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"Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet—unless the sleet knocks the Internet out in the house... then forget it. Stupid sleet..."
I get emails at least once or twice a week with questions, queries, and outright insults about this website. Many ask for assistance in their own family histories. Let me say, first, that I am not a professional genealogist (which I think most people know, since nobody's offering to pay me to work for them), and it took an unbelievable amount of time and effort to present just what I have here. So while I understand that your family history is just as important to you as mine was/is to me, I just don't have time to help out beyond whatever you can use from this site. (I'm too busy creating family history—I just had my second kid!) But in an effort to assist, I'm posting these emails here from other cousins and researchers looking for help, so that you might be able to connect with them if you have a similar problem.
—Jeff Hause, great, great, great-grandson of the Emmett Postmaster.


   After three years of inacivity (not from you guys, but from me being too lazy to post emails here, although I answer all of them), I've decided to restart the mailbag. Watch for new messages soon! (NOTE: I probably won't include messages on the Hatfields and McCoys, because you guys are INTENSE!)


   A NOTE FROM HANK JONES (Author of The Palatine Families Of New York), 7/4/2015

Book Information
Book Image
Name:Even More Palatine Families, Volume 1
Author:Henry Z. Jones, Jr., FASG, and Lewis Bunker Rohrbach, CG
Publisher:Picton Press, Rockport, Maine
View Image
Jones's continued study of the German Immigrants who arrived in Colonial New York has Johann and Sarah "Haas" coming to America from Oberweiler in 1740.
   Hey Jeff:
   Happy 4th of July! Hope you and yours are well, enjoying a fine holiday.
   Sometimes I'm asleep at the wheel! I just noticed something about your elusive Hauses I should have seen a long time ago: note that in my Even More Palatine Families where I found the baptism in 1750/51 of Wilhelm, son of Johannes Haas and Sarah, in the New York City Lutheran Church Book (that Oberweiler origin, by the way, does not say it was THAT Johannes Haas—I say it was "a" Johannes Haas"). Thus, showing again that the spelling of "Haas" can indeed a variant of "Haus".
   We know that this Wilhelm had a brother named "Simon"—quite an uncommon name in the German community (it was used, but not at all that often). So then the name "Simon" can be a red flag to relationships sometimes. I then checked my two volume The Palatine Families of New York—1710 for my old "friend" the 1709er Simon Haas, whom I documented at Neunkirchen/Potzbach and Sippersfeld pre-emigration, and see that Simon and his wife Anna Rosina Zöller had a son Johannes, born at Albany 5 August 1716, bpt. at the New York City Lutheran Church for whom I found no further record.
   Not sure—obviously more information needed—but, due to the semi-unusual name "Simon," this just might be the birth of Johannes Haas, father of the uncommonly-named Simon Haus (b. ca. 1741) and Wilhelm Hause (b. in 1750/1).
   Whadda' ya' think!!??
   It never ends. By the way, I've conducted even more searches in towns and village church books near Wetzlar for SOMETHING on the 1709er Christian Haus—and still nothing has turned up. Frustrating!
   Henry Z Jones, Jr. (, Fellow of the American Society of Genealogists, and Fellow of the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society}

Book Information
Book Image
Title: Denizations, Naturalizations, and Oaths of Allegiance in Colonial New York
Compiled by : Kenneth Scott and Kenn Stryker-Rodda
Publisher: Genealogical Publishing Co, Baltimore. 1975
View Book
SOURCE INFORMATION: Carlsbad Genealogical Library, Carslsbad, CA
A: Wow, thanks. That's interesting, because Denizations, Naturalizations, and Oaths of Allegiance in Colonial New York, compiled by Kenneth Scott and Kenn Stryker-Rodda, lists a "Symon Hawse" of Albany County taking the oath on 27 Apr 1716 (Alb. CCM 6:123). I've always attributed the name "Simon" to being drawn from the maternal "Allen" side of the family (if Sarah Allen even exists), but maybe it's derived from this Simon Hawes of an earlier generation. Christian has been incredibly elusive. I've had local genealogists in the area of Wetzlar looking as well, and nobody can find anything on him. Beginning to wonder if the wedding notice was incorrect.

   HELLO, COUSIN! 3/15/2015

   I saw our match on FTDNA FamilyFinder and so I researched your tree a bit. I think we must be related in some closer way, but I haven't found it yet. What I did find was this: Jeff and Kitty are 18th cousins.
   This relationship is based on Anonymous Hause and Kitty Smith both being descendants of Roger Tretower of Vaughan.
   How cousin-naming works: After finding the first common ancestor, Roger of Tretower, we put the relationship between Anonymous and Roger of Tretower and the relationship between Kitty and Roger of Tretower on a relationship table. The intersection gives the name of the relationship between Anonymous and Kitty.

1Jeff is the son of Carleton M. Hause.Kitty is the daughter of Barbara J. Smith.
2Carleton Marchant Hause, Jr., is the son of Carleton Marchant Hause, Sr.Barbara is the daughter of Harold Bunnell Smith.
3Carleton Marchant Hause, Sr., is the son of Carlisle Hause.Harold Bunnell is the son of Jessie Wells Bunnell.
4Carlisle is the son of Frank Augustus Hause.Jessie Wells Bunnell is the daughter of Edward Salmon Bunnell.
5Frank Augustus Hause is the son of Melissa Sanderson.Edward Salmon Bunnell is the son of Salmon Bunnell.
6Melissa Sanderson is the daughter of David Sanderson.Salmon Bunnell is the son of Havilah Bunnell.
7David Sanderson is the son of Elnathan Sanderson.Havilah Bunnell is the son of Noah Bunnell.
8Elnathan Sanderson is the son of Robert Sanderson.Noah Bunnell is the son of Gersham Bunnell.
9Robert Sanderson is the son of Rebecca Morgan.Gersham Bunnell is the son of Hannah Plumb.
10Rebecca Morgan is the daughter of Burt J. Morgan.Hannah Plumb is the daughter of Elizabeth Norton.
11Burt J Morgan is the son of Miles Morgan.Elizabeth Norton is the daughter of John Norton.
12Miles Morgan is the son of Elizabeth Morgan.John Norton is the son of Ellen Rowley.
13Elizabeth Morgan is the daughter of William Morgan.Ellen Rowley is the daughter of Mary Cornwall.
14William Morgan is the son of Thomas Morgan.Mary Cornwall is the daughter of William Cornwall.
15Thomas Morghan is the son of Roland Morgan.William Cornwall is the son of Thomas Cornwall.
16Roland Morgan is the son of Elizabeth Vaughan.Thomas Cornwall is the son of Jane Wogan.
17Elizabeth Vaughan is the daughter of Roger of Breconshire Vaughan.Jane Wogan is the daughter of Ann Angharad Verch Thomas Vaughn.
18Roger Vaughan of Breconshire is the son of Roger Vaughan.Ann Angharad Verch Thomas Vaughn is the daughter of Thomas Vaughan of Tretower.
19Roger Vaughan is the son of Roger Vaughan of Tretower.Thomas Vaughan of Tretower is the son of Roger Vaughan of Tretower.
20Roger Vaughan of Tretower (d. 1471), therefore, is the 17th great grandfather of Jeff.Roger Vaughan of Tretower (d. 1471), therefore, is the 17th great grandfather of Kitty.

   This information is on the free, worldwide family tree, called I created the profiles to connect my family to yours, but it didn't happen the way I thought it would. There must be a closer connection. Do any of the names on my Surname list also appear in your family tree? ​I thought we would connect on your Chapin branch, but not yet. Could be one of your Smiths maybe.
   If you would like to collaborate with us to grow and develop the one world family tree, please let me know. I will send you an invitation so that you can take over your Anonymous Hause-205 profile and develop it as you wish. My profile is Kitty Cooper-1 Smith and my family tree has some nice pictures.
   Well, I hope to hear from you soon. And I hope we can find the closer connection indicated by our DNA match.
   Your cousin,
   Kitty Cooper Smith (, Las Vegas, NV


The 1806 Crown Deed to the Smith farm. The deed is in the possession of JOHN D. SMITH of Delta, B.C. (Click on the photo to enlarge; see verso.)

