Yates County, New York

Barrington Baptist Church



History & Directory of Yates Co., Vol 1, Pub 1873, by Stafford C. Cleveland, Pg. 161 – 163 

In 1815, Elder Simon SUTHERLAND commenced holding meetings in Sunderln Hollow.  A revival followed which led to the organization of a Church, called the “Second Baptist Church of Wayne,” in the spring of 1819.A council was called to organize the church March 24, 1819, and met at Frederick TOWNSEND’s for the purpose of constituting a church.  The following churches met, namely: There were present from:

Wayne – Elder Ephraim SANFORD, Gersham BENNETT, Asa YEOMAN 

Pultney – Peter POWERS, Samuel DREW 

Second Milo – Elder SUTHERLAND, John R. POWELL, Thomas BENNETT, Isaac HEDGES, Samuel SHERMAN and others. 

Elder POWERS was chosen Moderator, and Elder BIGELOW, Clerk.  The following names are those of the constituent members of this Church when thus organized: 

Brethren – Janna OSGOOD, Ephraim WRIGHT, Joseph SUNDERLIN, Eli NORHTUP

Sisters – Deborah BAKER, Anna BAKER, Susan SUNDERLIN, Catharine SUTTON, Esther HAUSE, Clarissa BROWN, Martha KIRKHAM, Hannah TOWNSEND, Lydia SUNDERLIN, Lydia WRIGHT, Olla ROBLYER, Bethiah BURR, Pothena WALKER, Lana OSGOOD, Miriam BENNETT, Sally DEMOND, Betsey BOOTH, Elizabeth, wife of Lodowick DISBROW

On the 27th of March, 1819, the first regular Church Meeting was held; and at this meeting Janna OSGOOD was chosen Moderator, and Joseph SUNDERLIN, standing Clerk.  And amongst other things, they voted to hold their Church Meetings on the first Saturday of each month at John WRIGHT’s .

Elder SUTHERLAND was invited to supply the church with preaching; and on Wednesday, April 6th, 1819, he preached, and the following were baptized: William WORTMAN, John WRIGHT, Charles KNAPP, Selah CROSBY, Eunice KNAPP, Lydia CHASE, Elizabeth, the mother of Anthony RARICK and Fanny WORTMAN.  Wednesday, May 12th, 1819, there was a meeting held at Frederick TOWNSEND’s; preaching by Elder SUTHERLAND, and James A. SWARTHOUT and Miss JACOBY were baptized.June 6th, 1819, Jane SUTTON and Nancy BROWN were baptized into the church. 

Sunday, August 1st, 1819, Elder SUTHERLAND preached and the following were baptized by him, namely: Daniel SUNDERLIN and his sons, Dennis, Daniel W., Tippet, Ira and Eli SUNDERLIN, and three of their wives, Nancy S., Hannah and Fanny SUNDERLIN, Azariah FINCH and his wife, Hannah SILSBEE, Polly DAKIN, Nancy LANG and Polly BURR.  Elder SUTHERLAND said be baptized fifteen persons that day in sixteen minutes. 

September 5th, 1819, the following were baptized: Stephen ROBINSON and wife, and Almeda SUNDERLIN.  Jonathan KETCHAM joined the church by letter, April 8, 1820, and in October, 1821, the “Church voted that Brother Jonathan KETCHAM have the privilege of preaching in the bounds of the church.”  They erected their meeting house in 1821, in Sunderlin Hollow, on the north side of the east and west road, nearly opposite John WRIGHT’s.  The first meeting was held in this meetinghouse, April 6, 1822.  In February 1822, they chose Ephraim WRIGHT and Charles KNAPP as deacons.  When the town of Wayne was divided, the greater part of the church society fell in Barrington, hence the name was subsequently changed to “The Barrington Baptist Church,” which name it now bears.  The dilapidated remains of this meeting house still stand.  The Barrington Baptist Church have a house of worship in the Village of Wayne. 

The second minister that served this church was Daniel SHERWOOD; He was followed by Jonathan KETCHAM who preached for them over twenty years.  Jonathan FERRIS was also a preacher for them at an early period.  Elder FERRIS was killed by lightening in his own house in the south part of Milo.  A daughter of Elder KETCHAM is the wife of Sackett B. WIXSON, the present Supervisor of Barrington.