The following images on this page were provided by Tom and Joyce Rea, of Missouri. They are from an old photo album started about 150 years ago, belonging to someone from the Edward Waters Sanderson family of Pennsylvania. It contains photographs and tin-types from relatives all over Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio and Michigan, ranging from 1850 to 1880. Apparently, the families of Edward and his siblings stayed close despite their physical distance when they parted ways in the early 1850s. The album even contains tintype images of my 3x-great-grandparents, Laban Hause and Melissa Sanderson... and one of their children (including my 2x Great-Grandfather) that I had never seen before!
   I was sent this note by Joyce Rea: "My husband's family is distantly related to Edward Sanderson's children through his wife, Nancy Jennet Treat. Nancy is a 4th cousin, 7x removed from my husband. My husband's father, Kenneth Rea, grew up in Crawford County, Pennsylvania, and evidently some of the Sandersons ended up in that area too. The photo albums were found at the home of Silas Franklin Rea and Bertha Garwood Rea near Linesville, Pennsylvania... When my husband's uncle, Earl Rea, died, Tom and his father had the task of sorting through the old Rea house near Linesville, PA. There were a number of old photo albums in the house and one of them had the name 'Sanderson' in the front. None of the photos were labeled. Maybe you or other family members can identify them. I think the Reas and Sandersons were good friends, but I doubt if they knew of any family relationship. Anyway, you are a very distant cousin of my husband."

   As to the identity of the original owner of the album, "We are not 100% sure," writes Joyce. "The name in front of the album is in very tiny faded pencil handwriting. It may be Ettie, but the t's do not seem to be crossed, so I used Ellie when I labeled the folder last year." Joyce continues: "Another clue is the word 'Miss' in front of the name. The first 's' is written in the old fashioned way that looks more like the letter 'f'. Not sure when that usage ended." The most likely candidate appears to be Nellie Elizabeth Sanderson (1877-1946), who was the daughter of Edward Sanderson's son, Henry (1847-1900). Nellie lived in Crawford County, Pennsylvania for her entire life, and her photo is placed with the frontspiece the album, where "Miſs Ellie Sanderson" has been written. Interestingly, the back of Nellie's photo is signed by her uncle, Civil War veteran William Edward Sanderson (1841-1924). While Nellie Sanderson wasn't born yet when many of these images were shot, let alone when the David Sanderson family left for Michigan in 1850, William Sanderson was Melissa's first cousin and next-door neighbor growing up in Ohio. Could William have gifted the earlier volume to Nellie? (And why am I asking myself?)

Tom and Joyce Rea
   As to the identity of my new heroes: "We are both graduates of Bowling Green State University, which is where we met. Tom is a Cleveland, Ohio native. Tom is a Cleveland, Ohio native. I grew up in the Toledo, Ohio area. Tom is a Vietnam War veteran and he was a government investigator with DEA and DCIS before becoming a private investigator. I was a middle school history and language arts teacher for 39 years. We are both now retired, and have been living in the St. Louis, Missouri, area for the past five years, to be closer to our grandchildren."
   Amazingly, Joyce and Tom sent me the first album, containing my ancestors. Joyce warned, "There are condition issues, especially with the tin types. My husband's uncle's house was not the best place for these photographs to have been over the years. Some could probably be restored." Joyce adds, "It is nice to see that the family kept in touch through letters and photographs. I also get the impression that they traveled by train for extended visits in that era a lot more that we think. Every little town had a train depot back then. Makes me think the US should have maintained a passenger rail network like Europe's."
   My family is forever indebted to the Rea family for providing us these links to our past.


NOTE: The locations listed underneath the images are from the photography studios where they were processed, including shots from Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan. If you recognize any of these people, PLEASE contact me and identify the photo!

Album 1: #1
Elnathan Sanderson?

Album 1: #2
Betsey Waters?

Album 1: #4
Chagrin Falls, OH

Album 1: #5
David Sanderson

Album 1: #6

Album 1: #7

Album 1: #8

Album 1: #9

Album 1: #10

Album 1: #11

Album 1: #12
Utica, N.Y.

Album 1: #13
Jordan, N.Y.

