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 Central High School Yearbook 

June 1921
The Centralite
Vol XI
Published by the Senior Class

To one, Albertus Darnell, who has devoted the better part of his life to the interests
of Central High, this eleventh volume of The Centralite is respectfully and lovingly

Mr. Emil Albrecht, German
Miss Grace Anderson, English
Miss Mary Anderson, History
Miss Elonia Andre, Biology
Miss Grace Bammel, English
Mr. F. O. Bates, Head of Latin Department
Rodrique Bertault, French
Miss Elizabeth Bidwell, Domestic Science
Mr. E. G. Blackstone, Typewriting
Mr. V. S. Blanchard, Gymnasium
Mr. C. B.  Bowerman, Head of Commercial Department
MME. Geogette Bremont, French
Mr. L. R. Brown, Music
Miss Caroline Campbell, English
Mr. George Carter, Head of Physics Department
Mr. Hiram Chapman, Chemistry
Miss Ethel W. Chase, Botany
Mr. R. J. Coats, Physics
Mr. John Collins, Head of Boys' Gym. Department
Miss Louise Conklin, Music
Miss Kate Conover, Art
Miss Cornelia Copeland, English
Mr. N. E. Craig, Mathematics
Mr. Rex Cunliffe, English
Mr. Albertus Darnell, Head of Mathematics Department
M. Henri Dutoit, French
Mr. Roy Ellis, Mathematics
Mr. David Fell, Bookkeeping
Mr. S. S. Fishbaine, English
Miss Christine Follansbee, Girls' Gymnasium
Miss Matilde Garvett, Music
Mr. E. F. Gee, Mathematics
Miss Marion Gerls, Mathematics
Miss Meriam Goldman, English
Miss Herminia Guzman, Spanish
Mr. Carlisle Hause, Phonography
Mr. Frederick Hanke, Machine Shop
Miss May Hadley, English
Miss Grace HIll, Head of French Department
Miss Landrey Hill, Domestic Science
Miss Katherine Hine, Mathematics
Miss Florence Hopkins, Librarian
Mr. Bert Hudgins, Geology
Miss Charlotte Huebner, English
Mr. Ray Huffman, Commercial
Miss Isabella Hull, History
Miss Helen Ireland, Mathematics
Mr. F. C. Irwin, Head of Chemistry Department
Miss Doris James, English
Mrs. Vera Johnson, Spanish
Mr. R. I. Judkins, Physics
Miss Marion Kanouse, Mathematics
Miss Henrietta Lang, Art
Miss Mary Lennon, English
Miss Caroline Levens, English
Mr. Samuel Levin, Head of History Department
Miss Florella Lowry, English
Mr. Carl McLain, Drawing
Miss Agnes Mackenzie, Domestic Art
Mr. D. C. Mac Lachlan, Geology
Lieut. Mac Millian, Professor of Military Tactics
Miss Matilda Mutschel, History
Mr. Niel Nielson, Civics and Economics
Miss Margaret Pengelly, Botany
Miss Georgia D. Phillips, Librarian
Miss Louise Potter, Secretary
Miss Mary Power, History
Miss Edith Purdie, Mathematics
Miss Ruby Richardson, Latin
Miss Anne Roby, History
Miss Dorothy Sample, Latin
Miss Charlotte Sargeant, Latin
Mr. William Sargent, Head of Mechanical Department
Miss Eleanor Sauer, Girls' Gymnasium
Miss Elise Schwartz, Penmanship
Miss Mary Sleeper, Music
Mrs. Grace Smith, Latin
Mr. R. E. Sprague, Manual Training
Mr. Frank Tompkins, Head of English Department
Miss Mary Torr, Mathematics
Mrs. Amanda Tracy, Domestic Science
Mr. Henry Vaughan, Chemistry
Miss Rose Walsh, Phonography
Miss Isabella Watt, Greek
Miss Helen Wattles, Mathematics
Miss Jessie Whitham, Head of Girls' Gym. Department
Mr. A. N. Wood, Mathematics and History
Mrs. Caroline Wood, Mathematics

Frank L. Henderson, President
Ann Lacy, Vice-president
Mollie Zebrak, Secretary
Russel Hair, Treasurer

