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     Reckless + Wild 

    Reckless + Wild

    20th Century Fox

     Christine Taylor
     Paget Brewster
     John Corbett
     Claudia Schiffer

    Directed by:
     Bill Fishman

    Running Time:  

    Crave Factor


    Overall Crave Factor

    Reviewed by: Axel H

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    Back Cover

    Frances is the ultimate L.A. party girl who lives for the Hollywood scene. Lily is in town to hook up with the man of her dreams. When they lose the wedding invitation, they go on an after-hours search through late-night Hollywood as they hop from club to club, party to party and boy to boy.

    Movie Review

    AKA - DESPERATE BUT NOT SERIOUS, this film is a throwback to the fun and cheerful indies about twenty to thirty-somethings looking for love and redefining their lives through partying and meeting odd people. Director Bill Fishman odes a good job of breathing that life into this picture. His previous credits – only the ridiculously unfunny CAR 54, WHERE ARE YOU? in 1994, and the odd-humor masterpiece TAPEHEADS in 1988, and a Co-exec producer credit on the highly forgettable western POSSE.

    He still does an able job here, leading the action where it needs to go, but this is an entirely plot-driven story – essentially a chase movie.

    The acting is what really pulls this one above the normal straight-to-video-comedy dreck. The central cast are all strong performers with extensive backgrounds as sidekicks and ensemble players, and the innumerable cameos are hilarious and unexpected. Christine Taylor – Marsha Brady, the bald chick from Friends, the reporter in ZOOLANDER, the slutty cousin in THE WEDDING SINGER, and the real-life Mrs. Ben Stiller – puts in an anchoring performance as the slightly uptight and trying to be ‘together’ heroine of the story. She comes to town to meet up with a man she spent one glorious day with in Nepal. The only thing standing in her way is her best friend, an amusingly out-to-lunch wannabe actress with a lot of issues.

    Paget Brewster – best known for several TV series, particularly ‘The Trouble With Normal’ and most recently as the friendly boss on the superior ‘Andy Richter Controls The Universe’ – gives a manic, glowing and comedically sound performance as Frances, the uber-extra. While she prefers the term ‘background artist’, Frances is a wannabe actress whose biggest claim to fame is as a nipple double. She parties hard and is constantly either drinking, drunk or hung over. As a gorgeous flake, Brewster makes Frances the soul of the film, and is by far the most sympathetic character in the film. She steals every scene, except one…

    Joey Lawrence, that TV Keanu, of ‘Blossom’ and ‘Gimme A Break’ - who launched a New Kids style singing career and a million magazine covers for Teen Beat and Teen Dream and Tiger Beat and Dream Tigers Beat Teens – is the funniest thing in a very funny movie. Has Hell frozen over? Am I dead? Maybe slipped through to an alternate universe?

    Seriously, watching Joey Lawrence as the deluded former teen star actor, Darby Tipp, you can’t help but wonder why he hasn’t been funny before now. He obviously has the skills, I guess he was busy trying to keep that Blossom coifed from getting messed up. Here his hair is short, his clothes are plain, and he is a comic magician. When he takes the girls to his place and explains Feng Shui, and then plays Grateful Dead tributes on his guitar, I nearly wet myself. He offers joints from the head of a Jerry Garcia bust, and explains ‘They’re already rolled. I have a woman who comes in. Cool, huh?’. That is funny.

    Other cameos include Henry Rollins as a determined and possibly psychopathic bartender, Max Perlich as the goon who is somehow the object of Frances’ obsession, John Cusack’s little brother Billy Cusack, Wendy Jo Sperber from ‘Bosom Buddies’, Chris Hogan, Richard Edson, Nicholas Sadler, and Judy Greer from JAWBREAKER

    Add Claudia Schiffer as a punk-goth singer, John Corbett as a nerdy bug researcher and Patton Oswalt from ‘King Of Queens’ paired up with Brian Posehn from ‘Mr.Show’ and ‘Just Shoot Me’ and you’ve got a full house. Oswalt and Posehn are also hilarious as two track-suit wearing geeks who spend the entire film discussing the sexual orientation of Star Wars characters. It continues on through the credits, along with some other good stuff.

    Crave Factor – 8
    This is a funny movie and for a good time, you could do much worse.


    The Menu pages are all artful black and white montages of stills from the film. The main menu has some color with pictures of Lili and Frances in the bottom and top left with the title in between, A large picture of John Corbett on the right and the selections down the middle.

    Play – Play Movie

    Scene Selection – 4 chapters with still photo title cards on each page, 12 chapters total

    Set-Up – Audio – English in 5.1 DDS or 2.0 Stereo ; Subtitles – English

    Special Features – Next section

    Crave Factor – 7
    Not complicated or detailed, just simple and fun, like the film.


    There are very few ‘extras’ on this disc.

    Director and Cast – Text filmographies for cast and the director

    Trailer – Theatrical trailer – very grainy and dark, hard to see, not a good transfer

    Crave Factor – 4
    Almost nothing to rate, and the trailer looks like a TV commercial for a Canadian Film Board feature.


    1.33:1 Fullscreen.

    Not a lot of flash and panache on this one, sometimes the dark sets and exterior night stuff are waaay too dark to see a bloody thing, but overall, it doesn’t detract from the film, if you go into it as a casual viewer, just wanting to be entertained.

    Crave Factor – 6
    Lots of shadow, and a few grainy moments.


    English in 5.1 DDS or 2.0 Stereo.

    The sound mix is excellent for such a small film, Everyone’s voices are crisp and clear, and Fishman watches that old cliché, where people are having a normal conversation in a crowded and rowdy bar. In this movie, when they are in the bar, everyone is yelling, two or three times to be heard. The music is also pretty good, with a lot of L.A. indie kind of stuff mixing girl-pop with lounge and ska. The two singing actors, however, are absolutely horrible. Joey Lawrence is supposed to be bad, and he is. Claudia Schiffer, on the other hand, is supposed to be passable at least, and she growls and snarls and mumbles so completely off-key that you want to hit the ffwd button.

    Crave Factor – 7
    Not bad at all for a little indie flick, but they usually have better music, right?

    Conclusions & Final Thoughts

    Unfortunately marked down because of the package and the average picture quality, this is a fun movie. Throw it in for a couple of friends and pop some corn. Throw in a few fuzzy navels and a couple of slippery nipples and it’s a party.

    + Good fun, Joey Lawrence is hilarious

    - Very slim package – no extras

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