Anna Margaret House-Smith (b. 1 Feb 1771, d. 1857; buried Smith Cem., Louth Tp., Lincoln Co). She was the daughter of Harmanus House UE (Butler's Rangers) and Maria "Margaret" Wallrad. She married Joseph Smith in 1790.
   HARMANUS HOUSE FAMILY, 2/19/2015 - 3/15/15

   I have meant to contact you for some time. You have done an excellent, thorough job in creating & researching
   I am descended from Joseph Smith & Anna Margaret House. I grew up on their farm in Townsend Centre, Ontario, in the 1940's-50's.
   You will be interested to know I still have the Crown Deed for that farm, issued to Anna Margaret in 1806. It is written on parchment, with a round beeswax seal attached.
   I will be glad to send you a scan of that deed, if you are interested.
   I also have that same photo of Anna Margaret that you have on your website. (Someone has suggested it may actually be a photo of a painting, seeing that she lived so long ago.)
   John D. Smith (

A: Thanks so much for the scan of the deed! I think it would be very important to a lot of House descendants, and many others would find it very fascinating for the historical importance. Is the farm still in the family's care?

   UPDATE, 3/15/2015

   My philosophy is—the more copies that are floating around the internet, the more chance there will still be some copies around in a 100 years from now! My father sold the farm in the 1950's. I visited in 2011—farmhouse long gone, but a new structure there—possibly built on the original foundation.

A: BTW, what does the backing on the photo look like? Here is a free e-Book that teaches you how to date 19th Century photographs by the backing and style. Maybe if you can date the photograph, you can determine if she was still alive at the time it was made:

   UPDATE, 2/21/2015

   Thanks, Jeff—don't think that will work here. I didn't look at it recently (it's packed away) but my memory tells me it's only a glossy print, no older than the 1930's or 1940's. My guess is it may have been made from a glass plate negative—long gone.

   CORRECTION, 3/6/2015

   "ANNA GILDERSLEEVE b: 1629 in Aldeburgh, Suffolk, England; Immigration: 1634 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts; m. John Rock SMITH (b: 1620 in Southwark, Surrey, England), on 1646 in Hempstead, Nassau, Long Island, New York. Children: Jonathan, b: 1647 in Hempstead; Hannah, b: 1650; Miriam, b: Abt 1652; Jeremiah b: 1654 in Merrick, Nassau, Long Island, New York; Mary b: 1666; and Elizabeth SMITH b: 1671 in Long Island, New York. Anna died in 1683 in Hempstead, Nassau, Long Island, New York."
    Anna Gildersleeve was married to John Nan Smith, not John Rock Smith. Their daughter Hannah married John Rock Smith's son John Smith Jr. (he never used the Rock designation) which is where the confusion come in.
   David Smith (

A: Thanks! Will update the page.

   GENEALOGY GUIDE, 2/27/2015

   As a Mother of a 6th grader, I just wanted to say thanks for making your genealogy page With the middle of the school year almost over (can you believe it's almost March?!) the kids have had some fun mid-term projects to do. Right now my daughter is working on a family tree project. We've been looking for resources to cite and include, and your page has been a big help! Thanks again for making it!
   We also wanted to pass along another page. It was actually my daughter who found it!: History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy.
   It's a fantastic reference guide. I'm sure you and your visitors would find it useful. Can you include it on your page? Let me know—I'd love to show Clara! Encouragement goes such a long way with kids! Let me know :)
   Terry Kelly (and Michelle!) (


   David W. House m. Hannah Elizabeth (nee unknown, possibly MARLATT, possible GRIFFIN ?). I am enclosing a considerable amount of data relate to David W. House.
   Who were his parents?
   Thank you for your reply.
   Howard Ray Lawrence (

A: The expert on the Canadian branch of the family is Jim Abohbot (, who has been researching the family for decades. Here is his response:

   Hello Howard Ray Lawrence,
   Nice to see your interest in David W. House. I looked over your info. on David W. House. The speculation has been going around for a long time but I really don't see anything conclusive. I wish I could be more helpful, but I think the mystery remains a mystery.
   We aren't sure who David belongs to. However, we believe that he is either the son or grandson of George House and Mary Ann French.
   We have the history of some of David's descendants if you are interested.
   Thanks for your information. I will update my files with your findings.
The best,
jim abohbot, Kitchener, On.

Gen. #3- GEORGE HOUSE—(of Harmanus 1735) born 28 June 1773 in Mohawk Valley, N.Y., died 26 Aug 1871 in Clinton Twp.
........Wife—Eliza Ann Thompson born in Scotland, died 1813 in Clinton Twp., Lincoln Co.
........Children—Andrew, Harmon G., Annie born 1805 in Clinton Twp. and died 23 May 1885 in Wellington Co., Cyrus B., George
........Wife- Mary Ann French born 1793, married c. 1813, daughter of John Edward French and Catherine Hayes
........Children—Elizabeth born 16 Oct 1820 in Clinton Twp. and died 26 May 1901 in Fenwick, Dinah M., David W. born 1826 in Clinton Twp. and died 1860 n Windham Twp.
........Wife #3—Fanny ? born in U.S., died 1852 in Clinton Twp.
........Child—James born 1830 in Beamsville, died 1881 in Hay, Mi.

Gen. #4- DAVID W. HOUSE—(of George, or possibly George's grandson) born 1827 in Ont., died 1860 in Windham Twp., married 1847
........Wife—Hannah Elizabeth Marlatt 1829 in Mi., Husband #2- Michael M. Moses, husband #3- Theodore Sharp
........Children—Theresa Rose Ann, Tercon born 1848, Eliza Jane, Elizabeth Julia, Percilla born 1859.

   McCOY FAMILY, 1/22/2015

   Hello, I was enjoying your website Very nice!
   I am (believed to be) a descendant of the McCoy family. My direct ancestors is Susannah McCoy, daughter of Archibald McCoy and Elizabeth Blair. Susannah McCoy married Daniel South. My research focuses on the South family from Maryland then in Clermont County Ohio. However, your McCoy family page shows Susannah married a Daniel "Scott."
   Many South family genealogists have recorded the Susannah McCoy-Daniel South marriage—but I've actually not seen hard evidence of this. That's why I'm wondering if you can tell me where you collected the name of Daniel "Scott?"
   If Susannah didn't marry Daniel South—then I have an entire family tree to rework (and I'm not a McCoy).
   Any information you can provide would be truly appreciated
   Tonna Warren Holtz (

A: You're right. She's buried in the Daniel South Family Cemetery in Clermont County Ohio, according to Find-A-Grave, so I guess that would settle it. Not a Scott in sight! The inscription on her stone: "Yes, she gained her happy shore where sorrow's tears are wiped away, where pain and death are feared no more, and night is lost to endless days."


Bernice (1873-1930) and Lina (Haner) Hause
   Hi my name is Crystin Bolen.
   I actually stumbled upon your website in hopes of continuing my endless search of the Michigan side of my Mother's family, particularly the Haus, Hause, Hawes, HOUSE (lol), name. My mother passed 7 years ago when I was 15, not knowing much of her family history, really at all, and her mother, my Grandmother Lillian Fiser Addiss, still living, has a jumbled memory of names and places, that doesn't make much sense, bless her. I have a photo of my Grandmother's, Grandfather, Bernice Ernest Haus, of whom I am very curious about, I wanted to share it with you, along with a screen shot (I'm sorry) of the names of his immediates. I guess I'm hoping something jumps out at you and that you may have some new, solid, branches for me to hang on to. Ancestry had been helpful, to a point, but as the name evovles, and the leaves pop up, I become more and more overwhelmed and confused. Please do not let me burden you, as I am only curious. Thank you, and I hope to be hearing from you.
   Crystin Bolen (