Album 1: #14
Chagrin Falls, OH

Album 1: #15

Album 1: #16

Album 1: #17
Chagrin Falls, OH

Album 1: #18
Chagrin Falls, OH

Album 1: #19

Album 1: #20
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Album 1: #21

Album 1: #22

Album 1: #23
Melissa Sanderson

Album 1: #24
Laban & Melissa Hause

Album 1: #25
Port Huron, MI

Album 1: #26

Album 1: #27

Album 1: #28

Album 1: #29

Album 1 #30

Album 1 (loose)
Nellie Sanderson

   This long-lost album is an absolute treasure-trove of genealogical delights and enticing mysteries... especially for my family! I'm assuming the first two portraits are of Elnathan Sanderson and Betsey Waters (images #1 and #2); They were deceased by the 1860s, but these images look drawn on (especially the eyes), and the prominent placement infer their importance in the family line. They are followed by their children: Image #4 is unidentied, but then comes my 4x great-grandfather, David Sanderson (1804-1884), a perfect match to the image found in Jerry Hause's family bible in Michigan. After that, well... over the course of 20 years, Elnathan and Betsey had at least eight children beyond David—four or five of whom were still alive when this first album was created: There's Betsey (1802-1870), Edward (1809-1876), Julia (b. 1806), Marvin (1811-1850), Sherman (1814-1894), Delaney (1817-1892), Amanda (b. 1819), and Sylvia (1822-1865)... then add their children and grandchildren, and the task of identifying people for whom no other image exists becomes slightly challenging. The hope is that descendants from the various lines recognize images from their own collections and connect with me. Just going by how the album seems to be organized, I'm guessing Edward Waters Sanderson and his wife (images #6 and #7) would be next, and then... well, I'm not even sure the first images are correct, so I NEED YOUR HELP, SANDERSONS!!!
   Still, the shared images confirm that the Sandersons of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan stayed in close touch for several generations after they moved to separate parts the country in the early 1850s. At least four siblings moved to Ohio (David, Edward, Sherman and Marvin), while Delaney married Morgan Fenner and moved to Conneaut, Crawford, Pennsylvania. Marvin died in 1850, David moved to Michigan in about 1851, and Edward followed Delaney to Pennsylvania in 1854, with brother Sherman in tow.
   Fortunately for my line, there are photographs that can be matched and identified. This album is full of Sanderson AND Hause family photos, as confirmed by the Michigan Bible—which has always been talked of as a "Hause Family Bible"—but I think this photo album proves it actually started out as a "Sanderson Family Bible" that was handed down from my 3x great grandmother, MELISSA SANDERSON HAUSE (1839-1921), to my great-uncle BASIL HAUSE. If you look compare the photo album from Pennsylvania to Jerry Hause's Family Bible in Michigan, there are several identical photos (not to mention some amazing new ones). They are:

  • Bible

    Unknown Sanderson album-1.jpeg: This is listed in the family bible as "Augustus Hause," written along the side, but since it is placed above a photo of DAVID SANDERSON in that book instead of Augustus's son, LABAN HAUSE, and since the same image is found here in an album labeled "Sanderson," I think this image might really be a portrait of ELNATHAN SANDERSON (1777-1854), the father of David and EDWARD WATERS SANDERSON (1809-1876), whose line has passed down this album through the years, but I can't be sure, as there are Hause family photos in this album, too. Elnathan was born on 29 Dec 1777 in Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, and christened on 5 Jan 1778, according to Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988 (Holbrook Research Institute). On 12 Feb 1801, he married Betsey Waters in Chester, Hampden County, Massachusetts, according to Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988 (Holbrook Research Institute). Elnathan moved to New York in 1806, and died on 29 Nov 1854 (that's the best reading of his very weathered gravestone), it says, "aged 78y." He is buried in the Quaker Cemetery, Philadelphia, Jefferson County, NY.
  • Unknown Sanderson album-2.jpeg: This is probably BETSEY WATERS SANDERSON, mother of Edward Waters Sanderson. An identical image appears in the Michigan Family Bible, next to the image listed, above, insinuating they were husband and wife. There is very little information on Betsey, so far, but we continue to look in the records of New York and in Chester, Massachusetts, where she married Elnathan.

  • A page from the Family Bible handed down from Melissa Sanderson Hause of Memphis, Macomb, Michigan, now in the possession of her great-grandson, Gerald Hause. (Click here to enlarge.)

  • Bible

    Unknown Sanderson album-5.jpeg: This is definitely DAVID SANDERSON, my 4x great-grandfather. David was born on 28 Apr 1804 in Chester, Hampden, Massachusetts, according to Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988, by Holbrook Research Institute. In the early teens of the 19th Century his family moved to New York, where he married POLLY BRIGGS in Russia, Herkimer County, New York, in 1831. They moved to Ohio, then in the early 1850's he moved to Riley Center, Michigan. Polly died on November 7, 1867, and David passed away on January 24, 1884, "Aged 79 Y's, 8 M's 4 D's." He's buried at the Memphis Cemetery in Memphis, Macomb County, Michigan.

