The first map is from the book, The Early History of Michigan: from the first settlement to 1815, by E.M. Sheldon. New York: A.S. Barnes & Company, 1856. It shows early Detroit, when it was just a wilderness fort:



1831 Michigan Map (click to enlarge)

   The Hause family first began arriving in Michigan suring the early 1830's, when William E. Hause's youngest sons, Samuel and Morris, came to Hillsdale County. Samuel died in Clinton County in 1833, and Morris moved down to Wisconsin.



1846 Michigan Map (click to enlarge)

   During the 1840s and 1850s, even more Hauses migrated from New York, in search of cheaper farmland, settling in Genessee and Lenawee Counties. Laban and John Hause arrived in the mid-1850s and settled in St. Clair County:



1881 Michigan Map (click to enlarge)


   Maps courtesy of the Fenton Historical Society, in Genesee Co., Michigan: 310 South Leroy Street Fenton, MI 48430.