Robert Franklin Hause (1839-1911) and Mary Jane Cogswell (1849-1921)
A: You are my 7th cousin, and you come from an amazing line of the family, which I will now detail. I'm going to assume your great-grandmother was RUTH LILLIAN HAUSE (27 Dec 1914 - 23 Sep 1982) of Lansing, Michigan. As you know, her father, BERNICE ERNEST HAUSE was born on 1 Aug 1873 in Putnam, Livingston, Michigan. He lived a hard life. On 8 Dec 1897, he married LINA ELIZABETH HANER (1876-1926) in Millbrook, Mecosta County, Michigan. Lina became ill and was placed in an institution around 1919. Bernice was a farm worker, who had only attended school to 5th grade. He made his daughter Beatrice leave school after the tenth grade to help at home. She moved out on her own when she was eighteen, entered high school, and graduated after two more years. Lina never left the institution, and died there of pneumonia in 1926. Bernice died in 1930 in Montcalm County, Michigan.
   Bernice was the son of ROBERT FRANKLIN HAUSE (25 Sept 1839 - 27 Jan 1911), pictured at right, of Maple Vally, Montcalm, Michigan. He married MARY JANE COGSWELL (1849-1921), and they had Jesse H. Hause (1864-1940), Eleanor J. Hause (b. 1866), Ruth Hause (b. 1870), William Squire Hause (1870-1956), Sarah Estella Hause (1872-1947) and your great-great-grandfather, Bernice.
   Robert was the son of JESSE J HAUSE, who was born on 23 June 1808 in Wayne, Steuben, New York. Jesse married SALLY ANN SWARTHOUT (2 Sep 1807 - 1 Jul 1900). Jesse and Sally took your family to Michigan, where Jesse was one of the first settlers in Livingston County, Michigan, arriving there in 1837 with brother Sanford (who had married Sally's sister Lydia). Jesse died on 14 Nov 1888 in Williamston, Ingham County, Michigan.
   Jessie and Sanford were the sons of WILLIAM HAUSE, JR., born on 22 November 1781 in Warwick, Orange County, New York to Revolutionary War veteran WILLIAM E. HAUSE, SR. (1750-1818), and his wife, MARTHA WOOD HAUSE. (You can read their story here.) William Jr. married ESTHER SANFORD on 7 Apr 1804. She was from a prominent local family who had been active in the revolution. (Her father Ezra Sanford served in the Revolutionary War, along with his four brothers, and was a corporal in 4th Regiment out of Orange County.)
   Soon after marrying, William and Esther moved with his parents to Wayne, Steuben County, New York. Esther's uncle, Rev. Ephraim Sanford, who had moved to Wayne in 1793, lived near them, as well. He was the leading Baptist Minister in Steuben and Allegany Counties.
   On April 16, 1822, William Jr. helped found the town of Tyrone, along with brothers Joseph and Morris Fant, and lived next door to his sister, Sarah, and brother-in-law, William Harris. William and Esther had ten children and dozens of grandchildren, 17 of whom served the Union cause in the Civil War (four were wounded, one died). William Jr. served in the military himself, on the Niagara frontier with his brothers during the War of 1812.
   William Hause, Jr., died on the 2nd of January in 1825 in Tyrone Township, Steuben County, New York (Bath County Surrogates Office, Book 2, Page 16), and was buried on Hause Hill (his stone is gone, having crumbled away with time, along with his mother's and father's).
   After William Jr. died, Esther followed her children to Michigan and passed away on 16 August 1850 in Reading Township, aged 64 years, 11 months. Esther's last name on the stone is spelled "Hawes," not Hause, but it's definitely her. She's buried in the North Reading Cemetery, Reading, Hillsdale County, Michigan (Plot: Row 1).
   As for William Sr's ancestors, it's mostly speculative and I'm trying to work it out through genetic testing along with family historian Bob Hause, who supplied much of the information here.
   Welcome to the family, cousin!


   HAUSE FAMILY, 12/06/2014

   I enjoyed the Hause family history but see some family history missing.
   Grandson of John H. Hause, James Leonard (

A: Any additions/corrections are WELCOME, cousin! Photos too (we're a good-looking family -- let's flaunt it!)!


   My family is related to the Holland side of your family. Thank you for publishing your website as it answered a few questions for me.
   Anne Black (

A: Glad you enjoyed it, 'cuz. I've got more information on the Hollands that will be up in a few days!


   Hi there. My name is Dawn.
   I think we are related, (my ancestry goes back to William Hause born in Orange County, NY) but I wanted to ask you a question.
   In your blog you said you had taken the DNA test. I have taken it and have just gotten my results back. Are you listed at Jeffrey Hause or do you go by something else for the test results?
   I am finding a lot of people go by initials or a username and have hidden family trees, making it very hard to search.
   I go by DawnM415 on there, could you see if I show up as a relative of yours anywhere in the DNA line and/or share your username so I can search?
   Dawn Manwell (

A: In my experience it takes a while. They didn't start sending me matches for a few weeks. If you see that little "hints" sign (the green leaf) next to one of your matches, it means you have a mutual ancestor in your family trees, and the hint will lead you to that person in your lines. It also allows you to contact that person and compare notes. I've just sent you an invite to my family tree there. I haven't had any DNA match notifications for descendants through William Hause, but I have through Martha Wood and the Cromptons (her mother's family). Good luck, and enjoy -- it's really fun!


   From your online family tree, John House (1771-1832) and Elizabeth Christian Anger of Clinton Township, Lincoln County, Ontario had a son, John House (1815-1874). Would he be John House (c1814-) who was recorded in the 1861 Census in Bertie Township?
   John House, born Bertie 47 c1814
   Jane House, Ireland 42 c1819
   James House, Bertie 19 c1842
   Isaac House, Bertie 16 c1845
   John H. House, Bertie 7 c1854
   Sharlot House, Bertie 18 c1843
   Arrilla House, Bertie 11 c1850
   I am researching Upper Canadian Militia during the War of 1812 and am trying to connect Arrilla House to a veteran.
   Fred Blair (, Orillia, Ontario

A: Fred -- there have been quite a few requests from House family historians in Canada. I'll forward your info to genealogists who are working on that line. It's very complicated, because not only were there a LOT of John Houses, the Loyalist House families who moved to Canada often didn't record a lot of family history pre-revolution, because it was probably a pretty painful subject, having been forced off their land in the US for their political beliefs. Good luck!


   From your online family tree, John House (1771-1832) and Elizabeth Christian Anger of Clinton Township, Lincoln County, Ontario had a son, John House (1815-1874). Would he be John House (c1814-) who was recorded in the 1861 Census in Bertie Township?
   John House, born Bertie 47 c1814
   Jane House, Ireland 42 c1819
   James House, Bertie 19 c1842
   Isaac House, Bertie 16 c1845
   John H. House, Bertie 7 c1854
   Sharlot House, Bertie 18 c1843
   Arrilla House, Bertie 11 c1850
   I am researching Upper Canadian Militia during the War of 1812 and am trying to connect Arrilla House to a veteran.
   Fred Blair (, Orillia, Ontario

A: Fred -- there have been quite a few requests from House family historians in Canada. I'll forward your info to genealogists who are working on that line. It's very complicated, because the Loyalist House families who moved to Canada often didn't record a lot of family history pre-revolution, because it was probably a pretty painful subject. Good luck!


   Hi Jeff, it's been awhile since I have been on your website. Spent the day there today, and was thrilled to see the photo of my grandmother Buena Vista Beach holding my father as a baby c. 1918. Buena Vista Beach was the granddaughter of Charles W. Hause, son of Joseph (of the missing Ovid Bible, I believe, wish I had it!), grandson of William the patriot. She ... and others of "mine" ... show up on the descendants of William page.
   Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your work. I am truly very very impressed!!!!
   Debbie Patel (
( name "AsaAlexander" - family tree "An American Family Tree" - do a bit of family blogging at

PS: Jeff, one more thing I just noticed.... In Anderson's Great Migration Begins, he states pretty definitely that Jeremiah Wood's wife was not the daughter of Richard Gildersleeve. He says she might have been his step-daughter. Attached is the Edmund Wood entry. I'm assuming you are a member of the NEHGS and have access to their online docs. If you don't and you'd like me to search for anything, just let me know. Again, thanks for the great work!!!!

A: Great blog! I love the May 1 post on George Remington Beach in particular. I haven't explored the Gildersleeve connection in several years, but I've been updating the Wood genealogy and will revisit. There are lots of myths/legends in that family. I'm currently stuck trying to prove or disprove a line descended from John Winthrop, but the connection becomes tenuous with (of course) my ancestor in the Crampton/Crompton family. The Gildersleeve connection has always been controversial. The Wood historians have always maintained it while the researchers of the direct Gildersleeve line have denied it... often angrily. Not the Hatfield/McCoy anger that I've gotten here sometimes (they're related to MY WIFE, Hatfields and McCoys! Fight amongst yourselves!), but angry enough. Thank you for the tip. I'll soon delve in, again!


