North side of Bunker Hill Road between Gasport and Ward Roads, Town of  Royalton, Niagara co., New York
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   The Dysinger-Royalton Union Baptist Cemetery is located on the north side of Bunker Hill Road between Gasport Road and Ward Road. Map. GAR recording by Ann Wallace. 1889 map in Map Book 12, pg. 1128. Incorporated in 1848 as the Royalton Union Cemetery Association. Papers in File Room under Miscellaneous Records in Register 3, pg. 193. Original papers are missing. See File #5069. Incorporated in 1957 as the Royalton Union Cemetery Association Inc. Papers in File Room in Register 4, pg. 326, File 5069.

The dark-stoned grave of Augustus and Jane Hause in the back of the graveyard, as well as the stone for Sarah, Augustus' daughter with his second wife, Fannie Christopher.


From the book "Oral Histories of Royalton," by the Royalton Historical Society, 1989.

   Locust Tree, located near the corner of the Bunker Hill and Gasport Roads, was the area that we know as Dysinger's Corners. The road to the west, called Locust Street as late as 1878, is now Akron Road.
   George and Elizabeth Dysinger came to this area in 1832, where he opened a hotel. A post office was established at Locust Tree in 1839, and the first postmaster was Lewis B. Horton, who organized the first Sunday School at the church in 1826. The second postmaster was Daniel Dysinger (father of Sarah Dysinger and Catherine Eve Dysinger, who both married into the Hause family). This post office was closed in 1859, and where the residents obtained their mail until the next office opened, we don't know.
   The post office for Dysinger's Corners was opened in a small frame building standing west of the cobblestone house on the northwest corner, and the first postmaster that time was William H. Dysinger. This office was closed in 1901, and the mail now comes through Gasport post office.

   The First Baptist Church of Christ in Royalton was organized in 1822 "at the schoolhouse that stood near the graveyard in the neighborhood that is now called Locust Tree"; The school was District #13, west of the corner, on the south side of the road. The first church was built in 1823, and the present church, a half-mile to the east, was built in 1869. Today the church is called the Royalton Bible Church, located at 8457 Bunker Hill Road, Gasport, NY 14067; Phone: (716) 433-8030 (website). Dysinger's Union Cemetery adjoins the church.
   The Royalton Union Cemetery Association was incorporated in 1848, but we know that burials were made there in the early 1840's.

   The Augustus Hause and David Dysinger family graves are located in the farthest row from the church, near the drive to the old farmhouse. George Disinger and family are further into the cemetery.