    As for the opposing image, this album appears to be arranged to present the various family lines descending from the children of Elnathan Sanderson, and the back of the image places this person in Chagrin Falls, Ohio... so I'm wondering if this is an image of SHERMAN SANDERSON (2 Sep 1814 - 1894) or MARVIN SANDERSON (1811 - 1850), both of whom lived in Ohio, near David and Edward Sanderson.

  • Bible

    Unknown Sanderson album-23.jpeg: This is my 3x great-grandmother, MELISSA SANDERSON HAUSE, and the image is identical to the photo in Jerry Hause's family bible. Melissa was an incredibly strong, industrious, and beloved woman. She was born on 09 Oct 1839 in Bainbridge, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio. The family moved to Michigan, and she became a schoolteacher in Memphis, Michigan, at the age of 15. She then married the family's neighbor, LABAN HAUSE (1831-1906). They had four children, ALICE (1861-1939), SARAH (1863-1880), FRANK (1867-1951)and EDITH (1871-1949), and also raised Laban'a daughter from his first marriage, ELMA JANE HAUSE (1852-1942). Melissa died in Memphis, St. Clair Co., Michigan, on 25 Nov 1921 and is buried at the Memphis Cemetery in Memphis, Macomb County, Michigan.

    (My heart literally skipped when I saw this. Amazing.)

  • Bible

    Unknown Sanderson album-24.jpeg: This is a tintype of my 3x great grandparents, LABAN HAUSE (1831-1906), and MELISSA SANDERSON HAUSE (1839-1921), in Michigan. Jerry Hause has an original tintype of this image, as well, which was fortunately in much better condition. Although this particular tin-type has degraded, it confirms the family connection. Once again, amazing.

  • Unknown Sanderson album-14.jpeg: This image is marked "Chagrin Falls, Ohio," on the back and is the last residence of DAVID SANDERSON and POLLY BRIGGS SANDERSON, who would be posing here with their last two children, ESTHER (b. 1842) and GEORGE (b. 1848)... or it could also be the family of his brother SHERMAN STEPHENSON SANDERSON (1814-1894) with (if in the 1850s) 1st wife AURELIA GREEN SANDERSON (1820-1855) and children ALICE (b. 1845) and CHARLES S SANDERSON (1852-1895), or (if in the 1860s or 70s) with 2nd wife wife LOVINA GREEN SANDERSON (1826-1901) and their children EMMA (1862-1907) and JAMES LAFAYETTE SANDERSON (1866-1907). If this is the David Sanderson family, it would have to be about 1852 or 1853, but if it's Sherman it would be anywhere from 1855 to 1870, which is more in-line with the style of photograph. Sherman had followed his brothers to Russell, Geauga, Ohio. He sold his Ohio land in the late 1850s and followed his brother Edward to Pennsylvania. He then moved to Michigan, near David, only to move back to Ohio, where he died in 1894.
  • Unknown Sanderson album-25.jpeg: I have never seen this image—but I'm assuming, since the back says it's from Pt. Huron, MI, that these are the children of Laban and Melissa, including ALICE, SARAH, EDITH, and my 2x-great grandfather, FRANK AUGUSTUS HAUSE (1867-1951). At the time of this image, Laban's eldest daughter (from his first marriage), ELMA JANE HAUSE JACKSON (1857-1942) was most likely married to WILLIAM JACKSON (1852-1888) and living in Detroit. This image is brand new to everyone in my family.
  • As to the identities of the Union soldiers, there were (at least) twelve people in this Sanderson line who fought in the Civil War. Two of the photos show Cavalry swords, and three of the men listed here were Cavalry soldiers (however, infantry soldiers could purchase swords for battle privately, with their own money... or they could just be photo props). Anyway, here are the candidates:

    Album 2 #18: Unknown
    Springboro, PA

    Album 1: #20
    Brooklyn, N.Y.

