Estep Family History

   The distinguished and ancient surname of Estep has two possible origins. Firstly, it is derived from "Easthope," the name of a village located in Shropshire, on the Welsh border. Alternatively, the name is Old English in origin, deriving from the word esthop, meaning "dweller in the eastern valley." First found in County Suffolk, where William del Estope was living in 1185; in this instance, the name was likely derived from the Old English word "esthop."
   The Coat of Arms is a gold shield with two blue bendlets engrailed azure between two black boars' heads erased.
   Our lineage to this family can be traced back to THOMAS ESTEP, SR., who was born around the year 1710, in Frederick County, Maryland.
   There is no documentation to prov this, but Thomas was probably a son or grandson of the immigrant, Richard Estep (b. 1668), from Stepney Parish, County Middlesex, England, who came to Charles County, Maryland. Richard was 16 years old when he left for America. He was bound out for five years as an indentured servant of Thomas Rogers, a merchant, and sailed for St. Mary's, Maryland on Aug. 6, 1684 on the ship "Loyal Subject."
   Richard married REBECCA RAMSEY in 1689. There are two children attributed to them: RICHARD ESTEP (b: 1694); ALEXANDRIA ESTEP (b: 1698), but there were probably several more, including possibly Thomas.
   While details of Richard are sketchy, there is a lot of documentation for Thomas. He took an oath in court in 1734 (A.A. Co. 9-127). He owned "Valleys and Hills, Tom and Wills" in Frederick County, Maryland. Thomas probably had a brother, WILLIAM, with whom he owned this land. Before that, Thomas owned "Chinkapin Forest," "Empty Bottle," "Kemp's Friend," and "The Rock Spring " in Frederick County, Maryland.
   Thomas married a woman named MARY (b: ABT. 1712) in ABT. 1729 in Anne Arundel, Maryland. Her last name wasn't recorded, but we know she outlived Thomas, followed her children, and died in about 1793, in Rowan, North Carolina.
   Thomas and Mary had the following children:


  • THOMAS ESTEP b: 3 Nov 1730 in St. Margaret's Parish, Anne Arundel, MD. He married a woman named Delilah, and they had the following children: Rachel b: 21 Dec 1759. He married a second time, to Susanna Holmes (b: 8 Feb 1741/42 in Frederick, MD) and had the following children: Honor b: ABT. 1760 in Frederick, Md; Isaac b: 1762 in Frederick Co., Maryland; Mildred b: 1764 in Frederick, MD; Sarah b: 1772 in Frederick Co., Maryland; Rebecca b: 1774; Abraham b: 6 Dec 1776 in Rowan County NC; and Jacob Alexander b: 1779 in Rowan Co., N. Carolina. Marriage 3: Hannah McCannon (b: ABT. 1730 in Rowan, North Carolina) on 17 Jan 1803 in Rowan, North Carolina; Thomas died in 1807 in Rowan Co., North Carolina.
  • MARY ESTEP b: 10 Dec 1732 in All Saints Parish, Anne Arundel, Maryland.
  • WILLIAM ESTEP b: 20 Mar 1733/34 in All Saints Parish, Anne Arundel, MD. He married a woman named Sarah in Anne Arundel, Maryland, and had the following children: Thomas b: ABT. 1755 in Frederick Co., MD; James b: 1 Aug 1756 in Frederick, Maryland; Nathan b: ABT. 1758 in Frederick Co., MD; Anna b: 6 May 1760 in Frederick Co., MD; Zachariah b: ABT. 1761 in Frederick Co., MD; Elizabeth b: ABT. 1762 in Frederick Co., MD; William b: in Frederick Co., MD; Sarah b: ABT. 1764 in Frederick Co., MD; and John b: 16 Sep 1771 in Frederick Co., MD. He married again, to Mary and had the following children: Mary; Catherine b: 14 Feb 1783 in Frederick Co., Maryland; Rachel b: 9 Apr 1785 in Frederick Co., MD; and Jacob b: 12 Jan 1789 in Frederick Co., Maryland. William died between 1814 - 1815.
  • JOHN ESTEP b: 4 Mar 1737/38 in St. Margarets Parish, Anne Arundel, MD. probably the John Estep who took the oath of allegiance in North Carolina. His spouse is unknown, but they had the following children: Samuel b: 1758 in Frederick Co., MD; and Shadrach b: ABT. 1760 in Frederick Co., MD. John died after 1810 in Russell Co., Virginia.
  • SHADRACH ESTEP b: 10 Oct 1745 in St. Margarets Parish, Anne Arundel, MD. (According to St. Margaret's Parish Register, Anne Arundel County, Maryland, page 50.) Last Will and Testament: Ashe County, North Carolina Will Book A:66, dated 31 May 1801, proved Aug 1801.
  • ROBERT ESTEP b: 1749 in Maryland. He married Dorcas Wells and had the following children: Elijah b: 1769 in Frederick Co., Maryland; Jemima b: 1770 in Maryland; Nathan b: 1772 in Bedford Co., PA; Mary b: 10 Oct 1773 in Bedford Co., PA; Ruth b: 11 Jul 1777 in Bedford Co., PA; John b: 1780 in PA; James b: 9 Oct 1782 in Washington Co., PA; Elizabeth b: 16 Jan 1786 in Washington Co., PA; Ephraim b: 1787 in Washington Co., PA; Thomas b: 14 Jul 1790 in Washington Co., PA; William b: BET. 1791 - 1794 in Washington Co., PA; and Joseph b: 9 Jul 1795 in Washington Co., PA. Robert died on 15 Jun 1832 in Union Twp., Wash, Pennsylvania.
  • SAMUEL ESTEP b: 1760 in Frederick co. Maryland. He married Susanna Adams (b: ABT. 1759) on 3 Nov 1789 in Rowan County NC. They had the following children: William b: BET. 1755 - 1774; Thomas b: 1779; Jesse Adams b: 1784; Henry b: BET. 1787 - 1794; Jacob b: 1792 in Rowan County. Samuel died in 1795 in Rowan County, North Carolina.
  •    Thomas is on the 1772 tax list, but died around 25 Aug 1772 in Frederick, Maryland, because his son, Thomas, Jr., sold his land. Thomas Jr. and brother SHADRACH ESTEP then moved to North Carolina. But Mary is never heard from again.
       SHADRACH or SHADRICK ESTEP, our next ancestor, was born on 10 Oct 1745 in St. Margarets Parish, Anne Arundel, Maryland. He was a miller, who ground local farmers' grain. He later moved to Wilkes Co. (now Ashe), North Carolina, and married RUTH DUGGER (or RUTHA SPEER) in Ashe County, North Carolina.
       They had the following children:


  • JOHN ESTEP b: 1765 in Fedrick Co., Maryland. He married Sarah Hall, then again to Mary Asher (b: ABT. 1779 in NC) in ABT. 1790 in Ashe Co., NC. They had the following children: Moses; Elijah; Mary; James; Sarah; Rachel; Isaac b: 1794 in Ashe Co., North Carolina; John b: ABT. 1798 in Ashe Co., North Carolina; Elizabeth b: BET. 1799 - 1801 in Ashe Co., North Carolina; William b: BET. 1801 - 1804 in Ashe County, NC; Viney b: 1806 in Ashe Co., North Carolina; Nancy b: 1820 in Ashe Co., North Carolina. John died ABT. 1828 in Ashe Co., North Carolina.
  • SAMUEL ESTEP b: WFT Est. 1766-1793.
  • ELIZABETH ESTEP married Richard Isaacs before 1791. No further information.
  • MARY ESTEP b: WFT Est. 1766-1794 in Frederick Co., Maryland.
  • MOSES ESTEP b: ABT. 1767 in NC. He married a woman named Nancy and had the following children: John b: ABT. 1783 in TN; Rebecca b: ABT. 1794 in Ashe Co., NC; William b: BET. 1794 - 1795 in Ashe Co., NC; Levi b: ABT. 1800 in Ashe Co., NC; Susan b: ABT. 1800; Enoch b: ABT. 1805 in Ashe Co., NC; Mary b: ABT. 1805 in Ashe Co., NC; Ruth b: ABT. 1813 in Carter Co., TN; Ann B. b: ABT. 1813 in Carter Co., TN; Squire b: ABT. 1814 in KY; Shadrach b: ABT. 1814 in Carter Co., TN; and Matilda b: ABT. 1821 in Carter Co., TN. Moses died ABT. 1836 in Carter Co., Tennessee.
  • JAMES ESTEP b: BET. 1767 - 1771 in Maryland. Death: 8 Oct 1852 in Tazewell Co., Virginia. Marriage 1: Spouse Unknown. Children: Hannah b: 1805; and Shadrach b: 1809. Marriage 2: Sarah Frazier. Children: John Frazier b: BET. 1805 - 1812; William b: BET. 1819 - 1823; Sarah Ann b: 1824 in Virginia; Anderson J. b: 1826 in Russell Co., VA; Louanza Charles b: ABT. 1829; James b: May 1830 in Tazewell Co., Virginia; and Ruth b: 1835. Marriage 3: Jean Starnes on 1 Feb 1812 in Carter Co., TN. Children: Uriah b: 1814 in NC; Joseph b: 1814 in Scott Co., VA; Matilda b: 1817.
  • ELIJAH ESTEP b: ABT. 1770 in Frederick Co., Maryland. Birth: ABT. 1770 in Frederick Co., Maryland ? Birth: 1771 in , Wilkes(Ashe), NC 3 1 Death: ABT. 1860 in Madison Co., Arkansas _FA3: Private in Capt. Jos. Williams's Co. 28 Sep 1814 - 27 Apr 1815 1 _FA4: first owners of land which what is now Petersburg 1 Note: From Hanson Geneol Records, 1988: ELIJAH ESTEP married (2) Elizabeth Stone, widow of Jeremiah Stone of Grayson Co, Va. No issue. Elizabeth And Elijah are named as heirs of Jeremiah Stone in Deed Book 7, pg 138. 