Whitehead Family History

   The surname Whitehead is English, with a history dating as far back as the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. It was a name for a whitehaired or fair-haired person. The surname whitehead is derived from the Old English words hwit, which means white, and heafod, which means head. Spelling variations of this family name include: Whitehedd, Whited, Whitehead, Whytehead and others. The coat of Arms is blue on a chevron between three gold bugle horns, three blue birds. The Family Motto is "Dum spiro spero," which translates as: "While I have breath I hope."
   The family was first found in Lancashire, where they held a family seat from very ancient times, both before and after the Norman Conquest in 1066. Some of the first Colonial settlers of this family name were: Daniel Whitehead, who settled at Hempstead, New York in 1631; Richard Whitehead, who settled in New England in 1630; and John Whitehead, who settled in New Haven, Connecticutt, in 1630.
   This line of the family can be traced back to FRANCIS WHITEHEAD (b: 1765 in Surry, North Carolina) and SARAH DeBORD, who were married in 1791, in Virginia.
   They had the following children:


  • KEZZIAH WHITEHEAD b: 1805 in Wythe Co., VA. Family listed below. Death: 1878 in Pond Creek, Pike Co., KY.
  • JOHN WHITEHEAD married Margaret Hubbel. They had one child: Ransom "Bud" Whitehead.
  •    KEZZIAH WHITEHEAD married HIRAM MAHLON DAUGHERTY in 1791, in Virginia. Hiram and Kezziah had the following children:


  • FRANCIS MARION "FRANK" DAUGHERTY b: Apr 1825 in Wythe Co., VA. Married Rhoda Whittaker (b: Bet 1831 and 1833) in Russell Co., VA. Children: Fatima b: ABT 1848 in Russell Co., VA; Joseph b: ABT 1850 in Kentucky; George Franklin b: ABT 1853 in Kentucky; Keziah b: ABT 1854 in Kentucky; Angeline b: ABT 1857 in Virginia; Caroline b: ABT 1858 in Kentucky; Nancy A. b: ABT 1861 in Kentucky; Rebecca b: ABT 1865 in Virginia; Milley b: ABT 1868 in Kentucky; Mary W. b: ABT 1870 in Virginia; and Hiram M. b: ABT 1874 in Virginia. Death: AFT 1910 in Pike Co., Kentucky.
  • ELIZABETH DAUGHERTY b: Sep 1827 in Wythe Co., VA. Married George Smith (b: ABT 1828 in Kentucky) on 4 Apr 1850 in Pike Co., KY. Children: Kezziah Smith b: Aug 1853 in Pike Co., Kentucky. She married again, to John Charles on 6 Mar 1853 in Pike Co., KY. Then she married a third time, to Godfrey Daniel Dotson (b: ABT 1827 in North Carolina) on 29 Aug 1871 in Pike Co., KY. Elizabeth died between 1900 and 1910 in Peter Creek, Pike Co., Kentucky.
  • LOVENIA DAUGHERTY b: ABT 1830 in Wythe Co., VA. Married Jonathan Smith (b: ABT 1826 in Kentucky or Virginia) on 14 Apr 1850 in Pike Co., KY. Children: Vashtie b: ABT 1850 in Pike Co., KY; George H. b: 1858 in Kentucky or Virginia; John Silas b: 1859 in Virginia; Juliana b: 1863 in Virginia; Joseph F. b: 1867 in Pike Co, Kentucky; Aaron W. b: ABT 1872 in Pike Co., KY; Hiram M. b: 1856 in Kentucky. Lovenia died after 1910 in Pike Co., Kentucky.
  • HIRAM MAHLON DAUGHERTY, JR., b: Aug 1833 in Smythe Co., VA. He married Mary Coleman (b: Feb 1839 in Pike Co., KY) on 24 Aug 1854. Children: Hiram b: ABT 1858 in Kentucky; Curtis L. b: ABT 1861 in Kentucky; Francis M. b: ABT 1867 in Kentucky. Death: BET 1900 and 1910 in Pike Co., Kentucky.
  • DANIEL JAMES "DAVID" DAUGHERTY b: Jul 1835 in Smyth Co., VA. He married Elizabeth Prater (b: 1851 in Pike Co, Kentucky) on 29 Jul 1869 in Pike Co., KY. Children: Leveniah Malissa b: 22 Nov 1878 in Pike, KY; Kezziah Elizabeth b: Jun 1871 in Pike, KY; George Grant b: Jun 1871 in Pike, KY; Hiram E. b: 2 May 1873 in Pike, KY; John Daniel b: Nov 1874 in Pike, KY; Mariah L. b: 1876 in Pike, KY; and Harrison. Death after 1910 in Pike Co., Kentucky.
  • KEZZIAH VIRGINIA DAUGHERTY b: 1837 in Smyth Co., VA. Married George Charles (b: ABT 1843) on 3 Aug 1860 in Pike Co., KY. Children: John G. b: 1863 in Pike Co., KY; James Mount b: 1866 in Pike Co., KY; Mary E. b: 1868. Kezziah died on 11 Apr 1885 in Buchanan Co., VA.
  • MARIA LOUISA "MAHALA" DAUGHERTY b: Feb 1840 in Smyth Co., VA. Married James M. Francis (b: 24 Sep 1841 in Pike, KY) on 19 Jul 1860 in Pike, KY. Married by Justice of the Peace, William H. Francis Jr., James' father. Children: Melissa Jane b: 1 Jun 1861 in Pike, KY; James Nelson b: 20 Apr 1862 in Pike, KY; Elizabeth G.V. b: 23 Sep 1866 in Pike, KY; Georgia A.C. b: 29 Jan 1868 in Pike, KY; William Baswill b: 23 Jul 1870 in Lawrence Co, KY; Kezziah V. b: 11 Nov 1872 in Minnesota; and John M. b: 1 Jun 1878 in Minnesota.
  • NANCY J. DAUGHERTY b: 1843 in Smyth Co., VA. Married GEORGE WASHINGTON DOTSON (b: ABT 1837 in North Carolina or Tennessee) on 1 Aug 1861 in Pike Co., KY. Family listed below. Death in Pike Co., KY.
  • WILLIAM HENRY DAUGHERTY b: Jul 1845 in Smyth Co., VA. Death: 31 Dec 1857 in Pike Co., KY.
  • ALLEN P.J. DAUGHERTY b: 1857.

    FRANCIS WHITEHEAD (b: 1765) married SARAH DeBORD and begat...

    KEZZIAH WHITEHEAD (1805 - 1878), who married HIRAM MAHLON DAUGHERTY and begat...

    NANCY JANE DAUGHERTY (b. 1843), who married GEORGE W. DOTSON (1835 - 1877) and begat...

    HARRISON DOTSON (1862 - 1938), who married ARMINDA WOLFORD and begat...

    WILLIE DOTSON (b. 1884), who married NANCY McCOY (1887-1960) and begat...

    GREEN JR. DOTSON (1921-1957), who married JACQULENE BALDRIDGE (1926-2003) and begat...

    TERRY LEE DOTSON (b. 12 May 1950), who married CYNTHIA ANN PALMER (b. 03 Jan 1951) and begat...

    LORI ANN DOTSON (b. 07 Oct 1973), who married JEFFREY HAUSE (b. 07 Jun 1961).