    Album 1: #21

    Album 1: #22
    Children of David Sanderson (28 Apr 1804 - 24 Jan 1884)
    and Polly Briggs (1811 - 7 Nov 1867)
  • Edward R. Sanderson (21 Nov 1831 - 14 Feb 1907): Private, 22nd Regiment, Michigan Infantry, Company B. Private, 29th Regiment, Michigan Infantry, Company B. He was born on 21 Nov 1831 in Russia, Herkimer, New York. He was living with his parents in 1850 at age 19, but appears on his own in the 1860 Census. He served in the Michigan Infantry during the Civil War until he was honorably discharged on 6 Sep 1865. Edward married Julia Edgett (20 Mar 1837 - 10 Aug 1927) and in the 1880 census they were raising his brother George's daughter, Orpha Sanderson, after the death of her mother, Mary Almina Simpson-Sanderson. "He manifested his loyalty to his native country at the time of the Civil war by enlisting in March, 1865, as a member of Company D, Twenty-second Michigan Infantry. He went south to Chattanooga, where he remained for three months and was then transferred to Company B, Twenty-ninth Michigan Infantry, where he did guard duty along the railroad, serving in that capacity the greater part of his time until he mustered out. He was honorably discharged at Murfreesboro, Tennessee, September 6, 1865, and he is now a member of the Grand Army post at Romeo, in which he has served as commander." ('Past and Present of MACOMB COUNTY, MICHIGAN,' 1905) Edward died on 14 Feb 1907 in Romeo, Macomb, Michigan. He and Julia are buried at Romeo Cemetery, Romeo, Macomb County, Michigan.
  • James Pincombe (10 Apr 1833 - 28 Dec 1912) m. Mary Cordelia Sanderson (21 Jul 1835 - 22 Feb 1903): Private, 29th Regiment, Michigan Infantry, Company B,; Private, 22nd Infantry Regiment, Michigan Infantry, Company B. He was born in Beaford, Devon, England, and became a stone and brick mason, a trade he learned from his father. In 1852 he sailed to Canada, and eventually ended up in Memphis, Macomb, Michigan and was wed to Mary Cordelia in 1858. In 1865, 32-year-old James enlisted for service of 1 year of service in the Union Army. He was assigned to Co. B, 29th Regiment, then was transferred to Co B 22nd Regiment. According to his Military Records, he is described as "five feet five inches high" with Grey eyes, brown hair and a fair complexion. Mary died on 22 Feb 1903 in Riley, St Clair, Michigan. James died December 28th 1912 in Mobile Alabama, where he and the family moved following the death of his son William, in Bad Axe, Huron, Michigan.
  • Children of Edward Waters Sanderson (7 Jul 1809 - 9 Oct 1876)
    and Nancy Jennet Treat (9 Nov 1809 - 21 Nov 1904)
  • Henry Abner Greenfield (13 Feb 1834 - 26 Jun 1909) m. Eliza Cordelia Sanderson (18 Aug 1835 - 25 Feb 1912): Private, 1st Provisional Pennsylvania Mounted Cavalry, Company I. He was born on 13 Feb 1834 in Maine. On 2 Sep 1860, he married Eliza Cordelia Sanderson in Bainbridge, Geauga Co., Ohio. He enlisted in the 1st Provisional Pennsylvania Mounted Cavalry in March of 1864 in Meadville, PA. He died on 26 Jun 1909 in Conneaut Township, Crawford County, PA. Eliza followed him on 25 Feb 1912 and they are buried together at the Conneautville Cemetery in plot EN5.
  • William Edward Sanderson (1 Mar 1841 - 28 Nov 1924): Private, 137th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry, Company B. William was carriage maker by trade, but enlisted as a private in Company B 137th Regiment of Pennsylvania Infantry on 7 Aug 1862. He then reenlisted as a private in Co. I, 2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry on 8 Mar 1864, for a term of three years. He was taken prisoner on 24 Jun 1864 and served time in various military prisons: Libby, Danville, Andersonville, Charleston, Florence, and Pemberton. He was paroled in March of 1864 and mustered out on 15 May 1865. He never recovered his health after his time in the notorious Confederate prisons, and died at the home of nephew, Dr. J. F. Sanderson, on 28 Nov 1924 in Conneautville, according to The Conneautville Courier, 17 Dec 1924, Page 1.
  • William Russell Greenfield (14 Oct 1841 - 26 July 1899) m. Sarah Treat Sanderson (10 Oct 1844 - 14 Jun 1913): Private, 137th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry, Company B. William was born on 23 Jul 1806 in Herkimer County, New York, the brother of Henry Abner Greenfield. He volunteered as a bugler in 1862. On 1 Jan 1866, he married Sarah Treat Sanderson, the sister of brother Henry's wife. He passed away on 23 Jun 1889 in Conneaut Center, Crawford Co., PA, an she followed him on 14 Jun 1913. They are buried in Conneautville Cemetery, next to Henry and Eliza Cordelia Greenfield in plot EN 6.
  • Children of Delaney Sanderson (15 Feb 1817 - 11 Apr 1892)
    and Morgan Lewis Fenner (22 Feb 1813 - 9 Sep 1902)
  • Edwin Seth Fenner (25 May 1842 - 30 Dec 1921): Private, 83rd Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry, Company H. enlisted at Conneautville on 18 Aug 1861, and was discharged on 15 Apr 1862. A year later, he married Mary M Baldwin (2 May 1842 - 13 Nov 1901 ). They lived at 1315 Eagle St, Franklin, Venango County, PA, where he worked as an oil well pumper, then a merchant, and died of chronic interstitial nephritis, on 30 Dec 1921, twenty years after Mary. They are both buried in the Franklin Cemetery, Franklin, Venango County, Pennsylvania, in plot X 88.