   Hi Jeff, I am sorry to hear that you recently lost your father. It sounds like he was a very special person and will be greatly missed.
   Your Hauss Family website is so very interesting, engaging and informative. After a hiatus from my House family genealogy, I recently was thrilled to see Appendix #2 on the Jurrian (George) Hauss line had been added to the history. I believe this to be my House line and so I eagerly read it. As I did, some questions and inconsistencies arose about some of the information. When you have a moment, I'd appreciate your response to them. I also have disproven some details I included in my earlier family group sheets to you on George House (3) and Catharine Kilts, which I will forward to you later. The questions include:

  • On Pg. 2 of the Addendum it states that Johan George Haus b. 1737 was married Jan. 20, 1761 to Maria Gamel at the Stone Arabia Reformed Church. This has correct documentation. Under their children are listed Maria Elizabeth House, born on 23 Jun 1756, almost five years before their marriage. While commonplace today, that is not likely in those days within a tightly knit community. Also there is almost 20 years between the birth of Maria Elizabeth and son George House III, said to have been born on 19 April 1775. I have been unable to find a record of George House III’s birthdate and the closest I have been to estimate his birthdate was btwn. 1765 and 1774. I would love to know the source for the 1775 birth date.
  • On Pg. 3, IV.1, it states that the parents of Maria Elizabeth House, b. 23 June 1756, were killed in a French & Indian raid in 1757 in Palatine. If I read it correctly, they would have been Johann George House II and Maria Gamel. If they are the parents of George (3), he was born 18 years after their deaths. Am I missing something?
  • On Pg. 10 the last paragraph suggests that George II was a Loyalist during the Revolution. If this is Johan George (2) b. 1737 and he died in 1756, he would not have been around then. If I misunderstood this paragraph, which George is it referring to or is the date of the raid wrong?
  • If George (2) was a Loyalist (and that is certainly possible), it seems odd that his son George (3) would have married the daughter of a Patriot Phillip Kilts in 1794, only 11 years after the end of the Revolutionary War. I would think emotions would have been pretty raw still. Also the George House in Canada, who served in Butler's Rangers and had his property confiscated by the US government, applied for land in Canada on 28 Mar 1797. The Canadian George House had a wife Mary (pg. 3 of Appendix 3) and his son George married an Esther Morningstar in 1799 in Canada. Our family doesn't match the Canadian family. The number of George Houses makes it hard to differentiate between them especially during this period.
  • The 100 page transcript of the G.Z. House Diary, which I have a copy, covers the period 1831-1856 was written by a son of Conrad House b. 1797 and grandson of George House (3). An entry dated Jan. 19, 1855 on Page 29 of this diary states that Grandpa House had a brother Gerrit, who died abt 1851/2 and likely had other brothers as well. Attached is a scanned copy of the page of this transcript. The transcript contains some errors but has a lot of good family information and is very interesting! The original has been lost so cannot compare it to the copy. Also Catharine (Kilts) House, wife of George House (3) was alive in 1850 and 1860 (age 89) and living with daughter Mary Messenger in nearby Dryden, Tompkins County, New York when this diary was written so she could have provided much of the family information first hand. She likely died shortly after the 1860 census as no further record of her has been found.
   My own suspicions are that George House (3) may have died or been wounded at the Battle of Oriskany in 1777. As you may know, this was a very bloody battle and most of the militiamen were Palatine farmers from the Mohawk area. The list of militiamen includes a George House but I have been unable to determine if this is George (3). I attended the Palatines to America Conference in Albany, NY last year (2013) and visited the Oriskany battle site but have been unable to locate any more records of the people who fought in this battle. Any suggestions??
   I am copying Sally Myers (, distant cousin and descendant of Conrad House b. 1797, in on this email as she grew up in the Cortland County area and has a lot of first-hand information about the family. We have been sharing information over the past couple of years. I look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.
   Murlyn Zeske (

A: Hi, Murlyn and Sally! Thanks for the kind words about my father. Because of his passing and other pressing family matters, I haven't been doing much genealogical work, either. But I can tell you that the George Hauss genealogy is incredibly complicated and was changing constantly when I was assembling it. It's been derived from Shaver's "The House Family of the Mohawk" then amended, updated and obliterated by various family histories sent to me from New York and Canada. The problem, as you likely know, is that there were a LOT of George Hauss/Haus/Houses in New York at that time (it was probably the second most popular name in the family, after John). The George Houses that ended up in Canada after the Revolution (again, there appears to have been a number of them) don't have much recorded history before their time in Canada (for good reason, since they were Loyalists and probably not too happy about their treatment and displacement from the US). So that has led to a lot of speculation... so much that I just opted to put up a Canadian House page and just start from that point on. I'm assuming that you printed up the genealogy and that the page numbers are from the page breaks your computer made, so I'm not sure where a lot of your questions are on the page. I found the Maria Elizabeth House quote about the deaths of her parents, and it's from Shaver's HFOTM, which quoted "a letter received from F.S. Hammond of St. Petersburg, Fla." I'll have to re-read the rest of my page and see where your questions are in relation to all of the html code. But any information you get would be a big help, as would the items that were disproven in your family group sheets. As you see, it effects EVERYTHING in this kind of genealogical overview.


   Good Morning Staff,
   It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of Mr Carl Hause. Carl passed away yesterday from a sudden massive heart attack. He went quickly and peacefully. For all those who have had the pleasure of knowing this unique and caring individual understand what an impact he had on the lives of so many. For those who did not know him, your loss. Carl worked in VUSD for over 40 years as an educator, coach and Athletic Director. As qouted from a true and dear friend of Carl, "Carl could teach any student math and their success was his reward". Carl was a straight shooter, he fought for students and he fought for his coaches. He would give his word and you knew that was golden. He put students and faculty first. In the 30+ years I have known Carl, I can not ever recall Carl raising his voice or ever appearing frustrated. His cool, calm, and jovial demeanor made everyone around him feel at ease. Carl is a recipient of the Honor V due to his dedication and contributions in the academic achievement of his students that went beyond the teachings in the classroom. Carl is survived by a wonderful wife and 4 loving children all of whom have children. Services will be held this Saturday, time and location have yet to be determined. We have lost a truly remarkable husband, father, grandfather, friend, colleague and educator. Please say a little prayer for Carl and his family as they progress through these difficult days.
   Dan Williams (
   RSP Teacher
   Head Football Coach
   Head Softball Coach
   Vista High School

   Jeff, your dad was loved and admired by so many people for all the reasons that made him a great father and grandfather, teacher and coach. He had an effortless way of making people feel comfortable and good about themselves (except when he so easily bluffed them out of a winning hand). So often, we'd be sitting at some restaurant and people would come up to him--share an anecdote or thank him for what he did for them, their kids, or even their grandkids. Even if he had no recollection of who they were, they walked away feeling good. He had students who others had given up on--not your dad--their "getting it" kept his juices going. I don't think any teacher/coach ever got more out of his students/athletes. Never one to brag, he just beamed when he would tell me the latest in all your lives. Perhaps the saddest thing is that Atticus and Phin, Sara and Avery will never get to know a truly great man. I can't believe he's gone, and I miss him already.
   Paul Farrar (

   I am very sorry to hear of Carl's passing. All of his cousins in Michigan thought very highly of him. He was probably my mother's favorite Niece/nephew. If I recall correctly, she would always make him a pie when we visited the family in Gibraltar.
   I spoke with Marti and she was going to let us know of the arrangements so we could send flowers. Has the family decided on arrangements?
   The Hause family is in our thoughts and prayers.
   Jim Carlin (

   I am very saddened to hear about Carl, an outstanding mentor to me but an even greater friend. Please let the family know if there's anything I can do to please get a hold of me. As I write this so many great memories are running thru my head, many laughs and tears I shared with him. My first swats in Jr high he was the witness and he never forgot to remind me, my first chance to Coach he hired me and believed in me. Twelve years together and not once did he ever stop supporting me. I love him and owe him so much, I'M JUST ONE LIFE OF THOUSANDS HE TOUCHED.
   Butch Smith

A: Correspondence honoring my dad, who passed away on the 18th. These are the days that filling in a genealogy page really sucks.