31 Jan 1835, Grayson Co. Va. Rebecca signed a deed in 1830, so she died between 1830 & 1835. Elijah Estep served as private in Capt. Jos. William's company from 28 Sept 1814 - 27 Apr 1815. Entered at Fayetteville, Lincoln Co, Tenn. & discharged at Colbert's Ferry, Tenn. Declared for bounty land from Madison Co, Ark. and was 79 yr. old on 11 Nov 1850. Elijah moved to Bond Co, Ill. before 1818 (Ill. 1818 census) and to Sangamon Co, Ill. in 1821. He built a grist mill at present Petersburg, Ill. in 1826 (Menard-Mason History pg. 283 & 293). In 1840, he was in Barry Co, Mo. before moving to his 1850 Madison Co, Ark. location. Elijah Estep estate - Book A page 147, Madison Co, Ark. Probate Court February Term 1861 Now on this day comes Benjamin Vaughan Public Administrator of Elijah Estep Deceased and shows to the Court that he has in his possession as such administrator Milit Bounty Land Warrent No. 9442 issued to the said Elijah Estep on the 8th day of July 1851 under the Act of Congress of 28th September 1850 for 80 acres. And preys that an order be granted auturizing him to sell and transfer the same and it appearing to the satisfaction of yhe court that the said Elisha Estep left the following heirs and only heirs at law James Estep Enoch Estep Eli C. Estep Cyntha Larramore and Obediah Larramore her husband Rebecca Stone Socrat Stone her husband and Elenor Estep all of whome are adults It is therefore ordered by the Court that the said Benj. Vaughan as administrator as aforsaid be and he is herby Empowered to sell and transfer the said warent for the use of the heirs only of said estate Father: Shadrach ESTEP b: 10 OCT 1745 in St. Margarets Parish, Anne Arundel, MD Mother: Ruth DUGGER b: WFT Est. 1727-1754 in Ashe County, North Carolina Marriage 1 Elizabeth STONE b: WFT Est. 1770-1822 in from Grayson Co., VA Married: WFT Est. 1787-1820 Married: AFT. 1835 4 Children Lorenzo D ESTEP b: 1836 Marriage 2 Rebecca WHITTINGTON b: ABT. 1766 in Halifax County, Virginia Married: ABT. 1792 in probably in Wilkes County, North Carolina 2 Children Catherine ESTEP b: WFT Est. 1789-1806 Betsy ESTEP b: WFT Est. 1789-1806 Clarissa ESTEP b: WFT Est. 1792-1813 John M ESTEP b: WFT Est. 1792-1816 Daniel ESTEP b: WFT Est. 1792-1818 William C ESTEP b: WFT Est. 1792-1818 Henry S ESTEP b: WFT Est. 1792-1818 Rebecca ESTEP b: WFT Est. 1792-1818 Cynthia ESTEP b: WFT Est. 1792-1818 Eleanor ESTEP b: WFT Est. 1793-1816 James ESTEP b: 16 FEB 1795 in ,Wilkes (Ashe) , NC Enoch ESTEP b: BET. 1796 - 1800 in Wilkes Co., N. Carolina Eli Cleveland ESTEP b: 19 Mar 1808 in Ashe Co., North Carolina; and John Harvey b: 20 Jan 1814.
  • SARAH "NELLIE" GREEN ESTEP b: 1 Jul 1781 in North Carolina.
  • RACHEL ESTEP b: ABT. 1784.
  •    Shadrach died on 31 May 1801 in Cove Creek, Ashe County, North Carolina. All of the children are mentioned in his will, still available to read in the Ashe County, Jefferson, North Carolina Wills Book A, page 66, dated 31 May 1801, and proved August term in 1801:

       In the name of God Amen Being weak in body but sound in mind and memory calling to mind that it is appointed of God once for all men to die. I constitute this my last Will & Testament, in form and manner as follows.
       First and foremost I bequeath my soul to God that gave it.
       Secondly, I request that my body be decently intered at the discretion of my executors hereafter mentioned.
       Thirdly, I request that all my just debts be paid & as to my worldly estate, I bequeath in the following manner, that all my real & personal estate to be my wife's and remain in her hands during her life and after her decease to be equally divided between my children John, Moses, Elijah, Elizabeth, Mary, James, Sarah, & Rachel Estep and I constitute my son John Estep and my wife Ruth and Ezikel Baird Esq my executors and executrix to this my last Will and Testament.

       his Shadrach X Estep mark
       Wits: Wynant Vanderpool.
       Elijah Curtis Jurat

       His daughter SARAH GREEN ESTEP (b. Abt 1781), nicknamed "Nellie," married an illiterate farmer named REUBEN DOTSON. In the 1815 North Carolina census, Reuben owned 100 acres of land adjoining John Estep. (This area became Watauga County, North Carolina, in 1849.) In 1820, Reuben Datson was listed in Franklin, Williamson County, Tennessee (Roll: M33_125; Page: 170; Image: 179). Reuben was in Carter Co., Tennessee in 1830 (the part that became Johnson Co. in 1836). He lived on Roan's Creek along the state line between Johnson County, Tennessee, and Ashe County, North Carolina. Records indicate that Reuben and some of his children simultaneously owned land in both states. His old home was at "Bulldog," a side road just below Trade, Tennessee. By the 1850 census, shown at right, Jordan lived on a $200 farm property in what was by then the state of Tennessee, with his wife and daughter, Malinda. They lived next to the family of his son, Reuben Jr.
       Reuben died 28 Jan 1869 (age 104 years), according to the family records of Verna Dotson. (Her records say he was born in 1765, which is in conflict with census records.) Family records give the name of his wife as Nellie Green, though she is shown as Sarah on all census records. The wife, Sarah, as shown on census records was born c. 1782/85 in North Carolina and died after 1860. Her death is not recorded in the family records.
       Reuben Dotson, Sr., died on the 28th of January, 1869, in Ashe County, North Carolina. But many in his family had already moved on to new areas in the United States. The open, available land in that state was rapidly disappearing, and his sons had moved westward a couple of decades before. Whether or not Reuben knew what became of them is unsure, but where his sons were living, there wasn't any post office to send a letter. Those children were:  