ALTMAN, Abe J. - "Whatever happens, smile;  it might be worse."
ANDREWS, Mitchel M. - "I am not a politician, and my other habits are good."
ARMSTRONG, Arthur R. - "A will that accomplishes."
BARCUS, Norman - "He hath a wisdom that doth guide his valor to act in safety."
BECKWITH, Marguerite - "A superior person."
BENEDICT, Horace A. (no picture) - "Great men from little freshies grow."
BENNETT, Maynard - "Men are but children of a larger growth."
BEZ, Paul G. - "It takes brains to be a fool."
BIELFIELD, Sidney - "Silence betrays no one."
BRADLEY, Lillian - "A merry heart is the best of company."
BRAND, Benjamin - "Plain truths need no flowers of speech."
BROCKWAY, Cornelia - "A full grown flower of glorious beauty."
BUDNITZKY, Daniel - "And virtue though in rags will keep me warm."
BUSHEY, Arvilla V - "Two heads are better than one."
CAMERON, Alexandria - "Study not, for ignorance is bliss."
CAMPBELL, Roderick A. - "A short saying oft contains much wisdom."
CATLIN, George B. - " The mirror of all courtesy."
CLARK, George D. - "Men may live fools, but fools they cannot die."
COHEN, Belle - "Too much wisdom is folly."
COOPER, Dorothy M. - "I might be better if I would, but it's awful lonesome being good."
COWEN, Lillian - "Great as the rising sun."
DARLING, Lucille B. - "Deeds, not words."
DAUGHERTY, Frieda L. - " Let not your heart be troubled."
DAVEY, Norma - "In youth and beauty wisdom is but rare."
DAVIDSON, Betty - "Failure is but a closed door to success."
DAVIS, Ralph - "The ladies are my downfall."
DAVIS, Violet E. - "Why frown when you may smile."
DICKERSON, Lilabelle - "Speak to me as I am."
DUST, Olive M. - "Good sense is a gift of Heaven."
ELLIAS, Ruth M. - "I was never less alone than when by myself."
ERMANN, Marcia F. - Practice is the best of all instructors."
EVNITZKY, Sarah - "Greatness is great."
FAKE, Robert - "As bright as the setting sun."
FARBMAN, Lillian - "If at once you don't succeed, try, try again, then fail."
FEINBERG, Pauline - "A Latin 'pony' is a hard ridden horse."
FENKELL, Margaret - "Nothing is given so profusely."
FERNWOOD, Rolland W. - "What is yours is mine and what is mine is mine, also."
FICK, Maude - "Take things as they come."
FLESHER, Marguerite - "O woman!  perfect woman!"
FORSHEE, Glendora H. - "A witty woman is a treasure;  a witty beauty is a power."
FULCHER, Max E. - "Let your conscience be."
GARRETT, Madeline - "May you live all the days of your life."
GIBSON, Benjamin R. - "Content to follow where we lead the way."
GOLDSTEIN, Sam - "Whose little body lodged a mighty mind."
GOODMAN, Caroline - "A good disposition is more valuable than gold."
GRAFMAN, Henrietta - "Let us have peace."
GRAY, John B. - "Go away, let me study."
GREEN, Harry - "Handsome, blithe, debonair."
GREENBERG, Alice - "Smile and the men smile at you."
HAIR, Russel - "Character is a diamond that scratches all other surfaces."
HAMBURG, C. Wesley - "Plough deep while sluggards sleep."
HANSEN, June - "The early bird catches the worm."
HARRISON, Edith R. - "Woman is woman's natural ally."
HART, William L. - "Perfect simplicity is unconsciously audacious."
HENDERSON, Frank L. - "And a little child shall lead them."
HENDR ICKS, Cecil G. - "I cannot help myself."
HERSCOVITZ, Sam - "The talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do well."
HILL, Edward C. - "A sportsman through and through."
HILL, G. Vivian - "She is a paradise on earth."
HOUSTON, Suzanne C. - "Toiling much, enduring much, fulfilling much."
HUFFMAN, Helen D. - "I leave my character behind me."
HULBERT, Elizabeth G. - "A modest manner fits a maid."
JENKINS, Helen M. - "Words are women; deeds are men."
JOHNSTON, Florence C. - "The type of perfect womanhood."
JUHL, Wilma E. - " As good be out of the world, as out of fashion."
KAPLAN, Sarah S. - "Be sure you are right, then go ahead."
KATZ, Jacob A. - "My eyes make pictures when they are shut."
KELLY, Niel C. - "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread."
KERSEY, Kathryn F. - "It is not what you do, but how you do it."
KETCHUM, Berrien C. - "Theory is lack of understanding."
KISER, Ted R. - "I would fain die a dry death."
KOTKIN, Carl - "Toil does not come to help the idle."
LACY, Ann - "Friendship is a priceless treasure."
LAMSON, Marion - "When she had passed it seemed like the ceasing of exquisite music."
LEVENTEN, Lily R - "She hath charms to grace a noble queen."
LE VEY, Beatrice - "When work interferes with pleasure, quit work."
LEVIN, Anna - "Promise is most given when the least is said."
LIPSON, Samuel R. - "The difficulty in life is the choice."