   I don't think there's any evidence nor any possibility of William "rescuing" his sister from the workhouse. He was a soldier with a family to support and would not have had any opportunity to leave Canada. We don't know when or how Mary Ann got there but as she married a man from William's regiment it's likely she would have been there some time before the wedding in 1861. We'd like to know what, if any, help she got from Robert or Henry as we are fairly certain these siblings kept in touch.
   We now know Henry survived the workhouse and became a cordwainer/shoemaker. He married Mary Jane Brailsford Holness in 1857 and they had 4 children ; Eliza, Mary Ann, Henry and Elizabeth. Henry died as an infant in 1861 and Mary Jane (wife/mother) died soon after the birth of Elizabeth in 1862. They lived with Mary Jane's parents in Dover and Eliza and Mary are still there in 1871. Elizabeth was then with a great uncle and aunt nearby. Henry seems to have disappeared. When Eliza married in 1876 her marriage certificate says Henry is deceased. We don't know anything about Henry from 1861/62 onwards, so we wonder if he too came to Canada.
   Paul Harrington (

A: Thanks, Paul. Great work, as always. Proven wrong again........

   DAVID HOUSE FAMILY, 06/22/2014

   I've been reading all of the wonderful information on your website. My ggg grandfather was David House who married Margaret Countryman (I show her parents as Johan George Countryman and Regina Spraker). Here's the picture of David House. I have a hard time identifying the age of photos. Newspaper articles indicate they had 14 children and they originated from the Mohawk Valley. Do you happen to have any information on a David House? I have a photo with the name David House on the back in my possession. I'm not sure if it's David who married Margaret Countryman or his son. I haven't been able to find any information prior to David House. I'm interested to know if you have any information on him. Thank you!
   This is the identifier for my great great grandfather Absalom House - K89M-HGK on Family Search. From what I can tell, he came from a family of 14 children although I only have 10 of them in my records. The latest one I found was David (jr.) - although I'm not completely sure he is the correct David. Absalom lived with his uncle on the Countryman side on the 1850 Census. Some of the other children lived with relatives at that time as well. I don't have death dates of the parents, but I'm wondering if they were deceased by then.
   Let me know if you have any questions.
   Jacqui Hayden Peck (

A: Absalom House b. 1851 in Ontario? Not much info. Would Margaret be the daughter of Daniel B. Countryman (1785-1864) and Maria Moyer (1785-1820)? I've also seen it spelled "Conterman." One family history I've seen has a Margaret Conterman was baptized on 21 Jul 1793 in Canajorharie, Montgomery, New York. But you've given me more than I had in terms of David's family. Hav e you digitized the photo? You can tell the age by the photographic method and quality.

   MINA HAUSE FAMILY, 06/11/2014

   Hello my name is Karl Walker.
   William Hause looks to be my Great Great Grandfather. His daughter Mina Hause was my Great grandmother.
   I am wondering if you have any photos any of Minas siblings, or parents.
   I do have a couple phots of Mina at an older age with my mom and her sister and her brother.
   Next summer I am also putting together a reunion in Fort Frances where Mina Hause and Melvin Dolph lived.
   Two generation past them will fill most hotels and of course most still live in Ontario, Canada or just over the boarder in the USA.
   Karl Walker (

   DOTSON FAMILY, 06/08/2014

   Mr. Hause - or is it House ;)
   BLESS YOUR HEART and each & every person who has a love of genealogy & preserving their family history!!
   I have toyed with genealogy off & on for the last ten years or so and had only gotten serious about it a couple of months ago. I got sidetracked with 'family' visiting for a month - not actually under my roof - thank goodness - there were 23 at one time... On May 30, the day before the last four left, my Dad was hospitalized. Six days ago he passed away.
   My immediate family history is interesting enough without branching out too far. "Dad" [Adkins] married a divorced [Daughtry] mother of four children. Yes! He was a saint or a crazy man. Maybe a little of both :) As children we all had our moments when we thought he was "mean", then our aunts & uncles would say he was sweet as pie compared to HIS 'daddy' [we're Southern by blood even though a good number of us were born in the north]. They would go on, "Worse than him was our Hatfield-McCoy kin." So dad came by it "honestly". I was an adult before I learned from an aunt that "our people" were on the Hatfield side. [I'm wondering now, if like you both sides are kin?!] I'm not sure which is "better" - but I have been known to use it from time to time when someone accuses me of being ornery, I'll say, "I was raised by a Hatfield". It funny because most people are so interested in that story they forget why I had gotten under their skin ;)
   Yesterday we had a beautiful memorial for my dad at my parents home. This morning four of us went to visit mom & set the rented chairs & tables out for pick-up tomorrow; and "check" on her, which has been a twice daily ritual for the past week. When my husband & I came home, he said to me, "Don't do anything today! Just relax by the pool." I did for a while. Unbeknownst to me he was preparing for a nap when he asked me if I would like him to bring me one of my books or my iPad. I said, "Sure I'll take the iPad, I can read or play solitare." Well, now that you've been married for a while, you may have discovered; for some women shopping is like therapy. After loosing dad, I could use some. With the Internet you don't even have to leave home! I skipped my e-book & went straight to Ebay. A pair of Native American earrings caught my eye. I had not seen nor heard of the particular silversmith that had made them. Dan Dodson. Of course, buyer beware - so I Googled his name and somehow landed on YOUR WEBSITE on the Dotson Family Genealogy page. Amazing how the Internet works!
   I love reading family histories even if they are not mine. Ok, I read the back of shampoo bottles too. I love to read! Not too far into the page I read, Charles Dodson had married Ann - probably Elmore or Dotson; I was hooked! I have know for fact I Elmore in my line, my maternal great-grandfather was an Elmore. I could be reading my own family history! Well, then I saw "Daugherty" - my maiden name, minus 2 letters, well you know how that goes - is Daugherty!! Then I saw McCoy and Adkins. I was so excited I'll have to read it again :) and compare to what little I have found so far on family that I know is of direct relation.
   Are you still with me? I saw the link - "send me information - say hi or tell me off", well, not in those exact words - I thought I would! I saw you have pages for your sons too :) :) Their middle names are Lee and so is mine - so I HAD to read their pages too! I pray your little space explorer is doing well!! And - my word! Your wife was born in Chautauqua County :o So was my mother-in-law. My what a small world we live in....
   I'll stop now, I could go on... I like to talk as much as I read ;) I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful job you did on your family website - HANDS DOWN THE BEST I HAVE EVER READ!!!
   I was VERY fortunate to know two of my great grandparents - one from each side. I know as well as I know my own name, someday Atticus' and Phin's great & great great grandchildren will read your story and say something along the lines of, "Our Gpa x2/3/4 rocked!!"

   Best Regards to you and yours,
   Sandy Daughtry Holloway (

   and so far....
   Paternal: Boggs & Ball [great grandparents] - married Daughtry [grand]
   Maternal: McBay & Brewer [great great grandparents] - married Elmore [great] - married Hargrave [grand]

   RAYMOND FAMILY, 05/15/2014

   I'm new at researching. I see we both have the Raymond's in our family tree. He is my 2nd great grandfather.
   I'm unable to locate any info about his parents etc.
   Would greatly appreciate any thing you are willing to share.
   Your web site is fantastic! Thank you so much. Being new at this I feel like a kid with a new toy and not sure which buttons to push first. has been a lot of help, but I don't know where to search outside of there site. I'm sure it takes years to figure it all out.
   Thanks again cousin,

   Pam Tracy (


   Hello My name is Cathy i am helping Kay Strong find family. John Weaver's Burial site is about to be removed. Then place his body and others in a different place. John Weaver Sr. left in his will for the half acre of land that he and his daughter and postlikely his wife and father were burried there too. to remain sacred. there is a very short time to respond. why should he be removed. This was Minerva"s grandfather and greatgrandfather. To help call me at 315-651-9380.