  • James Elroy Fenner (10 Mar 1844 - 24 Oct 1912): Private, 137th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry, Company B. He volunteered on 6 Aug 1862 at Conneautville, Pennsylvania, and mustered out on 26 Aug 1862. His military records list him as an occupational laborer born in Orange County NY, with blue eyes, dark hair, a ruddy complexion, and standing 5' 3 1/2". He mustered out in 1864 in New York. On 25 Dec 1870 he married Hester Adamantha Broughton (26 Nov 1847 - 28 Nov 1922). He died on 24 Oct 1912 in Linesville, Crawford, Pennsylvania. He and Hester are buried at Linesville Cemetery in Linesville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, Section J, Lot 249.
  • Henry Adelbert "Dub" Penfield (1 Jul 1847 - 11 Mar 1913) m. Freelove Sanderson (5 May 1847 - 16 Nov 1916): Private, 32nd Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry, Company E; 2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry. In 1867 he married Freelove, gave up farming and moved to Linesville. He died on 11 Mar 1913 in Linesville, after years of blindness and being unable to leave the house, and his death according to the local paper was "a relief." Freelove followed him three years later. They are buried at Linesville Cemetery in Linesville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, Section C, Lot 162, graves 1 and 2.
  • Children of Amanda Sanderson (29 Nov 1820 - 12 Feb 1872)
    and Jeremiah Smith (1805 - 26 Apr 1880)
  • Almon Beecher Smith (17 Feb 1842 - 1 Jan 1916): Private, Co. I, 81st NY VI Regiment, 1861-1865; Occupation: wagon maker, cheese box maker, gang mill operator, watch repairer, jeweler, Justice of the Peace. Married Wealtha E. Bills on 30 jan 1866, buried at Gravesville, NY, Cemetery; Married Lydia Eades Skinner on 15 Aug 1888, died 24 june 1901, buried in Sherman, NY; Married Helen (Nellie) Grace Russell (b. 14 june 1853, d. 27 sept 1942) on 21 Jan 1903: buried at Gravesville, NY, Cemetery
  • Edward Westcott (20 Apr 1836 - 29 Nov 1911 ) m. Emma E Smith (1845 - 1 May 1919); Private, enlisted in Company I, New York 146th Infantry Regiment on 10 Oct 1862.Mustered out on 16 Jul 1865 at Washington, DC.
  • Children of Sylvia Janett Sanderson (1822 - 27 Oct 1865)
    and Eliphalet Cheney (7 Mar 1819 - 10 Aug 1885)
  • Ervin Franklin Cheney (28 Aug 1844 - 29 Sep 1922) volunteered for duty in the 83rd Pennsylvania Infantry a few scant days before his seventeenth birthday in 1861, serving in the Private, 83rd Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry, Company H. Cheney was left on the field for dead at the Battle of Mechanicsville after getting shot in the lung and hip. Taken prisoner by the Confederates and nursed back to a semblance of health, Cheney learned a little dentistry while in hospital, and was eventually discharged on disability... but then in September 1863, he returned to the ranks, enlisting in the 21st New York Cavalry, Company B, rising to the rank of Quartermaster Sergeant. Cheney and the veterans of the 21st NY Cavalry were sent west in May 1865 and assigned to protect the mail and rail lines in the vicinity of Fort Sedgwick, in the northeastern corner of Colorado. In 1869, he settled in South Pass City, Wyoming Territory. Excerpted from "History of Wyoming from the Earliest Known Discoveries," by Hubert Howe Bancroft, c. 1898 (Page 673): "His wagon and blacksmith shop became famous. For a number of years, in addition to his regular business, he made coffins used in the community and during the time of the Indian troubles he had plenty of work." After marrying 16-year-old Matilda "Tillie" Jane Henry (22 Nov 1858 - 21 Oct 1947). Cheney settled down in the nearby Lander in November 1878, where he operated a wagon shop and ran cattle.
  • Elnathan Sanderson Cheney (27 Jun 1847 - 31 Jan 1934): Private, 1st Regiment, Pennsylvania Provisional Cavalry, Company F; Private, 2nd Regiment, Pennsylvania Provisional Cavalry, Company F. The 1st Pennsylvania was consolidated into the 2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry late in the war. The 2nd Penn Cavalry were at Appomatox at the time of Lee's surrender. On 11 Apr 1867 he married Arminda "Minda" Wheeler (8 Sep 1851 - 26 Dec 1933), and they had two children: Sylvia Amira Cheney-Mikkelson (30 Dec 1868 - 13 Sep 1918 ) and William Ervin Cheney (11 Feb 1871 - 13 Nov 1942). Elnathan and Minda are buried at Albion Cemetery in Albion, Erie County, Pennsylvania. In 1924 he attended the funeral of cousin and fellow Civil War vet William Edard Sanderson, according to The Conneautville Courier, 17 Dec 1924, Page 1.
  • My guess, L-R: The first is Henry Greenfield, as explained later; The second was taken in New York, and I'm guessing it's either Ervin Cheney, Almon Beecher Smith or Edward Westcott; The two photos on the right show fully-dressed soldiers in identical poses with cavalry swords, standing before backdrops featuring a cannon, horse and tents, but reversed. I'm thinking they were taken at the same studio. There were two soldiers in this Sanderson line who joined the Pennsylvania Cavalry on the same time: Henry Greenfield and William Edward Sanderson, in March of 1864. (However, infantry soldiers could purchase swords for battle privately, with their own money... or they could just be photo props, so they could still be anybody listed above).