  • JORDAN DOTSON was born in 11 Nov 1805 in Ashe County, North Carolina. on 4 Dec 1825 he married Mary "Polly" Wilson in Ashe County, North Carolina. He died on 2 Feb 1887 in Coleman, Pike County, Kentucky. He's buried in the Coleman/Dotson Cemetery. Family listed below.
  • WILLIAM E. "BILLY ARNOLD" DOTSON was born on 10 Jan 1801. He married Rhoda Stout and they had two children: Godfrey Daniel Dotson (b: Abt 1827 in NC), and Elijah Dotson (b: Abt 1846). He married a second time, to Elizabeth Bumgardner (b: 1817 in NC), on 27 Jan 1845 in Ashe Co., NC. They had the following children: Elizabeth D. Dotson b: 1845 in Ky; Mary Dotson b: Abt 1847 in Va; John C. Dotson b: 1850 in Tn; David H. Dotson b: 1852 in Tn; Barbara Dotson b: 1854 in Tn; Rebecca Dotson b: 1856 in Pike Co., Ky; Matilda Dotson b: 1858 in Pike Co., Ky. William died in 1875 in Paw Paw, Pike County, Kentucky.
  • ELIJAH DOTSON was born in 1810. He married a woman named Anna (b: 1814 in NC) in 1835 in NC. They had the following children: Sarah Dotson b: Abt 1836 in Nc; Allen Dotson b: Abt 1838 in Nc; Nancy Dotson b: Abt 1840 in Nc; Alison ? Dotson b: Abt 1842 in Nc; Anna Dotson b: Abt 1849.
  • ALLEN DOTSON was born in 1815-1817. He married Delila Pearce (b: 15 Apr 1822) on 25 Feb 1843 in Ashe Co., NC. They had the following children: George W. Dotson b: 24 Jun 1841 in Johnson Co., Tn; William Green Dotson b: 4 Jul 1843 in Nc; Sarah Fine Dotson b: 19 Sep 1845 in Johnson Co., Tn; Malinda Dotson b: 12 Nov 1847 in Tn; Alfred A. Dotson b: 26 Jan 1850 in Johnson Co., Tn; Eadia C. Dotson b: 16 Oct 1851 in Johnson Co., Tn; John F. Dotson b: 23 May 1854 in Johnson Co.,Tn; Albert E. Dotson b: 24 May 1856 in Johnson Co., Tn; David S. Dotson b: 13 Aug 1859; Nancy Elizabeth Dotson b: 11 Sep 1866. He died on 8 Dec 1899 in Johnson Co.,Tn.
  • REUBEN DOTSON, JR., was born in 1824. He married Sarah (Sallie) Johnson on 1 Oct 1844 in Ashe Co., North Carolina, and they had the following children: William R. Dotson b: Abt 1845 in Nc; Nancy A. Dotson b: Abt 1847 in Tn; (General) Jordan Dotson b: Abt 1849 in Tn; Sarah Malinda Dotson b: Abt 1855 in Tn; Reuben H. Dotson b: Abt 1856 in Tn; Mary E. Dotson b: Abt 1857 in Tn; Allen F. Dotson b: Abt 1859 in Tn; Mary J. Dotson b: Abt 1861 in Tn; Delilah L. Dotson b: Abt 1862 in Tn: Martha C. Dotson b: Abt 1869.
  • GEORGE WHEELER DOTSON was born on 16 Nov 1824. He married Katherine Bumgardner (b: Abt 1825 in NC). They had the following children: John S. Dotson b: Abt 1845 in Tn; Sarah Dotson b: Abt 1847 in Va; Reuben F. Dotson b: Abt 1849 in Tn; David H. Dotson b: Abt 1852 in Tn; Allen Dotson b: Abt 1855 in Tn; Martha Dotson b: Abt 1859 in Tn; Peter L. Dotson b: Abt 1861 in Ky. Married again, to Margaret Estep (b: Abt 1834 in Va) on 31 Jan 1850, in Pike Co.,Ky, and had the following children: Elizabeth Dotson b: Abt 1864 in Ky; Pricey Dotson b: Abt 1866 in Ky; Melinda Dotson b: Abt 1868 in Ky; George W. Dotson b: Dec 1869 in Pike Co., Ky; James A. Dotson b: Abt 1873 in Pike Co., Ky; Nancy Dotson b: Abt 1874 in Pike Co., Ky. He died on 04 Oct 1909 in Fedscreek, Kentucky.
  • MALINDA DOTSON apparently never married. She's on the 1882 tax lists of Johnson County as a property holder.
  • SARAH FINE DOTSON was born in 1830 in Carter Co., Tn. She married William R. Barry on 21 Mar 1847, in Johnson Co., Tn.
  • EADY DOTSON married Joseph Pearce on 28 Oct 1840 in Ashe Co., NC. No further information.
  • RACHEL DOTSON married Abraham Willson on 17 Aug 1841 in Ashe Co., NC.
  • DICY DOTSON married William A. Williams on 14 Feb 1850 in Johnson Co., TN.

    THOMAS ESTEP, SR. married MARY and begat...

    SHADRACH ESTEP, who married RUTH DUGGER or SPEER and begat...

    SARAH ESTEP (b. 1781), who married REUBEN DOTSON (1775-1869) and begat...

    JORDAN DOTSON (1805-1887), who married MARY "POLLY" WILSON (1807-1901) and begat...

    GEORGE W. DOTSON (1835 - 1877), who married NANCY JANE DAUGHERTY (b. 1843) and begat...

    HARRISON DOTSON (1862 - 1938), who married ARMINDA WOLFORD and begat...

    WILLIE DOTSON (b. 1884), who married NANCY McCOY (1887-1960) and begat...

    GREEN JR. DOTSON (1921-1957), who married JACQULENE BALDRIDGE (1926-2003) and begat...

    TERRY LEE DOTSON (b. 12 May 1950), who married CYNTHIA ANN PALMER (b. 03 Jan 1951) and begat...

    LORI ANN DOTSON (b. 07 Oct 1973), who married JEFFREY HAUSE (b. 07 Jun 1961).


    "Estep, Thomas, Sr. (c.1790-c.1772) of Frederick County, Maryland and His Descendants" compiled by Margaret Elizabeth Vidal, Mary Millichampe, Linnaria Wheland, and Martin F. Hanson, M.D. 1994 Pages 63-170 4629 NW 46 Court, Gainesville, Florida 32606