   Cathy Davis (


   Happy Spring! Hopefully Mother Nature lets us get weather in sync with the calendar sometime soon.
   One of my Canadian cousins came to town and we printed a House Family Report. It shows the family from Harmanus to our parents (7 generations). There is a lot of support data included.
   In my prior note to you I said that Harmanus' grandson David is buried in Jerseyville Cemetery. That may not be true. There is a "David House" stone, but it belongs to his grandson. I guess he could be there without a stone. We do have pictures of many of the stones. I'm just trying to think of the best way to get them to you. They on the Ancestry Genealogy app on the IPad. If you can't retrieve them there, I'll try printing them or email them to you.
   The report is in hard copy. Where might I send it?
   We would really appreciate more information on Harmanus' son Daniel and his son David. Whatever Jim can share will be helpful. We are particularly interested in David's will--he apparently left a life estate to Daniel and Sarah to some property in Ancaster.
   Many thanks for your help !
   Judy Vaughan (

   HOLLAND, 03/20/2014

   Looking at the 1901 census for Ireland HOLLAND there were more than 2,000 with nearly 800 of them residing in Co. Cork.
   Also, checked Library and Archives Canada online for the 1842 census for Canada West, London Township for HOLLAND and found nothing. While looking at a census page for BROWN there was a John Holland on the same page...definitely 'H' but looks a little like 'M'. Checked 'Molland' and sure enough, transcription error. He had only been in the province of 5 years but that does not eliminate him. Charles and Marjory did not marry until about 1848.
   Decided to check for John Holland in other Middlesex Co. census records and up popped John Holland in West Nissouri Township 1851. [about half of the 1851 census for London Township and town of London are missing, neighbouring townships survived]. This John Holland is buried Robin's Hill Cemetery, West Nissouri Twp (Ontario GenWeb Cemetery Project). Don't know whether he is related to your Charles Holland but it might be worthwhile researching him.
   A John Holland was married in Ireland to Eliza (Elizabeth) and had one child, Anne born Nov 1835 per Canadian Censuses. They emigrated ca. 1836/7. LDS has baptism in Modreeny, Tipperary for Anne Holland 13 Dec 1835 prts John + Eliza. I notice that some Ancestry Holland trees show John Holland born Tipperary although that is an assumption and is not necessarily true. I went on Ancestry's Search and entered John Holland b. 1807. Up popped Canada, British Army record for a John Holland b. 1807 Co. Mayo joined British Army 88th Regiment Connaught Rangers 1827....there are other details. If he was in British Army at time of Anne's birth he could have been stationed in Tipperary. His attestation papers are most likely available at the UK National Archives, Kew. Depending upon how serious you are about following this lead, I can give you the name of a woman I hired (quite inexpensive) to check military records for my Wigelsworth family of Co. Roscommon. She did a good job. In 1827 John was only 20 yrs old so his next-of-kin on attestation would have been one of his parents.
   At this point there is no proof that John Holland is related to your Charles Holland. There is also no proof that John Holland of West Nissouri (Son, Thomas Holland, was born city of London per marriage certificate) was the soldier but you may find proof later.

   Bonnie Ostler (

   CHAMBERS, 03/13/2014

   My name is Chris Hughes and I grew up on a farm outside of Saunemin. We used to have these concrete steps outside of the house that had the name William Chambers inscribed on them. I did some googling and came upon your website. When I read the part about William dying at the house and Guy hanging himself I knew it had to be our farm. Do you have anymore information on the location of the farm and more to the story of their deaths? The story I was told by some neighbors that grew up on our road had a slightly different story of their deaths.
   Thank you for putting all of this information out there for people to read. I would really like to know more about the house if you have more information.

   Christopher Hughes (

   WE ARE COUSINS, 03/11/2014

   I just read your handwritten note attached to Marjory Brown. My great2grandmother was Sarah Brown married first to a Hughes and then James Orme . I know a great deal about her and I have a photo. My mother told me she was one of seven or eight sisters and there were colours in her family names. My mother was born 1902 and was in her 40's by the time I was born. My husband's grandmothers were both born 1900. Parents 1920 and 1921.
   I am quite certain that Mary Brown (m. Thomas Ferguson) was sister of Marjory and Sarah. Fifteen years ago, I corresponded with Gordon Ferguson who had been researching for about as long as I had at the time. He told me Thomas Ferguson's father, Henry Sr., came from Townland of Knockaghy, Parish of Scrabby, County Cavan. Gordon believed that Mary and Sarah were sisters without knowing the info on the back of Marjory's photo. Mary named daughters....Lucy, Jane, Maria and Martha. Two were names of sisters. Jane was Mary's mother-in-law. Don't have a Maria. You can find Mary and Thomas with children on several Ancestry public trees. None of them are descendants of Mary & Thomas. Not sure Gordon Was a descendant of this couple either but he had the exact location in Cavan. I checked PRONI records yesterday and found Henry Sr. in that townland. None of the other surnames were there.
   The 1825 census for Montreal recently went online at Library and Archives Canada. Shows Thomas Hughes with wife (ages 25-40) and child (under 6 yrs) at St Louis (suburb), Montreal. Sarah's son John was born Montreal June, 1825. Census was taken between June 20 and Sep 20, 1825. They arrived London Township late winter 1826. It was much easier to travel in on ice/snow than any other time.

   Bonnie Ostler (


   We are writing to Mr Hause about the genealogy history pages websiteinformation about the Dotson, Coleman, Ward, and Baldridge family heritage of Pike county, Kentucky on your pages.
   We would lke to compare notes or determine if there is any similarity in the migration pattern or relatives.
   Wondering about the Dodson or Dotson history of Washington county Il and or Amherst / Bedford county Va Migration trail clues? VA to Ky to Tn to Il ?
   Your perspective would be appreciated.
   Jason Coleman (

   WARD FAMILY, 03/07/2014

   Hi, I was searching the internet for an ancestor who was a Sheriff or lawman in or near Lawrence County KY. My dad had said this lawman either rode his horse or had someone drive him in a car as he himself never drove a car. Supposedly this lawman died after someone out for revenge put poison in his well. I have found where there was a Sheriff Ward mentioned in two old newspapers 1905 and 1910 but haven't found his first name; Do you know of him?
   The link below describes that the town of Louisa is named after Louis Ward.
   I appreciate your efforts to preserve the family genealogy as posted online.
   Mike Ward (


   Greetings Jeffrey,
   My name is Kathryn House, and I've begun working on my family's genealogy tree since Christmas when I stumbled upon your fantastic website on the Hause line. I started my project because my parents are traveling to the Rhine/Alsace region this summer for a wine cruise, and I wanted to give my father some background reading while they took this vacation up the same river Johann Christian Hauss took to Rotterdam.
   I will be comprising a personal history, but I wanted to get your permission to cite your research and website before I did, as I know my parents will likely pass it along to others in our family (and likely put my notes on
   Please let me know if you are okay with this. I would be happy to give you a copy once I have a completed working document.
   Kindest Regards,
   Kathryn House. (

A: That would be great! I'd love a copy of your line, too. I envy your parents! I hired a genealogist named Uwe Porten, who specializes in family histories in that part of Germany ( ), but he couldn't find any trace of Johann Christian Hauss in either KleinAltenstadten or GrosAltenstadten. I do know that Hank Jones found a Daniel Hauss there around 1690, and other Hauss' in the 16th Century, so that information could still be around (a lot of the records there got burned in a church fire a couple hundred years ago, however). Hopefully your parents have more luck (and enjoy the wine and views, of course).

   KATHRYN'S RESPONSE: From my work in the museum industry, and from my trip to France, if Johann was a "peasant," the likelihood of any documented evidence (and its preservation) low. Museums in that region of Europe do not dedicate time to categorization and research the way the British and Americans do. I'll also be using my knowledge around the cemetery industry to request records of our more recent ancestors.
   This may be a long term project, but I hope to have an easier to read history than what Mr. Shaver wrote in the 30's. Our family descends from Conrad Haus > Harmanus > Joseph > George > Conrad > John Anson.

   Kathryn House
   Legal Assistant
   Service Corporation International

   WARD FAMILY HISTORY (02/09/2014)

   Greetings, I just found you Ward Family page. I too descend from James Ward. I love your formatting and how your site looks. My line was in Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, then traveled on the Oregon trail, most of the family was massacred in Idaho only 2 boys survived. I am from William Mitchell Ward's daughter Ethelyn Ward.

   I have added my family including the Wards to the website and I am trying to make sure that each person has all the sources available on their page. If you have sources James Ward the immigrant and his children would you add them to their pages on wikitree, if the source has an online link please include that, just add the source as you know it and I will code it to look pretty. It would be great if you created an account and added your gedcom to the site also to get your branch on the site.