    Book Cover

    Front: Nellie Sanderson

    Front signature

    Elnathan & Betsey Sanderson?

    L: Unknown. R: David Sanderson

    Sanderson Family

    Unknown (Pincombes?)

    Tintype/Civil War Portrait

    Civil War Portraits

    Melissa Sanderson Hause

    Laban & Melissa Hause; Children

    8-Year-Old Sees 6x G-G


       The Reas also shared images from another album, which covers the next few generations of Sandersons, up to 1900. Some of these photographs had names, fortunately, including Sarah Jane "Sadie" Penfield Sanderson (1849-1928), and two I recognized immediately as Melissa Hause's brother Edward Sanderson, and his wife, Julia Edgett Sanderson.

    Unknown (loose)
    Philadelphia, PA

    Album 2 #1: Unknown

    Album 2 #2: Unknown
    "Three Young Men"

    Album 2 #3: Unknown
    "Three young women"

    Album 2 #4: Unknown
    Springboro, PA

    Album 2 #5: Unknown

    Album 2 #6: Unknown

    Album 2 #7: Unknown

    Album 2 #8: Unknown

    Album 2 #9: Unknown

    Album 2 #10: Unknown

    Album 2 #11: Unknown
    Conneautville, PA

    #12: Henry Sanderson
    Erie, PA

    #13: Mrs. H. Sanderson
    (Sarah Jane Penfield)

    Album 2 #14: Unknown
    Meadville, PA

    Album 2 #15: Unknown
    Meadville, PA

    #16: Edward Sanderson
    Memphis, MI

    #17: Julia E. Sanderson
    Memphis MI

    #18: Henry A. Greenfield
    Springboro, PA

    Album 2 #19: Unknown
    Jamestown, NY

    Album 2 #20: Unknown
    Conneautville, PA

    Album 2 #21: Unknown
    Conneautville, PA

    Album 2 #22: Unknown
    Allegheny, PA

    Album 2 #23: Unknown
    Conneautville, PA

    Album 2 #24: Unknown
    Conneautville, PA

    Henry, Isabell Greenfield
    Little Rock, Ark.

