Wilson Family Genealogy

   The ancient Viking-Scottish name Wilson is derived from the personal name William, and means "son of William" or "son of Wil." The name was first found in Berwickshire, where the Wilson family held a seat from ancient times. The Coat of Arms is a black shield with a gold wolf rampant and three gold estoiles in chief. The family motto, "Vincit qui se vincit," means "He conquers, who conquers himself." Some of the first settlers of this family name or some of its variants were: John Wilson, who settled in Virginia in 1623; Christopher Wilson, a Scotch prisoner sent to Boston in 1651; Andrew Wilson, who arrived in New England in 1651.
   Our lineage to this family can be traced to ABRAHAM WILSON, who was born about 1775 in North Carolina. He was married twice that we know of, and had two daughters, one from each marriage. Their names were:


  • RUTH WILSON b: ABT 1810 in North Carolina. Birth: ABT 1810 in North Carolina. Death: 4 May 1882 in Buchanan, Virginia. Shadrack Estep (b: ABT 1809 in Virginia) Married: 8 Oct 1829 in Ashe, North Carolina. Children: James M. Estep b: Apr 1831 in Viginia.
  • MARY "POLLY" WILSON b: Mar 1807 in North Carolina. Death: 12 Jan 1901. Burial: Coleman Dotson Cemetary, Phelps, Pike County, Kentucky.

  • Dotson
       MARY "POLLY" WILSON (b. Mar 1807 in Randolph Co., North Carolina; d. 12 Jan 1901) married JORDAN DOTSON on December 4, 1825, in Ashe County, North Carolina. Jordan and Polly lived in Raleigh, North Carolina until the mid-1840's, then moved to what is now Coleman, Pike County, Kentucky, along with two of Jordan's brothers.
    Personal Information
    1860 Census Image
    Name: Jordan Dotson
    Age: 55
    Birthplace: North Carolina
    Home in 1860: District 1, Pike, Kentucky
    Estimated Birth Year: 1805
    Post Office: None
    Roll: M653_392
    Value of Real Estate: 150
    Value of Personal Estate: 200
    Year: 1860
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    SOURCE INFORMATION: United States Federal Census. National Archives and Records Administration, Washington DC. Census
       Pike County was formed on December 19, 1821 from a part of Floyd County by act of the General Assembly of Kentucky under Governor John Adair. Pike County was named in honor of General Zebulon Pike. The first Pike County court was held on March 4, 1822 at the home of Spencer Adkins which was located just below where Levisa Fork meets the Russell Fork of the Big Sandy. A commission was appointed on March 25, 1822 to select a permanent county seat. Elijah Adkins donated one acre of land for the courthouse and was surveyed by James Honaker on March 23, 1824. The first courthouse was to be of hewed logs 24 feet square and 1 1/2 stories high covered with shingles. The first Post Office was called Pike and Will Smith was Postmaster. The name was changed to Piketon in 1829 and William Williams was Postmaster. The name was changed to Pikeville in 1881 and Lewis C. Dils was Postmaster. The first census of the city of Pikeville list 7 families with a total of 49 persons; 34 of those people were under 30 years of age.
       Jordan applied for homestead land on Big Branch, on January 25, 1851, and received 100 acres. They worked a farm near Peters Pond, and their family became closely allied with branches of the Stump, Coleman, and Hatfield families (our line later married into the McCoy family, meaning we had lots of family actively involved on both sides of the famous Hatfield/McCoy feud.) Jordan and Polly were both illiterate, which was very common for the time and area. They had the following children:


  • SARAH "SALLY" DOTSON, who was born in December of 1834. She married DANIEL "BONE" WOLFORD, and their daughter would actually marry back into our branch of the Dotson family! ARMINDA WOLFORD, would marry HARRISON DOTSON, the son of her brother, George!
  • JOHN DOTSON married Sarah "Sally" Charles (b: 1830 in Ky) on 5 Apr 1849 in Coleman, Pike Co., Ky. They had the following children: George W. "Redneck" Dotson b: 1855 in Pike Co.,Ky; David Dotson b: 1861 in Pike Co., Ky; Harrison Dotson b: 1860 in Pike Co.,Ky; Elias Dotson b: Abt 1854 in Pike Co., Ky; Malinda Jane Dotson b: Abt 1857 in Pike Co., Ky; America A. Dotson b: 1865 in Pike Co., Ky; Rebecca Dotson b: Abt 1850 in Pike Co., Ky; Pricey Dotson b: 1851; Mary Dotson b: 1863; Rachael Dotson b: 1853; and Amanda Dotson.
  • REUBEN DOTSON (b. 1830) married Matilda Ann Coleman (b: 1835) on 23 Mar 1851 in Pike Co., Ky. They had the following children: George W. Dotson b: 15 Jan 1859; Daniel Jeams Dotson b: 1854/1856 in Pike Co., Ky; Sherman Dotson b: 1876; Ransom Dotson b: 1869; Jordan Dotson b: 1857; Elkanah "Cain" Dotson b: 1867; William H. Dotson b: 1861; Moses Dotson b: 1874; Aaron Dotson b: 1874; Reuben Walter Dotson b: 1863; Matilda "Sis" Dotson b: 1872; and Louisa Kaldone "Done" Dotson b: 1879.
  • ELIJAH DOTSON (b. 1833) married Elizabeth Charles (b: 1836 in Ky). They had the following children: Jane Dotson b: 1854 in Pike Co., Ky; Mary Dotson b: 1854 in Pike Co., Ky; David Dotson b: 1857 in Pike Co., Ky; Minda Dotson b: 1866 in Pike Co., Ky; Ransom Dotson b: 1868 in Pike Co., Ky; Marinda Dotson b: 1870 in Pike Co., Ky; Bazzel Dotson b: 1872 in Pike Co., Ky; and John Dotson b: 1874 in Pike Co., Ky.
  • RACHEL DOTSON, b. 1839, married Moses "Mose" Coleman (b: 1826) on 29 Jun 1854, in Coleman, Pike Co., Ky. They had the following children: Reuben Coleman; Sarah Coleman; Elige Coleman; Arminda Coleman; Joe Coleman; Green Coleman; Nancy Coleman; and Rene Coleman.
  • ELIZABETH "BETSY" DOTSON, b. 1841, married A. James "Jim" Stump (b: Sep 1870) and they had the following children: George Stump; and Harrison Stump
  • JORDAN DOTSON JR., b. 20 May 1845 in Raleigh, North Carolina. He married Rhoda E. Stump (b: 1847 in Va) on 9 Jun 1865 in Johns Creek,Pike Co.,Ky. They had the following children: George B. Dotson b: 1866 in Pike Co., Ky; Anderson Dotson b: 1873 in Pike Co., Ky; Mary L. "Sis" Dotson b: 1876 in Pike Co., Ky; Elias Dotson b: 1879; Paris W. Dotson; James E. Dotson b: 1871 in Pike Co., Ky; Margie Dotson; and W. N. Dotson b: 13 Mar 1867. Jordan married again, to Sarah Ann Hatfield. They had the following children: Philip Dotson; Gustavia "Pet" Dotson; Lizzie Dotson.
  • MARY DOTSON married Daniel "Callaway" Coleman (b: Abt 1849 in Ky) and they had the following children: William Ferrell Coleman b: Abt 1867 in Pike Co., Ky; Ransom V. Coleman b: Abt 1870 in Pike Co., Ky; James Lewis Coleman b: Abt 1875 in Pike Co., Ky; Caroline "Lina" Coleman b: Abt 1872 in Pike Co., Ky; Katheryn Coleman; Mary Coleman; and Ida Coleman
  • RANSOM DOTSON was born 22 Mar 1847. He married Louisa Jane Coleman (b: 24 Sep 1855) and they had the following children:Walter Dotson b: 11 Nov 1885; Garfield Dotson b: 16 Jul 1880; E. Burbage Dotson b: 1 Apr 1882; Rhoda Dotson b: 18 Jun 1872; Nancy L. Dotson b: 2 Sep 1873; Columbis Dotson b: 15 Nov 1873; Perry Dotson b: 16 Oct 1878. Ransom died on 8 Nov 1919 in Coleman, Ky.
  • NANCY DOTSON, b. 1852, married Curtis Coleman. They had the following children: George Coleman; Louise Coleman; Ida Coleman; Lona Coleman; Clemantine Coleman; Nelson Coleman; Ira Coleman; Roma Coleman; and Wayne Coleman.
  • GEORGE W. (WHEELER or WASHINGTON) DOTSON was born in 1837. Nancy J. Daugherty (b: 1843 in Va) on 1 Aug 1861 in Coleman, Pike Co., Ky. Family listed below. He died in 1875 in Pike Co., Kentucky.

    MARY "POLLY" WILSON (1807-1901) married JORDAN DOTSON (1805-1887) and begat...

    GEORGE W. DOTSON (1835 - 1877), who married NANCY JANE DAUGHERTY (b. 1843) and begat...

    HARRISON DOTSON (1862 - 1938), who married ARMINDA WOLFORD and begat...

    WILLIE DOTSON (b. 1884), who married NANCY McCOY (1887-1960) and begat...

    GREEN JR. DOTSON (1921-1957), who married JACQULENE BALDRIDGE (1926-2003) and begat...

    TERRY LEE DOTSON (b. 12 May 1950), who married CYNTHIA ANN PALMER (b. 03 Jan 1951) and begat...

    LORI ANN DOTSON (b. 07 Oct 1973), who married JEFFREY HAUSE (b. 07 Jun 1961).