   Here is James Ward's page:

   This site is free and meant for collaboration.
   Kari Lemons (

   WOOD FAMILY HISTORY (01/22/2014)

   Good Morning (Michigan US Time),
   I came across your website while digging a little deeper into our (Wood) family history and was wondering if you are the person to contact that might have additional information on our very early ancestors.
   It was very exciting when I noticed your website with the name Edmund Wood and Alice Edwards on your Wood Family page.
   With the extensive research done by two of my uncles Ivan Lavant Wood and Leon M Wood many years ago they traced our family roots back to Richard Wood born 1510 near Halifax. This is a quick list of my earliest Wood family history links from:
       _____________? Wood born about 1480 Yorkshire, England, Wife—Unknown and six children were born to this couple.
       Richard "Halifax" Wood—1510 wife Christabel (unknown last name); Richard married a second time to Margaret Bentley (Last name possibly Ambler from a previous marriage) on 27th October 1566 in Halifax
       Edmund "Halifax" Wood—1546 wife Alice Edwards (no record of marriage available) possibly died while giving birth to Jonas "Halifax" Wood 1st in 1572
       Jonas "Halifax" Wood 1st—1572 wife Anna (unknown last name)
       Jonas "Halifax" Wood 2nd—1613/14 wife Mary Drake; Jonas married a second time to Joanna Strickland
       Jonas "Halifax" Wood 2nd arrived in the United States approximately 1630 on the sailing ship Hopewell
   And the Wood history continues to this day.
   I would appreciate any information that you might have regarding our family history.
   Thank you for your time.

   Michael J. Galli (Mother—Bernice G Wood)
   20107 Gudith Road
   Browntown MI 48183

A: Thanks for the letter. My link to the Wood family goes back to Martha Wood, b. 4 May 1753, in Rockland County, New York. A genetics test connected me with descendants of Martha's sister, Susannah Wood (b. 15 Jan 1757). Everything I have before that is derived from other family trees at and other Internet links.
   Here's a line descending from the sister of Edmond Wood, my (our?) immigrant ancestor, named Susan Wood, who was born about 1589 in Halifax, West Riding, co. Yorkshire, England (Link: The Maternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James: Wood Line). Their dates are slightly different, and lists the man born in 1480 (Richard) as the husband of Christabel, instead of having two marriages in the next generation. They list the following:
       Richard Wood was born in 1480 in Halifax, co. Yorkshire, England. He died in 1553 in Halifax, Co. Yorkshire, England. He married about 1508, Christable _________. She was born about 1485 in Halifax, co. Yorkshire, England. They had the following children:
         1. Margaret Wood was born in 1509 in Halifax, co. Yorkshire, England. She married Edmund Fyrth.
         2. Agnes Wood was born in 1511 in Halifax, co. Yorkshire, England. She married on May 15, 1547, John Hebbilgwett.
         3. Thomas Wood was born in 1513 in Halifax, co. Yorkshire, England.
         4. Richard Wood was born in 1515 in Halifax, co. Yorkshire, England.

Charles Edward Peter Neil Wood, 3rd Earl of Halifax
   I haven't done any work in Yorkshire, Halifax, or even England, so I don't go beyond speculating on the identity of Edmund Wood's father being Richard Wood of Halifax... but I have found that a line of Woods from Yorkshire still hold title in Halifax, in a line starting from a George Wood who purchased circa 1610 at Monk Bretton, Barnsley, Yorkshire, West Riding, England (Source: "Burke's Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, Volume 2," page 1727, 107th edition. Wilmington, Delaware, USA: Burke's Peerage Genealogical Books, Ltd, 2003). This line stretches to the present day, with Charles Edward Peter Neil Wood, the 3rd Earl of Halifax, b. 14 March 1944 (The Peerage), who succeeded to the title of 5th Viscount Halifax of Monk Bretton, in the West Riding of the County of Yorkshire [U.K., 1866] on 19 March 1980. Don't know if there's a direct relation, but it's interesting, isn't it?

   HAUSE GENEALOGY (01/08/2014)

   I am not a Hause, but my Grandmother, Faye Wilder Wohrer, a descendant of Cyrus Maynard and Polly Kendall, communicated with Charles Hause about shared genealogy. I have her papers—a few of them are in an envelope with Charles' Hause Oklahoma return address. Some of the family trees she has are by Charles. There may be a letter by him in these papers as well (forgive me if details are fuzzy, genealogy has not been a focus of mine ... to date!).
   What I'm writing to you about today is my grandmother saved many of her father's papers and letters. He was Calvin Wilder of then Hardenburg, now Hayden Indiana.

   Among the letters I have which stood out to me as particularly interesting, there are about a dozen letters from Eli W. Hause to Calvin, written after Eli joined up with the 52nd Indiana volunteer infantry. He calls Calvin his cousin. Based on the information on your website, I am guessing that this cousin Eli W. Hause is the son of Harris Hause and Lucinda Maynard. (A similar letter to the ones I have appears in Rodger Ruddick's now out of print book, From the Hayfields to the Battlefields.) When I looked in the Civil War resources I have used in the past for precise details of Eli Hause's service, I found a link to your website.
   I am attaching a photocopy of the first and last page of one of these letters here. Assuming that the Eli W. Hause who wrote the letters to his cousin is the one listed on the Bob Hause page of your website, I am imagining that Bob and Shirley Hause would be interested in photocopies/transcripts of the letters I have, as well as some of the other papers that were in my great grandfather's little box. Calvin Wilder was the executor of Harris Hause's estate (d. 1879)—so there are several bits of ephemera related to settling his affairs in the years that followed. There are also two copies of an order for a granite monument to be inscribed simply "Hause" that may have been the one that appears in the photographs on the Find A Grave website under Harris and Eli's listings in the Sixmile Cemetery.

   Columbus Fort Halleck
   Kentucky May 10th 64
   Dear Cousin
   I seat myself to scribble you a few lines to let you know how I am getting a long by this time, I feel as well as could be expected of one in my circumstances I have not heard from home yet and then I have some very sore feet and now I will tell you how I got them, just take notice we went out on a scout and was gone a bout four days and a half now will tell you how far we marched we started last Thursday noon and marched sixteen miles that after noon, that was putting us through very fast what do you say eh. well we stopped at a little town called Clinton and stayed all night and the next day we marched 18 or so miles to a little town called Philisiann and staid there all night and the next day we marched from there to a little town called Mayfield 18 miles and staid there all night and about midnight we was waked up with the firing of guns and we were called up into line ready for action and then & there learned that a squad of guerrillas had come in on the rear of one of the picket posts and captured ten men and run so we pulled off and went back to and slept untill morning and then we harnessed up and marched twenty eight miles across to Clinton again that was Sunday you know well we staid there all night again and the next day we marched back here again sixteen miles and got here last night alwright except sore feet we marched some where near 100 miles in a little less than four days and a half and accomplished nothing at all only lost 10 men out of the 21 Mo I never got to shoot my gun until this morning we all shot into the river, I did not tell the folks whether Will was well or not but he is all wright, our dinner is pretty near ready so I will bring this to a close I would like to get one or two of them papers now to read if you have any thing very interesting Oh yes Cal you must tell me who enlists for one hundred days whether you enlist or not if you do command your Reg to come down here with the fifty twos. Well I have no more interesting news to write so I will bring this to a close by asking you to write soon and give me all the news when and what is going on in old Jennings.
   Direct to
   Eli W. Hause
   Co K 52 Reg
   Ind Vols
   Columbus Ky

   I find Eli a fascinating witness to the great events he was participating in: he joined up against his father's wishes, but he would have been a mere boy when he wrote these letters. Some of them offer insight to the events that historians are still debating. You may want to include some of his details of his service on your Hause Civil War page as well as we flesh them out.
   So, in the spirit of Charles Hause's assistance with my Grandmother Faye's researches, I'm merely asking that you pass my information to Bob and Shirley or any Hause descendants who would be interested in Harris and Eli Hause. I have just started to go through the papers in the box I have. You can see some photos of it on my blog—usually about quilting and knitting projects—at this address:

   I have attached the sample letter to this—although the handwriting is not easy to read, the date of the letter is May 1864—I am certain of this because Calvin Wilder usually wrote the dates he received and answered his correspondence on the envelopes, and he did so in this case..
   Cheryl Kotecki—descendant of Cyrus Maynard and Polly Kendall (

A: Great stuff! I'd love to include scans on my Hause page—I'm interested in anything you have. I'd like to include you as the source, not only to credit you and your blog, but also to provide provenience for the letters. This stuff is truly thrilling! I'm also forwarding this to Bob and Shirley Hause. They're wonderful people and have taken over and expanded the work of Charles, and they'll be just as excited as me. You'll like them a lot. I can't wait to see more—and look forward to keeping up with the blog and Civil War Block of the Month quilt. Thank you!