    Album 2 #26: Unknown
    Edinboro, PA

    Album 2 #27: Unknown
    Ashtabula, Ohio

    Henry V. Greenfield
    Conneautville, PA

    Henry Sanderson
    Funeral Sep 1900

    Album 2 #30: Unknown
    Conneautville, PA

    Album 2 #31: Unknown
    Meadville. PA

    Album 2 #32: Unknown
    South Oil Field, PA

    Wm. Greenfield family
    Conneautville, PA

    Album 2 #34: Unknown
    Conneautville, PA

    Album 2 #35: "Bella"
    (Written on back)

    Album 2 #36: Unknown
    Linesville, PA

    Album 2 #37: Unknown
    Springboro, PA

    J.L. & Helena Sanderson
    Cleveland, OH

    Conneautville Courier
    19 Nov 1891, Page 1


  • Album 2 (loose): This photo, loose in the volume and unnamed. Could it be NANCY JENETT TREAT SANDERSON (9 Nov 1809 - 21 Nov 1904), who was in her 90s at the turn of the Century and still running her own household?
  • Album 2 #7 appears to be identical to the man in Album 1, #4, taken in Canton, Ohio.
  • Album 2 #12 is almost certainly HENRY SANDERSON, who died in 1900 at the age of 54, and the photo is ientical to the one placed in the memorial at the top of the page, from that period.
  • Album 2 #13 has the name, "Mrs. Henry Sanderson," written on the back.
  • Images #16 and #17 are of EDWARD R. SANDERSON (21 Nov 1831 - 14 Feb 1907) and his wife, JULIA EDGETT SANDERSON. The photo at right is from a bio of Edward in the book, Past and Present of MACOMB COUNTY, MICHIGAN, together with Biographical Sketches of it's Leading and Prominent Citizens and Illustrious Dead, by Robert F. Eldredge. Chicago: The S. J. CLARKE Publishing Co. 1905 (Pages 268-271). Edward died on 14 Feb 1907 in Romeo, Macomb, Michigan. He and Julia are buried at Romeo Cemetery, Romeo, Macomb County, Michigan. I have also attached evidence of the families of David and Edward Sanderson staying in touch by adding Image #39: This image is actually from, and not the photo album, but it helps show how close these Sandersons were, despite the physical distance. I found the following article in The Conneautville Courier from Thursday, 19 Nov 1891, Page 1: "The Sanderson homestead was the scene of a notable family reunion on the 9th, the occasion being the 82nd birthday of Mrs. Nancy Sanderson. The aged lady and her son, Wm. E. Sanderson, reside on the old farm upon which E. W. Sanderson settled with his family in 1854, and where he died in 1876. The four children living, two daughters, Mrs. Cordelia, wife of H. A. Greenfield, and Mrs. Sarah, wife of W. R. Greenfield, and two sons, William and Henry, and a son-in-law, C. Brooks, whose wife died about two years ago, all residing within short distances of the old home, were present with their families. Mr. Edward R. Sanderson [Album 2 #16], a nephew, and wife [Album 2 #17], and Mr. L. Hause [Album 1 #24] and wife [Album 1 #23], the latter a niece, all of St. Clair county, Mich., were also among the guests. The aged lady was chief in preparing the bountiful dinner which was a feature of the pleasant reunion." It makes me wonder if the photos of Melissa, Edward and Julia were taken specifically for this occassion, with copies going to both lines of the Sanderson family.

