Bailey Family Genealogy

   Our ancestors endured many hardships and overcame many obstacles in order to reach the New World. And no family better highlights that struggle than the Baileys.
   'Bailey' is a status surname for a steward or official, from the Middle English term bail(l)i, derived from the Late Latin word baiulus ('attendant', 'carrier' or 'porter'). But it's also a place name, as in the case of the Old Bailey in London, from the Middle English word bail(l)y (meaning 'outer courtyard of a castle'), and Bailey in Lancashire, derived from the Old English words beg ('berry') + leah ('woodland clearing'). As to which of these definitions our branch of the Bailey family was named after, no one knows.
   The Bailey family was first recorded in Northumberland, where they were seated from very early times and were granted lands by Duke William of Normandy, their liege Lord, for their distinguished assistance at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 A.D. Their Coat of Arms is blue with nine silver stars (in heraldry, the star denotes a divine quality bestowed by God). The Crest over the helmet features a black boar's head, which stands for hospitality. The family motto, "Ubi bene ibi patria," translates to "One's country is where one is well"—which is directly opposed to our Bailey family history.
   That history can be traced back to JOHN BAYLEY, who was a weaver, and depending on your point of view, either one of the luckiest or unluckiest members in our family tree.

The Angel Gabriel leaves port, heading towards New England—and disaster in Maine. Read about it here.

   In 1635, this poor guy sailed to the New World with the plan to establish a new home, and then send for his wife and the rest of his family. In 1635, he and his eldest son, JOHN JR., sailed from England on the Angel Gabriel, and reached New England in what was a pretty uneventful journey. But suddenly a great storm (probably a hurricane) struck the ship off the coast of Pemaquid Point, Maine. The Angel Gabriel was capsized and lost. Many passengers died, but somehow both John and John Jr. survived the disaster, made it ashore, and went ahead with their plans. Undaunted, John created a home from the wilderness in Massachusetts and sent for the rest of his family... only to learn that his wife didn't want to come, after all. Maybe the Pemaquid Point story changed her mind. (The experience obviously had an effect on John, too—as he never went back for her, either.)
   John spent the rest of his life trying to coax her across the ocean—and even continued to do so in his last will and testament—with no luck. It reads as follows:

   "The 28th of ye 8th mo (1651) This is ye last will: of John Bayly sen: being on his sick bed hee being yet in his right minde & senses. ffirst I giue vnto my Sonne John Bayly my house & land liing & being in ye Towne of Salisbury during his life; & after my sonnes death his second Sonne Josepth Bayly is to enjoy it & if Josephth doth not live to enjoy it, then his younger brother is to enjoy it, And when Josephth Bayly or his yonger brother cometh to enjoy this land hie is to pay to his eldest brother John Bayly the some of forty pounds as his Grandfathers guift. And I do likewise make my sonne John Bayly sole Executor of all that ever I have only my Executor is to pay to my wife his mother ye some of six pounds a yeare duering hir life pvided she cometh over hither to New-england, likewise my Executor is to pay to my sonne Robert fiueteene pounds pvided also he come over hither to New-England likewise my Executor is to pay to my Daughters his sisters ye some of Tenn pounds a peece pvided they come over hither to new-England butt in case they doe not come over hither butt doe sende by any messenger for their portions, they are to haue fiue shillings a peece for their portions whither sonne or daughters & all these somes are to bee payed according as it can bee raised out of my land & stocke & likewise it is to bee pay'd to every one of them according as ye Executor & the overseer shall see cause, And farther my Executor is to pay for ye passages of those yt doe come over hither, of them whither it bee wife or children or any of them. And farther I doe giue to my Sonne John Baylys Childeren either of them a young beast as soone as maybee with conveniecy, & my Sonne their father is to breed these beasts for every of his Childeren till these beasts groeth to cowes or Oxen, & then the children are to haue the profit of them. And I doe make my brother John Emery sen of Nubery & Mr. Thomas Bradbury of Salisbury overseers to see as this to bee performed. In witness herof I doe sett to my hand ye day, & yeare abooue written" his mark Jno Jb. Bayly Senior. Witness: William Ilsley, John Emry Jun. "likewise I doe giue to willi Huntingtons wife & childeren yt house & land yt I bought of valentine Rowell & do desire my overseers to see it made good to hir & hir children" Proved in Salisbury court 13:2:1652 by the witnesses. (Copy of will, Norfolk Deeds, vol. 1, leaf 15.)