   A FELLOW HAUSE (01/07/2014)

   Hello, I am also a "Hause." Many years ago before the internet, my uncle went on a search of who our ancestors were; visiting court houses, cemeteries, libraries and many other places. (He is now deceased.) I think that I am probably from a line that has long been forgotten. I don't really have any "Hause" family—except for my son who I also gave the last name "Hause." I know I have MANY relatives out there somewhere. Our family came from Germany—and were strongly German Baptist.
   My 3rd great grandfather (pretty sure that is how you say it) was John Hause—who married a Magdalena Maugans—whose father Abraham Maugans (he started the little town of Maugansville, Md.) Several Hause children that were born to Magdelena and John Hause and were hand-written in her bible that I own are:
  •    Daniel Hause: September 2, 1836
  •    John Hause, Jr.: April 19, 1838
  •    Joseph Hause: April 24, 1841
  •    Mary E. Hause: March 18, 1844
  •    Ann E. Hause: December 14, 1846
  •    Abraham Hause: June 25, 1850 (This is my descendant—he married Ida Elizabeth Hause—they had Raymond Hause—who had Kenneth Hause—who had Larry E. Hause—who had me, Amanda J. Hause. Abraham also had more children, but this is just my direct line.)
  •    All of my relatives were members of the German Baptist Church.
       I came across your page and think probably we are related somehow! I just wanted to say hello as I never really run across anyone with my last name as it is. If you have any of these relatives in common, or have ever heard of them before, I would love to hear back from you!
       I enjoy reading your page, thank you!
       Amanda (Hause) Stauffer, age 28 years.

    A: I don't have any evidence of a connection to my line, but looking on, several trees list John Hause's father as Samuel Hause, b. @ 1785 in Maryland; In 1803, he married Mary Beard (b. @ 1787) in Washington Co., Maryland. They had the following children listed: George Hause (1803-1843), Samuel Hause (1805-1891), and John Hause (1808-1886). This genealogy appears to be from Samuel Jr.'s line. A similar genealogy is posted by a descendant of Abraham's brother, Joseph Hause (b. 24 Apr 1841 in Maugansville, Washington, Maryland; d. 6 Feb 1932 in Hagerstown, Washington, Maryland), pictured at right. He's buried at Broadfording Cemetery, Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland. The owner of this tree appears to be descended from Joseph's daughter, Mary Magdalene Hause Foltz (b. 28 Jul 1869 in Maryland; d. 7 Nov 1944 in Hagerstown, Washington, Maryland). Hope this helps.

       YOUR WEBSITE INFORMATION (01/06/2014)

       As a McCoy I wanted to invite you to THE HATFIELD MCCOY JURY facebook page. I noticed that you have some incorrect material about the McCoy family on your site and hope to be able to help you correct it. I have posted a thread with your link on our page.
       Barry McCoy

    A: Thanks for the corrections and the link to your great page. I've married into the McCoy line, so this is all new to me and I can use all the help I can get regarding the family and the feud. I've updated my page with your changes and added information. Please don't shoot me...

       HAUSE AND SECOR CONNECTIONS? (01/05/2014)

       Your website is an excellent read, alive with the facts and history of the Hause family plus much more.
       I am currently trying to piece together the Secor family you mention as being related through Catherine Hause, and am curious about what you have for references as to the segment following.
       From: William E. Hause

       "Whether it was family deaths, patriotic fervor, or religious convictions that caused William to join the rebellion is only speculation, but we know that he joined the Orange County Militia in New York, serving out of Haverstraw with the Second Regiment under Colonel Ann Hawkes Hay (Hay, pictured at right, was named "Ann" for an aunt who left him her inheritance). Other family members in the militia were John, Uncle John Secor of Haverstraw (husband of William's aunt Catherine Hause), cousins Andrew, Benjamin, Daniel and Isaac Secor, and cousin John Conklin, related to William through his Aunt Sally Hause."

       The Andrew, Benjamin, Daniel, and Isaac you refer to I have as the sons of John Secor (circa. 1730, husband of Maria Giruad). Was Catherine Hause a second wife or the wife of the other John living in Haverstraw?
       My own line is direct from Isaac Secor (1751-1835), and I have been trying to verify which of the three contemporaneous Isaac he truly is.
       After sorting through all of the Service Jackets and pension records my own conclusion as to the four brothers aforementioned, and all of the three Isaac from Haverstraw served in the Militia throughout the War, there seems to be no way to discern two of the three Isaac from one another except for the use of the "J" or "I" used as a middle initial, but who used this initial remains questionable.
       Then in "The Hauss Family of the Mohawk" segment there is reference to:

       CATHERINE HAUSE was born in 1723. She married Andrew Secor in 1744. Possible matches for Andrew: A 3-year-old "Andrew Sycar" emigrated to America with his family by ship in 1710; an Andrew Daniel Secor, born 3/6/1758, entered service in Revolutionary War at Haverstraw, NY, m. Catherine "Hayes" (b. 29 Dec 1751 in Albany); He is listed in the 1790 census as Andrew Secor of Stillwater, Albany, New York. Later, he moved to Berne, NY with family and cousin Issac Secor, and is still living there in 1840, at the age of 87. Andrew and Catherine had the following children: Andrew R (1776 - 1862), Jesse (b. 1782), and Simon (1786 - 1850). Catherine Secor died on 9 Mar 1842 in East Berne, Albany Co., New York, and is buried at the Second Reformed Church.

       I assume this is a different Catherine than the one mentioned prior as the wife of John Secor?
       Any facts you could share on the Secor would be most appreciated. My main focus remains with Isaac and any way to separate him from the rest. He ended up going to Canada with two of the Allison brothers also from the Haverstraw area.
       Once more, I totally enjoy your very creative and informative web pages. The history within all of the presentations make for a very interesting read.
       Thank you for your time.
       Dan R. Kinsey

    A: All of the Secor information I have is based on a records supposedly written down from a family bible that was recorded sometime in the mid-1800's. Nobody knows where that bible is today, so I don't know if it was accurate (or even real) and all we have to go on are letters by the people who saw the bible. I've contacted Bob Hause, Doug Deal, and other people who I got my information from, but they don't have any other sources for the info, either, so this is all a family legend, for now. The rest is supposition (such as William's relation to the Secors in his regiment, who I refer to generically as "cousins"—first, second, third, how many times removed, I have no idea) and a list of possible leads like census information. The Secor family isn't in my line, and I'm just looking for evidence of where and why William would have fought, so any corrections you can offer would be greatly appreciated. On the bright side, I CAN connect you with a professional genealogist who is tracking the Secor family: Kirk Moulton ( You can read our correspondence, below. Good luck!

       RESPONSE FROM KIRK MOULTON (01/13/2014)

       Dan: Jeff was kind enough to send your message along because I too had contacted Jeff regarding the exact same passage in his informative web site. I am researching Loyalist William Secord of Kakiat, Orange County (now Rockland County), who was part of the great migration to Canada in 1783. As you are obviously aware, the Secord "genealogy" of Rockland County is mostly based on family tradition and conflicting facts. Of necessity, I have expanded my research to ALL the Secord men of Rockland County and I think I probably have the Isaac Secords sorted out. By the way, there were FOUR of them purported to be of Orange County.
       The problem of early (pre 1725) "Andrew Secord" has surfaced before—see Gray, Henry David, Early History of the Sicard-Secor Family, The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, New York, 1937, Volume 68, No. 4, page 314-5. The bottom line is that this Andrew was likely Jean/John Secord who first married a Dorothea Unknown and second married Catherine Hause. Your Isaac Secord is likely the son of this Jean/John Secord and Dorothera Unknown. Jean/John then being the son of Daniel Sicard & Catherine Woertman, who in turn was the son of Ambrose Sicard & Jeanne Marie Perron.
       I would be interested in any historical record you might have on your various Isaac's. I have had to put genealogy down these last 4-5 months because of other priorities, but expect to get back into it in the next week or so. So, I won't be able to give you a very detailed answer for a bit, but rest assured I will.
       Kirk Moulton (

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