  • Album 2, #18
    Springboro, PA

    Henry Abner Greenfield
    Lisk family photo
    Image #18: This looks to be a portrait of Civil War vet HENRY ABNER GREENFIELD (13 Feb 1834 - 26 Jun 1909) when compared to a similar photo owned by his descendants in the Lisk family, uploaded to in 2018. Greenfield in that image wears the same suit, the same pin on the lapel of his vest, and has the same fiery expression. The family photo is linked to Scott Lisk, who through family tree research and DNA testing is my 5th cousin 1x removed.
  • Image #25: These children are HENRY EUGENE GREENFIELD (12 Jan 1890 - 18 Aug 1965) and ISABELL ETHELYNDE GREENFIELD (29 Jul 1893 - 03 Jul 1986) of Little Rock, Ark. They are the children of Henry Greenfield and the grandchildren of Eliza Cordelia Sanderson, and great-granchildren of Edward Waters Sanderson. Their father, Walter Leroy Greenfield (2 May 1858 - 2 Aug 1896) moved to Arkansas between 1898 and 1890, when Henry (nicknamed "Gene") was born.
  • Image #28: HARRY VERNON GREENFIELD (8 Apr 1869 - 20 Jul 1946) lived his entire life in Conneaut Center, Crawford County, Pennsylvania.
  • Image #29: The funeral of 54-year-old HENRY SANDERSON (also pictured at the top of this page) occurred on Wednesday, 12 Sep 1900, according to The Conneautville Courier (Wednesday, 13 Sep 1900, Page 5). The paper reported that Henry, "one of the best known farmers of Western Crawford, died at his home in this place on Monday night, from paralysis, with which he was stricken the Wednesday previous, lying unconscious from that time until his death. Mr. Sanderson was in his 54th year and was a resident of Conneaut township all his life until moving to this place [Linesville] two years ago, owning and working a large farm near Steamburg. He was a lover of fine stock and made a success in raising both horses and cattle. He leaves a wife and four children, all at home. Of his father's family, his mother, Mrs. E. W. Sanderson, one brother, W. E. Sanderson, and two sisters, Mrs. Henry A. and Mrs. W. R. Greenfield, all of Conneaut township, survive. The mother, who makes her home with her son on the old homestead, is in her 921st year and yet able to look after her household. The funeral was held at home here on Wednesday afternoon; interment in Penn Line Cemetery."
  • Image #33: The family of WILLIAM RUSSELL GREENFIELD (14 Oct 1841 - 26 Jul 1899), including wife SARAH TREAT SANDERSON GREENFIELD (10 Oct 1844 - 14 Jun 1913), son HARRY VERNON GREENFIELD (8 Apr 1869 - 20 Jul 1946), and daughter NANCY SALLY GREENFIELD MULLEN (02 Sep 1878 - 03 Feb 1912) pose in 1891, at a studio in Conneautville, Crawford PA. William had a rough time after the Civil War. This is a family in crisis. The Conneautville Courier of 03 Aug 1899 (Page 5) reported: "He had been a sufferer for ten years with rheumatism, rendering him a cripple, and for the past six years had been almost helpless... The disease which ended his life was contracted in the service, as he suffered a severe attack in the winter of 1862." In the photo, he clutches a Bible and the family look tense and uneasy.
  • Image #35: This image has the word "Bella" written on the back. As this section of the album seems concentrated on the Greenfield family, I believe this to be CORA BELLE AKIN, born on 07 Jan 1868 in Conneautville, Crawford, Pennsylvania. She married WALTER LEROY GREENFIELD (2 May 1858 - 2 Aug 1896) in 1888 and they moved to Little Rock, Arkansas, where she was raised (their children Henry and Isabell are shown, above). They were the only members of this Greenfield or Sanderson family living in Arkansas. I do not know the story of "Bella's" nasal deformity, whether it was congenital or from some sort of accident, but she obviously did not let it hold her back. She is dressed neatly and has the best hair-do on this page. After Walter died in 1896, Cora Belle married two more times: to George Henry Watson in 1899, and then after he died, to Charles Joseph Green in 1919, which might explain why there's no last name on the back. Cora Belle outlived at least two husbands and died in 1951 in Little Rock, Arkansas.
  • Image #38: The couple in Cleveland, Ohio could be a son of Sherman Sanderson named JAMES LAFAYETTE SANDERSON (4 May 1866 - 3 Dec 1907), with his wife, HELENA LOUISE FREDRICKSON SANDERSON (19 Dec 1868 - 1 Jan 1944). They lived in Cleveland during the 1890s and early 1900s before moving near his father in Riley Center, Michigan, where James passed away. Helena remarried and stayed in Michigan.

  • Silas Franklin Rea
    (06 Dec 1875 - 08 Jun 1948)

    Bertha Mae Garwood Rea
    (17 Feb 1876 - 30 Apr 1954)

    Rea Farm
    Linesville, PA


       Believe it or not a THIRD album of uncredited images was sent by Joyce. I don't recognize anybody at first glance, and the names that are listed aren't "Sanderson or "Hause." (However, that guy with the beard on pages 5 and 35 has the same beard as David Sanderson, and makes me wonder if it's one of his brothers, Edward Waters Sanderson or Sherman Sanderson). Some images have names written on the back, but, unfortunately, the album is so fragile that Joyce can't remove the photos without destroying their sleeves. But check out these amazing faces. (AND LET ME KNOW IF YOU RECOGNIZE AN ANCESTOR!!!)

    "We are both graduates of Bowling Green State University, which is where we met. Tom is a Cleveland, Ohio native. I grew up in the Toledo, Ohio area. Tom is a Vietnam War veteran and he was a government investigator with DEA and DCIS before becoming a private investigator. I was a middle school history and language arts teacher for 39 years. We are both now retired and have been living in the St. Louis, MO area for the past 5 years to be closer to our grandchildren. Tom's family has roots in Crawford County, PA. The photo albums were found at the home of Silas Franklin Rea and Bertha Garwood Rea near Linesville, PA after the death of Tom's uncle, Earl Rea. I am attaching our latest church photo from last spring."