOTSON), KATHY (who married HAL LARSEN), ERIC (who married MARY MOONSAMMY), and MICHELE HAUSE (who married JOHN SCOTT HOUSTON).

    TOP PHOTO: Martha Wenk-Hause and husband Carleton Marchant Hause, Jr., at the Kuppingen Church.


    —Information provided on January 20, 2010 from Horst Hemminger ( of Remseck, Germany
    Gottlieb Fredrick Mammel's 'Find A Grave' Memorial (#61456003)


  • The Mammel Family Book, researched and compiled by Arnold Mammel (German)