LUX, Louis G. - "What's in a name."
McGARRITY, Gwendolyn - "Eat, drink, and be merry."
McINTYRE, Helen E. - "Prone to mischief, able to perform."
MACKENZIE, Kenneth - "Truth is the brightest thing that man may keep."
MAIR, Hugh D. - "As innocent as a new laid egg."
MARK, Lillian - "A blossom of which Heaven is the fruit."
MASON, Elizabeth - "They're only good who are truly great."
MASSERMAN, Julius - "His music would charm forever."
MENTZ, Sarah S. - "Her eyes do never give, but through laughter."
MEZERIK, Abraham G. - "Every day is ladies' day with me."
MILLER, Gerald E. - "Some are wise, some are otherwise."
MITCHELL, Dorothy M. - "Your spirits shine through you."
MITCHELL, Jennie - "Smile and the world smiles with you."
MORRIS, Anna - "She who respects herself."
MOY, Katie G - "Character is higher than intellect.".
NEDOMACSKI, George B. - "Knowledge is power."
NEWMAN, Frances C. - "Virtue is its own reward."
NURMI, Lahji S. - "Always a friend."
PATTERSON, Ruth H. - "Work right on through censure and applause."
PERRY, Charles R. - "No man can lose what he never had."
PORTER, Helen - "And fairer than pearls and stars."
PORTS, Edith - "It's better to be meek than fierce."
RAMSDELL, Benj. D. - "He speaks with fiery words."
REEKIE, Helen M. - "Modesty has no equal."
REID, Joseph A. (no picture) - "Every man shall bear his own burden."
RESSLER, Marvin - "I have often regretted my speech, never my silence."
RICE, Clarinda I. (my mother) - "With an eye to see life's sunniest side."
RICE, Gordon O. - "The world knows little of its great men."
RICE, Martin B. - "The glory of a firm, capacious mind."
RICHARD, Laverne - "Ignorance of one's misfortunes is clear gain."
ROBINSON, Remus - "Assume virtue if you have it not."
ROE, Harold E. - "He knows little who tells all he knows."
ROSENBERG, Esther - "A light heart lives long."
ROGVOY, Theodore - "Thou comest between me and those books too often."
ROSENTHAL, Jacob J. - "What fury when the winds let loose."
RUSH, Milford J. - "Girls, sometimes;  eat, always;  study, never."
SAFFIR, Milton - "Fortune is not on the side of the faint-hearted."
SANDELMAN, Lillian - "Great bluffs from little study grow
SAUNDERS, Bradford M. - "A woman's only a woman, but a good cigar's a smoke."
SCHILLER, Aline D. - "Red as a rose is she."
SCHMIER, Abe A. - "Out paramoured the Turk."
SCHOOLEY, Cameron - "Music will be his death."
SEEMAN, Jennie L. - "My studies have all my time."
SEELEY, Robert M., Jr. - "Always murmuring like a babbling brook."
SHEIFMAN, Victoria - "Be good sweet maid, and let who will be clever."
SHEVITZ, Abe D. - "Sincere, true, faithful, and otherwise."
SIEWERT, Robert A. - "Nothing will become of nothing."
SIMONS, Leonard N. - "Not that I like study less, but I like girls more."
SKLAR, John - "Wit and wisdom are born with a man."
SLUTZKY, Abraham - "Gains, not base gains; base gains are the same as losses."
SMILEY, Gladys - "I know a maiden fair to see."
SMITH, Abe - "Second thoughts are ever wiser."
SMITH, Millard T. - "Mild, modest and reserved."
SNYDER, Donald E. L. - "Calm and unruffled as a summer sea."
STEELE, Helen L. - "Make haste slowly."
STEIN, Myron D. - "He may be a doctor, but not for his own heart troubles."
SZCZEPANIK, Frank P. - "How many clangs are there in an anvil?"
TAYLOR, Beulah - "Beauty and grace and love and fidelity always."
THIRLBY, Benj. - "Thou art a scholar."
TOPCIK, Aaron - "Beware the fury of a patient man."
TOPCIK, Harry A. - "The wrong way always seems the more reasonable."
TWERSKY, Edith - "Honesty is the best policy."
UNGERLIEDER, Arthur - "Greatness is simplicity."
VILLEROT, Wilma E. - "Fair was she, and young."
WAINGER, Esther - "The blessing of earth is toil."
WEBB, Willard H. - "An angel!  or if not an earthly paradox."
WECHSLER, Clara A. - "Twas an angel visited the green earth."
WEISWASSER, Aaron - "Handsome is as handsome does."
WERTS, Georgia H. - "She has a way with men."
WHITNEY, Donald T. - "Beware of dreams."
WILENKIN, Hilda D. - "High erected thoughts seated in the heart of courtesy."
WILLIAMS, Leonidas H. - "A good reputation is more valuable than money."
WILSON, Florence M. - "Her eyes, the windows of her soul."
WISE, Abraham - "It's a wise head that has a silent tongue."
WISE, Rose - "Variety is the spice of life."
YANOVER, Barney - "Better late than never."
YINGER, Helen L. - "Try the goal to win."
YOUNG, Ethel M. - "But with old ideas."
ZEBRAK, Mollie - "Constantly striving to make her best better."
ZIERER, Jennie - "Truth is always the strongest argument."
ZIETLIN, Sarah L. - "Sucess comes in cans, failure in can'ts."