   John died a very frustrated man on the 2nd of November, 1651, in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts. An inventory of John's estate, taken on November 12, 1651, by Mr. Edward Woodman and Thomas Macy, lists: "seventy gowre acres of upland fifteene of it broke up, 55li; houses, 25li; 12 Cows, loli; two oxen 14li; two steeres age 3 yeers & vantage, 10li; ffive Calves, 7li. 10s.; one Bull, 2li, 15s; one Swine 18s; Twenty Acres more or less of Meadow, 50li; household goods & tooles, 13li. 13s. 4d; Clothes & Bedding, 10li. 12s 2d.; corne & pvisions, 9li. 13s. 8d; Two Steeres more, 12li; total 271li 1s 2d." (Essex Co. Probate Files, Docket 1334.)
   His son, JOHN BAYLEY, was born @ 1613 in Chippenham, Co. Wilts, England. He came with his father on the angel Gabriel in 1635. They settled in Salisbury. He married ELEANOR EMERY (b: ABT 7 NOV 1624 in Romsey, Hampshire, England) before November, 1641. Then, around 1644, between the birth of their children John and Sarah, he removed to Newbury. He became a Freeman in 1669. John died in March of 1690/91 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts. Their children:


  • REBECCA BAILEY b: 24 NOV 1641 in Salisbury, Essex, MA.
  • JOHN BAILEY b: 18 MAY 1643 in Salisbury, Essex, MA.
  • SARAH BAYLEY b: 17 AUG 1644 in Newbury, Essex, MA.
  • JOSEPH BAYLEY b: 14 APR 1648 in Newbury, Essex, MA.
  • JAMES BAYLEY b: 12 SEP 1650 in Newbury, Essex, MA.
  • JOSHUA BAILEY b: 17 FEB 1652/53 in Newbury, Essex, MA.
  • ISAAC BAILEY b: 22 JUL 1654 in Newbury, Essex, MA.
  • JOSHUA BAILEY b: 20 APR 1657 in Newbury, Essex, MA.
  • RACHEL BAILEY b: 19 OCT 1662 in Newbury, Essex, MA.
  • JUDITH BAILEY b: 13 AUG 1665 in Newbury, Essex, MA.
  •    Their son, JOSEPH BAILEY, was born on 14 Apr 1648 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts. He married PRISCILLA PUTNAM (b. 4 Mar 1657, in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts) in 1675 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts. Joseph died on 23 Oct 1723 in Arundel, Lincoln, Massachusetts. She died on the 16th of November in 1704.
       The children of Priscilla Putnam and Joseph Bailey were:


  • SARAH BAILEY b: 13 Feb 1698 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts; Married ISRAEL JOSLIN (1693 - 1761) on 18 Dec 1718 in Salem, Essex, Ma. Burial: Old East Cemetery, Thompson, Windham, Connecticut.
  •    SARAH BAYLEY (BAILEY) was born on 13 Feb 1698 in Devonshire, England. She died in 1771 in Killingly, Connecticut. She married ISRAEL JOSLIN (1693 - Aug 1761) on the 29th of April, 1719, in Marlborough, Massachusetts. They had the following children:


  • ISRAEL JOSLIN was born on 30 Sep 1719.
  • SARAH JOSLIN was born on 8 Feb 1722.
  • GIDEON JOSLIN was born on 3 May 1724.
  • JOSEPH JOSLIN was born on 14 May 1726. See a Genetic Match from here.
  • BENJAMIN JOSLIN was born on 31 Jul 1728.
  • HANNAH JOSLIN was born on 31 Dec 1731.
  • EDWARD JOSLIN was born on 30 Jan 1734 in Killingly, Connecticut. He died on 22 Feb 1744 in Killingly, Connecticut.
  • JOHN JOSLIN was born on 6 May 1736 in Killingly, Connecticut. He died in 1756 in Lake George, New York.

    JOHN BAYLEY (d. 1651) begat...

    JOHN BAYLEY, JR. (b. @ 1613), who married ELEANOR EMERY (b: 1624) and begat...

    JOSEPH BAILEY (b. 1648), who married PRISCILLA PUTNAM (b. 1657) and begat...

    SARAH BAILEY, who married ISRAEL JOSLIN (1693 - 1761) and begat...

    SARAH JOSLIN (b. 1722), who married JOSEPH MUNYAN (1712 - 1797) and begat...

    JOSEPH MUNYAN (d. 1831), who married MARY MARSH (1750 - 1820) and begat...

    AMASA MUNYAN (b. 1800), who married SUSANNA HENNING (1802 - 1821) and begat...

    MARY ANN MUNYAN (1823 - 1899) married WILLIAM POTTER (1819 - 1894) and begat...

    LOUISA EDITH POTTER (1856 - 1891) who married ABRAHAM CANE WINTERS (1829 - 1893) and begat...

    NELLE WINTERS (1885 - 1974) who married WILLIAM PRITCHARD (1880 - 1958) and begat...

    DOROTHY PRITCHARD (b. 1918) who married ERWIN WENK (1910 - 1982) and begat...

    MARTHA WENK (b. 1940) who married CARLETON MARCHANT HAUSE, JR. (1939 - 2014) and begat...

    JEFF (who married LORI ANN DOTSON), KATHY (who married HAL LARSEN), ERIC (who married MARY MOONSAMMY), and MICHELE HAUSE (who married JOHN SCOTT HOUSTON).


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