The Student  January 1921  Commencement Number for the One-Hundreth 
Graduating Class of Detroit Central High School   


   To David Mackenzie, who has devoted the best years of his life to the interests of Central High School and who has been our confidential advisor and true friend, this magazine is respectfully dedicated.

   Most pop. boy - Richard Laurence
   Most pop. girl - Helen Lamport
   Class infant - Allen Monroe
   Prettiest girl - Agnes Parker
   Handsomest boy - Neil K. Barber
   Class pest - Anne Kopman
   Class bluffer - "Tubby" Buehler
   Class goat - Sam Bank
   Class vamp - Hazel Underwood
   Class fashion plate - Bett Harrel
   Most athletic girl - Irene Livermore
   Most athletic boy - Frank Jones
   Class crepe hanger - Carl Immerman
   Class orator - Abe Brasch
   Cleverest girl - Anna Sloane
   Cleverest boy - Jule Stocker
   Class musher - Dewey F. Hepburn

   Richard L. Laurence, President
   Helen Lamport, Vice-President
   Olga Kermath, Secretary
   Herbert Buehler, Treasurer

   ALFRED, Herbert G. - "Men of few words are mostly good men."
   BACHRACH, Minnie - "The mirror of all courtesy."
   BANKS, Sam - "If dirt were trumps, what a hand your shoes would hold."
   BARBER, Neil K. - "It is a plague to be handsome."
   BATTY, Earl J. - "The ladies are my downfall."
   BERNSTEIN, David - "Business before pleasure."
   BERNSTEIN, Sadie - "Attention to her work;  a true friend to her friends."
   BIGELOW, Glenna I. - "We shall not look upon her like again."
   BORNSTEIN, Dorothy - "Of manner, gentle;  of affections, mild."
   BRASCH, Abraham - "He was a brave man who first swallowed an oyster."
   BUEHLER, Herbert - "Not allowed in all places."
   CAPLAN, Joseph - "Accidents will occur."
   COHEN, Ruth H. - "A full grown flower of glorious beauty."
   COHEN, Sylvia - "A mistress of herself."
   CONNERS, Loretta - "Virtue is its own reward."
   DENNER, Irma - "Diligence is the mother of good fortune."
   DIXON, Margaret - "She said less and thought more."
   EKELMAN, Harold - "Greatness is simplicity."
   FALK, Charles H. - "A merry heart is the best of company."
   FELDMAN, Rebecca B. - "Calm, unruffled as a summer sea."
   FEINSTEIN, Ruth - "Always a friend to those who know her."
   FRUMIN, Anne - "A light heart lives long."
   FRIEDMAN, Burton - "Modesty has no equal."
   GANTZEWITZ, Lottie - "Better to be small and shine, then large and cast a shadow."
   GELLER, Morris - "He is a king among actors."
   GIUFFRE, Anthony - "He works quietly, but well."
   GOLDGLIED, Sadie - "In her very quietness there is charm."
   GOODMAN, Anne - "Success comes in cans, failure in can'ts."
   GOTTESMAN, Lillian S. - "A superior person."
   HARRELL, Betty - "Good things come in small packages."
   HEPBURN, Franklin D. - "A lion among ladies, but a lamb among men."
   HOPKINS, Jessie M. - "I have no sceptre, but I have a pen."
   HORNY, Eleonore - "A quiet, self-possessed young woman."
   IMERMAN, Carlyle - "Words, words, and more words."
   JACOBSON, Tillie - "Smile and the world smiles with you."
   JONES, Frank G. - "A good man does good by merely living."
   KATZMAN, Jacob - "Argument is the foundation of all fame."
   KERMATH, Olga - "What I learned I have forgotten, and what I know I have guessed at."
   KLEINSMITH, Elsie - "Pretty to walk with and witty to talk with."
   KOPMAN, Anne - "Then she will talk, ye gods, how she will talk."
   KRELL, Florence - "A friendly heart with many friends."
   KRING, Eleanor - "Secure in the hearts of many friends."
   LAMPORT, Helen - "She has a way with men."
   LAURENCE, Richard L. - "A man to the core."
   LEE, Helen - "Common sense in an uncommon degree."
   LIVERMORE, Irene - "The only way to have a friend is to be one."
   LEIBOVITZ, Samuel - "Judge not from appearance."
   LERNER, Samuel - "He is a clock that always goes to slow."
   LIGGETT, Ruth S. - "The early bird gets the worm."
   LIPSON, Bernard A. - "It is the 13th."
   LOVETT, Frances G. - "A kindly grace of manner and behavior."
   MADDOCK, Walter G. - "The world knows little of its great men."
   MASON, Doris - "A modest manner fits a maid."
   McELROY, Lewis W. - "Mild, modest and reserved."
   MITCHELL, Harpld A. - "It takes brains to be a fool."
   MONROE, Allan H. - "Little, but - oh, my!"
   MOY, Jennie W. - "A heart noble and devoted to the truth."
   MEYERS, Minnie - "Common sense in as uncommon degree."
   NORTON, Mitchell B. - "Me thinks I am becoming a god."
   O'NEILL, Ruth I. - "Deeds, not words."
   PARKER, Agnes C. - "Her blush is like a red, red rose."
   RASMUSSEN, Marie E. - "Sober, steadfast, and demure."
   ROBERT, Ruth - "Sincere, faithful and practical."
   ROSENBERG, Raymond - "Let us have peace."
   ROSENBERG, Jacob - "We all have our faults."
   ROSENZWEIG, Abner C. - "I always get the better when I argue alone."
   ROSENTHAL, Bertha - "A sweet, attractive kind of grace."
   ROSNER, Blanche - "Not that I love study less,  but I love fun more."
   ROSNER, Sadie - "A blithe heart makes a beaming visage."
   ROTHMAN, Alice - "Good things come in small packages."
   ROTHSTEIN, Clara - "Wise to resolve and patient to reform."
   SIDDER, Sidney S. - "How graceful children are before they learn to dance."
   SHAFFER, Elsa F. - "I love men, not because they are men, but because they are not women."
   SHAW, John R. - "He may be young, but he has old ideas."
   SHELBY, Jerolean M. - "Why frown when you may smile."
   SIEGEL, Joseph H. - "I wish I had never learned to write."
   SLOANE, Anna - "Whatever is worth at all is worth doing well."
   SMITH, Lemoyne R. - "The keen spirit seizes the prompt occasion."
   SMITH, Rosamond - "A cheerful temper makes knowledge delightful, and wit good natured."
   SMITH, Virginia - "A good disposition is more valuable than gold."
   SNIVELY, Clema L. - "Calm and unruffled as the summer sea."
   STOCKER, Jule E. - "All the great men are dying;  I don't feel well myself."
   SZCZEPANIK, Theresa - "Speech is great, but silence is greater."
   TAYLOR, Alice - "Silence never betrayed anyone."
   TZATZKEN, Abraham - "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread."
   UNDERWOOD, Hazel - "When you dance I wish you would do nothing but that."
   VERT, Louise - "My lady smiles and all is gay."
   WASSERMAN, Fannie - "Speak to me as I am."
   WESTPHAL, Mildred                               

                   These lists were transcribed by H. Johnson in December 2002
     If any additional information in the yearbook is desired for a particular graduate or faculty member
     feel free to contact the transcriber at:   hrjohnson@acegroup.cc


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